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Jim Lowe
April 30, 2014
Marty is a do-it-yourself guy. Sometimes I see him in Lowe's or Home Depot in Hendersonville purchasing material for a project. When I worked for a roof company in  Nashville, Marty came in one day to purchase material, and I mentioned to a co-worker, in front of Marty, that I had played a one-night gig in Marty's band. Marty quipped, "Yeah, but you amounted to something."

Bill and Susan Berger, Sarasota, FL
January 26, 2014
We saw your Manatee County show and it was wonderful!!! WOW!! Your mandolin work is superb, and your Telecaster playing sounds just like Clarence White! Handsome Harry is beter than Don Henley (Eagles), Kenny's nickname should be "precise," and Paul rocked a solid bass! Wish YOU would come to Florida more often. We need gifted musicials like yourself and The Superlatives to teach the "pretenders" how music should be played! Thank you, and God bless!

Sharron Ervin, Davison, MI
September 24, 2013
I was so excited when I saw you were going to be in concert in Lima, Ohio on September 14. I live in Flint, Michigan so this was the closest city to me. I drove down to Lima, which was a four-hour drive, only to find out your concert was cancelled. I watch you on RFD every Saturday night and also your repeats. I hope I can one day see you in concert.

September 23, 2013
After the Akron, Ohio concert was cancelled, I had to go for grief counseling. Please schedule a concert in the Cleveland, Ohio area!

Nancey Tresler, Irving, TX
August 18, 2013
I just wanted the person that is responsible for giving me the cold chills every time I listen to his All The Pretty Horses soundtrack to know how very, very much I love this music. I am NOT a country music fan. My mother forced us to listen to it when we were kids, when all we wanted was The Beatles and The Monkees. So for my very most favorite CD to be by a country music star is pretty ironic, don't you think??! But truthfully, when I listen to this beyond gorgeous music, my heart soars with love and longing, sadness and redemption. I cry almost every time I hear it. Mr. Stuart, you have given me a gift I couldn't begin to repay!! I will always be grateful.

Cecilia Abbey
July 20, 2013
Marty and The Superlatives -- last night -- Folly Theater, Kansas City -- honky tonk, hotness and hearbreak. Thank you all for a sublime experience!

Eric and Judy Hurst
June 22, 2013
I sure hope these comments reach Marty. We were at the Gillette, Wyoming FMCA Rally where Marty and His Superlatives were the show on Saturday night. After a very nasty storm, we made our way to a metal barn building with less than desirable accommodations and were treated to a perfect show for our group and fans of good picking and harmony. WOW, what a great, fun show! The crowd was responsive, and Marty and his guys played to us with enthusiasm and the crowd really responded. Please let him know we really loved his show and it's one of my all-time favorite concert experiences. He also took the time to shake my hand and sign my name tag, and I appreciate that a lot. I asked him to play some tangy, old timey music, and he didn't disappoint. Many thanks and keep up the touring. See you on another trip somewhere down the road.

Gabrielle Bilkovic, Roseville, MI
June 18, 2013
I listened to Marty with my mom while I was growing up, and he is still an addiction to me. I went to a concert of his he held in Gaylord, Michigan and was so happy I cried! Truly brings back joyful memories of my childhood. I'm only 24, but I know all his songs inside and out. He is TRUE country!

Sharon Anderson, Bloomington, IL
June 9, 2013
I just left the concert Marty gave in Bloomington, Illinois and I am still revved! First time I heard "Dark Bird" ... absolutely beautiful tribute to the Man in Black. The Superlatives are awesome and Marty is incredible!!

Mary and Gary Burch, Cherokee Village, AR
April 6, 2013
My husband Gary is a registered member of the Ogalla Sioux Humppage Tribe and very early in his life, Gary lived on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Because I married a Native American, I am also recognized as a member of the tribe and I'm very proud of it as are our 17 children and 18 grandchildren. There is so much truth in the song "So You Want To Be An Indian." Thank you for writing it. I hope that the right people in the American legislature will listen to the song and be open minded enough to hear the message in that song. God Bless You, Marty Stuart and wife Connie Smith, "Cousin" Kenny Vaughan and others in your band.

Jeffrey W. Huffmaster February 21, 2013

This is Raymond E. Huffmaster's son. We are from Mississippi also. Daddy and Marty have been friends for years. I watch the show every week. Hats off to you, Marty, for pushing the music and the state of Mississippi. You don't know what it means for you to put the history of Meridian and placing Markers around the state. People have forgotten what we have accomplished in our lifetimes. Keep up the good work. I appreciate it.

Bill Canfield, Bethesda, MD
February 4, 2013
My wife and I drove down to Charlottesville on Friday for the concert that night at the Paramount Theatre. Marty and the boys went on promptly at 8 p.m. and played to a packed house for better than two hours. What a great gig. The Superlatives were spot on and very tight. Marty was, as you would expect, beyond great ... smiling, laughing, playing and singing his heart out. The audience responded in kind and the guys came back for a twenty-minute encore. Then, after playing a full concert, Marty and the boys came out into the Paramount lobby to sign autographs and take photos and talk to the crowd for another hour. What a thrill. I cannot possibly endorse attending a concert in strong-enough terms. Marty is such great ambassador for traditional country music, and he gives his ALL in a concert. Go see for yourselves.

Ron Martell, Dyer, IN
January 27, 2013
I love your music and show. Just watched an old episode of Hee Haw with Lester Flatt and saw you on the mandolin. Wow, so good seeing you there. You were just a baby, but great job. I know you had Mr. Scruggs on your show recently and how great that was and had to be a real treat for you, too. Just keep the greatness flowing ......

Ken and Brenda Green, Seminole, FL
January 20, 2013
What a great event!!! Our first Marty concert, and we walked away feeling so great!!! What talent from the whole group. Please come back ASAP.

Ken and Vicki Kennington, Minden, LA October 24, 2012
We went to the concert in Springfield, Louisiana on October 6, 2012 and was the first concert we had ever been to of yours, and it was awesome. Everyone in your band is a real talent. We will be back again to one somewhere else. It was just really great. The crowd was thin. No fault of yours, but the economy in that area is awful.

Gale Anderson September 20, 2012
I was at the concert with my son last night! (Wednesday, September 19, 2012). We both thought it was fantastic! It was after the rodeo and how you (Marty Stuart) and your band made this such an intimate performance left my son and I both thrilled that we had bought tickets for this event. The songs and instrumentation were over the top great! This now means that you have two new fans!!! Go Marty and we look forward to hearing and buying some of your music old and new!!!

Daryl and Marie Platek, St. Paul, NE August 30, 2012
We saw your show at the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island. Your show was FANTASTIC! Connie Smith was especially beautiful that night. We love you all. Watch you every Saturday night on RD-TV. You are the greatest!!

Bruce Rufer August 19, 2012
On June 17, 2012 I witnessed a musical awakening. I was fortunate to see Marty Stuart and the lovely Connie Smith (sorry Marty, but she is stunning) at the Oneida Casino in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This was my first time ever seeing Marty and Connie live. I have been to hundreds of concerts, from heavy metal to Frank Sinatra, and this show was one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen. Connie entertained the packed house of cheeseheads. I have heard Connie on the Opry and my own CD's numerous time, however live she is incredible. Connie is like a fine wine, she gets better with age. I was sitting in the third row and was hanging on every note that this country legend produced. Wow, she has the smoothest voice I have ever heard live. The Sundowners were the perfect compliment to this Hall of Famer. I sat there in complete awe of this country superstar. Then Marty and the his Fabulous Superlatives entered the stage with the energy of a thousand wild horses. These four talented men energized the crowd from song one. This was the most enjoyable concert I have ever experienced. There are TOO many bands today that phone in their performances. Not Marty and the Boys!!!! Every song these men performed was uplifting and heart felt. I could see that these guys truly enjoyed performing (even Cousin Kenny smiled twice). Marty went through his catalog of hits and the crowd appreciated everyone of them. He also performed his new material flawlessly. The combination of old and new was a musical feast that us mid-westerners appreciated. I was just totally amazed at the energy level and professionalism that these gentlemen displayed. Marty, Connie and all the band members greeted and signed autographs after the show, which I thought was very nice. I was like a kid in a candy store. Are you kidding me? I got to meet Marty. Connie, and Cousin Kenny. Now I know what Heaven must be like. If anyone has a chance to see this titanic double bill, do your ears a favor, go!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Marty and Connie for coming to entertain us, we greatly appreciate it. You are always welcome up here in the Tundra. Please don't be a stranger.

Bob Welch (Rockabillybob), Dubuque, IA August 2, 2012
My wife and I saw you in that basement in Iowa City on July 27. Thanks for a great show and for paying tribute to the greats of country music, and country music classics in your show. It's also great to see a band dress a little better than the audience. Buck and The Buckaroos would be proud. You guys are the best band in country music (and best dressed, too).

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY June 10, 2012
Joey Totty (my husband) and his cousin, Tina Pettis, and myself got to attend the 11th Annual Marty Stuart Late Night Jam, June 6. Had lots of fun. My photos didn't turn out well, but at least we got to attend and see all the performers. This was awesome!!!!!!! During the meet and greet after the show, Marty was in great spirits and he talked to us for a little bit. Of course we always calls me "Ev" when I see him and even Miss Connie called me by my name this time too. Hope to get to attend another Late Night Jam!!!!!!

My, husband, Joey Totty, and our cousin Tina Pettis, were also able to see Marty, the Fabulous Superlatives, and Connie Smith and her band The Sundowners in Duquoin, Illinois, September 1st, 2011. It was an awesome show. This was the second time Tina Pettis got to meet them. She was reallty happy. And couldn't believe that Marty remembered us.

Marty and the guys are awesome!!!!!! Miss Connie is really a wonderful person!!!!!

John Dobernic, St. Louis, MO May 30, 2012
I was at Gathering at the Gap in Big Stone Gap, Virginia this past weekend (May 26). Marty's set was acoustic and the sound was great. Even with the high temps, the show was fantastic.

Tim (Buck) Mallard May 17, 2012
Tonight was the second time I have watched the movie All The Pretty Horses. Marty did the soundtrack. Tonight I had my old Martin out, tuned up, and ready to go. I have the gift of play-by-ear so NOW I can play the ending song "Far Away." That is one CLASSY tune. Marty never stops amazing me with his talent. I also watch him EVERY weekend, too, on RFD. Marty deserves EVERY one of the 5 Grammys he has won. And the fact that he and his wife Connie are Godly folks is a plus! We'll all be pickin' together later in Heaven. THANK YOU MARTY!!!!! May Father God Bless you and yours.

Duane Fiorini April 1, 2012
I met Marty Stuart for the first time a few days ago. He was in Durango, Colorado for a concert and he came into our coffee shop, by himself, and sat down and had the most pleasant demeanor. He was friendly and warm and just seemed to enjoy life! He is one class act! I hope that he returns sometime soon ... he restores a person's belief that there are some "good" people out there. He sure is. God Bless You, Marty!

Mika Halonen, Finland March 24, 2012
I remember Marty was here in Finland with Johnny Cash in 1984. I wish to see Marty again live. It would be great! I know many Marty Stuart fans here in Finland. Anyway, I love Marty and his band and music.

Kevin Lusk, Guston, KY February 20, 2012
I introduced my parents to RFD-TV and they enjoyed watching The Marty Stuart Show. My mother has been battling cancer for the last two years and asked all week last week what day the show came on. She was in the final days of her life and was in a lot of pain. We tuned into the show Saturday, February 18, and she found some kind of peace listening to the songs and fifteen minutes after the show ended, she went very peacefully to be with the Lord. She loved music and was a big fan of Connie and Marty. I would like to say thanks for the music and your show, and to thank you sharing your talents with us. LOVE THY MUSIC.

Dave S., Verona, KY March 12, 2012
I went to your show in Newport, Kentucky on March 9, 2012. Great show, great music. I will be at any Marty Stuart show when it is in town. Thanks for the great music.

Jeff and India Owens, Fairland, IN February 3, 2011
Great show in New Albany, Indiana. We take every chance to see Marty and his talented band.

Judi Wutzke. Clarkston, WA September 14, 2011
My sister purchased tickets to attend your performance at the Clearwater River Casino on August 19. I've always admired you as a performer and we were awed by your performance. You shared the spotlight with all of your band members, each who could have been doing their own concert. I especially liked "Cousin Kenny" and want to get a copy of his first CD. He is amazing. I purchased a copy of your book for my sister to see before the concert. Thanks so much for autographing that copy for her. I also have a copy for sale at my store. That book is a beautiful tribute to country music artists. Thanks for all you do.

Marilyn and David Mitchell, Clayton, GA September 10, 2011
My husband and I saw your concert last night and it was so great. It totally shows how much you love what you and your band do. "Dark Bird" was one of the many touching songs you played and your mandolin solo just rocked. Thanks for a great night of entertainment and pleast come back to Franklin, NC in the near future.

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY September 5, 2011
My husband Joey Totty and friend Tina Pettis from Murray, Kentucky went to the DuQuoin Illinois State Fair September 1, 2011 for the Marty Stuart concert. Connie Smith opened the show for Marty. She was totally awesome. Sang lots of her songs, including some new songs as well. Her clothes were beautiful. After a short intermission, Marty and The Fabulous Superlatives came on stage. The audience, including us, went wild. They were dressed awesome. Marty in his black clothes and kerchief around his neck he always wears. The guys were in lavendar-colored suits. I wish I could remember each song to tell you what they performed, but the show was totally awesome, too!!!!

After Marty's show, he and Connie did meet with fans that wanted to meet them and get autographs. They came out on a golf cart as well as the guys did too. When it was our turn, I helped my husband buy a new Connie Smith CD that just came out and two photos of Connie. She autographed both for us and had Marty and the band sign the Connie photo, too. I had a small photo of Marty I took at the Jam in June. He even asked if that was from the Jam. I said, "Yes." Marty mentioned he loved my hair (it is dyed black), and he is still having trouble keeping his black. I told him "We always try to go some place to see them if we can. We love you all." He replied he loved us too.

As I was going down past Marty, got to talk to Apostle Paul. He had mentioned his home state was Kentucky in the show, so introduced him to my friend Tina and told him that she lived in Murray, Kentucky and we were from Mayfield, Kentucky. He said, yes he knew we were from Mayfield. Tina hollored when he mentioned in the show he was from Kentucky. We got to talk to Harry and Kenny too. Told Kenny how much I love to hear him sing and play the guitar. Told them we all watch the show on RFD-TV every week. I did get a few photos from the show of Connie and Marty and the guys.

William T. Orr, Maryville, TN September 4, 2011
We saw Marty in concert for the first time earlier this year in Maryville, Tennessee. We have always liked his music, but now we are fans for life. His band has class and that's rare these days. I like his ambition to include Gospel music on the show. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the show in Franklin, North Carolina next Friday.

Peter Walker, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada September 2, 2011
Traveling back to Saskatchewan, I stopped over and took in the show Friday, August 29. I enjoyed the show immensely and particularly you and Connie Smith. I was particularly moved by her son to you, "Looking For A Reason Not To Love You." I think that is the greatest love song I have ever heard and she sang it beautifully. I am 76 years old, so I have heard a lot of them. Thanks again for a great show Friday night.

Dale and Sharon Hopper, O'Brien, OR August 21, 2011
We saw your show (Josephine County Fair) and met you afterwards. We've seen a lot of shows, but yours was by far the best yet. We could understand every word that was spoken or sung. The music was so well balanced and harmonies just great. We're sorry about the helicopter rides. That was soooooo rude. Hope to see you again in the near future.

Sandra, Washington State August 12, 2011
Heard your song "Far Away" in the movie All The Pretty Horses. Was an instant fan. Drove to Chinook Winds Casino to see you. In love with you even more. Can't wait to see you again. Big fan. God bless.

Jill August 4, 2011
My husband and I took my brother to Marty's afternoon concert in St. Cloud, Minnesota and had front row seats. My brother has Downs Syndrome but LOVED Marty's show -- was clapping constantly. Marty made a special point of coming out front and was gracious to give John a handshake and a guitar pick at the end of the concert. Marty didn't see John, but as Marty was walking off the stage, John raised his hands and was dancing around and so proud to be given the time of day.

We are sorry we could not stay to meet with Marty after the show but just wanted to say that the concert was GREAT and how thankful we are for Marty's kindness offered to my brother. THANKS MARTY!! Come back again!

Richard Pooler, Windsor, ME July 17, 2011
Never miss his show on RFD-TV. Just the most wonderful person in music! The band he has can't be beat. Went to see him at Rockland, Maine. Traveled 60 miles to see him. Only problem was I wanted to buy each item, and they had to form a line. If I'd waited, I don't think I would have been home until the next day. My wife and I just love him to death. Porter Wagoner used to be my favorite. Now it is Marty. Don't think he will mind that. At this point and time, Marty AND his band are TOPS!!!!

Bud Tickle, Pueblo West, CO July 17, 2011
Just returned from your show in Colorado Springs. Had a great time!! You guys put on a first-rate show. Sorry the crowd wasn't bigger. Maybe next time with more advertising. Anyway, if you come back, you will have a lot of word-of-mouth advertising. Thanks again for a very pleasing evening.

Joanne Larson July 9, 2011
Thanks so much for a great night here in Maine! You and the boys were Superlative!!!!!! That down-home country music is what we crave nowadays! The bluegrass and gospel numbers were super!!!! Thanks again for a great performance! We will continue to watch you on RFD-TV and will purchase a few of your CDs!! Fantastic!!!!

Jim Scoppa July 6, 2011
Watched the Letterman show last week -- incredible performance, Marty. Thanks for keeping real country music alive. Clarence is looking down and smiling. You keep his spirit alive and make great music in the process.

Susan Cox July 5, 2011
I was at the show on the 4th of July in Carrollton, Missouri. Marty and The Superlatives did an hour-and-a-half set, looking right into the sun from the bandstand in 90-degree weather; and they still did a great, energetic show. I especially liked "Have A Little Talk With Jesus" that I had never heard them do before. They all looked pretty hot, especialy Marty. There were about 250, probably an overestimate, there and a good time was had by all. Kenny was especially wonderful.

Robert Deurloo July 3, 2011

It was so wonderful to see you and Travis back together again!. The first time I saw you and Travis as at the Winter Sports Clinic for Disabled Veterans in Snow Mass Colorado in 1992. I had the honor of being able to get a picture of our group from California (Veterans of Foreign Wars, Wheelchair Games Committee) who had brought 125 disabled wheelchair-ed veterans from California to the games. At that time I was not a real fan, but after that show, I was hooked, and so were a lot of those vets who are no longer with us today. I now live in Albuquerque NM, and enjoy your show each week on RFD TV.

It was such a wonderful experience to see you and Travis back together again, and brought back so many memories, tears come to my eyes, just thinking of that wonderful show all of you put on that night. And the compassion that was shown to all those vets. I too am a Vietnam combat veteran, disabled, but ambulatory. I remember that at the time Jesse Brown was the National Commander for the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) at the time and later became the Secretary to Veterans Affairs; and I was a National Aide-de-Camp for the VFW (Veterans of Foregian Wars) at the time, and Jesse and I shared many years of friendship till his passing.

But once again, it was just great to see you both together again, and hear those wonderful songs, and how Connie Smith did such a super job on her Travis song. We really enjoy your show each week, in fact we record them ( the special ones) to view time and again. Again, thanks for the wonderful show, the memories returned from years passed, and the great music from you and the Superlatives. I know Eddie Stubbs is one great fiddler, how about a show around him in the future? You are very fortunate to have such wonderful musicians and artists that accompany you, and that is what makes your show!

Carol Hale, Oklahoma City, OK June 29, 2011
Your song "Farmer's Blues" with Merle Haggard strikes a cord with me every time I hear it. Makes me cry remembering a way of life so long ago with Daddy, Mama and siblings, working hard every day, barely making it. Just scratching out a meager living in that red dirt in western Oklahoma. Poor family, but a happy family. I don't know know if the song is older or new. Have only heard it a few times, but I must find it so I can hear it more often. I love both you guys and your true country music. Always have.

David Peroni, New Hartford, NY June 26, 2011

As a 57 year old Classic Rock, and 80's music lover, I never thought I would be so engulfed in any style of Country Music. Yes, I've listened to an occasional Dwight Yoakam song but that's been about it.

Then, a few years ago I was scanning the television networks and came across the Country Music Television Top 100 Country Hits. By the time I knew this program was on, they were at the #4 Country Song of all time. Even then, the song was already half over. That song? "Ring Of Fire", this time performed by Marty Stuart.

There was something about his voice, and the way his band performed that song, that got me hooked on Marty Stuart's music. As a matter of fact, I have been on a mission to get that video portion from the CMT show for my
archives, along with a download of just the song itself that was performed during that show. Easier said than done.

However, after all of this time, I just happened to stumble onto a website from Germany, I think, of all places. The quality of the video from that television special is actually very good. Then, thanks to my high tech son, I also have just the audio from that video in my iTunes file. The quality is just outstanding. I love the way Marty and his band performed "Ring Of Fire", that I think I've listened to it over 200 times just this week, along with watching the video about the same number of times. I have never heard anyone do "Ring Of Fire" like Marty Stuart and his band. No one, in my opinion has done it better.

I also watch the Marty Stuart on RFD TV. A bit hard to believe considering I never thought this possible. However, I can. Marty Stuart and his band have such a passion for what they are doing and I also like that traditional sound. You can tell they just love what they are doing and it's not to just put on a show for a few minutes. I hope someday Marty Stuart will play somewhere in New York State.

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY June 23, 2011

We were lucky to attend the Marty Stuart Late Night Jam, June 8, 2011. I, Evelyn Totty, my husband, Joey Totty, and a friend Tina Pettis. Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives were the best!!!!! Dolly Parton was awesome, Mel Tillis, was wonderful. Doug Kershaw really knows how to play the fiddle, loved the Quebe Sisters, and so glad Ricky Skaggs was there too. Apostle Paul Martin's daughter Little Texas Martin, was super duper. She sure can sing. Eddie Stubbs was an awesome host!!!!! So was MARTY!!!!!!!

After the show we got in the meet and greet line, when it was our turn to talk to Marty and Connie, they both remembered us. Marty remembered my husband's name, even though it had been 11 years since he had seen him, and Connie remembered him as well. When it was my turn, after him, Marty remembered my name as well, though it had been just 6 years since I had been to a concert. Connie remembered me too.

It was a fun night!!!!!

Jeff Long, Tullahoma, TN June 9, 2011
We were at the Late Night Jam last night. Great show. We enjoyed the songs that you and The Superlatives did as much as any of it. But what a surprise when you brought out Duane Eddy! We knew that Dolly Parton, Doug Kershaw, and Mel Tillis and Connie would be there -- a big part of the reason we came. We were glad to see Ricky Skaggs -- one of the best. These are all people that we have had the luck to see before -- some a number of times. And we enjoyed the newcomers. But Duane Eddy! Who didn't want to play those songs he recorded in the 50's. I did. I think that half the audience didn't know who he is. After all, he is from the decade of music that straddled the 50's and 60's. Anyway, thanks for a grae show and now I can say I saw Duane Eddy in person.

Janice Weare June 5, 2011
Our daughter and son-in-law Introduced us to Marty's music a few years ago. Amazing! We have watched his show on RFD TV since its first one. Just keeps getting better. It's on my bucket list to see Marty in either Nashville or Branson. That would be the best it could be.

Dick Martineau, Winslow, ME May 26, 2011
Just got my tickets for the Marty Stuart July concert in Maine!!!!!!! Nobody captures the telecaster sound like Marty and Kenny. The band is out of this world!! I look forward to his show every week on the RFD network.

Norman and Ruby Marley March 21, 2011
Attended the Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser at which Marty and The Superlatives were the feature event. My wife and I have NEVER seen such a concentration of TALENT in FOUR artists EVER on one stage!!! GOD has truly blessed this group with entertaining GREATNESS! I thank HIM for giving us the opportunity to see our favorite RFD0TV show UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!!! Will NEVER forget the experience and treasure it ALWAYS. Bless you Marty, Kenny, Harry, and Paul.

Etta Faye Mueller and Family March 20, 2011
Enjoyed seeing Marty Stuart and The Superlatives last night in West Plains, Missouri for the annual Cystic Fibrosis concert. He was GREAT! That was my second time seeing him in concert and he just gets better with age. Thanks so much for a wonderful show Marty ..... and PLEASE come back soon!

Darlene and Darilyn Wood, RDS, NC March 9, 2011
We attended the show at Duke University in Durham. NC on March 3, 2011. Darilyn was lucky enough to get a front row seat in the pit. The show was fantastic. We had so much fun. We plan on attending several more shows this year! (See some their pictures here.)

Agnes Dearborn March 8, 2011
I saw you at Star Spangled Banner in Richland Center. When are you coming back? Also I have a son and he could pass for Kenny's brother. I watch your show every Saturday on RFD. Love Connie also. She is a sweetheart, but you already know that. Take care.

Mike Anderson March 7, 2011
Thank you and The Superlatives for coming tu Duke. My wife and I enjoyed the musical talent and harmony conducted by you and The Superlatives. You all have been given talent by God. When you asked your "mom" to come up on stage and play, spoke volumes to me about your priorities. Keep that gentle spirit close.

Timothy Stewart February 27, 2011
My wife and I attended Marty's show at the Wildhorse Casino on February 20, 2011 at Pendleton, Oregon. It was a grea show and we really had a good time. Thanks, Marty.

Lee and Charlotte DeVries, Crawfordsville, OR February 19, 2011
We were fortunate enough to be in the audience for the show at Chinook Winds in Lincoln City, Oregon on the 18th of February. What a wonderful show. Lots of energy and great sound. Thank you, Marty, for "keeping it country." We'll be watching for your future shows. We have also enjoyed the RFD-TV series. We need more country and much less of what Nashville is puttng out.

David and Kay Hood February 2, 2011
What a fantastic show Marty and the band put on at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London on Tuesday night. Hope he comes back soon. Brilliant musicianship all around. Certainly lifted the London gloom. You guys are so lucky in the U.S. We managed to get a guitar pick at the show from Kenny and Marty. The sound was fantastic at the Hall as normal UK audiences tend to be quiet, hear a pin drop, which is out of respect. No chatting or drinking but love to join in clapping, etc. and clapping guitar solos. A really fantastic night. If you get any feedback from Marty or the band, hopefully they had a good time in London.

Melanie Lasseter, Valdosta, Georgia February 1, 2011
My grandson has been a huge Marty Stuart fan since before he even turned one year old. His parents noticed that when he was cranky or upset, he would calm down immediately when The Marty Stuart Show came on television. So, naturally, they started taping it on their DVR, and sure enough, it works like magic. He is fascinated by Marty! Gram and Big Daddy recorded a few episodes to have on hand when he came to visit us over Thanksgiving, and we have witnessed this phenomenon first-hand. His parents bought him a ticket to see Marty Stuart in Baton Rouge (along with them, of course) – and he will be sixteen months old when he enjoys his first live Marty Stuart concert!

Wysha Thorne-Anderson January 29, 2011
I saw the guys last night, and they were superlative. They were exhausted after the hoohaa at Newark, but that didn't stop them from bringing the house down with their songs. No double bass in sight, but I didn't mind cause I was too absorbed in the music, singing along to almost every song that they were playing. If they come back my way in the future, I'll be sure to see them, as they were that good.

Wysha Thorne-Anderson January 7, 2011
Marty and the guys are still (and will always be) my most favourite band in the world, and I am soooo excited, because, on the 28th, I'm gonna see them in concert. Seen numerous other musical acts over the years, but nothing will top the Superlatives, as they are TRUE musicians, and congrats to Marty on being nominated for two Grammy awards, cause he sure deserves them.

Jack Utz, Shelbyville, TN December 7, 2010
Marty Stuart is one of the truly all-time greats of country music, and we all owe him a deep debt of thanks for what he has done to keep TRUE country music alive and well. I am a life-long musician, and I have such a deep appreciation for his talents! The Marty Stuart Show is the one show that my wife and I NEVER miss! The sooner this fine man is inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame the better!

Bill and Pasty Cox, Houston, TX October 22, 2010
My wife and I saw Marty in Bellville, Texas. We both thought it was one of the best shows. I really miss those good ole time pickin' shows and good country, bluegrass music. He is one of the best. We are planning a trip to Nashville, Tennessee next year and hope to work our vacation to maybe see Marty in Nashville. This is the first time we have ever seen him live. We live in Houston, Texas. But we drove to Bellville, Texas just to see him. It was well worth it. Thanks, Marty, for the good time.


Merwin Frye, Bella Vista, AR October 19, 2010
We are looking forward to being in Branson for the Marty Stuart show on October 22 and enjoy so much the weekly show on RFD-TV. Thanks Marty and your band for great country music. I will be celebrating my 75th birthday that week and this show will make it complete.

Ken Murray September 6, 2010
I am a new fan .... 77 years old. Times goes too fast. You deserve a place beside Hank Williams and Marty Robbins! My ears are not good, but I could understand each word you and your group said or sang .... a tribute to this talent! Such lovely music and, also, I must say I appreciate your recognition of our Jesus. We may not have time right now but someday, Marty, we will have plenty of time to sit and visit. God Bless You and Yours. Give strength and safety, happiness and courage. In the love of Jesus. [Ken attended the Mountain View, AR show on September 4.]

Sunny, Philadelphia, PA September 1, 2010
I went to the show at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA last night - WOW! First time I saw Marty after listening to his music for over 20 years. He is a Treasure! He needs to come around these parts more often. Us northerners really love him! He was kind enough to greet his guests after the show -- admire him to take the time and enjoy his fans. He is a performer like no other. What a life he has led so far. A talent and a fine gentleman -- and what a storyteller! Come back soon Marty -- we will be waiting!!

John Darwin, Nashville, TN August 26, 2010
Thank you for the great, fun show at the Belcourt in Nashville last night. I think it is an understatement to call your band The Fabulous Superlatives. They are even better than that, individually and as a group. I brought eight friends to the show who were not familiar with your music and they were blown away. Good luck with your new album and thanks for being such a strong ambassador for Nashville and country/rockabilly/gospel music.

J. D. Moss August 25, 2010
Marty, I like your love of traditional country music. Me and my boys have held tight and stubbornly to it. I love your B-Bender licks and all your music. Our greatest dream other than shaking the hand of Jesus is to meet you and play a song or two or a show with you. Keep on doing what you are doing. It's great.

Lynn Brandt, Nashville, TN August 22, 2010
Dang, I am going to the Buddy Miller Artist In Residence Tuesday night. Bad timing. I would love to see YOUR picks for the top 100 country music albums. Any chance someone could post maybe just your top 25 or so? Looking forward to Ghost Train.

Sabrina August 22, 2010
I just wanted to say I am one of Marty Stuart's biggest fans. He knows how to harmonize and everything. Just keep up the great work. One of my favorite songs is by you and Ralph Stanley and it's called "More To Be Pitied." It's on the Clinch Mountain country CD. It's awesome. Your #1 fan.

Gayle Brown, Chicago, IL August 2, 2010
I was so thrilled that my son, Ron Brown, got to interview you a couple of weeks ago. He knows that you have been a big favorite of mine for a long time. He did a TV show for PBS on your exhibit. I hope to see it some day. Enjoy your show so much. Love the bluegrass and I am crazy about Cousin Kenny!!!

Renee Fisher June 9, 2010
I am here ... at the after party ... what a great night. I am blown away by your incredible talent, but more by your incredible heart. Thank you for an amazing night!

Wysha Thorne-Anderson, Elgin, Scotland May 6, 2010
I heard about the recent Nashville flood and am saddened to hear that the Opry house has been flooded. The Superlatives, I hope, are all okay, though there were a number of people who were killed. Lots of damage done. Opry shows are being held at the Ryman and the War Memorial Auditorium. My thoughts (and prayers) are with everyone who was affected. I suggest that all who visit this site do the same thing. It’s that bad.

James L. "Rooster" Simpson, Jefferson County, MO May 2, 2010
I seen Marty and his Boys April 30, 2010 at the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis, Missouri. They performed acoustic style, acoustical instruments. Boy they rocked! It was worth every dollar! It was storming, lightning and about 10:00 p.m., Marty said, "It's getting it outside. I'm not going anywhere. You want me to quit?" The response was overwhelming. He had his mandolin "smokin'." Chuck Berry, Jr. (rock legend's son) was even in the audience. The show went on, overtime, fans hollering requests. Marty stated the $20.00 for his Show Picture Catalog all goes to the Smile Center. Pretty generous, but what do you expect? That's Marty Stuart!

Norman Bullock, Merigold, MS April 16, 2010
WOW, this man and his group gave us a great performance last night (April 15, 2010). It was a special time for us all since Marty is from Mississippi. It was awesome that he interacts with the audience during the performance and willing to sign autographs and talk to us after the show. I really enjoyed talking to him and the guys. Go to the concert if you really want a great time of great music.

Lucy Espey-Francis March 24, 2010
Re: The Weirsdale, Florida show: Thanks to you and the Superlatives. We were used to the RFD show but in person, you really impressed us with the excellance of the musicianship involved. Thanks again.

Anita Fraser, Kentville, Nova Scotia March 17, 2010
My brother Marty and myself attended a concert Marty Stuart put on in Moncton, New Brunswick in 2009 and it was the best! Beautiful singer. Was a night neither of us will forget. So a very big thank you to you all! Really touched our hearts.

Lois H. Clark February 28, 2010
My son has always been a big Marty Stuart fan. He has been blessed with twin boys, Henry and Anthony and they are twenty-eight months old on March 1, 2010. I was lucky enough to be visiting them in Michigan in August 2009 and with twins in the house, there is never a quiet moment. Well, Marty Stuart came on TV and my grandson Henry grabbed his guitar (at twenty-one months old) and stood in front of the TV the whole show and did not utter a word. My son has since informed me that they have to tape Mr. Stuart's show every Saturday night, because the boys go to bed around seven and can not watch, so Henry can watch it first thing on Sunday morning. The other night they were up late because one of the boys was sick and Henry was very upset because Marty Stuart was not on American Idol. In my son's words, "full on fit...Classic". I just wanted Mr. Stuart to know that his music has no age limit and he might get a kick out of it.

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, Kentucky February 27, 2010
I am an avid fan of Marty Stuart's still and always will be. Been a while since I have been to a concert and am in need of one badly. Since The Marty Stuart Show has aired on RFD-TV, I have been glued to the TV when it is on. Great shows every week. Wish I could have been there for one of the tapings. I miss Marty.

Margaret M. Ruiz/Hernandez February 23, 2010
My boyfriend (really ex-husband) myself and girlfriend drove to Wickenburg, AZ, from San Pedro, CA (750 miles round trip) to see Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives. Once again what a show he put on. Second row seats, center stage. It was great!!! My girlfriend and I had seen Marty a few years back when he performed in California at El Camino College and I thought that was such a great concert at that time. Very personal and intimate setting. I love the way he takes time to interact with the crowd. This was my other half’s first country western concert and he loved it. What better entertainer to go see as a first country singer artist than Marty Stuart!!! I can‘t say my boy has “gone country” yet, but I think I have him on the right path. Hope Marty comes back to California soon. Oh yeah! We got to take our picture with him and the group also. Thought that was the greatest!!!!

Gwen Ledgerwood, Bristow, OK January 31, 2010
I love your music, but the one thing that I really appreciate for your show is the way you dress. I don't like to look at bluejeans with holes in the knees. I believe you dress for the fans as well as your own pride. Thank you.

Scotty McGaha January 25, 2010
I am a big fan of yours and I love it that you are keeping the old country music going. I watch your show every Saturday night and love it. I also love Connie Smith, too. She is great and tell her to keep it up also. You guys are the great ones to people like us who still love the old country music.

Bruce Nelson January 9, 2010
Marty, great show in New York City tonight. Wish you'd have been headlining it! Great through to see a show with such diverse musical talents as yourself. Del McCoury and the New Preservation Jazz Band and a folk singer. Man, this was like those crazy old '60s shows at the Fillmore West where they'd throw a bunch of different styles out there and the audience would eat it up. Too bad promoters these days feel like they have to package everything into the same exact genre. Kudos to the B.B. King booking agent who recognizes that "it's (almost) all good." Tonight it was more than good. It was great!

Joyce Teel, Oxford, NC December 12, 2009
Couple of yers ago, I went to South Hill, Virginia to see Marty and Travis together. I'm 68 years old and it was the hottest day ever. I sat in the crowd up front and waited to see Marty and Travis perform and by that time, I was taken to the emergency room tent and was attended to, but I came back to see some of the show. My husband had to carry me out and I couldn't finish watching them perform. But what I saw, I won't ever forget. What good entertainment. Watch Marty's Saturday night show every week.

Wysha Thorne, Elgin, Scotland October 27, 2009
I am one of your biggest (and British) fans. PLEASE get the European dates up soon because January isn't far away. I am in total need of one of your concerts (since the Fab Superlatives are the best band in the entire world). Also, thanks to Paul for everything (not just the bass, but also the drums, keyboards, that kind of stuff). You guys have got to get over here.

Sarah Cassiday October 23, 2009
I live in Bode, Iowa. It is a small town in the middle of a cornfield of about 350 people. My husband and I are huge fans of all of yours. We watch your show every chance we get.

Linda Lopez October 19, 2009
I saw Marty Stuart and his band for the first time in Branson, Missouri and I enjoyed it so much. I was very impressed with their performance, especially with Kenny Vaughan. He is a very talented young man. I loved the way he played guitar. Thank you for a "GREAT SHOW." Connie Smith was wonderful. Keep up the good work.

Carole Keese October 13, 2009
Just returned from Marty's great show (Georgia Mountain Fair in Hiawassee, GA). He and his band make it look effortless. Real pros and such an enjoyable show. Like the new songs, too. Gospel songs were awesome, and the young boy band members really added to their talent, too. Looking forward to more RFD shows.

Chris, Frankfort, Germany October 11, 2009

I just returned back home to Germany from a three-week vacation in the U.S. As usual, I connected my trip with getting to see Marty and His Fabulous Superlatives. Well, actually they were, as always, my main reason for my trip. This time, the trip wasn`t under a good star and a lot of things went wrong, but being able to see Marty and the band again made up for a whole lot of it.

I was lucky enough to catch six shows this time. I got to see them at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia, then the next night in Guilford, Connecticut, and the next day there were two shows in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. The week after, I went to see them in Staunton, Virginia, which was actually meant to be the last show for me on this trip, but then, on a last-minute decision, we went to Hiltons, Virginia the next day to see the show at the legendary Carter Fold and had the privilege to be part of the re-opening of the museum there, where Marty cut the ribbon and performed a song that he had just written especially for that occasion.

Since it wasn`t planned that we were going to the Carter Fold, I was a bit sceptical whether we would be able to get tickets for that show, but Marty and the guys were so nice to tell me and my family not to worry about that and promised that we would get in to see the show, which was sweet of them.

Although some of the songs were the same on the shows, each show was different and unique in its own style. The first two shows were regular shows and in Guilford, Connecticut, we were also able to attend the soundcheck, which was a special treat. The other shows were all accoustic shows and Marty and the band played a lot of new songs that I haven`t heard before.

After each show, Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives stayed around and signed autographs for everyone. Never before have I met a nicer bunch of people and more talented musicians than these guys. Each one of them is virtuoso and it is a real pleasure to listen to them and watch them play and I am always taken aback to see how they really are enjoying what they are doing. Marty, Kenny, Paul and Harry - thank you for a wonderful time, and I hope I will be able to see you all again real soon.

Click here to see Chris' pictures from the shows.

Radley Hirsch, San Francisco, CA October 5,2009

My wife and I went to the free Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

MARTY STUART: May be the best show I've ever seen period. Stage clothes, a crack band that was phenomenal. So in the pocket and they didn't even look like they were playing. Bass player played whole or half notes and just let the deepness resonate through the bar. The guy really knew what bottom was all about. There was also a lead guitar who could have played anything, really knew what tasteful rock'n'roll was all about and a drummer who put it all together with no flash, no sweat. Marty played electric guitar and mandolin. He did a fabulous mandolin solo song where the other three left the stage and he was a virtuoso with soul. Near the end he told everyone be sure and see Mavis Staples the next day. Think about it... Afterwards I caught up with their sound guy, an old Nashville pro and told him"good job,, surprising him. A act like this usually has a pedal steel but thankfully they didn't. I'm sorry but he raised the bar for me that I don't think will ever be topped.

Jim Stokes October 3, 2009
Watch your show on RFD-TV every Saturday night. Looking forward to seeing your show live October 23, 2009 at the Washington Parish Fair. Pray the weather is good so I can be there.

Donald R. Keene, Bristol, VA September 28, 2009
My wife and I were in the audience at the Carter Fold and we were so entertained. We had seen your show before in Laughlin, Nevada but this one was so much better. I was moved to tears when you did the song that you wrote about your fathre losing his job. That is a statement that needs to be made more often, so Marty keep the good work for real country music and I will buy the CD with that song on it when I find it. Keep your band. They are great.

Joe Bieksha, Indian Trail, NC September 28, 2009
Marty and the Boys were awesome. The show couldn't have been any better. Marty is very down-to-earth and personal. We all sat in the 4th row at the Community Theatre in Charlotte, North Carolina. My nine-year-old children also enjoyed him very much. He came on for an encore and was taking requests. I was trying to have him play "Hangman," although he could not hear me. After the show, he was taking pictures and signing autographs. I showed Marty a picture on my phone of a mandolin that I purchased. I told him I play guitar but have no idea what I am doing with the mandolin. His response: "Just keep knocking on it." Awesome show.

Cascade Hiker September 20, 2009
We miss your Saturday evening music history lessons! The best of music + best perspective on regional music heritage that I've had the opportunity to enjoy. Marty and Handsome Harry (LOL, funny!) and the guys provided some of the best radio entertainment ever! Hope you can come back to the radio. The RFD-TV show helps with my "Marty and Handsome Harry" "jones-es."

Larry Kelly September 17, 2009
Saw your Bluegrass show both at Grey Fox and Delaware Valley this year. I have been going to Bluegrass Fests since about 1990. Very impressed with your show and, especially, your mandolin playing. Saw you last before this in 1981 when you were with Johnny Cash (Binghamton, NY). You really deserve the prominence that you hold in Nashville, yet you are plenty good enough for the Bluegrass circuit (which is the epitome of being able to perform in public). Stay with Bluegrass. You'll love it (just like Ricky does). Not much money, but so what?

Faye Glenn September 8, 2009
I really wonder how Marty liked Saltville, Virginia? Well, as for me, it was worth a 275-mile trip one way to be in Saltville for the 50th Labor Day Celebration. Saltville sure did it up good all week-end but Marty Stuart and his wonderful band rocked those mountains in Saltville last night. The only thing missing was Connie. But I loved every minute of the show. I hope he comes back soon. Also, I hope he comes to Richmond, Virginia soon. I can't say enough for the band. They all mesmerized the crowd.

Wysha Thorne, Elgin, Scotland August 25, 2009
I just want to say that Marty has got a great show and that I want him and his band to come over to the UK for a few dates. I also want to say thanks to him for introducing me to the bluegrass mandolin. I will also comment on "The Apostle" Paul Martin. He is the best bassist that I know about. Thanks to him for introducing me to the bass.

Robyn Galloway August 19, 2009
I just wanted to send my thanks and blessings out to Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives for another outstanding show they did that weekend! Clearly could see the love they have for bluegrass music in the way they naturally combined all talents! Mother Nature rudely interrupted a beautiful day's music Saturday with a violent wind/hail storm just at the end of their afternoon show ... but thankfully we all got through it unscathed and ready for another show come Sunday night. Marty wrote a song that night about the storm, "The Storm of Stony Plain." Also want to thank Marty and the Superlatives for hanging around after Sunday's show to do meet and greets. And so remembering the time forever that you all came to my town! Canadians love ya!!

Gayla Waller, Tulsa, OK August 13, 2009
I attended the Marty Stuart concert held at the 15th Annual OIGA (Oklahoma Indian Gaming) Conference held on August 10, 2009 in Tulsa, OK. The night of the concert we had not just one, but a series of thunderstorms in Tulsa. But we were not disappointed. The concert went on!!! I was able to sit in the front row and enjoy the concert. Since the storms kept some of the concert-goers away, those of us lucky enough to sit up front were able to enjoy something few fans would ever be able to -- a Marty concert in an intimate setting. I felt as though each song was just for me, and we all got to see that fabulous smile. "Badlands" speaks for us all. Thank you for the beautiful song that was so heartfelt and very appropriate!!! Once again, it was a magical night for many of us. Thanks again for a truly magical night.

Marianne Umrysh, Edmonton, AB, Canada August 7, 2009
A huge thank you to you, Marty, for your wonderful performance at the Stony Plain, Alberta, Blueberry Bluegrass Festival August 1 and 2, 2009. Especially for the song you wrote to the people of Stony Plain after the big windstorm. It was very much appreciated by all your fans in attendance. Thanks again for being such a personable, down-to-earth performer, and for turning a near disaster into a memorable weekend by your human touch.

Victor Clark July 9, 2009
Marty, I am always impressed with you every time I have seen you! A perfect Southern Gentlemen and your music touches deep to the heart. It takes me back home to Ohio when my family would have square dances and sit around and play music with guitars, fiddles, and mandolins. You really are a great entertainer and the country music world benefits tremendously from your music. I love your style of music and the way you speak to the hearts of the fans as well as myself. You have a "genuine heart of gold" and we love you for that. Thank you so much for your wonderful music! Oh, and those Fabulous Superlatives are very impressive along with Connie and her band.

Timothy Clay July 8, 2009
My wife loves your music and we miss you. We can't seem to get to where you are. Hanks isn't the only one that misses ya. Love ya, brother.

Betty Schneider July 6, 2009
I have to write and tell you of the great time I had the other night in Woodward, Oklahoma when Marty graced us with his concert at the "Let Freedom Ring Celebration"! The evening festivities started with former President George W. Bush (the opening act for Marty)! He said "Where else can you see a U.S. President and a Hillbilly all in one night?" Marty put on a wonderful concert and gained a new fan in me. Please thank Mr. Stuart next time you see him from all of us in Woodward Oklahoma. Tell him I was the little dark hair gal with the big smile standing in front around the stage! Thanks again...

Michael Rouillier, Loranger, LA June 23, 2009
I caught Marty's show at the Columbia Theater in Hammond, Louisiana on June 6, 2009. He and the Superlatives did a great acoustic performance, but did not get within a "country mile" of Clarence White's old telecaster or an amp. I recorded his excellent RFD television show that night, and I should have saved $80.00 and stayed home and enjoyed that show. Fans of Clarence White's tele be advised that Marty has evidently gone acoustic. Oh well... live and learn.

Harold Allen, Jr. June 9, 2009

I just want to say that Mr. Stuart's show should be on mainstream USA television. I miss true country music. I watched John Anderson perform on RFD-TV and I remember how much we need the real artists of country music back on the big stages of this country. The country artists today all sound the same and look the same. It is truly a shame. I am thirty-eight years old and started listening to Ralph and Carter Stanley, Bill Monroe and Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs with my Grandfather when I was four years old. I still am a huge Bluegrass fan. I bought Sirius radio just so I could have Bluegrass music in my truck at all times. I love it when Mr. Stuart plays the mandolin. I have been learning the mandolin now for about five years but I don't practice like I should. When I see Mr. Stuart play the mandolin it makes me want to get mine out and start playing. The gospel part of the show is wonderful also. I grew up in a old regular/modern Baptist church in a small Southern Indiana town. We only had one member that played guitar but most of the signing was done by vocals only. I was truly touched by the Bands performance.

Mr. Stuart seems to be a down to earth person. I would love to be able one day to set around and just sing old hymms with Mr. Stuart and his friends. It is that time of year again for Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Festival in Bean Blossom, Indiana. I live about 40 minutes from there. Has Mr. Stuart ever been or does he plan to attend one day?

Danielle S., Alabama May 6, 2009
I have been a fan of Marty's ever since I first heard him when I was at the age of two! I'm 20 years old now and I'm still a huge fan! I'm so excited because next week on the 16th, I'll get to see him in concert in Montgomery, Alabama! It's so cool to know that he's gonna be close to my hometown! Finally I get to see one of my favorite country music singers in concert!!!!!!!!!

Michael J. Honaker, Logan, WV April 26, 2009
Our funeral home was one business that sponsored Marty Stuart when he came to our town of Logan, West Virginia. The show was awesome and memorable. Thank you Marty Stuart

Ruth Acland in Iowa April 24, 2009
I must have looked like the silliest woman walking through Terrible's Casino Friday evening looking for Marty! I asked other guests if they had seen him, and many said they had just seen him and had shaken his hand. To no avail, however, for me, and I returned to my seat. I anxiously checked the cell phone until 7:30 p.m., and when Marty had finally walked out on stage, I couldn't stop smiling! I smiled the whole time, amazed that I was seeing him again afer 33 years! He remembered me when I came through the line. I jogged his memory, though, telling him he had given me his home address and phone number when he first came through Arkansas with Lester Flatt. Marty didn't remember my name but said he remembered my face. When I told him, "I haven't seen you since I was 16!," he said, "Well, come here, then!" And gave me a hug! Now if only Marty and Connie would return to Osceola and sing songs from Badlands, I will be the happiest person in the world!

Dawn Summerall, Fort Myers, FL April 14, 2009
I am a big fan of yours for years. My husband and I watch you every Saturday on RFD. Thanks for that and congrats on the Walk of Fame. You are great and Connie is so sweet, too.

Ruth Acland in Iowa April 8, 2009

I am about to see Marty again for the first time in 33 years. The last time I said good-bye to Marty was in 1977. Somehow I knew I would never see him again, but oddly enough, felt comforted.

In 1989 I heard Hillbilly Rock on a country music station, and was very happy that Marty had become famous.
However, I was busy with marriage and children, and by that time was a devoted classical music listener.
Off and on, I checked on Marty's progress during the 1990s and was very pleased that things had worked out so well for him, and that he had married a country music legend, whose songs I was familiar with from the time I was a little girl.

Last Christmas my husband purchased Badlands and The Pilgrim for me. The music on both discs are like hymns, and my family will tell you that I sing along with Badlands, in a 'trio' with Marty and Connie!! I cannot sing, so I am grateful neither Marty nor Connie can hear me!

A few weeks ago I learned that Marty will be here in Iowa. I never thought in a million years I would see him again!

I knew Marty when he would come to Arkansas in the 1970s with Lester Flatt and the Nashville Grass.

I am so happy that Marty has such a wonderful life!

Carl Bentley, Morristown, IN March 28, 2009
I met Marty Stuart when I was 17 years old at a concert in Prestonsburg Kentucky. I approached Marty after the show and shook his hand as he walked by. I expected just a short handshake and a nod, but to my suprise Marty was very friendly and actually talked to me a minute or so before going to his bus. I am a singer/songwriter myself and my story is similiar to Marty's in a way. I have sang and played on stage with some of Bluegrass music's top performances such as James King, Ralph Stanley and others. My heart is truly in country music though, but I having a hard time getting through the brick wall that surrounds the industry. Anyone in the business would know what I am referring to. But with all that said, I have read a lot about Marty Stuart over the years and struggles he has faced and that is a great inspiration to me. I have the same fire Marty had as a kid and Marty is one of my heroes. So I say Marty you are a legend in my opinion and not many are left that can entertain an audience like you do.

K. C. Totora, Independence, LA March 10, 2009
We saw Marty in concert in Jackson, Mississippi for the Dixie National Rodeo. We have seen many performers including Trace Atkins, Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton, Gary Allan, and on and on. No one did a better concert than Marty. We never miss his show on Saturday night. Louisiana loves you.

Barr Epstein March 8, 2009
I've seen Marty in concert and wish he would tour more. Last time I saw him was when he opened for and played with Porter Wagoner at Joe's Pub in New York City. What you did for Porter, Marty, and what you are doing as an historian and performer of traditional country music is something that should be recognized by all. Porter was fantastic and so happy to be welcomed and respected. What a great last run. Beautiful and melancholy show. Thanks for all you do.

Robert and Sherry Thibodeau, Presque Isle, Maine February 28, 2009
Hey all, we saw Marty Stuart and his awesome band, The Superlatives at Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival Labor Day weekend 2008. They were the highlight of the weekend. They played like it was a group of 20,000 fans. Marty is so friendly and said he would stay until the last fan got to meet him. I was impressed. What a group. Kenny, I have been going to bluegrass festivals for ten years now and have never heard an acoustic guitar come through a system that sounded like yours. I'm partial to acoustic. You all seem to love what you do. Marty, you signed my "bluegrass" cowboy hat and I would have to say, I count it a priviledge to have heard you all live. I thought I had heard the best of the best but my husband and I agree - we've never heard any group better. Kenny, you are a cool dude. Harry and Paul - well the backup and harmony that comes from you two is smooth. We probably will never see your group again live. So thanks to Patty Crooker for ending her 25 years of bluegrass festivals with a big bang. We will miss it. God Bless you all.

Tal Hauffe February 3, 2009
I was lucky enough to see Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives at the Beartrap Bluegrass Music Fest on top of Casper Mountain, Casper, Wyoming on July 29, 2006. Marty and the boys were OUTSTANDING! They played for quite a while, and that had to be hot for them because the stage faces west and the sun was starting to shine directly on them as it went down. But they were true professionals and didn't complain or miss a beat. There's no doubt in my mind that Marty and the Superlatives love playing for their fans. They sure showed us here in Wyoming how much they appreciated us. Everyone at the Music Fest had a blast and hopes Marty and the boys will come back. It was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. We think the world of Marty Stuart and The Fabulous Superlatives and hope they can make it out this way again some time.

Cathy Kehoe January 26, 2009
My son, Gary Bennett (formerly of BR549) sent me your book, Country Music: The Masters for a Christmas gift. This book itself is a masterpiece! I'm 73 years of age and the first 8 years of my life were spent on a farm near Stockport in southeastern Ohio. There was no electricity in our home and we listened to the Grand Ole Opry every week and tuned in to WWVA in West Virginia every day, as my dad was a died-in-the-wool country and western music fan as well as playing the guitar and singing to us kids often. (He also liked to saw away on his fiddle, and it was always a treat for us little hillbilly kids). This book lets me see all of the people we heard on that little battery radio .... all in one sitting! Thank you for putting it all together!

Alton Russell January 21, 2009
I am 62 and picked since I was 9. I wish there were words to say about you and all the guys. You all are the best. Country, rock, bluegrass, gospel, and any other music I have ever lisened to and I've listened to many great pickers. But you guys fit like gloves. Harmony out of this world. I mean, you guys are any musician's dream of having the best in this world. All you guys' attitude is the best. I don't miss your show ever. It's the best.

Jeff Greene January 18, 2009

Music has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. And I must say that country music has been a pretty big disappointment over the last 10 years or so. But it's nice to know we still have performers like Marty in the business helping to not only keep the great music alive, but also to help it appeal to the present and future generations.

I would like to also comment on Paul Martin who plays bass for Marty. He is a GREAT singer. I remember him when he was in Exile and when he went solo. He is very underrated and should be more in the spotlight. Much better than JP Pennington any day!

Patty Whitaker, Brooklyn, MI January 3, 2009
I always loved some kinds of country music but when I heard "Hillbilly Rock" a few years back, I was hooked, especially with that rockabilly sound. I went out and bought all of your records and it was a long time before I started to listen to any Rock and Roll. We have seen you several times and are always on the lookout for you to come into or near our town. We last saw you and the Fabulous Superlatives at the Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan. What a great show. We watch your show every Saturday night on RFD-TV. We love Connie too! I will be ordering your new book very soon. Happy New Year.

Stanley Brown December 4, 2008
Hey Marty. I just wanted to say that you are great. There is nothing you can't do. You are the last one. When I saw you on Porter or when I saw you in Paducah 30 years later, no one can say you sold out. Waylon once said, "they call me grandpa." Now you are the older statesman. I listen to The Pilgrim and Badlands once a week and think it's great.

Jim Walden November 29, 2008

I know Marty probably doesn't have the time to read these fan comments these days (too busy) but if one old fan could make just one request for a song for the show... years ago Marty was on a Opry tribute show of some kind and sang Johnny Horton's "Whispering Pines." I still haven't recovered from that. It made me a life-long fan for his taste in music.

A couple of years later on another special, I saw Marty present Alan Jackson with one of Hank, Sr.'s pocketknives for Alan's song "Midnight In Montgomery." That made me a life-long fan of the man.

Best luck in the future and I'll be there with you all the way. Best wishes to Connie!

Jo Ann Manning, Chico, TX November 22, 2008
We just watched your thirty-minute show (it should be an hour or two) and enjoyed it very much. You and Connie are all country and that is what we need to do -- get back to the basics. I watched the CMA awards and nearly threw-up. I was so angry that they did not mention Eddy Arnold as a great all time country singer and a home state boy at that. I have been a country music fan all of my life and that has been since 1937. We had no electricty, only a wind charger and if the wind did not blow, we could not listen to the Grand Old Opry on Saturday night because the battery for the radio would not charge. So Dad had an old Farmall tractor he had put an old car radio on and he would plow all day and we would spread a quilt on the ground and turn on the tractor radio and listen to all of the old stars on the Opry. My dad played the fiddle for dances on Saturday night and cut hair on Sunday afternoons during the late 30's to feed us young'uns. Keep up the good work. I have a son in Nashville writing and singing christian music -- John Cox. He said he was going to write some country songs. I said "Now you are coming around to my way of thinking."

Glenn Dye November 22, 2008
So glad to see your show on the RFD-TV. I hope you can continue to stay on. I am involved in Southern Gospel Music and Sang with a group here in Texas called The Swordsmen Quartet. We had the honor to sing on the program with Connie Smith in Keene Texas back few years ago. I grew up listening to the old country legends in country music. Those were the great days of country music. Thank you for your music.

Rosalie Keough, Export, Pennsylvania November 21, 2008
I just saw Marty and Travis in Indiana Pennsylvania last night at IUP college. Needless to say they were teriffic!! Marty is just so fun and funny when he wants to be. Travis still has that great voice that I miss on the radio. They together are such a delight to watch. It was a sold-out show. Marty just plays his heart out when he perfoms. He is so enjoyable to sit and listen to. I too was quite upset by the fact that Travis didn't take the time to come out and sign. Excuse me, but as great as he is and I do love the man, he is not the superstar that he once was. It would have been nice of him to come out and sign for people. Marty did and usually always does. Hats off to you Marty. You are and always will be one of the best and most talented and, above all, down-to-true-country earth, if that makes sense to you. Thanks for never forgetting the people who made you who you are and who love and respect you for who you are. I had a great night with both of them. Just a little set back with the ending. Thanks Marty for being the star that you are.

Carol Pugsley, Hyde Park, New York November 17, 2008
We had the pleasure of seeing the Marty and Travis Show in Troy, New York on November 16. I have been to hundreds of concerts and have never enjoyed a show as much as we did this one. After the show, Marty signed autographs and allowed pictures to be taken but everyone was very disappointed when Travis did not and did so without any explanation or apology of any kind. What a shame, as it would have made a beautiful evening that much more complete. Nonetheless, immensely enjoyed every minute.It would be so nice if more of the new stars took an example of what REAL country music is! I bought his new book; Country Music: The Masters. Only one word can describe it!! Fantastic! Thanx so much, I hope Marty and Travis read these but, if not, all of you will know not to miss them if they come to your town.

Phil Maynard, Hiram, Maine November 10, 2008
Loved your first two TV shows. Don't have the words to describe you, Connie and The Superlatives. You people are superb and much fun. Your shows at Stone Mountain in Brownfield, Maine the past three years were so super!! Saw you October 18 and what a fun show you people did. Bought your Country Music: The Masters book in 2007 -- am so glad!! Marty, you are the voice for country music now. Thanx very much.

Alice Musick November 9, 2008
We went to see your show at the Little Nashville Opry at Nashville, Indiana on November 8. We have been going to concerts for 50 years, and we think that is the best one we have ever seen. We were at the last performance that Johnny Cash did at the Carter Fold. It was great. We try to see all of your and also Connie's shows at the Little Nashville Opry. We taped your show on RFD-TV last night and watched it when we got home. We are glad you are on TV and we hope your show goes to an hour.

Kurt Schwarz October 31, 2008

I just wanted to let you know that Marty and Connie were in Cleveland, Ohio on Wednesday night for a preview opening of the Sparkle and Twang exhibit. My wife and I were lucky enough to attend the private VIP reception and spent a few hours touring the exhibit. Fantastic!

Marty gave a small speech and, of course, told a few great stories before everyone got to walk the two floors of exhibit space. Manuel, the famous designer was there as well. All of them just hung out in the museum and spent time with us taking pictures and telling stories. I just can't stop smiling thinking about it.

Marty is a true inspiration and a treasure of knowledge and wealth. I feel that I am a better person by knowing him.

Laurie Brewer, Flint, Michigan October 28, 2008
Marty's song, "That's What Love's About." Married couples need to read those words or LISTEN to them. Maybe there wouldn't be so many divorces in America. THANK YOU MARTY STUART for such a beautiful song.

Don Francis, Erick, Oklahoma October 28, 2008
Marty was kind enough to bring his Fabulous Superlatives and his wife Connie Smith to our small-town Roger Miller Museum Festival. WOW! The musicians were unbelievably talented and the singing was superb. Thank you for a very enjoyable show. I had heard before that Marty was a very nice person and now have had that confirmed.

June Yovanovich, Afton, TN October 20, 2008
Who could think a gal from Madison, WI would be lucky enough to pick up Marty and actually have a private chat with him, get a generous tip, and a free ticket (probably worth $50). God Bless Marty and God Bless America for country music and down-to-earth folks. Marty is the real deal.

Barbara Marr October 7, 2008
We were lucky enough to have Marty and the Superlatives here in our small corner of the world a couple of years ago at our very old "Opera House" that is trying to make a come back. We hadn't heard of them, but attended anyway. It was the BEST show I have ever seen!!! We just got tickets today to see them at Stone Mountain for my birthday. What a treat!!! Hey Marty, I play a mean set of spoons if your up for it!

Eric Kizer, Alexander, AR October 5, 2008
Marty, I am sure you will never see this message, but I must say "Thank you" for allowing your "Sparkle and Twang" exhibit to come to Arkansas. I just finished touring the exhibit at the Old State House in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was very informative, entertaining, and professionally displayed. You made a real country music fan very happy. Thanks again.

Terri Jackson September 20, 2008
Marty and Travis in Merriville, Indiana on September 19. WOW! Wish there were more shows like that. The real deal. Two artists and their guitars. Masters of the twang!!!!!

Gregg W. September 4, 2008

I was on vacation with my wife and we were visiting my 85-year-old mother for a week in mid July. As soon as I heard that Marty & His Fabulous Superlatives would be appearing later that week at the Georgia Mountain State Fair (Hiawassee) just a couple of miles away, we made it a plan to attend.

What a treat it was. We took my mother and her 85-year-old man-friend to the matinee show and, although they were not familiar with Marty, both had a very good time. Marty pulled out all the stops playing a great array of his hits like "The Whiskey Ain't Working Anymore" included with a great intro story about traveling with Travis Tritt He also mixed in new material from his "Cool Country" CD with some fabulous vocals from Harry Stinson and a lot of hot Strat guitar from Cousin Kenny.

I really felt like he read the crowd well which was definitely older by including some gospel but then he fired right back with a good old standbys like "Now That's Country" and "Hillbilly Rock." The instrumental Surf tune they played (don't have title) was also a lot of fun. All in all this was a great show and FREE to boot! We walked in 40 minutes before show time and got great seats. We saw Marty a couple of years ago in Albany, NY at The Egg (beautiful small venue) and have been big fans ever since. We walked around for a short while. After all, we were dragging a couple of 85-year-olds around and when we pulled our car out to leave there was Marty standing just outside the theater talking on his cell phone. My wife rolled the window and at the top of her lungs yelled "Hey Marty," (he turned, smiled & waved) "Great Show!" That topped off our day.

Kolla Jons, Iceland July 26, 2008
Hi, This year's Late Night Jam I brought six Icelanders with me. We did enjoy it a lot. Only missed Marty not singing more himself because he is the best. But this was a great show.

Kathleen Reilly July 18, 2008
I just recently saw Marty and his FABULOUS Superlatives for the first time at the Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia. I fell in love with their music! I purchased three CDs and they were generous enough to sign them for me after the show. I have just received my copy of Country Music and am currently playing the heck out of "Fool For Love." What a great song!!!! Thanks for keeping the music alive, guys!

Kathie Kreutz July 9, 2008
The Rochester Post-Bulletin in Rochester Minnesota mentioned that The Pilgrim didn't sell a lot of copies. I'm here to let you know I am the proud owner of this CD which I purchased as soon as it came out. I love it! Wish I could see him in concert Friday, July 11th but will be watching the grandkids!

Linda Bond June 6, 2008

I first met Marty Stuart when he performed at a Barbeque Fair in Vienna, Georgia called the Big Pig Jig in the early 90's. I had not heart of Marty before this time. Everyone in Vienna knew him and gave him rave reviews. That's when I found out how talented he was.

The late Claude Hill wrote a song about this Vienna, Georgia event and featured Marty Stuart in his song: "...and Marty Stuart will headline the Big Pig Jig Show..."

Marty Stuart is a great entertainer and a humble person. Thanks Marty for the inspiration! God Bless.

P.S. I would like to hear some gospel from Marty,...perhaps "Tomorrow," to start with.

Brett Clark, Dallas, TX June 3, 2008

I am an American citizen who recently returned back to the US from overseas (in Asia on and off)); this is to comment on Marty Stuart and my favorite types of music, which of course includes Marty's, and which are, among others: Bluegrass, Country, Crossover, etc.

I am starting with Marty Stuart first because I am the same age as Marty (born in the same year). One of the main things I want to say is that Marty is one of the best lead guitar players and mandolin players as well, in bluegrass and country. And hope that he never stops playing Bluegrass, (acoustic, bluegrass, lead guitar and mandolin) besides Country, as Ricky Skaggs has done.

Well, if I had to vote or give my opinion to the IBMA or CMA, my favorite artists in different categories, starting with the ladies first, would be:

Crossover/Newgrass/Eclectic, etc: The Wreckers, Taylor Swift, Alison Krauss, Alison Brown, and the Dixie Chicks. Marty Stuart, Ricky Skaggs, Sam Bush/New Grass Revival, Vince Gill, Doc Watson, Mark O'Connor, and others that can't remember now and have limited space to mention here.

Bluegrass/Contemporary Bluegrass:Alison Krauss and Union Station, Earl Scruggs/Earl Scruggs Revue, Lester Flatt/Nashville Grass, Flatt & Scruggs, the Stanley Brothers/Ralph Stanley, Osborne Brothers, Jim & Jesse, newcomers the Grascals, Blue Highway, and a good others.

Country: Taylor Swift, the Wreckers, Dolly Parton, and Emmylou Harris. Willie Nelson, George Strait, Alan Jackson, and George Jones.

And of course, many greats tthat have already left us in all of the above categories.

Jennifer Salmi-Ray, Appleton, WI January 22, 2008

I met Marty for the first time when I was 7 at the U.P. State Fair. He was opening for Reba. After the show, he was signing autographs and meeting fans. He signed the back of my shirt and kissed me on the cheek. I melted! I wore that shirt until it was too worn out to wear!

I have always talked about my passion for Marty and his music. My two favorite musicians are Marty and Steven Tyler, I know an odd mix. I received tickets to Marty concert in Green Bay last night from my parents for Christmas. We are about 45 minutes away and were unable to make it to the show due to the weather! I am crushed! I want Marty to know I am a huge fan and always will be.

I will see him at Country USA this summer... even in the rain!

Darin Durham, Richmond, VA November 24, 2007
I think Marty is one of the best out there. He is still playing traditional music has well. I have seen him twice.

Ken M, Sheboygan, WI October 7, 2007
I first saw Marty at Bean Blossom when he was playing mandolin in Lester's band, I'm thinking it must have been 1971. He was crazy good, a little honky-tonk looking kid playing one hundred and ten percent. I was just learning about bluegrass and was still a little starstruck at Bean Blossom, what with Bill Monroe and Kenny Baker just walking around among the common folks and such. I carried around a tape recorder in the parking lot that year and still have a tape of two 13-year-old boys playing "Shucking the Corn." It was pure, like listening to Don Stover. I was just dying to see Lester that night and he was, well, he's still sort of the gold standard, isn't he? It was also impossible not to see Marty. Crazy good. I think that was the year, too, when Ricky Skaggs and Keith Whitley played with Ralph Stanley, or that may have been the year before. As the years have passed, Marty continues to show what a unique artist he is. As much as I like and respect his musicianship, I think his efforts to preserve country music's heritage are as important. And love the show on XM radio, too.

Connie Mullins, Dayton, Ohio July 22, 2007
Marty Stuart is one of the best! It seems impossible that he has been around so long. He's still fresh in his music and his talent is awesome.

Bess Wilson July 22, 2007
Finally had time to look at pics/read about this year's Late Night Jam. Looks like it was quite a show. Really hate I didn't get a ticket and find the time to go. Not the first time I regretted it, but now I really do! Thanks for your fabulous website, as usual.

Karen Gravina, Hull, Massachusetts July 18, 2007
I would like to express my appreciation for the show tonight [at Johnny D's, Somerville, MA]. I found it simply beautiful and so very soulful. I was impressed with the humility and the show was even better than I had expected.

Steve Pennington, Jena, Louisiana July 16, 2007
My wife and I saw Marty in Arcadia, Louisiana in 2002. The weekend was full of great performers and all did a great job. Marty did his show and, like always, talked with the fans afterwards. There were so many people trying to get to Marty to speak to him, I was about ready to give up and then It seemed as if everyone was beginning to walk away. I knew this would be my chance. I ran to my truck and got my mandolin and when I returned, there was one lady talking to Marty. When the lady finished I handed my mandolin to Marty hoping he would autograph it for me. Instead he began to play it. Wouldn`t you know I didn`t have my camera. He played for a while and made comments on my mandolin and handed it back. I did get it autographed and got a chance to chat with one of the nicest guys in the world. My mandolin with Marty Stuart's signature is one of my most prized possessions and will be handed down to my daughter who is 4 years old and loves bluegrass music. Thanks Marty.

Peggy Lawson July 3, 2007
I was at the West Salem Sesquicentennial Celebration on Sunday, July 1. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the concert. I got some good pictures and an autograph. It was a great time. Thanks go out to Marty and his Fabulous Superlatives.

Maria Cicchino, Morristown, NJ June 27, 2007
Marty Stuart and his "Very" Fabulous Superlatives were extraordinary last night at B.B. Kings, New York City. They played all acoustic with such power and charisma. Each member of the band is sooooo talented. I am in envy and completely loved seeing them in this neck of the country. In my opinion, Marty is a living legend and his taste for picking band mates is as on-the-money as was Johnny Cash's for picking him. Please come back.

Andrew Whaling, Orlando, FL May 15, 2007
I thoroughly enjoyed Marty and his band at the inaugural Stagecoach Festival in Indio, CA. His stories were very interesting to hear, and his playing was great. I wish that I had asked him, I was in the front row, about the b-bender guitar that he was playing. I thought there was probably something special about that old telecaster, and from my research I found out the story behind it. He really blew everyone away when he played "Stayin' Alive" for his new neighbor, Barry Gibb. Thanks for a great show.

Lana White, Geelong, Victoria, Australia February 20, 2007
I've just returned from a tour of the southern states of the USA and visited Nashville. It blew me away. I have always been a country and western fan but, quite frankly, had never heard of Marty Stuart. We do not have the exposure here to country music as much as in the U.S. Now I can't get enough of him. I play his music in the car, at home, and at work, which happens to be in a hospital in Victoria, Australia. The surgeons there are getting used to his music and also asking who he is. What a great voice and great music. I'm now researching and trying to find out as much as I can about him. I am totally addicted to his music now and can't wait to hear more of it.

David C., Charlotte, NC January 31, 2007
I saw Marty and his band in Asheville at the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam in December 2006 and he and his band were great. I believe they were one of the very highest points of the evening. He had the crowd going better than anyone else that evening.

Glenn and Vivian Spain, Decatur, IL January 4, 2007
After receiving the three CD collection prior to Christmas and listening to it, I just want to thank Marty for allowing the late and great Josh Graves to have the time he did on the Live At The Ryman CD. Not too many entertainers of today will give up the spotlight for someone else on stage, let alone on a record. Being a has-been that never was myself, it's great to have people like Marty around.

Michael Stevens, New Bedford, MA November 26, 2006
Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives blew into the Whaling City (New Bedford, MA) and brought their amazing brand of Bluegrass/Country music to an appreciative audience who ate it up like a plate of southern fried chicken. The guys played off one another beautifully, while Marty regaled stories of his upbringing in the business. It was my first time seeing him live and I'm glad I went. The band was equally talented and the drummer,,,,, wow can he hold a note during one of the gospel songs. Truly amazing!

Marcia Ballard, Winchester, KY November 15, 2006
I had the opportunity to see Marty and his band perform at the Little Nashville Opry in Nashville, Indiana this past Saturday night. I used to go to a Marty show at least a few times a year. Somehow, my life got busier and I wasn't able to go as often. In fact, it's been a few years since I've been to a show. I just want to say that Marty did not disappoint me! It was a fabulous show! It was great to hear him play all my old favorites as well as some of his newer songs. Now I can't wait until I can go to another Marty show. I hope he will come somewhere nearby soon!

Arthur Levine October 20, 2006

I just caught Marty Stuart tonight at the Strathmore. First of all the negatives. The venue is not a good one for country music. The mostly older, mostly sedate crowd seemed like season subscribers of the Strathmore who had no idea who Marty was. The opening act, Last Train Home, struck me as low-budget Nashville at its worst.

Now the positives. Marty is of course a great performer and his band is top-notch! Vaughan is an amazing guitar player and Marty's no slouch on guitar and mandolin either. The set went by all too quickly, and while the atmosphere was constrained due to the venue, he still managed to generate some real heat from time to time. I'd love to see him in a more appropriate setting!

Kolla Jons, Iceland October 13, 2006
Since I got to know Marty's music, I have loved him and his music. He is music all through. His talent is above the rest. He is simply the best. I wish he would come and pay Iceland a visit.

Jeff Wall September 24, 2006
At the 2006 Americana Music Festival and Conference, the show of the evening was Marty Stuart. He's put on a little weight, but he actually looks healthier than I have ever seen him look. Kenny Vaughan was in a Nudie suit and hat and looked like he just stepped out of Webb Pierce's closet. I had always thought Marty had gotten lazy as a guitar player, relying too much on the various stunt pickers (Brad Davis, Kenny Vaughan, etc.) to do the heavy lifting. Not so last night. He really put Frankenstein through the paces (Frankenstein is the Tele previously owned by Clarence White with the original B-Bender installed). I mean, he wrung that bender out and it was a beautiful thing.

Bob Ellis Jopson, Hendersonville, NC September 8, 2006
I just had the privilege of seeing Marty at his first solo performance in 35 years at the Handlebar in Greenville, SC. It was an awesome show and, once again, reinforced the fact that Marty belongs right up at the top of the country charts. But like he once told me at Gruene Hall in Texas, C-M-A today means "country my ass!" Marty is and continues to be the real deal when it comes to traditional country music and just like another neo-traditionalist doesn't capitulate his principles and convictions! A rarity in our cash-driven society today, obsessed with only the almighty buck! Another thing I admire about Marty is his taste in back-up musicians. His current lead guitar player Kenny Vaughan and I once played together in Denver when he sat in with my band "Pink Cadillac." He blew me away in 1986 and still does to this day. Marty couldn't have picked a better guitar soulmate!

Gina Floyd August 13, 2006
I wanted to say thanks for Marty coming to the Georgia Mountain Fair. When I was a little girl, it was the Georgia Mountain Bluegrass Fair. Now they have all kinds of music but Marty's bluegrass was so powerful. I am retired from the Air Force. We had a Women's Veterans Dedication to our Memorial and I believe it was Connie Smith asking us what it was like to be a veteran and thanking us for her women's rights and all the freedoms she has. She was a really nice lady and I remember that. I know Marty and the Superlatives put on a powerful show that I will never forget.

Sandi August 13, 2006
My friend and I are avid fans of Marty and His Fabulous Superlatives. We cannot get enough of them. We saw them at the Ryman and the next show will be at the Little Nashville Opry in Nashville, Indiana. Marty just keeps getting better and better. Each show tops the last which I don't know how that is possible. We had the pleasure of meeting Brian who was performing with another act on the General Jackson Show Boat in Nashville. I'm waiting for his new album to come out, too.

Joyce Harmon, Indianapolis, IN June 26, 2006
I attended Marty's show Saturday night in Edinburgh, IN. It's been several years since I saw him in concert;, and although he has always been a wonderful performer, he has only become stronger and more dynamic over time. The Fabulous Superlatives are amazing. These are the Hillbilly Beatles! I now understand why the Deadheads followed Jerry Garcia night after night, as I could happily follow Marty and his cohorts every night of the week

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY April 25, 2006
I have been through some tough times in the last month or so, but when I get a Marty CD out and listen to it or when I caught Marty hosting the Opry a few weeks ago, that helps. Marty lifts my spirits with his music. Always has and always will! Hope to see a Marty concert soon!

George Haber, Jericho, NY April 2, 2006
Saw the concert in tribute to country music and the Grand Ole Opry at the Kennedy Center in D.C. last weekend (March 26). Although my wife and I are big Travis Tritt and Del McCoury fans, we quickly became Marty Stuart fans after watching and listening to him host the event and play some tunes with Travis and Del's son on the mandolin. Marty is a true all-around entertainer, with a wonderful gift of gab to accompany his solid musical skills and sense of humor. I haven't seen many country stars who can handle a stage like he can! We're now busy searching for top albums of his and anxiously awaiting his free concert outside Lincoln Center in New York City in August.

John Rock Perga March 31, 2006
Badlands, Souls' Chapel and Live At The Ryman Not Just one release but Three within a year. WOW! I found three more fine additions to a county music man of integrity. Badlands is about the plight of the American Indian and the Lakota tribe. The quality of the guitar playing here is so darn good. I wish I could play this stuff. His telecaster leads are cutting and clean. Souls' Chapel contains original and traditional gospel. "The Unseen Hand" is a harmonic dream vocally. Real fine Sunday, country gospel music. Finally Live at the Ryman has the hottest pickings of this new millennium. How you can make "Orange Blossom Special" sound fresh is a wonder. Marty was the beginning of reviving my love of county music after seeing him live. I'm going to come back in my next life as a steel guitar player.

Bianca Corcoran, Hamilton, OH March 27, 2006
I have seen Marty a few times. I was lucky to see him in Mason, Ohio and at the Southgate House in Kentucky. I wanted to see him in Springfield, Ohio but wasn't able to make it. He is the best around. I love his shows and everything about him. I hope he makes it back to Ohio soon.

Brenda Graves. Somerville, OH March 18, 2006
I am sitting here right now listening to Souls' Chapel. It will bring tears to your eyes. I have everything Marty has released and this CD ranks right at the top. This is a CD that was a long time coming and it is great. My only regret is that my mother and father have passed and didn't get to hear it. But maybe they are listening along with me. I love you, Marty. You are the greatest. You and Connie keep up the good work. Don't let this be your only gospel album.

Alan Cameron, Austin, TX March 5, 2006
I entered Waterloo Records in Austin, Texas and asked for the Badlands CD. The teller located one, and I left happy ready to enjoy the music. What I got was a spiritual awakening and soul shock! No artist today offers the passion and heart that I feel when I listen to this CD. Most of America will say they regret what the owners of this Country endured - but because of Marty Stuart, we all have an opportunity to feel the tremendous charachter traits of native Americans: Honor, Respect, Integrity and Faith! Thank You Marty and band.

Juanita Hardin, Louisville, KY February 17, 2006
I have been a fan of Marty's for many years. I do dearly miss his fan club parties. We had some great times at them. I will say that Marty is a very good musician and I miss him. I wish he would come to Louisville so I can see him again.

Deb Harvey, Wapella, IL February 6, 2006
Creator blessed Marty with a voice and America should be proud of what he has done with it. I went to South Dakota a couple years ago--when i first saw the Blackhills I was in awe, but, as we drew closer I cried. I could hear the tears of the elders now gone and of the people today. The destruction and commercialism is mindboggling. I am not of native descent but my husband is Cherokee. We were named in sweat by Eagle man (Ed Magaw ). My name is singing turtle dove woman and my husband is blackhorse warrior. We honor the history and culture of these noble people--- and wear the shame of our ancestors for the way the people have been treated. Marty has honored all of us with hismusic---I can listen to it and be transported to the blackhills and feel the fight as well as the pain in his words---It makes me feel both sad and hopeful----hopeful because with people like Marty to continue to tell the stories and sing the songs, Black Elk's vision for us all may still be possible.

Dave Johnson, Belpre, Ohio February 5, 2006
I have never written a comment before to Marty Stuart, however, the televised portion of the Opry (on February 4) with Marty Stuart was the best I had ever seen. I had written to GAC before and told them I know a lot of people want to see traditional singers and dancing. Marty brought it all full-circle. Porter Wagoner's song with that traditional steel guitar sound was fantastic. Also, the show was totally entertaining and Marty knows how to do it up right. Here's hoping they put Marty in charge of the programming. The ratings will skyrocket with him at the helm.

Keith McCartt, Cincinnati, OH January 23, 2006
I attended the show that Marty did at The Southgate House in Newport Kentucky on January 20, 2006. It was my first time seeing Marty live and he is one of those performers that once you see his show you will want to see him everytime he comes to town just like it was with Elvis Presley. Marty and his band did an excellent show and they are the best musicians that you can see today on a stage. Marty has a great singing voice and everyone knows how great he is at playing the guitar and mandolin. I`ve seen a lot of country music acts in the last 25 years which includes George Jones, Alan Jackson, Conway Twitty and Elvis Presley and Marty rates right there at the top with these artists. I will never forget seeing him in concert and I am looking forward to seeing him again.

Phil Jones January 18, 2006
I see that Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives are soon to be in the Washington DC area on one day, then to upstate NY the next, then back down to DC on the next day, and then back up to upstate NY the next. Who books these shows, Wrong Way Corrigan? Whatever, we love Marty and the Boys!

Jayne E. Wanka January 3, 2006
I watched the Marty Stuart interview on GAC TV last night, 1/2/06. I was really taken by the story of him cooing his current wife at age 12 by donning a bright yellow shirt. What a terrific story. With all of the memorabilia, I'm wondering if Marty still has the shirt. We'd love to see the shirt or a picture at Countryfest over here in Wisconsin! I very much enjoyed the interview and look forward to seeing Marty at Countryfest in June 2006.

Rae Mitchell, Bolovia, NC December 25, 2005
First of all I bought Badlands as soon as it came out and I have on my player every day. I LOVE IT. I had the pleasure of meeting Marty about 10 years ago in Wilmington, NC backstage at the Yellow Rose. He was the nicest person. He stood and talked for about 20 minutes after he had just done a show. He even gave us an autograph. I think he's GREAT.

Kim and Emily December 18, 2005
I sure enjoy Marty's new CD. My daughter thinks it's awesome. We watched his story on the Badlands on CMT. Awesome good, Marty.

Helen Manhan November 16, 2005
I am redoing my new CD player and trying to obtain all of Marty's CDs, so I bought Badlands, Souls' Chapel and all the rest I did not have. He is one of the greatest!!!

Steve aka Mix King November 4, 2005
As a monitor engineer for Miller Production Company, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Marty Stuart at Cowboys in Greenville, SC about 9 or 10 years ago. Anyone who knows anything about being a monitor engineer knows how stressful it can be. Thus the joke: What's the difference between a monitor and a commode? Answer: A commode only has to take crap from one ass at a time. The show that I worked with Marty was pure pleasure. I have worked hundreds of shows, but that one will always stand out in my mind. He's one of the nicest guys I've ever met. To prove my point, half way down the ramp leaving the stage after his encore, he stopped, turned around, walked back up the ramp, stepped over into the monitor world and shook my hand telling me what an excellent job I had done. I just wanted to thank you for taking your time to maintain this site for all of his fans, me being just one of them!

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY October 31, 2005
I love the new gospel CD I purchased recently from Mr. Jim Hill and have been listening to it when I can. I am so happy that Marty finally recorded it. Keep up the great work. It's been a while since I saw Marty, but I am in need of a Marty concert and hope it will be soon.

Lewis October 28, 2005
As a long time Marty Stuart fan, I think his Badlands CD is the best work he's ever done. I had to go to six stores to find the CD but it was well worth the search. I've been a long time supporter of the Native American, and it's about time someone recorded a tribute to them. I hope Marty keeps up the great work.

Vicki Keown, Ellijay, GA October 25, 2005
I have been following Marty Stuart and his music for 16 years now and I must say that he has mastered his talent and touches the hearts of all. I pray he will continue to entertain us for many more years. We love you, Marty.

Ken Blankenship October 23, 2005
My first time seeing Marty Stuart was the other night and I had a blast. i actually play hard rock and metal guitar but those guys blaze. It was a real breath of fresh air to see some "real country music." Hell, it's good to see anybody play genuine music these days of any type. Marty and his band are the real deal, Thanks for the good time.

Shery Rose Bauer October 1, 2005
Just wanted to add that I am Marty's number one fan. I was born at Pine Ridge, South Dakota on June 13, 1948 to a father that was half French, German and 1/32 Ogalala Sioux. So I'm a member of the tribe. I am very proud of my heritage and remember seeing Marty at Rosebud Casino the year that he married Connie Smith. I missed the concert this spring at Pine Ridge. I've always followed his career and care for him so much and all he believes in.

Kolla Jons September 30, 2005
I think that today is Marty's birthday. My best wishes to him and all his friends. I am still waiting for my Souls' Chapel album to be sent to Iceland. I am looking forward to it. Best wishes for all Marty's fans.

Patty Fisher, Buckhannon, WV September 30, 2005
I just wanted to say "Happy Birthday" to Marty. He shares the same birthday as my daughter. She turns 13 today.

Dave Nichols, Murphysboro, IL September 29, 2005
I was blown away by the song "Country Boy Rock and Roll" that Marty performed at the Opry Benefit concert Tuesday night. Marty and Kenny Vaughan had those Fender Telecasters smokin'. I love that pure, clean, country/rockabilly sound that only Marty Stuart can put out there and no one else can duplicate. Marty, you've got to release this song on a CD soon.

Joe Bohner, Holgate, OH September 10, 2005
I purchased Marty's new album last week and it blew me away. Souls' Chapel is one of the finest new gospel albums I have heard in recent memory. I first saw Marty back in the 80's with the Cash show and he just keeps getting better with age. I also think his Superlatives are the finest band in country music. Keep up the good work!

Marcia Howell-Chaney August 31, 2005
After watching all the devastation on the news about Hurricane Katrina, I was thankful I live in an area free from the destruction. My prayers go out to everyone who has families and friends affected by this disaster. I purchased Souls' chapel last evening. Marty just keeps getting better. I just love the vocals of Marty and his Fabulous Superlatives. Their voices are just great. The song Brian sings, "I can't Even Walk (Without You Holding My Hand)," really had me thinking and brought tears to my eyes. This CD really made me think how God has helped me in so many ways. I just want Marty and his Fabulous Superlatives to know I appreciate their music and the wonderful work they did on this CD.

Susan Landry August 23, 2005
I attended the Havelock Jamboree and was blown away by Marty’s performance. To rate him against all of the other performers, Tanya Tucker, Ronnie Hawkins, etc. etc., he was, in my opinion, the best. His picking and singing went right through you so that you wanted to get up and dance. I did. If he gets a chance to read this I congratulate him on his performance and I look forward to being able to attend any concert if he comes again to Canada and the Toronto area.

Joyce Teel August 16, 2005
I went to the Lake Country Musicfest in South Hill, Virginia on August 13th. I waited a lifetime to see Marty and Travis Tritt together. Was a memorable event.

Karen Olges, Wright City, Missouri August 15, 2005
I just wanted to comment that I am so pleased to see stars behaving like every day people. I was visiting New York the week of August 9-14, 2005. I was eating a late evening meal at the Carnegie Deli when Marty and some of the gang walked in and sat at a corner table. I was in awe! I wanted desperately to approach them and say hello, but I thought they may have wanted to be able to enjoy their dinner. Anyway it was a thrill in and of itself to see them in the deli and I am still excited about it. I'm sorry I missed Marty and the Superlatives' performance in the Village. Kudos to such a great all around band!

LittlemanDennis August 11, 2005
This site is awesome. Thank so very much for posting it. It makes me smile. Marty has helped me through a lot with his music. I'm sure I speak for a lot of people in America when I say, "Thanks Marty."

Edye Murphy, Madison, TN January 9, 2005
I work at a car wash in Hendersonville, Tennessee that Marty and wife Connie come to now and then. I just want everyone to know that these two lovely people have the greatest personalities. They talk to us and treat us just like we were friends. I do appreciate them and have the highest respect for them both. A lot of times, a big star won't take the time to talk to you or take interest in your life but Marty and Connie do and I thank them for being so sweet to us all at work and not brushing us off. I love you two with all my heart!

Ann Kuhlman, New Auburn, WI December 26, 2004
I was very sick on Christmas Eve. Had to miss the family Christmas Party. Watched the White House Ceremony on December 2, 2004 on PBS: a musical show and lighting of the tree. I was very touched by Marty Stuart's performance of pray for a "Peaceful World." This is a recording that needs to go out around this World, in every language. And every caught terrorist needs to hear it played 1,000 times in his language. We have been in a war without a hopeful song. Now we have one. Please call your radio stations and request it. I am going to start on Monday. It needs to be released as a single. Many have wanted to do something for peace. Here is our chance. Help get this song recognition!

Rockin' Robin Nash, Bethalto, IL November 19, 2004
I used to go see Marty every time he was within, oh say, 300 miles. Well things change. Life changes, and I hadn't been able to do that now for several years. Last month, I had the pleasure of going just around the corner ... literally and seeing him play at the Music Room in Meadowbrook, IL. I've seen him play the huge venues in St. Louis and many other cities and, I'm sorry ... nothing compares to Marty in a room like this. It's a musician's hang out to begin with and Marty played like he belonged there every Saturday night. The music was awesome and I really liked the Fabulous whatchamacallems ... lol (The Fabulous Superlatives were wonderful.) Great group of pickers ... and their boss wasn't too shabby on that mandolin either! Rock on!

Tracie Reaves, Ft. Thomas, KY October 29, 2004
I just wanted to comment on the show at the Grand Victoria Casino (Indiana) Marty did back in August. It was a great show, but I sure do miss the Rock & Roll Cowboys. The music is a little different now but Marty is still MARTY!!!!!! I've seen a lot of Marty's shows over the years, and I was so happy to hear him play "Mirrors don't Lie"!!!!!! I'd never heard that performed live before and it was GREAT since I love his older music. Lookin' forward to the next show!

Sandra Dziedziula, Detroit, MI September 30, 2004
Happy Birthday to Marty! May this year be filled with many successes for our guy, just as he's had for a long time now. What more can he ask out of life. He found love and he found a home in country music history. Not everyone needs to be incredibly famous -- true talent sometimes gets to have a SOLID career and happiness -- that's Marty! Thanks for the great music, Marty.

Rosalie Keough, Export, PA September 3, 2004
I was just on and read a sad article about Marty. It just sickens me to think that with such a great CD that he has put out, that radio and Nashville didn't recognize him. This just sort of breaks my heart. I love the man and always will. As far as I'm concerned, he is and always will be one of the best in my eyes. I just love Marty! [Read the article here]

Tony Trout, Brasstown, NC August 15, 2004
I saw Marty in concert for the very first time last night in Hiawassee, Georgia and it was awesome! "The Fabulous Superlatives" were AWESOME! "Cousin" Kenny Vaughan (as Marty called him last night) was unbelievable! Harry Stinson is one of the finest drummers I've ever heard. A funny moment with Harry happened after they had done a Gospel song and Harry was going back to the drums. He had his coat sitting on the drum stool and he accidentally sat on the jacket. Marty suddenly began the next song and Harry was trying to get the jacket out from underneath him and he almost missed the beginning of the song.

Marty did songs like "Mirrors Don't Lie," "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'," "Farmer's Blues," Hillbilly Rock," and a few other tunes. It was awesome! I got my guitar signed by Marty and I bought a tee-shirt and a picture and had Marty autograph another picture that I'd brought along. He was so kind (although he did seem to be in a hurry to get outta there....) but I'm so glad that I got to see him in concert! It was an experience that I'll never forget!

Jill Jaacks, Sioux Falls, SD August 14, 2004
I had the opportunity to see Brad Davis playing with Sam Bush here in Sioux Falls on August 10. It was a great show and Brad was wonderful as always!! We had a chance to talk to him quite a bit after the show. It sounds like things are going well for him, and he has some great opportunities on the horizon. Sure makes me miss the good ol' Rock & Roll Cowboys days though! I would highly recommend taking in this show if they are ever in your area.

Cindi Connolly, Easton, MD August 10, 2004
I know a few things and what I know, I know well. I know Marty is a kind and giving person who tries, and like most of us, sometimes drops the ball. I know he was unfailing gracious to my Mom when she was alive, and I know that she'll intercede for him now because he was her "favorite son" (she had three daughters). Hang in there Marty.

Georgia Sanders, Grove City, OH July 19, 2004
My husband, myself and our two boys (7 and 10) saw Marty and Connie Saturday night when they were here in Columbus, Ohio. It was a WONDERFUL concert. I had already seen Marty in action before at his first Marty Party at Fan Fair in 2002. I told my family they were in for a treat. My boys really enjoyed the concert, and my youngest (Nick) was upset because we had to leave and he didn't get Marty's autograph. I told him I already had a picture with Marty's autograph and he said, "but that's you, not me," with tears streaming out of his eyes. I told him I would take him to another concert some time. My husband even thinks Marty's great after seeing him live in concert!

There will never be another Marty Stuart. He has it all -- the looks, talent and a great smile!!!

Wendi, Jacksonville, FL July 9, 2004
As I am sure anyone who has ever met Marty can attest that he is a man who can truly touch your life. I have had the privilege of being acquainted with him over the years and know that he has had to fight these demons before, and I wish him the best of luck with his struggles and may he find the happiness he is in search of.

Dolores Holiday, Morgan County, Ohio July 8, 2004
Marty is such a fantastic singer, songwriter, and all-around musician. The world would be a very sad place without him. I hope he thinks twice before drinking and driving again. It's too bad he didn't have somebody there to take his keys and drive him where he needed to go.

Ercelle Pinter, Moss Point, MS June 28, 2004
I'm so happy to find out Marty's fans are supporting him in this time of need. Marty has the best fans in the world. I love him and will continue to pray for him and Connie. They are the best!

Texas Ed North, Kerrville, TX June 25, 2004
Just heard "Farmer's Blues" for the first time on CMT. It grabbed me by the collar and jerked me up next to the TV and said, "goddammnit.....listen to this!!!! THIS IS COUNTRY. I am blown away with the thing. God bless ya.

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY May 18, 2004
Well, another fantastic concert of Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives has come and gone for me. I saw them for two concerts May 7, 2004 at Casino Aztar in Evansville, Indiana and I had a wonderful Friday night. It was the weekend of my anniversary and birthday and I couldn't have asked for a better one. My friends from Springfield, Jim and Diane Gilmore, took me and when the guys found out it was my birthday weekend, they wished me a Happy Birthday at both meet and greets after both shows. I got to give Marty two kisses, one after the first show and one after the second show. Thanks, Marty, for letting me do that. I got a big hug from Brian Glenn after the second show. Thanks Marty for a great night! See you and the guys really soon again!

Lou Bergamo, Brookhaven, PA April 30, 2004
My wife and I just saw our first Marty Stuart concert and I hope it's not our last! We drove to Annapolis, MD and saw him perform at the Rams Head Tavern. I know it's all been said before but what an absolutely fabulous performer and gracious man. After the show, Marty and the band signed a photo and my copy of The Pilgrim (incredible album). And we got to have our picture taken with him and then with the band. He even thanked us for coming all the way from PA to see him. All I can say is that it's worth driving further than an hour-and-a-half to see Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives!

Kathy Williams, Grand Ridge, FL February 28, 2004
I just had to write and tell you just how much my family and I appreciate Marty Stuart and Merle Haggard paying homage to the backbone of America!!

My husband and I have been farming his family's farm for the entire 32 years of our marriage, with him never working off the farm. Now, our son is the 5th generation to work this land, and we can proudly say that we are still working the same land (plus some bought in later years, as well as leased property). The times do indeed get hard, and we have had to resort to rolling change to pay the light bill, etc. at times, but we are still hanging in there and have no intentions of going anywhere, as this is the life we chose and the life we love.

It is ironic that, when we first became aware of this song, we were in the process of the "waiting game" from the bank to see if our loan was going to go through (and, thanks to the good Lord, it did), as my son and his wife are expecting a son of their own in April and we want to ensure that he has the chance to be the 6th generation to farm this land. Again, thanks to Marty and Merle for calling attention to our small, but, in my opinion, elite group of people that put their own families well-being on the line every spring and fall just to keep doing the job they love, and to keeping this the most well-fed nation in the world. As long as we know that there are a few people out there that understand and appreciate all that we do, we can continue to feel good about this life we chose.

We will never be rich monetarily, but we do have a drove of wild turkeys that we can spy on every morning, plenty of doves in the fall, a pond for the grandchildren to fish from, and deer right in our barnyard at times. Most of all, we have the knowledge that we are doing things our way, and that even if people don't understand why we keep at it, with little or no profit some years, we know that, without people like us, things for EVERYONE would get mighty tough!

Thanks again, Marty and Merle, and may God continue to richly bless you.

Note from Sherry: When this message came through, it brought tears to my eyes. I wrote Kathy and asked if I could share this with the rest of Marty's fans. Her response was:


You certainly have my permission to use my message on the website. Thank you so much for your response and interest. It is good to know that there is actually a "live person" associated with the website.

Thanks again,

Kathy Williams

Ercelle Pinter, Moss Point, MS February 6, 2004
I love this website! Ever since I got my first computer for Christmas, it is the only website that I visit often. Marty is the best performer in the world. He's the only one I would pay to see. Keep up the good work. This website is great!

Sue Remmy February 2, 2004
Wow! How lucky can I get? After a quick trip out to the mall and Wal-Mart, I got home about 10 minutes til 9:00 last night. When I walked in the door, I thought "maybe I'll turn on the Opry real quick." Like I said .... how lucky can I get? Marty sang "Somebody Saved Me" with the Superlatives like a DREAM! I sat in awe since I have not seen Marty in quite a little while. It was just what I needed to charge me up and make me peaceful all at once. He looked good and sounded great. Loved the striped jacket. His voice was wonderful and the guitar was so cool-looking. Once again, he proved he is the man. A unique performance from the original unique performer. Thanks Marty for a truly wonderful 5 minutes of my Saturday night!

John Sturdivant, Jr.
January 28, 2004
Thought I'd stop by and say "Hey" to all the Marty Fans I haven't seen in a long, long time. Don't know if there are any that will remember me but wanted to say "howdy." Just got through writing some with Brad and still see Larry from time to time when he comes over to the studio to record and sing. He is still the king of the hillbilly bass! Marty is lucky to have the loyal fans that he has, and I wish him nothing but success for his new album. It sounds great. Oh, yeah and I spoke to "Weave Top" the other day, and he is doing great. The road is really tuff sometimes and having great fans makes all the diference in the world. Thank you all for the kindness and happiness you bring! You guys sure are lucky to have such a great site to come to and keep up with Marty. "Hats Off" no pun intended ... LOL ... to all that makes this happen! Thanks, JR.

[Note from Sherry: JR was Martys' drummer in his Hot Hillbilly Band]

Viola Boudreau January 11, 2004
Hi. I went to see Marty at the Turner Center in Arcadia, Florida on January 10th and it was the most beautiful concert I've been to in a long time and, I must say, I've been to quite a few of them. I always liked Marty, however, had never seen him in concert. He seems to treat his band wonderfully and, of course, they were wonderful. Can't wait to go see them again because THEY ARE THE FABULOUS SUPERLATIVES.

Troubadour January 10, 2004
Marty Stuart may well deserve James Brown's title as "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business!" Just saw him and his Fabulous Superlatives tonight for the first time, and what a show they put on! They were part of the "Legends of the Grand Ole Opry" along with Jesse McReynolds and the Virginia Boys and Stonewall Jackson, playing a small venue here in Arcadia, Florida. I found it amazing that all three of the Fabulous Superlatives are from this area. The show was charged with high energy and they sure looked like they were having a great time. Being a John R. Cash fan, I appreciated his version of "Rock Island Line" and was really blown away by the remake of Cash's "Walls of a Prison" that is on the new album. I stood in line afterwards and bought the CD, got an autograph and my pic taken with Marty. Thanks, Marty (if you ever read this) for a special evening. Y'all come on over to the Official Johnny Cash website and visit some likeminded folks who love Marty too. The forum is great, as is the chat room. If you make it by there, you'll find me under the handle "Swamp Rat." Keep rockin' Marty, and keep the pure country sound and John R.'s music alive!

Jason Huffman, New Bern, NC November 3, 2003
I found out 5 days before the show that Marty was playing the Midnight Rodeo in Morehead City, NC. on Friday October 31, an hour from my house. My fiance and I immediately made plans because I'm a huge fan. When he came on, we were 15 feet away from him and I saw the best concert I've ever been to. Marty and the band had such a good time, and they were awesome. After it was over, I bought a photo of Marty and he and the band autographed it. He handed it back to my fiance and said "Thank you ma'am." Then he saw me and stuck out his hand and shook mine. There is not a better show to go see. The Fabulous Superlatives are just that, Fabulous musicians and singers. Marty let each of them sing a song I thought that was cool.

Rick Landes, Westfield, WI October 24, 2003

Wow! What a concert. My hair is still standing on end. Marty was great, doing a tribute song to Johnny Cash "Never Got Over That Wall" (?). His own "The Whisky Ain't Workin' Anymore," "Touch Me, Turn Me On and Burn Me down". Marty's voice got a little hoarse so Kenny played and sang.

I did not know what to expect when this to skinny, too tall to be taken too seriously guy with the sober look moved to the mike. What a surprise! Fast licks and a smooth Buddy Holly like voice and moves. Bass was played very well. And the drummer had a great bluesy rendition.

Also, the warm-up Ballie and the Boys was very good. Personal favorite was Ballie's 15-year-old daughter doing "Blue"...move over LeAnn..

Chris Schaefer October 13, 2003
The last concert I was at was the No Hats Tour in was it 1992? or 1993? I can't remember that far back. Since then I have gotten married and have had three children. My oldest son (Alex) now 9 used to sing "Touch Me, Turn Me On & Burn Me Down" when he was 2. He sang it everywhere we went -- including the grocery store (where we got alot of looks). He even referred to Marty as "Uncle Marty" and now my 5-year-old twins (Marty & Casey) call him "Uncle Marty". My husband bought me ticket for my birthday to see Marty at Arie Crown theater in Chicago on October 24th (2nd row Orchestra Pit). My entire family is going to see Marty. We can't wait to go. The kids are so thrilled that they are going to see "Uncle Marty". I'm sure it will be a night to remember.

Helen Marie Kleinman, Wilmington, OH September 14, 2003
I just wanted Marty to know how wonderful his interview was Saturday night on CMT on the death of Johnny Cash. It was the first time I ever heard anyone say how much they understood that now Johnny was where he will be eternally happy with the Lord and his beloved June. Marty was concerned for Johnny and not for HIMSELF, Marty is not only a Great Singer but a Great Person, no crying about how much he will MISS Johnny but how glad he is for him not to be suffering with pain from disease and the pain in his heart from losing June. You could see the pain in Marty's face but felt the love in his heart. I saw Marty at the Grand Old Opry in May of this year the weekend just before June Carter Cash passed and on that show he took time to mention June and to ask everyone to pray for her. His part of the Opry that night was wonderful. It so much fun to watch Marty have such fun doing a job he loves to do. How many of us get to do that. I will be attending a festival in Crestline, Ohio on the 20th of Sept and can hardly wait to see such a great singer and also a great human being again.

Ginger and Bob, San Diego, CA August 13, 2003
We just got back from Scottsdale, Arizona where we had the immense pleasure of seeing two shows of Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives at Casino Arizona. Both shows were fantastic and different in regards to the playlist. Marty leaves it all on the stage and the Superlatives are Fabulous! Marty met with fans after both shows. Cousin Kenny came out after the second show. Very gracious, the two of them. We've been fans of Marty's since 1987. What an incredible artist. What an incredible evening. Thank you again, Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives: Kenny, Harry and Brian.

Joyce Hall August 10, 2003
Hello everyone ~:) .... I just stopped by because the last time I posted here, I posted about this GREAT song I caught the tail end of on the Opry a while back and they ended up cutting half the song going to a commercial. I was blown away by this song and, lo and behold, I was watching "Imus in the Morning" a few weeks back and Marty was on and I was quite happy to learn he not only had a new CD coming out and was going back out on the road, but I found out what this song was by coming here (thank you) and also found out that he has included this song on his new CD. "A Satisfied Mind" is the song and then I got even luckier. I saw him on Most Wanted Live last night and he did that song. Oh my God! Marty has totally won me over. I was half there anyway! Ha ha.... Oh my God. What a GREAT band he has. That guitar player is fantastic. They play so well together. I am going to order an autographed copy of it, I believe it's on GAC? or CMT? I'll find it. But if all this good news was not fab enough, I just found out the Marty Party is going to roll into Milwaukee, Wisconsin and don't you know I will be there. I love this man's music. I hope they end up doing a video of that song. I had done some research on the song and heard Porter's version as well as Louvins. Marty does it so well. What a HOT band and I mean HOT as in performers. He's got a good crew out with him. AMEN ~ Can't wait to see them. Marty has taken me back to COUNTRY MUSIC.

Kristina Darby August 10, 2003
I saw this beautiful man in Dayton, Ohio. He was with Travis Tritt on the Double Trouble Tour. That was a night I will never forget. I got to meet Marty for the first time that night. I got so weak in my knees that I couldn't stand up at the very first glance of him. I needed help to stand up. It was finally my turn to meet him and I gave Marty a great, big hug. I didn't want to let go, but had to. He is my #1 country singer and I love him very much. If I had a man who looked like him, I would hang on to him and never let him go. I wish him great luck in everything he does in life. I am so glad he is back singing again 'cause I sure did miss his singing when he was gone from his career. I hope he tours Dayton, Ohio again. I will be there most definitely. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Sandy Maule August 6, 2003
I saw Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives Saturday, August 2 at the Schaefferstown Fire Company in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania. What a show! Marty and the guys were really smokin'. That was the third time I saw Marty with the new band. They really have it together. Sounded fantastic, looked awesome. What an entertainer. Marty even signed autographs. His new album is sooo good!

Betty Sandridge, Mayo, MD August 2, 2003
I saw Marty last night at the Rod N Reel, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. He changed some of the words to "If There Ain't There Ought'a Be" and added lines about buying a boat and catching some fish on the Chesapeake Bay. Awesome show. Very impressed with his style. I snuck into the back room where he and the band were resting before the meet and greet and got an autograph and got a hug as I was walking outside and he was coming back in. I even touched his "hair." Woooo Hooooooo. He signed autographs and walked around with the crowd. We waited outside near the bus and had more pics taken when he came outside. He was very down to earth and treated his fans like people. He rocked the hosue and my world!!! Hope he comes back to Maryland again! GO MARTY! WE LOVE YOU!

Vicki Harris July 31, 2003

Dear Sherry:

Please convey my thanks for Marty Stuart playing actual country music. I loved Ricky Skaggs's comment "Country music? What Country are they talking about?" I despise "Nashville Pop" I refuse to call it country music. The suits in Nashville have just about killed country music. In my opinion, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are the Anti-Christs of country music. What they sing has as much to do with country music as Beverly Sills. Country music is much better than the pap Nashville is trying to pass off!

Look at the success of Oh Brother Where Art Thou. "Country music" radio stations never played a note of that CD, yet people were lining up for copies. How many million copies did it sell? You gotta know that folks are starved for real music! You'd think the suits would see a trend here.........

I wish Marty and Merle would be any place in Washington state this year, (I live in the Seattle area) but am not sure they'll be here. I'll keep check the website for more news.

Thanks for letting me vent my country music frustration!

Gene and Shirley Cunningham, Cabot, AR July 31, 2003
I don't write anyone about things like this, but Marty's plans to bring Country music shows back to the country is wonderful! My parents are in their 80's and I am in my late 50's. We were raised and grew up on the Carters and Hank Williams and Kitty Wells, Roy Acuff, etc. I can remember Hank Thompson, Bill Monroe Ernest Tubb and others playing in my small home town here in Arkansas, population 2,000 for a quarter or 50 cents in our school gym! That was truly Americana! GOD bless Marty for trying to bring the true American spirit and music back!

Justin McCreary July 19, 2003
I love this website. I just bought Marty Stuart CD. It's awesome. Now he knows what Country Music is. I think my three fave songs are "If There Ain't There Oughta Be," "Sundown in Nashville," and "Farmers Blues." Now that's a cool song, but the whole album is awesome. Your #1 Fan

Ric Schwimmer, Porterville, CA July 14, 2003
Great concert here on July 10th....met Marty and Connie after the concert. I had made and wore a T-shirt with Connie's pics on it........Marty was impressed and had pics of me taken in it. Connie autographed the front of the shirt and on the back, under "No. 1 Fan", Marty wrote, "#2 Fan, Marty Stuart....aka Mr. Connie Smith". A great sense of humor! I just wish there was a way of keeping up on where all Connie is appearing, cause I'd see her whenever possible (saw her in Ohio, West Virginia, Florida, and now here in California). If you know of this information, I'd appreciate it.

Jill Lindvall July 12, 2003
I am truly enjoying my new Marty Stuart CD. He's #1 in my book and I've been a fan for many, many years. Congrats Marty ..... this is a winner.

Mary C. Quinn July 11, 2003
Marty Stuart had the best table at Fan Fair. The people working there were happy, helpful and had a great selection of reasonably priced merchandise. I now open my mail at work every day with a Marty Stuart mail opener and I remember the great time I had there. I love the new album. How can you like country music and not love a song like "Too Much Month (At the End of the Money)"?

Erin Burris July 9, 2003
I bought Country Music last week and rediscovered all that I had missed in country music since The Pilgrim was released in 1999.

Dan Hurd, Detroit, MI
July 2, 2003
Just wanted to say that I have been a huge Marty Stuart fan ever since I saw him in Johnny Cash's band. My feelings about Marty is that I think he is very, very overlooked, and (hopefully) this new CD will prove once and for all Marty Stuart has indeed arrived. Marty Stuart Rocks!!!

Rosalie Keough, Export, PA July 2, 2003
I just got my CD yesterday and it is one of the best! I just love this new CD. Marty is just one of the greatest when it comes to music. Plus the Fabulous Superlatives are one of the greatest bands. They and Marty sound so wonderful together!!! I've already watched my DVD twice. It doesn't get any better. Everyone needs this CD in their musical library. I even saw the Purple Cow in the DVD. That is awesome!!! I was there. Marty Stuart, you leave me in total awe of this new CD. Can't wait to hear it again and again. This one is different and I love it!!!! Thanks again Marty!

Tim Luzier, Penfield, PA July 1, 2003
The four-year wait is finally over..great new CD...Country Music..The DVD is excellent also...Hopefully radio will give this some air time...I guess they're afraid of the hillbilly rocker..well...thanks for keeping it real..again.. two thumbs up on the CD..see you out on the Electric Barnyard Festival

Kolbrún Jónsdóttir June 25, 2003
Hi there. I just come back to Iceland (where I live) from being at Fan Fair. The Late Night Jam with Marty was great. It was also great to be at the 100 Greatest Country Songs . Still, Marty was greater. Thank you Marty for being around and giving us your great music. Hope you´ll have a nice tour with the Electric Barnyard tour. Pity you don't come to Iceland. Love, Kolla J.

Juanita Hardin, Louisville, KY June 7, 2003
Well, I just returned from Fan Fair and Marty's Party was another successful year. It was great and, of course, Marty looked so good. Our CMT tickets he gave us were also good. I love Marty and will be at every party I can get to. I have been a loyal fan for 10 years now. Connie and Marty looked grat. Can't wait to hear the new CD. Love you, Marty, and see you at the next show.

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, Kentucky June 1, 2003
Marty is scheduled to be at the Executive Inn in Paducah, Kentucky on June 28 and I am anxiously counting the days. I have my ticket down in front of the stage. I can hardly wait. It has been 9 years since Marty has been to Paducah and it will be the best night for me since I haven't seen Marty in a couple of years. I am looking forward to hearing the new band also. See ya June 28th, Marty!

Gale Johnson April 20, 2003
I was sitting in front of the TV tonight watching the 40 Greatest Country Women, and SURPRISE there is my FAVORITE country singer! Marty, your warmth and respect for other country singers and love for the Grand Ole Opry are just a few of the things I enjoy about you. In 1993, when I had the wonderful opportunity to see you in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you were everything I knew you would be. Funny, handsome and one talented individual!! In opinion, you have not gotten the recognition you so deserve...but please rest assured that you have fans who love and appreciate you...So, keep up the good work...AND PLEASE ...come see us in Sunny SOUTH CAROLINA!! We miss you!

Jill Jaacks, Sioux Falls, SD April 6, 2003
I recently had the chance to see three Marty concerts in two nights. We attended two shows in Flandreau, SD on April 3rd and then Marty's show in Sloan, IA on April 4th. I hadn't seen Marty since August of 2001 so it is great to see him out on the road again. He looked and sounded wonderful as always! We all enjoyed his new songs that he sang and I think that he will have a hit record on his hands when it is released this summer. I know that I will be one of the first to go out and buy it. I have now seen Marty in concert 100+ times and there were just a few things missing: Brad, Steve and Gregg. Don't get me wrong, his new band has a lot of talent but the chemistry that Marty and the Rock & Roll Cowboys had just wasn't there. There was a lot of talk between the Marty fans after the first show in Flandreau and it seems that there are several rumors going around about what happened with the Rock & Roll Cowboys. Whatever the reason is that they are gone, we may never know but we all agreed-- they are greatly missed!! I enjoy your website and visit it often and will continue to check it on a regular basis to keep up on Marty's tour dates. Thank you for your wonderful website, keep up the good work!

Karyn and Jeff Simonton March 9, 2003
We are so HAPPY that Marty is coming to Bend, Oregon! We love The Pilgrim CD as wellaas all of his other work. "Red, Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs" is one of our favorites. The whole CD is on our top 25 list. We appreciate real country music. Can't wait to see him on March 23!!!

Mary Pudzis February 25, 2003
I went to another one of Marty's shows. I was blown away. Marty is so generous. That night I caught another guitar pick. I have about five now. Sometimes I wish I could meet Marty and give him a big hug, but the chance has never come around. All I can say is thank God Marty is around.

Revis Leonard, Uvalde, TX February 18, 2003
I see that Marty is coming to Austin, TX in October. I'm hoping my husband and I can make it there to hear him. I told his dad at the family reunion this past summer in Mississippi that I'd be watching for him to get back to the San Antonio area. I'm one of his Texas Stuart cousins and we all love his music....but I'd love his music even if he wasn't kin. It's one of a kind!

Mary Jo Sunstone February 14, 2003
I have been a big fan of Marty Stuart for a very long time. I was finally able to go to my first Marty Stuart concert in Dec. 2001 at the House of Blues in Orlando, Fl. And I have to say that it was great. To my surprise, I was able to meet him and have a picture taken with him. One of his crew actually took my camera onto his bus and snapped a photo of them goofing around for me. I was the best concert that I had ever been to.

Gene Herndon, Wilson, NC November 20, 2002
I just want to start by saying that I've been a Marty Stuart fan ever since I saw him with Johnny Cash back in the 80's. I was tickled to read in Country Weekly that he'll have a new CD out next spring! It's nice to see Marty on TV paying tribute to other artists, but to be perfectly honest I want to here more of Marty's own music! HE's da Man! Marty Stuart don't have to take a back seat to nobody and I sincerely hope that through this next CD, the rest of the world will see that.

Claudia Reese, Twin Falls, ID November 4, 2002
Well, you were right!!! When we got to Jackpot yesterday we walked in the casino and five minutes later there was the band and Marty walking around. He stopped to shake hands with my husband and I asked him if he would mind autographing a picture I had of him. I pulled it out of a bag with the Sharpie I had (I was prepared) and he graciously signed it with my name on it. And I was just a mush mouthed idiot, but I knew I would do that. At the first show he threw me his guitar pick and the last show he threw me his towel. I tell you I am a dedicated Marty Stuart fan now. Everything I got will go in a frame and I will save it forever. He was so good at the shows. He is just a beautiful talented man and with this new band I just know things are going to take off for him. When he starts his tour in the spring you can bet I will be on the look out for his concerts and try to get to as many as possible. I hope he gets somewhere in the western states. Although, I know that I will never be able to get that close to him again. This was truly an experience of a lifetime this last week. The whole family will join his fan club now and I will watch your fan page regularly for info about him. I really appreciate you keeping in contact with me this last week and informing me of what was going on. If there is ever anything I can do to help you or the Marty cause, please let me know-----Thank you again.

Claudia Reese, Twin Falls, ID November 3, 2002
Just an update!!! We have made it to six shows and tonight will make eight. We are sitting right underneath him, three feet away at the most. He has shook my hand three times now and last night I gave him a dozen red roses. I think I am a dedicated fan now, Ha Ha. He is losing his voice a little but he is still putting on a great show. He said he has a new album coming out in the spring and will start a new tour then. I will let you know how the last two shows are. By the way my husband has gone to every show with me and he really likes him.

Claudia Reese, Twin Falls, ID October 31, 2002
Oh my God!!!!! It is 2:00 in the morning and I will probably not sleep for days. Just got home from seeing Marty Stuart and his band perform at Jackpot, Nevada. We went to both the dinner show and the cocktail show. All I can is he was absolutely fantastic!!!! He is so handsome!!! He was perfectly dressed and his singing was out of this world. I cannot believe what a great musician he is also. We were farther away from the stage at the dinner show but, when the cocktail show, came we sat right up to the stage so I was only five feet away from him.

I cannot believe how pretty he is!!!! His band is great and what super musicians. Kenny Vaughan did "Walk Like That," which I love. And Marty did Get "Down On Your Knees And Pray" with the guys on drums and bass doing vocal. That was wonderful. They are all real professionals. The music was the best I have heard in a long time and Marty's singing was out of this world. When the cocktail show was over and he was leaving the stage after his encore, he reached down and shook my hand. God, that was an experience. I was the only one he did that to. They didn't have any pictures or souvenirs so I am going to have to round up some.

He will be at Jackpot until Sunday and we are going to try and go at least two more times to see him, if not more. I will call our local radio disc jockey in the morning at let me know how great the show is and also tell everyone I know in town to get down to Jackpot and see Marty. We really appreciate the fact that he would come to our area and put on such a great show. Just thought you might want to hear about my experience.

Max Brand October 21, 2002
I've always like Marty as a country artist cause he is one of the finest the industry has to offer. It's really been awhile since I've sen Marty do live TV but, whenever he comes on, he is a delight to watch. I'm also a singer and hopefully if I ever get a chance to visit Nashville, I'd like to get up and jam with his band. Now that would be really special.

Tracie Rompies October 16, 2002
I just can't imagine seeing Marty perform without Brad, Steve and Gregg!!!! It was a hard to get over not seeing Gary with them anymore also. I know Marty still sounds great. I guess change isn't always a good thing for everyone!!! Missing the Rock n Roll Cowboys and hoping they will get back together one day soon!

Cindi Connolly October 9, 2002
Thanks, Sherry for the terrific pictures and article on Marty. You probably don't remember me and my Mom, but we met you at a Fan Fair party a couple of years ago. Mom has since had a major stroke, and I am now her caregiver. She still recognizes and loves Marty! I am printing out the article and pics for her and it will be a real treat for her. Thanks again.

Ron Frankl October 8, 2002

Wasn't Marty great on the Opry Live segment? The Superlatives are the band Marty's always deserved. I hope he's recording with them.

Finally, thanks for sharing the good news re. the Sony signing. Its been too long between releases for Marty, and the Cash tribute merely whetted my appetite for more.

Kathy Schwindt, Baker, MT October 6, 2002
It is a thrill to hear that Marty is going to be coming out with a new album, it has been a long wait. It has been great to see him on tv for 2 nights in a row.

Carol Cook October 6, 2002
I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Marty Late Night Jam last year to kick off Fan Fair. I go to Fan Fair with a group of about 15 people, from all over everywhere, West Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and I got all of us tickets for Marty's party and I have to say it was the BEST! (Oh I must mention that the ONLY time this group gets together is at FAN FAIR.) The spontaneity was tremendous, we finally had to leave at 3 a.m. because we had to get a little rest before our next engagement at 8 a.m. I certainly hope that Marty keeps doing this, and my "tour group" has put me in charge of getting the tickets for this event. What an entertainer, what a nice person that Marty is, to keep taking care of the country musicians. As Cledus T. Judd said in an interview with Marty the other night on CMT, Thank God for Marty Stuart, because he IS the ambassador of Country Music and all the legacy surrounding it.

Rosalie Keough, Export, PA September 29, 2002
I just finished listening to Kindred Spirits and all I can say is "WOW". I just love everything about the CD. Marty, in my eyes, is such a natural and knows what he is doing. The artists are just fantastic!! This tribute is wonderful! The talent that Marty has chosen is remarkable. Mr. Cash should feel very honored. I certainly will be pushing this CD to all that I know. I can't say enough about it. The ending was so touching that it actually brought tears to my eyes. I will always be a loyal fan to Marty he surely deserves it. As I have said many times before. Hats off to the multi-talented "Marty Stuart".

Juanita Hardin August 17, 2002
Well the first time I met Marty was at the Marty Party with Jerry Lee Lewis and The Mavericks and Steve Earle. I won this trip from Louisville, KY. A friend and I got to go free of charge. It was a long dragged out taping but it was worth all of it. We stood in the front right beside the stage the whole time. That's when I fell in love. I joined the fan club and will always stay in it. Marty is one of the nicest person you could meet. He is a great artist and writer. I love him with Travis. This year's party was the greatest ever.

Jay Corwin, Centreville, VA July 27, 2002
Recently, I took my 8-year-old son to see Marty in Reinholds, PA and, more recently, in Cuba, MO. And what impresses me the most, besides Marty's incredible musical talent, is what he gives back to the fan. Unlike the stars who play the big venues, Marty is very much a traditionalist who remembers his roots and very unselfishly gives back. At Cuba, MO, he shook hands with us and in Reinholds, PA, he came in for a 30-minute sound check and about 40 or so people congregated around. Instead of being "too good for the common folk," he showed us he still is an everyday person. He stayed there and signed autographs and had pictures made with all of us.

Marty is a true American Treasure!

Rosalie Keough, Export, PA July 24, 2002
I should not even tell anybody about this one. Now days, I feel that everyone needs a good laugh. When I saw the Moraine, Ohio show posted, I was so excited because I thought that (and don't ask me why) it was in Moraine State Park in Pennsylvania. I have no idea as to why I thought this park was in Pennsylvania. Of course, it wasn't. So anyway, my sister-in-law and my nephew and his friend and, of course, myself were on this mission to see Marty and Connie. I was just soooo excited, with camera in hand. As we arrived at the Moraine State Park, my sister-in-law said to me, "Are you sure they are here?" There were no signs, no Marty, no Connie. Needless to say, I started to feel quite stupid. Well, my nephew sure played up on this one. We got out of the car and he, of course, started to put his arm around me and started yelling, "My Aunt Rosalie is looking for a Marty Stuart concert. Has anyone seen him?" Everyone who passed by, he would yell something to them. He really is a sweetie and was just having some fun. So, needless to say, we finally realized that it was in Moraine, Ohio. Well, that was the concert that never was. Although Marty's presence was certainly felt that day. That was my first and last time for that to happen. I hope that someone has enjoyed this. As I said, "We can all use a laugh every now and again."

Sandra Dziedziula July 10, 2002
Saw Marty and Connie at the Moraine show in Wax Park and must say it was very uplifting, as always. I liked the new band (first time I've seen them anyway) and their part of the show. I even enjoyed the shower of "blessings," ha ha! We were soaked, through.....but it was worth it. I've been a fan club member since 1989, have seen Marty LOTS of times, always look forward to it, never disappointed by it. That day was my birthday. What a present!! In the meet and greet, I usually like to hug Marty. I was a MESS and he looked so nice ... but, man, I should have told it was my birthday.

Danny Meadows, Charleston, SC June 26, 2002

Kathy and I were unable to attend this year even though we had already bought tickets to the Midnight Jam ... We gave the tickets to some friends who went and they had a great time.

Thank you so much Sherry for your review and pictures and the review and pictures from others on this website. We got to experience the party and concert through your eyes.

Marty Fans are great people.

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY June 22, 2002
I am sorry I missed the fan club party/late night jam this year, June 2002 and Marty with his new band. Hopefully next year, 2003, I will be able to attend the party/late night jam then. Hope to catch Marty again soon!!!! MISS YA MARTY!!!!!

Here are some Fan Comments on Marty's Late Night Jam June 18, 2002
"We just returned from Nashville, and saw Marty at the Ryman the night before Fan Fair. It was wonderful!! Do you know when the tickets will be on sale for next year and where I would be on the look out for them?? Thank you."

"Hi. I was fortunate enough to attend Fan Fair 2002 after many years of wanting to. I thought it was just awesome. In fact I have my hotel room booked and my tickets for Fan Fair 2003 already booked and purchased. The one show that will forever remain lodged in my memory bank is the All Night Marty Party or All Night Jam, whatever it was called is Number 1 as for as the highlight of entertainment is concerned to me. In fact I preferred that show better than I did seeing the stars perform at the Adelphia Coliseum. Since returning home I am in the process of joining Marty's Fan Club. To me, he took center stage above all others regarding the treatment of his fans. It deeply touched me he went the extra mile for all who wanted to see him. Now getting to the purpose of this message. I hope you didn't get bored and just deleted it yet. Well I am interested in purchasing 2 tickets to his show for next year's Fan Fair at the Ryman Auditorium. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me the information that I need so that I can hopefully get a seat much closer to the stage. Thank you very much."

"If you did not see the Marty Stuart Late Night Jam, you really missed a great show. Hands down the best event at Fan Fair this year. The Ryman rocked with a full house and outstanding guests invited to perform with Marty. If you plan on Fan Fair next year, don't miss this Late Night Jam ......this party lasted til after 3 a.m. and ended with the fans wanting more!!! Thank you Marty Stuart for delivering a wonderful show for everyone. And a special thanks to Marty and his staff for making it possible to get the fan club great seats for the event. They are the BEST."

Jean Turner, Bloomington, IN June 9, 2002
I just wanted to say that I saw Marty last night at the Little Nashville Opry in Nashville, IN. As always, Marty put on a wonderful show. I wasn't sure what to expect without the Cowboys. The new band members are great. Marty played some new songs which, of course, were super!! I took a friend of mine. She had never experienced a Marty Moment before. Beverly was amazed. She is hooked on Marty!! I miss the Cowboys, but life goes on and change is inevitable. I wish the Cowboys the best of luck in their new adventures to come. Who knows, maybe they will all be in the same area and can jam together for old times sake. As for the DUI, big deal. Nobody is perfect and nobody expects Marty to be perfect. It's just a bump in the road of life, and he will get over it and on with it. Just remember, WE LOVE YOU MARTY!!!

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY May 25, 2002
I too, was shocked to hear the ROCK'N'ROLL COWBOYS are no longer with Marty. I will miss them too very much. Especially Brad Davis, since he and Marty had been together for such a long time. I will miss Steve Arnold and his teasing me, and Gregg Stocki beating those drums. They were and still are the best to me.

ROC May 19, 2002
I'm sad to hear that the Rock and Roll Cowboys are not with Marty any more. I will especially miss Brad Davis. Him and Marty playing guitar together was incredible.

Rosalie Keough, Export, PA May 15, 2002
I'll be seeing Marty on May 18 (this Saturday) and I can't wait. But I am a little sad thinking that I won't see the Cowboys with Marty. Stay tuned and I'll let you all know.

LaDonna Cable, Johnson City, TN April 28, 2002
Just a quick note to say I saw Marty and the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band Friday night at the Carter Fold and these show were two of the best I have seen. Marty was relaxed and happy and having a great time. It seemed as if he was right at home and did not have to prove anything to anyone. It was hard to tell who was enjoying the shows the most -- the crowd or the guys performing. If you get the chance to see Marty and the Jug Band -- GO -- it is well worth it!!

Mischelle Ross, Huntsville, AL April 18, 2002

Normally a trip to the grocery store is as enjoyable as a root canal for me, but seeing Marty's picture on Martha White flour made the ordeal more pleasant. I bought a couple of bags for my Mom (Emeril does NOT feel threatened by me) and she thought it was great as she is a big fan also. I think both Marty and Connie are truly good people and I wish them the best.

Stacey Calvert, Anderson, AL April 17, 2002
We all love Marty very much. I will pray for the family and hope the best comes of a difficult time in their lives. Marty and his family prayed for me when I needed, so I will always be there to cheer him on. We have been going to see Marty for about 13 years and he is still the same Marty. God Bless.

Pat Johnson, New Milford, CT April 17, 2002
I cannot help but think back to a fan club party a few years ago when Marty called many of his fans up onstage and gave gifts of his personal items to say "thank you" to his fans. I have never met a star who cares so much for people. I guess now it is our turn!

Judy Trickett, Murfreesboro, TN April 11, 2002
After reading the comments of Brenda Metz, I had to write this and say, Brenda, you said what I had thought of saying, too. That he that is without sin, cast the first stone. So in my opinion, no one has a right to cast any stones at Marty. Just love and pray for him. And, Marty, I still love you and am praying that everything will work out okay for you.

Alexandra Chambers, Toronto, Ontario, Canada April 11, 2002
Like everyone else who has written, I would like to let Marty know that I'll still be there when the smoke clears. I have been listening to Marty since 1989 and this isn't going to change the fact that he is still a great person.

It's true that none of us "regular folks" is perfect, but we seem to think that those in the spotlight should be. Double standard....EVERYONE does at least one really stupid thing in their lives.....this is Marty's. We pay the price and move on to be a better, stronger person for having gone through it.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to admit to those who love and respect you that you're wrong. Doing so is what makes us stronger.

Conni April 10, 2002
I read about the DUI charge and I'm glad Marty didn't get hurt and that no one else did either. At least the article I read didn't mention injuries. The refusing to submit to a [blood alcohol] test was foolish, but what can ya do. My respect is still in tact. "Let he who is without sin...." and my feelings for him haven't changed. He's still #1 in my book and in my heart. God bless ya, Marty.

Brenda Metz, Knoxville, TN April 10, 2002
My heart has broken for Marty as everyone else's has. He is not perfect by no means, but so many look up to him. I love him to death and always will love and support him. He made a mistake and, like eveyrone else, he should pay for it. That doesn't make me love him less, just pray for him more. Connie, too, because when someone you love goes through it, it hurts you just as much, too. People that want to point fingers and criticize should remember what the Bible says. "He who is without sin cast the first stone." I don't think anyone has a right to cast stones. Marty and Connie and the family need our support, prayers and love.

Toni April 10, 2002
I'm sure that everyone has had a problem in their life. I try not to judge anyone since I have not been perfect. This, too, shall pass.

John and Linda Ammons, Reno, NV April 10, 2002
Sorry this comes so late. We just learned of Marty's recent trouble. Quite often the railraod tracks of life take us on a journey we had not planned. The tracks lead one way, however, we sometimes need to switch trains and take a new direction.

Bry April 5, 2002
I stand behind Marty 100% but let's face it. This was a bad judgment call on Marty's behalf. Marty needs our support and our prayers. He's apparently going through some rough times and he's not handling it well. I have loved and respected Marty Stuart for years and will continue to do so.

Joyce Porterfield April 5, 2002
People make mistakes. ALL people make mistakes. He is the same as we are, a regular prson -- anyone who's spent time with him knows that. Sometimes good people do stupid stuff. Marty is a good man with a good heart and a true love for country music like no one I have ever known. He has given so much to the country music industry and to his fans, let's return the favor by offering a little love and support. He damn sure deserves it. Marty's real friends and fans will stand behind him and continue to love and support him through this. I'm still in his corner and plan to stay there.

Cindi Connolly, Easton, MD April 5, 2002
I only know basic details about Marty's recent trouble, but I think we all know Marty well enough that if he was in the wrong, he'll admit it and deal with it. As a fan of both Marty and his music, I know he is talented, sincere and very generous with his time and talent. My mom is a long-time fan and since she had a stroke last year, Marty (and Jodee) have gone out of their wya to be considerate of her and kind to her. We stand by Marty, and we trust him.

Leslie Boyd, Nashville, TN April 5, 2002
I just wanted to extend my prayers to Marty, Connie and their family during this difficult time. In this life, we all make mistakes and Marty made one on Tuesday morning. He is just a human being like everyone else. This whole situation reminds me of that saying "In this life, a little rain will fall...." I hope that this matter can be dealt with swiftly and that the Stuart family can move on with their lives. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

Kathy Vierra, San Jose, CA April 5, 2002
I don't condone drinking and driving, but I do love Marty and will support him and hope that he gets some help, if that is what is needed. Of course Marty is human like the rest of us. We all have things in our life that we have to deal with.

Bobbi Doty, Skiatook, OK April 5, 2002
As far as Marty's DUI, he was wrong and, yes, stupid, for driving after drinking. It's a shame that he didn't stop to think before he did it. More than a shame! But ... none of that stops me from being a fan of Marty and his music. I do hope and pray that he can get through this rough time in his life and go on to bigger and better things. I do hope that Connie is sticking by him and that she is supporting him.

Serena Williams, Noble, OK April 5, 2002
We all just care so much and only want to see the best for Marty, and this will be a low spot for now, but it shall too shall pass. We all know nobody is perfect and sometimes things like this happen to people we care about. We are all human and no excuses can be made. What's done is done and Marty must now be held accountable. Hopefully, he can get over the stresses in his life soon and be back on track. The true Marty fans out there will understand that he is just human. I will support him for the person I have come to know and pray for him, hoping he will be able to beat all his demons.

Darlene Renteria, Ringling, OK April 5, 2002
This whole thing just pulls so on your emotions! I know there is no excuse for drinking to excess, and driving impaired is a real no-no, but there are people that do it all the time. For some, it's just away of life; for others,they are going through dark times and just can't seem to handle it without a crutch. It's so very sad when someone we all know is so special, so kind and so caring, gets off on the wrong road. We are all human, and we do make mistakes. Yes.....I will stand by Marty no matter what.

Lisa March 12, 2002
I had the incredible luck of being invited as the guest of a Martha White Jingle Sing-A-Long contest winner and was treated to the weekend of a lifetime this past Saturday and Sunday! Receiving free transportation, a two-night stay at the Opryland Hotel and tickets to the Grand Ole Opry were all wonderful, but the ABSOLUTE highlights were getting to meet Marty Stuart and Rhonda Vincent, getting my photo taken with eatch of them, getting signed photos and being able to chat a minute! Both Marty and Rhonda were beyond gracious and, although they probably don't have a clue just how much their kindnesses meant to us all, they made not only my weekend and month, but probably my year! I've loved Marty for years, and being able to meet him was just incredible. How awesome that such talented people make time for their fans, and how lucky we are to have them as our entertainers!

Jan in Alabama March 9, 2002
Wow! You know what? I thought I had all of Marty's albums; but I just now discovered one that I don't have ...... Busy Bee Cafe. I am gonna keep searching and searching for it. Love that Hillbilly Music.

Danny Meadows, Charleston, SC March 5, 2002
Oh, What A Silent Night.

Harlan Howard passed away yesterday.....Marty wrote that great song with him 8 years ago.

Judy Simonton February 25, 2002
Went to the Opry and the Midnite Jamboree over the weekend and really had a great time. I had never had the opportunity to go to the Opry at the Ryman, so that was a thrill in itself. Then, to make things even better, my two favorites did a duet together!!!! That was so great!!!! I've wanted to hear them sing together for such a long time and thought they did a fantastic job.

The Midnite Jamboree was fun, once I got over the "sardine in a can" feeling!! Being somewhat claustrophobic, I didn't love that part, but the show was well worth the big of suffering I had to endure. Actually, I got very lucky. A nice man who was in front of me realized how short I am and let me stand in front of him. That put me right in front of the stage!!! WOW!! I NEVER get lucky like that, so I am eternally grateful to that gentleman!!!

Connie and Marty were absolutely adorable, as usual. Connie just gets prettier every time I see her and what can you say about Marty???? He's the best!!!!!

Sharon Rupert, Johnson City, TN February 24, 2002
Just got home from the Opry. Marty and Earl were great with the young boy named Trey. Marty is just great for inviting this kid to sing with him. Who else would do something like this? I am just one of his biggest fans.

Mel Dorsey February 24, 2002
Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed seeing Marty, Earl, Ricky and the rest picking together last night. That song, "Who Will Sing For Me" brought back memories of the Foggy Mountain Boys so much. Earl never missed a lick on the guitar and the harmony was great. Thanks so much for a special night.

Susan Munro, Jeddo, MI February 23, 2002
Just finished watching the Opry. I really enjoyed hearing Marty and Connie sing together. They sounded great! Wish they would sing together more often. Great Opry tonight as was last week's tribute to Waylon.

Fred Haraldson February 20, 2002
I like his music a lot, particularly the album "This One's Gonna Hurt You", and I would like to thank him! We used that album to set the sound levels for our own CD. I'm in a band -- a new band called "JW Warren and Open Road" and we just made our first CD (recorded it ourselves) and I think it is music along the same vein as Marty Stuart's music (well.. . . .) It is real music from the heart. At any rate the band agreed that his music is what country music actually should sound like.

Juanita Hardin February 19, 2002
I just wanted to say that it seems like forever since I last saw Marty. You see, I met him for the first time about 7 years ago when I won this trip to meet him from Louisville, KY. I and a guest got to go to a Marty Party taping. Jerry Lee Lewis and Steve Earle were there. It was great but a long day and I wouldn't have missed it for nothing. After that I joined the fan club and have been in it ever since. I don't guess I will get to see him again till fan fair. He is always so nice and never changes, and I love Connie to death. She is just great.

Dale Sheasley, Tyrone, PA February 9, 2002

Three-day weekend with Marty. Donna and I left 8 a.m. Friday morning and arrived around 4 that afternoon in Raleigh, NC. Found a motel got cleaned up and got a bite to eat. Found the Longbranch Saloon and got in line around 7 p.m. They open the doors at 8. The people in front of us got bar stools and put them in front of the stage. We got in front of Brad. Marty came out on stage around 10:45. It was a honky tonk place right down Marty's alley. After the first song, Gregg spotted us, gave a nod and a big smile. And of course Marty acted up a little, Made a face at my wife and, of course, she obliged. What a show. He had meet and greet -- no PICS. They were in a hurry; had to get to Maryland. We waited out at the bus until they left.

The next morning we were on our way to Rams Head in MD. Arrived around 4 p.m. Pat Johnson, Margie Brodmerkle, and Ellie Viscione and, oh yes, Pat's sister Colleen. Found a motel, cleaned up, and got a bite to eat. Went to the Rams Head. The whole gang was there. After all the hugs, we chatted awhile They open the doors. It only held about 150 people. The first show started around 7. He sang "Rocket Ship" which is one of Donna's favorite and "Long Black Veil" which is mine. Plus all of the others songs that are great. He played his mandolin and what a great job. He had meet and greet. When we got up to him I told him he made his mandolin talk. His comment was, "Do you think?" I said, "Yes you did." The second show was just as great as the first. After the meet and greet, back to the motel. I couldn't get to sleep. Wonder why.

The next morning to find the Birchmere, We arrived around 10:30 a.m. and there were two people in line, so we asked them. Why so early? It's general admission and when they open the doors to let you in they give you a number. Once inside, after about an hour they called our number. We were the second ones in and we got left front center. No PICS while the show was going on. It held about 500 and it was full. So after the show I went out and got the cameras for meet and greet. Yes, the show was great. After all the hugs, we wished everyone a safe trip home. We left for home also. Oh yes, Marty thanked us for going to see him in NC and also that he loved us. What a guy. Nashville wake up! So that's 4 more shows that we can add to our list which, by the way, is 340 plus. We saw Marty for the first time in 1989 and we knew then he was the one that we were going to follow. Down to earth and friendly. Can't wait till the next show. His #1 & #2 Fans Dale & Donna

Mary Jo Bumpus, Woodbridge, VA February 3, 2002
My husband and I throughly enjoyed Marty and the Cowboys that night. We also enjoyed Connie's daughter Jodi. Marty was fantastic, but I may be prejudice because my most favorite singer in this whole wide world is Marty Stuart and I find him also to be the sexiest man alive. This show was fantastic with a packed audience who enjoyed him and the music wasn't so loud and you could hear and understand every word that Marty sang and said. All seats in the Birchmere are good seats and the performers can be seen very well without watching them from a TV camera. When I have to watch from a TV camera, personally I'd rather be watching from the comfort at home on my 60-inch television.

Peter Bruce January 30, 2002
Fantastic show in Washington, DC, 1/27, to a packed house at the Birchmere! A great mix of rockabilly and roots, with a sublime sound system that lets you hear every note and understand every word. It was a reintroduction for me -- the last time I saw Marty perform in person, he was 12 years old, providing most of the energy in Lester Flatt's band. I talked my way past Marty to get Lester to sign an original copy of "Foggy Mountain Jamboree" (Flatt & Scruggs). The opening Birchmere show -- Last Train Home -- was really great too. Be sure to catch them if they ever come your way.

Pat Johnson, New Milford, CT January 29, 2002
I just attended my 233rd Marty Stuart concert this weekend. I wanted to share my wonderful weekend with everyone. I also would like to say that Marty seems just the same as he has in all the other concerts. The music was wonderful. Marty and the band sounded perfect. Marty played the mandolin like an angel. All the words sounded fine to me. It was so wonderful to hear the music again. It has been a long dry spell for me. Marty looked rested and just as gorgeous as always. It sounds like he has some great plans in the works. I attended 3 shows and Marty met with fan club members after each show. He posed for pictures and signed autographs for all of us. By the way his hair is growing longer again. It was just like old times and I had the greatest time. I got to meet up with lots of old friends also. Kind of like a family reunion with lots of great entertainment.

Jeff Wilkins January 29, 2002

Had a great "Marty Party" weekend! Got to see both shows and they were awesome! The Rams Head show was a little more intimate and laid back, but the Birchmere show was just as special. He spent more time talking to the audience and telling stories at the Birchmere. And his step-daughter (Connie's daughter, Jodi Leigh) even came up to sing a song she wrote! She seemed very nervous and the sound wasn't quite right, but it was great. It was a very pretty song and she has a beautiful voice. (she was really cute too! not sure how old she is...if she's under 18 I apologize in advance for being a dirty old man...but, if she is over 18, somebody introduce me!)

I was kind of expecting/hoping Travis would come out, since he was in town that weekend...but I guess we will have to wait for the "No Hats Tour 2" (wouldn't that be great!).

I am really looking forward to the Johnny Cash tribute album coming out soon. I would love to have a CD where it is just Marty doing all his favorite Cash songs...I think he does them better than Johnny did! I especially loved his versions of "Long Black Veil" and "Train of Love". Marty's next CD should be great as well, but we probably have to wait a year or so for that...he's too busy with soundtracks and producing these days.

I just joined the fan club, so hopefully I will hear in advance the next time he is coming to the Rams Head, or anywhere in the area. I would love to see him from the front row/table. I'm so glad he is doin these small really shows his integrity to the music and the fans. The big, commercial arena shows have their place and I enjoy them as well, but I am glad Marty is beyond that and can see the value of playing small venues.

That's all for now...take care and keep the Marty Party going!

Debra Wyatt, Forest Hill, MD January 28, 2002
Saw Marty & The Rock n Roll Cowboys on 1/26/02. Poor Marty looked like he wasn't feelin' well, BUT he did put on a GREAT SHOW as usual & DID meet his FANS. The band was also GREAT & they were very sociable. It was a great time BUT I do feel bad that Marty was so under the weather. THANKS TO U 4 putting on a GREAT SHOW anyway. U guys ROCKED!!! Loved the different types, but 1 ? y don't u do "Mississippi Mudcat"? I really think it would be a hit. It's got that bluesy, sexy, make-me-wanna-move music. No "Burn Me Down." Everyone missed that. I heard talk after the show. Just a reminder, I know U can't do them all. But U'r version of "Long Black Veil," it is just tooo good. U really get down on that song. Don't ever leave that 1 out. Anyway, just wanted 2 show my appreciation. We will make sure that, that will be a regular stop. U have left a everlasting impression. Hope 2 C U guys real soon. 1 of U'r Top Fans

Holly January 28, 2002
Well, it's been almost 5 years since I've seen Marty. Last time was at the Capital Music Hall, Wheeling, West-by-God-Virginia, in May of '97. To have him at the Ram's Head in my hometown was not to be believed. The most wonderful part of the whole evening.... was meeting people in the crowd who 1) went to the 1st show, not even knowing who Marty Stuart was, then walking right out to the front door and buying tickets to the 2nd show, they liked him so much. 2) bringing some friends who didn't know Marty Stuart, but who are IN LOVE w/'ole skinny britches now!! Got some good shots w/my new digital camera and as soon as I figure out how to e-mail 'em will send on to fan page for posting. He was in FINE shape. I think he really liked the room, and (hope, hope) will be returning sometime soon. Didn't get to speak to Marty, (my fault, not his) but will at next show. But, God, it was a little strange without Gary.... haven't dealt with that till now. It was so removed, without seeing a show. But have good memories, and know he's watching all of the gang. Love to all of the Marty Mafia, (you know who you are!).

Sears January 27, 2002
Just got back from the show (Rams Head Tavern). Have been a fan since I first heard "Burn Me Down" 10 years ago, but my first time seeing Marty live. And wouldn't you know Travis Tritt was here in DC last night (which I didn't know about until last minute, else I'd have done 2 shows this weekend), and Marty started joking about him on stage, and I think he got everybody half-thinking TT would come out for "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'," but no such luck.

Dan Werbicki January 20, 2002
Just seen Marty Stuart in concert tonight!
Boy what a show. 1-1/2 hours of nonstop entertainment. Played some Bluegrass, some stuff off his Pilgrim CD, and some Johnny Cash. Had his traditional famous Telecaster and, of course, his custom Martin HD40MS and his old Mandolin with signatures of just about anyone in country music. This was the first time I seen him as a headlining act besides seeing him before with Johnny Cash. A top-notch musician and entertainer. If you're into country and would like a great show---go see him. I even caught one his signature guitar picks. He uses Fender mediums by the way. I had front row seats and only 5 feet away from him. I was literally on the edge of the stage.

Debbie Hunter January 20, 2002
Just saw Marty last night at McPhillips Street Station Casino in Winnipeg, MB. What a super show. He is a classy performer. He's also pretty funny. Of course, it was one of the coldest days here this winter. Up until then, it has been a beautiful winter, for us!! Anyways, I'm sure the warm reception he received warmed him up. I do hope Marty returns to our fair city some day. Thank you for a great evening Marty!

Bette January 19, 2002
Marty is in WInnipeg this week. His show last night was fantastic. It is a little cool up here -- minus 10 celcius, and he is having some difficulty adjusting. But inside McPhillips Street station his show was "hot". Sold out shows both nights. We are all so pleased he accepted the offer to appear.
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