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"When I was growing up in Mississippi, this guy was my next door neighbor. He could tell you some stories about me but, then again, I hae a few of my own about him. By the way, ask him if he remembers the first time he sang in public. I do because I was there. My dad was the preacher at a church and he sang one night (my ears are still hurting). Ask him about when we all used to meet at his house after church and have song-a-longs. His mom would play the piano. Like I said, I have some pretty good ones about him too. Tell that nut I said "hi." He remembers me." -- Ron Warren, Kenner, LA

Marty's younger sister, Jennifer Jennifer and Marty

Enjoy these pictures of Marty and Jennifer growing up. These pictures have been acquired from different sources. Most are from Hilda Stuart's collection.

Marty at about 4 months About age 2

Age 3

A "jack" of all

Marty knew he was
going to be a star
A real Hillbilly at age 5

Jennifer and Marty
meet Connie Smith
on July 24, 1970
Jennifer and Marty in their Easter finest A teenage sex symbol

The serious side
Marty on the road with Lester Flatt

Did you know Marty
also plays fiddle?

All grown up
and a mandolin
Marty in 1993 when he portrayed a
in the special The Music of the
Wild, Wild West
on TNN

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