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Saturday Night / Sunday Morning
Saturday Night / Sunday Morning
Superlatone Records

Release date: September 30, 2014

    Saturday Night
  • Jailhouse (Marty Stuart)
  • Geraldine (Marty Stuart/Al Anderson)
  • I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome (Bill Monroe/Hank Williams, Sr.)
  • When It Comes To Loving You (Marty Stuart)
  • Rough Around The Edges (Marty Stuart)
  • Sad House Big Party (Marty Stuart)
  • Talking To The Wall (Warner MacPherson/Bill Montague)
  • Life Has Its Ups And Downs (Margaret Ann Rich)
  • Look At That Girl (Marty Stuart))
  • Old, Old House (Hal Bynum/George Jones)
  • Streamline (featuring Tommy Emmanuel) (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)

    Sunday Morning
  • Uncloudy Day (featuring Mavis Staples) (Roebuck "Pop" Staples)
  • Boogie Woogie Down The Jerico Road  (Marty Stuart/Kenny Vaughan)
  • Long Walk To Heaven (Marty Stuart)
  • That Gospel Music (Marty Stuart/Kenny Vaughan)
  • The Gospel Way (Marty Stuart)
  • Mercy #1 (Marty Stuart)
  • Keep On The Firing Line (Traditional)
  • My God Will Make A Way For Me (Marty Stuart/Harry Stinson)
  • Good News (Marty Stuart/Paul Martin/Kenny Vaughan/Harry Stinson)
  • Angels Rock Me To Sleep (Traditional)
  • Cathedral (Marty Stuart)
  • Heaven (Marty Stuart/Paul Martin/Kenny Vaughan/Harry Stinson)

Nashville, Volume 1: Tear The Woodpile Down
                  album Nashville, Volume 1: Tear The Woodpile Down
Sugar Hill Records

Release date: April 24, 2012

  • Tear The Woodpile Down (Marty Stuart)
  • Sundown In Nashville (Dwayne Warwick)
  • A Matter Of Time (Marty Stuart)
  • Hollywood Boogie (Marty Stuart)
  • Holding On To Nothin' (Jerry Chestnut)
  • Truck Driver Blues (Marty Stuart))
  • Going, Going, Gone (Marty Stuart)
  • The Lonely Kind (Marty Stuart)
  • A Song Of Sadness (Marty Stuart))
  • A Picture From Life's Other Side featuring Hank III (Hank Williams, Sr.)

Ghost Train (The Studio B Sessions)
Sugar Hill Records
Release date: August 24, 2010

  • Branded (Marty Stuart)
  • Country Boy Rock & Roll (Don Reno)
  • Drifting Apart (Marty Stuart)
  • Bridge Washed Out (Warner Mack)
  • A World Without You (Marty Stuart/Connie Smith)
  • Hummingbyrd (Marty Stuart))
  • Hangman (Marty Stuart/John R. Cash)
  • Ghost Train Four-Oh-Ten (Marty Stuart)
  • Hard Working Man (Marty Stuart))
  • I Run To You (Marty Stuart/Connie Smith)
  • Crazy Arms (Ralph E. Mooney/Charles P. Seals)
  • Porter Wagoner's Grave (Marty Stuart)
  • Little Heartbreaker (The Likes of You) (Marty Stuart/Ralph E. Mooney)
  • Mississippi Railroad Blues (Marty Stuart)

                  Country Favorites album Cool Country Favorites
Superlatone Records
Release date: July 2008
Available at Marty's shows and his online store

  • Freight Train Boogie (Rabon Delmore/Jim Scott)
  • Sundown In Nashville (Dwayne Warwick)
  • La Tingo Tango (Marty Stuart)
  • Bluegrass Express (featuring Paul Martin) (Bobby Osborne)
  • Keep Her Off Your Mind (Arthur Jackson/Ralph E. Mooney)
  • Buckaroo (Bob Morris)
  • Pretty Boy Floyd (featuring Harry Stinson) (Woody Guthrie)
  • A Satisfied Mind (Jack Rhodes/Joe Hayes)
  • Truck Drivers' Blues (Marty Stuart)
  • Old, Old House (George Jones/Hal Bynum)
  • Carol Lee (featuring Kenny Vaughan) (Kenny Vaughan)
  • Big River (John R. Cash)
  • A Honky Tonk Song (Buck Peddy/Mel Tillis)

Compadres: An Anthology Of Duets album Compadres: An Anthology Of Duets Read the Reviews
Release date: June 5, 2007

  • Farmer's Blues (with Merle Haggard) (Marty Stuart/Connie Smith)
  • Doin' My Time (with Johnny Cash) (Jimmie Skinner)
  • Rawhide (with Lester Flatt and the Nashville Grass) (Bill Monroe)
  • Whiskey Ain't Workin' Anymore (with Travis Tritt) (Marty Stuart/Ronny Scaife)
  • Will You Visit Me On Sunday? (with Loretta Lynn) (Dallas Frazier)
  • Crying, Waiting, Hoping (with Steve Earle) (Buddy Holly)
  • Mr. John Henry, The Steel Drivin' Man (with Earl Scruggs) (Marty Stuart/Earl Scruggs)
  • Hearts Like Ours (with Connie Smith) (Marty Stuart/Connie Smith)
  • The Weight (with the Staple Singers) (Robbie Robertson)
  • One Woman Man (with George Jones) (Tillman Franks/Johnny Horton)
  • Confessin' The Blues (with B.B. King) (Jay McShann/Walter Brown)
  • I Can See For Miles (with Old Crow Medicine Show) (Peter Townshend)
  • Let Us Travel, Travel On (with Del McCoury) (Ira Louvin/Charlie Louvin)
  • Move Along Train (with Mavis Staples) (Roebuck Staples)

Live at the Ryman Read the Reviews
Release date: February 7, 2006

  • Eddie Stubbs Intro
  • Orange Blossom Special (Ervin T. Rouse)
  • No Hard Times Blues (Jimmie Rodgers)
  • Homesick
  • Shuckin' The Corn (Louise Certain/Buck Graves/Gladys Stacey)
  • The Whiskey Ain't Workin' Anymore (Marty Stuart/Ronny Scaife)
  • Mr. John Henry Intro
  • Mr. John Henry, The Steel Drivin' Man (Marty Stuart/Earl Scruggs)
  • Uncle John's Intro
  • Train 45
  • Josh's Joke
  • The Great Speckled Bird (John R. Cash)
  • Sure Wanna Keep My Wine (Burkett H. Graves)
  • Walk Like That (Jeffrey Smith/Kenny Vaughan)
  • Hillbilly Rock (Paul Kennerley)

Badlands Read the Reviews
Release date: October 25, 2005

  • Everette Helper's Song (Marty Stuart)
  • Badlands (Marty Stuart)
  • Trip To Little Big Horn (Marty Stuart)
  • Old Man's Vision (Marty Stuart)
  • Wounded Knee (Marty Stuart)
  • Big Foot (John R. Cash)
  • Hotchkiss Gunner's Lament (Marty Stuart)
  • Broken Promise Land (Marty Stuart)
  • Casino (Marty Stuart)
  • So You Want To Be an Indian (Marty Stuart)
  • Walking Through The Prayers (Marty Stuart)
  • Three Chiefs (Marty Stuart)
  • Listen To The Children (Marty Stuart)

Souls' Chapel Read the Reviews
Superlatone B0004389-02 Release date: August 30, 2005

  • Somebody Saved Me (Roebuck Staples)
  • Lord, Give Me Just A Little More Time (Albert E. Brumley)
  • Way Down (Marty Stuart/Harry Stinson)
  • Come Into The House of the Lord (Marty Stuart/Kenny Vaughan)
  • The Gospel Story of Noah's Ark (Marty Stuart/Jerry Sullivan)
  • I Can't Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand) (Colbert and Joyce Croft)
  • It's Time To Go Home (Marty Stuart)
  • The Unseen Hand (A. J. Sims)
  • There's a Rainbow (At the End of Every Storm) (Marty Stuart/Harry Stinson)
  • Slow Train (Steve Cropper/William Bell)
  • Move Along Train (Roebuck Staples)
  • Souls' Chapel (Marty Stuart)

Country Music Read the Reviews
Columbia 87063 Released July 1, 2003

  • A Satisfied Mind (Jack Rhodes/Joe Hayes)
  • Fool For Love (Marty Stuart/Tom Douglas)
  • If There Ain't There Ought'a Be (Bobby Pinson/Trey Bruce)
  • Here I Am (Marty Stuart/Rivers Rutherford)
  • Sundown In Nashville (Dwayne Warwick)
  • By George (Marty Stuart)
  • Farmer's Blues (Marty Stuart/Connie Smith)
  • Wishful Thinkin' (Mike Henderson/Wally Wilson)
  • If You Wanted Me Around (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • Too Much Month (At The End of the Money) (Bob DiPiero/Dennis Robbins/John Sherrill)
  • Tip Your Hat (Jeffrey Steele)
  • Walls Of A Prison (John R. Cash)

The Best of Marty Stuart Read the Reviews
MCA 170 259 Released January 8, 2002

  • Hillbilly Rock (Paul Kennerley)
  • Tempted (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • This One's Gonna Hurt You (For A Long, Long Time) (Marty Stuart)
  • Little Things (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • Western Girls (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerly)
  • High On A Mountain Top (Ola Belle Reed/Alex Campbell)
  • Burn Me Down (Eddie Miller/Don Sessions)
  • Now That's Country (Marty Stuart)
  • Till I Found You (Paul Kennerley/Hank DeVito)
  • You Can't Stop Love (Marty Stuart/Kostas)
  • Kiss Me, I'm Gone (Marty Stuart/Bob DiPiero)
  • The Pilgrim (Marty Stuart)

All The Pretty Horses (Soundtrack) Read the Reviews
Sony SK 84965 Released January 16, 2001

  • Cowboy's Dream (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • Canyon Sontata (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • All The Pretty Horses (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • Purty Dad-Gum Good (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • After The Rain (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • Mild Cello Blues (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • Malarki Opus In D Major (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • John Grady's Angel (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • Edge Of The World (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • Get My Boots (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • Strawberry Tango, Parts 1 & 2 (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton/Bacco/McDonald)
  • The King Of Horses (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • Far Away (Alejandra's Phone Call) (Marty Stuart)
  • Porque (Daniel Lanois/Raul Malo/Dennis Britt)
  • Waltz For Hope (Daniel Lanois)
  • Ain't That A Drag (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • My Last Days on Earth / What's It Like To Be Dead? (Bill Monroe)
  • Long Journey Home (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • Candles And Lies (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • Rainy Room (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)
  • Far Away (Marty Stuart)
  • Far Away (Reprise) (Marty Stuart)
  • Cowboy's Dream / All The Pretty Horses (Stuart/Wilkinson/Paxton)

The Pilgrim Read the Reviews
MCA3P-1064 Released June 15, 1999

  • Intro
  • Sometimes The Pleasure's Worth The Pain (Marty Stuart/Gary Nicholson)
  • The Pilgrim (Act 1) (Marty Stuart)
  • Harlan County (Marty Stuart)
  • Reasons (Marty Stuart)
  • Love Can Go To... (Marty Stuart)
  • Red, Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs (Marty Stuart)
  • Truckstop (Marty Stuart)
  • Hobo's Prayer (Marty Stuart)
  • Goin' Nowhere Fast (Marty Stuart)
  • The Observations Of A Crow (Marty Stuart)
  • Intermission
  • The Greatest Love Of All Time (Marty Stuart)
  • The Greatest Love Of All Time Reprise
  • Draggin' Around These Chains Of Love (Marty Stuart/Mike Campbell)
  • The Pilgrim (Act 2) (Marty Stuart)
  • Redemption (Marty Stuart)
  • The Pilgrim (Act 3) (Marty Stuart)
  • Outro
  • Mr. John Henry, Steel Driving Man (Marty Stuart/Earl Scruggs)

Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best Read the Reviews
MCA 11429
Released June 18, 1996

  • Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best (w/Travis Tritt) (Marty Stuart)
  • Country Girls (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • Thanks To You (Marty Stuart/Gary Nicholson)
  • Shelter From The Storm (Marty Stuart/Kostas)
  • Sweet Love (Del Shannon)
  • I'll Be There For You (Marty Stuart)
  • The Mississippi Mudcat and Sister Sheryl Crow (Marty Stuart)
  • Rocket Ship (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • Country (Roger Murrah/Marcus Hummon)
  • You Can't Stop Love (Marty Stuart/Kostas)
  • So Many People (Roger Ferris)

The Marty Party Hit Pack Read the Reviews
MCA 11204
Released March 14, 1995 Certified Gold August 10, 1998

  • If I Ain't Got You (Craig Wiseman/Trey Bruce)
  • The Whiskey Ain't Workin' (w/Travis Tritt) (Marty Stuart/Ronny Scaife)
  • Hillbilly Rock (Paul Kennerley)
  • Now That's Country (Marty Stuart)
  • Burn Me Down (Eddie Miller/Don Sessions)
  • The Likes of Me (Larry Boone/Rick Bowles)
  • Tempted (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • This One's Gonna Hurt You (For A Long, Long Time) (w/Travis Tritt) (Marty Stuart)
  • Little Things (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • The Weight (w/The Staple Singers) (Jamie Robbie Robertson)
  • Western Girls (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley
  • Don't Be Cruel (To A Heart That's True) (Otis Blackwell/Elvis Presley)

Love and Luck Read the Reviews
MCA 10880
Released March 15, 1994

  • Love and Luck (Marty Stuart/Bob DiPiero)
  • Kiss Me, I'm Gone (Marty Stuart/Bob DiPiero)
  • Wheels (Gram Parsons/Chris Hillman)
  • I Ain't Giving Up On Love (Marty Stuart/Harlan Howard)
  • That's What Love's About (Marty Stuart)
  • Marty Stuart Visits The Moon (Marty Stuart)
  • Oh, What A Silent Night (Marty Stuart/Harlan Howard)
  • Shake Your Hips (James Moore)
  • You Can Walk All Over Me (Marty Stuart/Wayne Perry)
  • That's When You'll Know It's Over (Butch Carr/Russ Zavitson)
  • If I Give My Soul (Billy Joe Shaver)

This One's Gonna Hurt You Read the Reviews
MCA 10596
Released July 7, 1992 Certified Gold January 12, 1993

  • Me & Hank & Jumpin' Jack Flash (Marty Stuart)
  • High On A Mountain Top (Ola Belle Reed/Alex Campbell)
  • This One's Gonna Hurt You (For A Long, Long Time) (w/Travis Tritt) (Marty Stuart)
  • Down Home (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • Just Between You and Me (Jack Clement)
  • Hey Baby (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • Doin' My Time (w/Johnny Cash) (Jimmie Skinner)
  • Now That's Country (Marty Stuart)
  • The King of Dixie (Marty Stuart/Allen Shamblin)
  • Honky Tonk Crowd (Marty Stuart)

Tempted Read the Reviews
MCA 10106
Released January 8, 1991 Certified Gold April 25, 1996

  • I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome (Bill Monroe/Hank Williams)
  • Paint The Town Tonight (Marty Stuart)
  • Till I Found You (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • Tempted (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • Blue Train (John R. Cash/Billy Smith)
  • Little Things (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • Half A Heart (Marty Stuart/Kostas)
  • I Want A Woman (Marty Stuart/Kostas)
  • Burn Me Down (Eddie Miller/Don Sessions)
  • Get Back To The Country (Neil Young)

Hillbilly Rock Read the Reviews
MCA 42312
Released October 2, 1989 Certified Gold October 15, 1997

Re-released March 19, 2002

  • Hillbilly Rock (Paul Kennerley)
  • Western Girls (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • Don't Leave Her Lonely Too Long (Marty Stuart/Kostas)
  • The Coal Mine Blues (Marty Stuart)
  • The Wild One (Merle Kilgore/Tillman Franks)
  • Me And Billy The Kid (Joe Ely)
  • Cry, Cry, Cry (John R. Cash)
  • When The Sun Goes Down (Marty Stuart/Mark Collie)
  • Easy To Love (Hard To Hold) (Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley)
  • Since I Don't Have You (Marty Stuart/Mark Collie)

Let There Be Country Read the Reviews
CBS 40829
Released August 1992
Sony/Columbia 61492
Re-released September 19, 2000

  • Let There Be Country (Marty Stuart)
  • Mirrors Don't Lie (Merle Haggard)
  • Matches (Keith Stegall/Charlie Craig)
  • Last Train Done Gone Down (Peter Rowan)
  • Be Careful Who You Love (Arthur's Song) (Harlan Howard)
  • Old Hat (Marty Stuart)
  • Get Down On Your Knees and Pray (Bill Monroe)
  • I'm A One Woman Man (Tillman Franks/Johnny Horton)
  • Stone Blind (Max D. Barnes)
  • I'll Love You Forever (If I Want To) (Harlan Howard/Max D. Barnes)

Marty Stuart Read the Reviews
CBS 52960
Released August 9, 1986

  • Arlene (Curtis Allen)
  • All Because Of You (Steve Forbert)
  • The Shape I'm In (Robbie Robertson)
  • Hometown Heroes (David Mallett)
  • Honky Tonker (Steve Forbert)
  • Do You Really Want My Lovin' (Marty Stuart/Steve Goodman)
  • Maria (Love To See You Again) (Marty Stuart/Curtis Allen)
  • Heart Of Stone (Marty Stuart/Curtis Allen)
  • Beyond The Great Divide (J. C. Crowley/Jack Wesley Routh)

Busy Bee Cafe Read the Reviews
Sugar Hill 3726 Released 1982

  • One More Ride (B. Nolan)
  • Blue Railroad Train (A. Delmore)
  • I Don't Love Nobody (Traditional arrangement by Marty Stuart)
  • Watson's Blues (Bill Monroe)
  • Busy Bee Cafe (Marty Stuart)
  • Down The Road (Lester Flatt/Earl Scruggs)
  • Hey Porter (John R. Cash)
  • Boogie For Clarence (Marty Stuart)
  • Get In Line Brother (Lester Flatt)
  • Soldiers Joy (Traditional arrangement by Marty Stuart)
  • Long Train Gone (Marty Stuart)

Marty Stuart: The Slim Richey Sessions

(previously released as Marty Stuart: With A Little Help From My Friends)

RRR 0013 Released 1978 Re-released 1992

  • Precious Memories (J. B. Wright)
  • Hard Hearted (Jim & Jesse McReynolds)
  • Rawhide (Bill Monroe)
  • Dock Of The Bay (S. Cropper/Otis Redding)
  • Crazy Creek Blues (Tommy Jackson)
  • Just A Little Talk With Jesus (C. Derricks)
  • Love Grown Cold (J. Bonds)
  • Mystery Train/Tiger Man (S. Phillips/H. Parker, Jr.)
  • Kansas City (B. Graves/J. Lambert)
  • Big Boss Man (Smith/Dixon)
  • I don't Care Anymore (Tompall Glaser)
  • A Little Help From My Friends (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  • My Sally Goodin (Traditional arrangement by Marty Stuart)
  • Precious Memories (J. B. Wright)

Marty Stuart: Once Upon A Time Read the Reviews
CMH 8000
Released 1992

  • Take A Little Time (Marty Stuart/T. M. Coleman)
  • Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (Jody Maphis/R. Lee)
  • Orange Blossom Special (E. T. Rouse)
  • Mother Maybelle (w/Johnny Cash) (J. Maphis/R. Maphis)
  • The Bluebirds Are Singing For Me (Lester Flatt)
  • Til The End Of The World Rolls Around (Lester Flatt)
  • Roanoke (J. Ahr)
  • Cannonball Blues (M. Christian)
  • I Don't Love Nobody (Lester Flatt)
  • The Sun's Coming Up (D. Gaskin)
  • What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul (w/ Curly Seckler) (M. Christian)
  • Bluegrass Shuffle (M. Christian)
  • Black Mountain Rag (T. Magness)
  • Somebody Loves You Darlin' (w/ Curly Seckler) (W. Morris/Z. Morris)
  • Sugar Lee (B. Holmes)
  • Two In The Morning (M. Christian)
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