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These photos of Marty are for your enjoyment. Please do not use them in any form or fashion without permission of the photographer. Thanks! Click here to enjoy several of Beverly Kerr's drawings of Marty. To see an index of the photos for the Photo Gallery, click on the Index button to the right. There are five pages of TNN Birthday Bash photos that are not linked to this gallery as well as photos from Fan Fair and the Fan Club Parties. Photos also accompany many of the Concert Reviews as well. Photo pages 36 - 56 can be found by clicking here. Photo pages 57 and beyond can be found by clicking here.

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Marty and the Rock & Roll Cowboys: Gregg Stocki, Marty, Steve Arnold, Brad Davis and Gary Hogue taken May 21, 1995 Spiderman and Marty at the premiere of Marty's comic book taken Aug. 28, 1995 Travis Tritt & Marty taken
October 11, 1996
New Year's Eve 1996 The Infamous Mandolin Marty Party IV taping on
August 30, 1995
Photos taken by Mario Mattioli Photo in banner taken by Gary Cable

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