Beverly Kerr's Drawings

Marty's got a talented bunch of fans. Bev is a subscriber of the Martypals Mailing List and through this list, we discovered this lady can DRAW! She has graciously allowed me to share some of her incredibly beautiful drawings of Marty with you. She also has a website which shows many of her other drawings. Click here to check it out.

Even Marty's impressed!
This is Bev with Marty

Beverly drew these portraits of the Fabulous Superlatives, Kenny Vaughan, Brian Glenn and Harry Stinson. She gave them to the guys on August 7, 2004 and they were very impressed.

In 2002, Beverly did these
portraits of Marty, Gregg,
Brad and Steve. Little did
she know that when she
was finished with these,
that Gregg, Brad, and
Steve would no longer
be part of the Rock and
Roll Cowboys. Bev, these
drawings are phenomenal
and are a lasting tribute
to the band members we
loved so much.

This drawing came to Bev in a dream. She woke up and knew she had to make it come to life. The words to "The Pilgrim" are in Marty's handwriting. This "life-size" drawing is actually bigger than life. Everyone who sees Beverly's work is amazed at her talent. Marty himself loves Beverly's work and her drawings hang proudly in his parents' home.

Beverly presented Marty with this drawing at the 2000 Fan Club Party

Marty, his mom Hilda, his dad John, and sister Jennifer

Marty with his Rock & Roll Cowboy Band
L-R Steve Arnold, Brad Davis, Marty, Gary Hogue, Gregg Stocki

Marty and his buddy Travis Tritt

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