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These photos were taken at the Grand Ole Opry

Richard Bennett and Kent Blanton join Marty
(left) Pam Tillis joins the Opry Family
These photos were taken August 26, 2000 by Evelyn Totty

Marty and Travis Tritt perform on the 75th Anniversary Show, October 14, 2000. Porter Wagoner hosted the segment.

The following photos were taken at the Grand Ole Opry on January 13, 2001 by Mary Runyan

Marty joins in with the Old Crow Medicine Show. These guys play Old Time Music.

Marty isn't in this picture, but it's a great pic.
These kids are truly incredible musicians.
Mario and I have seen them several times.
They draw a crowd wherever they go.
Marty has discovered them now!
Marty always has a dancin' good time at the Opry.
Marty brought Steve Earle on stage to sing "Hillbilly Highway." Richard Bennett (l) and Harry Stinson (r)
Richard Bennett produced Steve's "Guitar Town" album and has produced several of Marty's albums.
"Handsome Harry" is a fabulous session drummer and background vocalist.

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