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Elizabeth Podosky, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada December 17, 2001
We are thrilled that Marty will be appearing in Winnipeg at the McPhillips Street Station Casino. It is a small, intimate setting for about 400. Excellent venue and it should be a sell-out for both shows. I have been to three shows to see him and it is always a exciting and fast-paced show. Just found your website and it is very good.

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY December 16, 2001
I am a huge Marty Stuart fan. Have been since 1992, and will be in the fan club (when I renew it January 2002) nine years. Marty has sure "been there" for me with his music (CDs and cassettes I have) and all of the stuff I have taped off TV of him! I appreciate Marty so much. This Holiday Season is near and, since some personal matters last year, the Holiday Season can be depressing for me. Seems more this year, though. I try to think of MARTY, and the times I have seen him this past year (2001) and it really cheers me up.

Glenda Bryan, Gainesville, FL December 8, 2001
I caught my first Marty Stuart show last night at House of Blues at Lake Buena Vista, FL. First, I must say, I was shocked at the poor turn out of fans at the show. There were probably only 200-300 or so people there but we were a very lucky 300! Marty and the band played with as much heart as if they were in a much bigger arena. The band was tight & the show was great! I was disappointed that no bluegrass was played and Marty only picked the mandolin for one number...but the show was good and I'll be Hillbilly Rockin' with Marty again the next time he passes my way!

Marianne Hancock, Reidsville, NC December 2, 2001
Awesome show last night! Marty & the Rock n Roll Cowboys rocked! It was a small gig. He follwed a minor league hockey game. He joked about "freezing his butt off" and sang some great tunes. It may have been small, but it was the best show I've ever seen. I got Marty, Gregg, Steve & Brad's autographs on my Pilgrim CD. Truly nice guys. Thought I saw Connie sitting offstage watching.

Joyce Porterfield December 1, 2001

Ok, I had not planned to jump into this frey over the McDonough show, but some of the comments made have really infuriated me.

I was present for the show. It was obvious that is was poorly organized and that the efforts of the promoter and the people running the venue were lacking. I met the gentleman and his wife who were working the VIP table, and they were really nice. Although the "buffet dinner and table seating" I was led to believe I was getting when I bought the tickets from the promoter turned out to be BBQ and first come, first serve folding chair seating - the BBQ was delicious and I was ready to see Marty.

After the announcement was made that there was a problem about Marty getting paid, many people got up and left. As the two-and-a-half hour wait progressed, several other people got frustrated and left because their was still no Marty. My friends and I stayed. I figured as long as Marty was still there, I would wait. The duo of Christan and Durand were real troopers to stay and perform again with the audience calling for Marty.

For those of you who made derogatory comments about Marty, all I can say is "shame on you". Having met the man and having had the opportunity to be around him on many occasions, I KNOW FOR A FACT that he is a man who cares about his fans and is one of the most down-to-earth people I have ever met. You can't say that about most entertainers. Marty is NOT all about money, he is a working entertainer who has a band, crew and expenses to pay. He shouldn't be expected to go ahead and play and "work it out later". I don't blame him at all for wanting the money before he performed. How many of you would work not knowing if your employer was going to pay you or not ? Not many I assure you !

I regret that some of you held Marty responsible for what happened, you should place your blame where it lies - on the promoter and the operators of the venue. They could have made the show a success, but they failed. Marty was not at fault, he had a contractual agreement (with the promoter, I believe) to play this show and he couldn't very well expect his people to work and then send them home with no pay.

I am proud to be a Marty fan, and the McDonough show has not changed my opinion of him one iota! He is a great entertainer, and one heck of a nice man. I applaud him for staying and putting on a great show in spite of the situation! This Georgia fan still loves ya, Marty!!!

Sherry Cook, McDonough, GA November 30, 2001

Yes, I was also one of the locals who was looking forward to seeing Marty in McDonough. My friend (who came in from Charlotte for the concert) and I got there early to make sure we got a good seat in the VIP section. Of course, the doors opened late. We did get a good seat because they had over-stocked the chairs in the VIP section (great expectations). I had bought my tickets ($45 each) at Peachtree Peddlers the 2nd day they were on sale. We were ready for Marty!! As members of the Fan Club, we were looking forward to extending a welcome to our little town. We were also thrilled about the meet and greet.

Our joy soon turned to disappointment as the night grew longer. We did enjoy Christian/Durand (more the 2nd time than the 1st) and Wet Willie. The "sponsors" of the show got about 20 commercial mentions rather than 10. The "dead" time is what killed the show. If we had been kept informed as to what was really going on, we would have at least felt better about it. It was freezing in the room. The only door out the back was a garage size door that stayed up the whole time.

I certainly do not blame Marty or the Cowboys for anything that went wrong that night. They were there and ready. I wouldn't work for FREE or for a promise either. He not only has to look out for his interests, but has to pay his band and support staff. They would not be in music if they didn't love it, but loving it doesn't pay the power bill. It should have been very clear to the Event Centre management from the beginning exactly what the payment terms of contracting Marty were. He has been in business long enough that I am sure he has been "screwed" on a promise to be paid later or has received checks that bounced or that had a stop-payment. I totally trust that he did what he felt he needed to do. It was a very unfortunate situation.

We did stay til the end although if I had known how things would progress, I certainly would have taken an afternoon nap! I do agree with a previous writer that Marty showed alot of class in not "bumping" Christian/Durand off the stage in the middle of their song, but played "backup" for them. Once he got on stage, he put on a top notch show. It was absolutely wonderful and I got some great pictures. I, too, was disappointed that we didn't get to have the meet and greet, but when he finished, it was almost 1:30 A.M.!! We felt lucky that we got the concert! Long live Marty!!

We will buy tickets to see him again and will support his fan club and other endeavors more than ever.

As a resident of McDonough and Henry County, GA, I would like to apologize for the way the evening turned out. Hopefully, if you pass through our town for another occasion, you will not have all bad memories.

Elizabeth Stone, Seattle, WA November 29, 2001

Dear Todd,

Marty Stuart is one of Country Music's GREATEST assets......but let's remember it's the COUNTRY MUSIC BUSINESS... business... the oppurative word there.. Marty Stuart puts his pants on the same as you... the next time you work for free.. you be sure and let me know.. I'll give ya' a call.. you kin come work for me for free.. :) God Bless you,

Rosalie Keough, Export, PA November 26, 2001
I am a huge fan of Marty and I just happened to be reading all of this stuff on here. Although I was not present at this event that everyone is talking about, I will speak on behalf of Marty. There is probably no other artist out there who is as wonderful as Marty Stuart is. This man treats everyone like they are his best friend.. He is full of class and love and a very caring man. While I was at his fan club party in Nashville this past year, Marty came up alongside of me and took my hand and starting talking and walking along with me. Just as I am sure he did to many of his other fans. You tell me how many other artist would do that? I have nothing but respect for Marty and I always will. Obviously, some of you don't seem to really know him at all. If you get the chance to know him better, you would be defending him too. Marty I love you!!!

Wayne Watkins November 26, 2001
Just a little more regarding McDonough...I'm originally from Atlanta, I live in Maryland now. I went to McDonough in October for my Mom's 80th birthday and saw the billboard of Marty. When I got back to Maryland, I called Peddlers and got 2 VIP tickets. I flew back to Atlanta on Friday, the day they closed the Atlanta airport, so I sat in Baltimore for 5 hours. Nevertheless got to Mom's at 9:30 p.m. We got all dressed up for the show and off we went. First I had to get her up 2 flights of stairs, but the bar-b-que was delicious! It was chilly in rhe building, but we were ready for Marty. We finally left at 10:30 thinking he was not going to appear. We would have stayed forever if we thought we had a chance to see him! I'm disappointed, but I'll see him in Annapolis, Maryland on January 26th! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sue Remmy, Cincinnati, OH November 26, 2001

I am addressing my comments to Todd Annis who states that Marty should remember where he came from as to having blue-collar roots. I suggest that Mr. Annis do his homework regarding Mr. Stuart and he would find out that he has been a musician all his life and that has been his only means of employment. Marty Stuart is not a pop country wanna be come along lately. He has been in Nashville and country music since he was 13 years old.

Mr. Annis, come to Nashville and go to The Country Music Hall of Fame, get to know Marty Stuart and you will see that he pays for his own designer boots and the boots and memorabilia of many other country superstars.

Don't open your mouth if you can't fit your own boot inside it!

Shelby Jean Gootee, Nashville, TN November 25, 2001

To Those of You Who Decided to Blame Marty for the Fiasco in Georgia:

I'm not sure how many of you have ever worked for "nothing", but let me tell you, it's no picnic! I've just changed jobs after one I had "MAY" pay me every three weeks, if at all, and never what was owed. I also had to wonder if the check would bounce. Marty DOES care about his fans, always has, always will. If only you knew how much he DOES do for his fans, and the folks of Nashville, the Country Music business, etc! He won't brag, but I will, because I know! Marty and Connie, plus Marty's family, are some of the dearest, most caring people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I consider them family and am proud to do so! Take a look around and see how many stars still have meet and greets....not very many! Marty still does whenever possible. To blame Marty is insane, and those who do need to put themselves in his boots.....I love him and would have stayed ALL night if need be!!!!! And I, too, had breast cancer.....but would have stayed.....maybe not for anyone else, but for him, anything! He's loyal, and so am I!

Steve Bushell, Hampton, GA November 25, 2001
Bob: Please don't make accusations without knowing all the facts. Did you every bother to ask why there was so much confusion at the door??? And as I remember, we had no complaints at the time the people were coming in the door. Just because you are mad at the concert people don't assume that we all were involved in the rip-off. You have no right to chastise the door people at the VIP section, (my wife and myself). Please before sending your comments to this site make sure you DO know the facts and not blame people who knew there was a problem and tried to help out to make your night (yes, your night Bob) enjoyable.

Bob Ethridge November 23, 2001

I was at the McDonough show and am a resident here. I am embarassed for Henry Co. and McDonough, GA. The fans should remember that none of us do our jobs for free, and that Marty has to pay the band, bus driver, technicians etc........Our problem is with Peactree Peddlers and the Showcase event center. I have never been to an event handled so poorly. I will never set foot in the place again and would encourage locals not to shop there. Besides being an eyesore, concessions and door people had no clue what they were doing. Persons ripped off by the Event Center should contact the Georgia Governors Office of Consumer Affairs. They have the power to enforce proper behavior of the management at Peachtree Peddlers.

Marty did a great show, as did Christian/Durand and Wet Willie. Marty, thanks for waiting as I did for the goofballs who ran this show to finally pay you. I know they knew the payment requirements when they booked your show. I called Peachtree Peddlers and, of course, they are trying to blame the promoter, I know my tickets were bought at Peachtree Peddlers. Their sign was the only advertising I saw for the show. They are completely responsible for this mess.

Judy Trickett, Murfreesboro, TN November 23, 2001

I've read where some people are putting Marty down because of what happen at McDonough GA. it is not his fault and he shouldn't be put down the way some aredoing. He is not, as some called him, ALMIGHTY MR. STUART. Marty will speak to you any where he sees you.

I know that for a fact. I saw him in May at Owensboro, KY. I was sitting in a cafe in the building where the show to take place eating while waiting for time for the show. Marty walked through and spoke to me and my friend Evie Totty that was with me.

Steve Bushell, Hampton, GA November 23, 2001

This is to thank all the folks that came out to McDonough, GA. I just wanted to let everyone know my side of this mess and yes it was a mess. I was looking forward to the concert as I had never seen Marty, but had heard a lot about him. My wife and I were called on Friday afternoon telling us the caterers had backed out (my wife was one of the sponsors of this concert and she put up over $1,000.00 to have commercials on the local cable channels, etc.) so, not knowing anything was wrong, we went and bought 20 lbs of cole slaw like we were asked.

On Saturday afternoon instead of going to the races (my first passion), we got dressed up and headed over around 4 p.m. to the concert site. When we walked in the door, to my surprise, the stage was all ready, the sound was all ready, BUT, no place for people to sit ..... Myself and one other man were ask if we would help set up chairs, so we agreed. So two guys and two young girls (teenagers) set up 1,000 chairs in less than an hour. Where was my wife you ask? She was asked to help out with parking so out she went to the roadside to sell parking spots. I finally got the chairs done and in comes my wife with the promoter and they wanted us to do the vip tickets. We did this till after the first act was done and then I had enough. We went to enjoy the concert.

We missed the first act, but did enjoy the Wet Willie Band and waiting for Marty, after waiting one hour the promoter came and got my wife and then they left suddenly through a side door. Next thing I know is the police are walking around with her and I went to find out what happened. Then the story of the money disappearing was told to me. After numerous trips to Marty's bus and back to the office about 3 hours later things were finally settled and he had agreed to come on, but it would take an hour or so to get ready. We were so mad at this time we didn't stay. We left and got a phone call about an hour later that he was performing. We do not know how, when, or IF he got paid, but he did come on. And for that. I thank Marty and his band .

Just to let y'all know who we are if you remember the only two people there working that looked like they should be working at a concert then that's us. I had a black cowboy hat and black and white shirt (ruined now because of setting up chairs) and my wife was wearing a nice vest and jeans (dressed to the hilt also). We were at the VIP table (yes, in this case, VIP may mean VERY INSULTING PREDICAMENT).

Anyway I want thank all the people for coming. I met some of the nicest people that he has for fans. I just want to ask you not to blame Marty for the delay, but you can blame the "Boss Lady" of the event center ...

Deanna Stevens, Chino, CA November 23, 2001
I just want to address all the comments about the Georgia show! Yes many fans were disappointed, but we must all remember something -- THIS IS MARTY"S JOB!!!! I know I would not be at my place of employment if I knew I was not to be paid for my day's work. Perhaps the blame should fall on the venue for not ensuring they had the funds to pay the contract. I have been to a show that was canceled at the last minute also, and yes there is a feeling of disappointment but, in this instance, Marty did his best. He did stay while they attempted to get the funds. Many artists would not have done that! Just my two cents worth.....

Heather Marshall, Wheatfield, IN November 19, 2001

Hi! I just wanted to say that I have been lucky enough this year to see Marty twice so far!! I saw him in Nashville, Indiana on August 18th and in Chicago, Illinois on November 2nd. Both shows were excellent and I had a great time! I have talked to Marty after both shows and he is always so sweet. He deserves so much more credit and radio time than he gets. It was sad that he didn't get more time on the CMA awards. He deserves the best in life! I wish him well and I hope that he continues his musical career for many more years! He really needs to get a Christmas CD out! :-)

Also I would like to say a BIG thank-you to his band and Les! Keep up the great work. Thanks again for everything! I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday season.

Rose Glatowski November 21, 2001
After all the mix-up at the McDonough show on November 17, Marty came through like the champ he is. Instead of chasing the talented Christian/Durand off the stage in the middle of their song, he and his band graciously joined them. What a thrill for the girls and everyone there. We stayed till the very end and enjoyed every minute.

Carol and Jim Kaleialoha, McDonough, GA November 19, 2001
November 17, 2001 in McDonough, Georgia was a real bummer. Waited all night for Marty to perform. Never showed. We could have been home sitting on our soft sofas instead of those hard chairs at Peachtree Peddlers Showcase Event Centre.

Beth and Pat November 19, 2001
We drove the 45 minutes to the venue in McDonough and were shocked by the venue. There was no heat, folding chairs (nicely lined up), and basically an empty, vast warehouse. We were told that tickets were $9, by Ticketmaster, yet at the door we had to pay $19. After the two opening acts finished, we waited an hour, freezing, and surrounded by families and the elderly for Marty to appear. There were no announcements and MANY angry audience members. We finally left at 10 o'clock. It was disappointing also because the promoter stated how happy he was to have this show at that venue, and that he hoped it would be the start of something good. Well, I know we will not return there. (Even the opening acts got treated poorly, having to sign CD's at a folding table by the bathrooms in the back). Furthermore, they should have ADVERTISED this concert! We also feel Marty should have played for us and gotten his money later, or notified us of what was going on, if he was such a loyal performer. We feel the worst for the children and older folks in the audience!

Vickie Beaudeau November 19, 2001
I took My 70-year-old Mother and my 20-year-old daughter to the McDonough show and we left because we were told Marty would not be appearing because of technical difficulties, so we left. Apparently the facilities found the money to pay him so the 100 loyal fans that stayed were lucky. Can you imagine playing for 100 people. We all deserved better. Shame on the civic center for being so tacky... Thanks Marty for being loyal to your fans and sorry we missed you. My Mother was front row center. it would have been a dream come true!!!!

I was very disapponted the way the concert was handled. My Boss spent $1,500.00 for our tickets and I was so excited because My Mother who is a really big fan, as well as myself being raised on old and new country, but my daughter came along as well... That I thought was amazing three generations in my family together to see Marty Stuart perform. We had VIP passes to meet Marty afterwards. My Mother all dolled up looking so sweet her little friend Miss Ann there too. To be told No Marty...

My Mother was so disappointed, she wanted to leave immediately.. We did.. No one said he may perform.. I am afraid I have conflicted feelings on the matter.. Is money more important than the fans... I understand that the man has to be paid but 3 hours to wait is much too long to ask fans to wait. And if you are going to make a stand you either perform or leave not wait for someone to come up with the money while people are leaving.

I understand it was not all his fault, however he does have a responsibility to the fans ours was to the tune of $1,500.00. I did not get my money's worth and my poor old mother....... well that's not right.

Not sure I'm still a fan or not.

Todd Annis, Newnan, GA November 19, 2001

I paid good money to see Marty Stuart on November 17 of this year at the Showcase Center in McDonough, Georgia. For my money, I got to see two girls sing first, then the Wet Willie Band. The Wet Willie Band was great but, I know everyone paid their money to see Marty Stuart. Mr. Marty decided not to come out of his trailer because the venue did not raise enough money. Has country music gone the same path as Pro Sports. Everything is about money. The now ex-fans (myself included) were denied a chance to see someone they, at one time, looked up to because of money. The concert could have gone on and the venue could have been sued or whatever to straighten out the money situation later. The fans had NOTHING to do with the ALMIGHTY MR STUART getting his precious money. The people that were there paid their money and got nothing in return. It may not have been many people at the show, but they WERE loyal fans. It is such a shame that someone has to be so money hungry that he FORGETS who actually pays for his nice cars, homes, and new boots. In case you forgot, it is the FAN. Without fans, you might as well sing on your back porch.

Country music has always been the working blue collar man’s music. It is just too bad that some of the former working men that made it big in country music forgot where they came from and what got them where they are.

Judy Simonton November 19, 2001

I'm sure there is nothing new I can add to the Georgia. show fiasco!! All I can say is 'God Bless Marty' for sticking around and doing a WONDERFUL show. We fans were naturally upset about what happened, but just think how Marty felt? He came to put on a show, not to be stuck in the middle of a mess like that!!!

As for me, I doubt that I will ever attend another show there. The tickets I had ordered in October still hadn't arrived on the Wednesday before the show. When I FINALLY got in touch with a real person, they were all apologetic and "just couldn't figure out" what could have happened. They promised to have tickets waiting for me, and they did, but I was also told that the reason I never got the tickets I ordered (and had been charged for on my credit card!) had never been mailed! I must admit I had a bad feeling about the place right then. Anyway, even though we were cheated out of the meet and greet that the VIP tickets promised us, the show was great and Marty was VERY WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!

Denise Samples, Stockbridge, GA November 18, 2001

Well, I was at the concert (that almost wasn't) last evening. What a bust. Christian Durand opened up and then the Wet Willie Band played. Well it was time for Marty and, an hour later, it was still time for Marty. A few minutes later, a man came on stage and announced they were having technical one was on the stage with the equipment. Well, people were getting very restless by this time. A few minutes passed and a gentleman appeared on the stage (Arthur Breckenridge, whom we were told is Marty's cousin.) We thought he was kidding. He said, "There is only enough money in the cash box for only about 30 people to have paid" and he really wasn't making much sense. He left the stage, but there was never an announcement made as to if Marty was playing or not.

People starting leaving and they were hot. The people in front of us were involved with the promotional people some how. Anyway, they said the lady that owned the place took her money off the top for the concessions and she left. There was not enough money to pay Marty...that was the technical problem. No announcement was ever made. This is a fairly new place and they want to start having concerts there. This was the first one and they wanted a big name, so this Art fellow got his cousin Marty. It was about 10:30, so we left. On the way out, my friend, Pam said, "Let's drive around and see if he is still here." We saw his bus and he was standing inside. When we turned the car around and started to leave, a guard told us we could go back inside if we wanted to because they got it worked out and Marty would be on stage in about 30 minutes. So, we went back inside.

Christian Durand came back on and, finally, at 12:00 midnight, Marty and Cowboys hit the stage. He was great. By this time, there was less than 150 people. He wanted everyone to have a good time. He played for about an hour...all old music except for one song. It was great. That is the first time I've seen since July 4, 1999 at Dollywood. The tickets were $45.00 for dinner, show, and post meet'n'greet. Well, there was no meet'n'greet. The people that handled this really screwed up. I don't think there will be anymore concerts in McDonough. I'll let you know if there is anything in the paper about it. I felt really bad for Marty. No one can blame Marty, it was the venue's fault.

Olivia November 18, 2001
Hi from Atlanta. Last evening I was looking forward to seeing Marty in concert (south of Atlanta --) the first time I have been out for some time. It took a lot for me to go. Everyone said it would be fun. OH IT WAS!!! HA HA!!! After having breast cancer, I did not need to sit in a cold building from 6:30 to 10:30 waiting BUT I DID. After a while a man came on to tell everyone (as he was laughing and smiling) that someone took the money from the door. You could not tell if he was for real, as it turned out he was. I was with the group from the bank that had VIP tickets paid up front by the bank. I like others would like to know what happened. Oh yes the tickets and being able to meet Marty was a wedding gift. As my husband is an entertainer and songwriter, I understand how this could happen. I guess I will have to wait to see Marty in Nashville. We would like to know if Marty was really there.

Maria November 18, 2001

Marty was 3 hours late performing because of some "technical" difficulties - the venue was having a hard time coming up with the cash to pay Marty. Just want to let any fans who were at the show in McDonough GA on 11/17 know that we got scammed. We charged tickets by phone and were told at the door the card didn't go through - we paid cash for tickets at the door and low and behold they HAD charged my account 11/13! So someone was having a good time with our extra cash (and Marty's)! If you did have the same problem - fight it with your credit card company and the venue.

There were about 100 people still there and he and the Rock and Roll Cowboys were great. We expected to see more of Marty's fan base there but we don't think it was advertised at all. Never miss an opportunity to see Marty - he's better than ever and sounds great!

Elizabeth Stone, Seattle, WA November 16, 2001
I stayed up till 12:30 a.m. and saw Marty on Letterman. Man, it was great! They shounded so good! It was funny, though. After their song, Marty was in the shot with David and I was soooo sure Marty was gonna jump outta his skin and say something about the Country Music Hall of Fame. Ha! He was so close to the mic.....and the look on his face. It was funny.

Roc October 23, 2001
I saw Marty in concert about two weeks ago at an outdoor concert. His band consisted of Steve on bass, Brad on guitar and Gregg on drums, and (of course), Marty on guitar. It was a great show. I would have killed to have had a video camera with me.

Rosalie Keough, Export, PA October 15, 2001
Wow, that's all I can say. Marty did a fine job with producing this CD. I don't have one CD by Billy Bob Thornton, since I knew that Marty produced this I had to have it in my musical library. It is rather unique to say the least. Although the more I listen to it I am really starting to love it. "Angelina" is totally awesome. I love that song!! "He Is A Friend of Mine" is probably one of the best that I have heard. Marty and Brad do that song justice. To hear the Rock and Roll Cowboys on this CD is like heaven. I can't wait for Marty to come out with a new CD. Country music isn't country without you guys. Come back soon we love you!!! Marty and the Cowboys should be so proud of "Private Radio". I soon am in need of a Marty and the Rock and Roll Cowboys fix.

Ray Webb October 12, 2001

Just a note to say "HI"...sittin' here, finishin' my show on K95.5 FM, in Tulsa, OK...listening to "I Want a Woman" off of "Tempted"...reminded me of old times when I played Marty on the radio...some of the best times of my life revolved around Marty concerts and music...

Hope all Marty fans everywhere are doing great, and getting out to support him whenever he comes close to your area.

Sandra September 28, 2001
I just looked at this today. Turns out Connie's birthday is the same as my wonderful Godmother, Grace. Seems like a nice birthday for a woman to me - I just LOVED her!

Sharon Klug, Fort Worth, Texas September 26, 2001
Hello. I just found your page and think it is fantastic. I'm blind and can't see the pics but the news is wonderful. I saw Marty and the band at Billy Bob's a couple of weeks ago. It was a wonderful show and was very glad to meet with Marty again. He says that he remembers me and I always get a hug. I sure did miss Gary though. It was very sad. I've been a fan since 1989 but didn't join the fan club until 1992 or 1993. I hope to go to the fan club party some day. That is my dream vacation.

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY September 8, 2001

Well another night ended with some more wonderful memories of Marty Stuart. This night in Clarskville, Tennessee at the Museum. I saw Marty in a black suit, white shirt, pink tie, and black cowboy boots. What a gorgeous man he is. Even spent time with "Mama", Connie, Jennifer, Jodee, and Shelby Jean. Talked with Sherry Mattioli also!

But, getting a big bear hug from Marty, was the best. And then getting my picture taken with him in that suit and tie. That has been my wish for a long time, and I got it!

Darlene Renteria, Ringling, OK August 31, 2001

Our little town rested peacefully under a fluffy sky of various grays and blues, as my mother made her way up the walk. She was hours into her regular routine, which includes bringing in my mail. In the stack of envelopes of assorted shapes, colors, and sizes, was a certified letter with the return address of Serena Williams. My first thought was ... "why would a famous tennis star be writing to me?"

With trembling hands, I gently tore open the envelope. Two rectangular 2x6-inch tickets fluttered down and landed haphazardly on my desk. My heart began beating wildly when I saw the words "MARTY STUART" printed across the front. My tickets had arrived!!!

Joy erupted within me in a multitude of ways. Tears, laughter, and that "all over giddy feeling" quickly erased all the problems and hard times I've recently been forced to endure. With the sudden desire to whoop and holler I started out of my chair to issue forth a loud "YEEEEHAWWWWW" when my back gave a sharp jab, reminding me that I would do no such thing.

It was at this time I realized I could very well explode if I didn't find a release for all this sudden build up of elated energy! I couldn't "jump for joy,' that could very well be my last leap of faith. I couldn't get up and dance a jig, that could put me on the floor. I couldn't shout for joy, that might scare poor Mickey, and she does have a heart condition. I studied this dilemma as the energy grew and threatened to consume me from within. Then it came to me!

Awww ... so simple an answer! Smile! Just smile! The corners of my mouth began to turn up, as my lips stretched further and further across my face.

Now my heart feels light, my spirit free, and I have a smile on my face a sharp slap couldn't remove!
Just a few more days and I'll get to see Marty!!! Also ... my husband and I get to share the table with an artist, perhaps a DJ, and a tennis star! What a night this will be!

I'll still be grinning, no doubt.

Sherry's Note: I'm sure you can tell Darlene is an accomplished writer, not to mention a true fan of Marty's. Check out Darlene's review from Billy Bob's on September 7, 2001

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY August 25, 2001

Well, another concert has came and gone. Friday August 17, 2001, Marty & The Rock'N'Roll Cowboys in Gray, TN. This is another far trip I have made to see Marty in concert -- 8 hours from my hometown here in Mayfield, KY. I had an excellent time. I was at both shows. Marty did his meet'n'greet between shows, and I got a hug and he let me give him a kiss on the cheek. Marty has been really sweet and nice to me since he has been touring again, as he always was before. He lets me hug him and give him kisses without me asking him! Thanks for the big hugs Marty, and letting me give you the kisses, it means so much to me!

It will be a while before I see Marty and the band again. But when I do, I will be ready for a concert, and will give him another hug and kiss!

Jean Turner, Bloomington, IN August 23, 2001
My Aunt Judy and I went to see Marty on Saturday, August 18th at his concert in Nashville, IN. We went to the first show! Front row seats! The lights went out because of a storm, but the show went on! Marty always puts on a great show!! We missed him not being in Nashville last year and are soooooo glad he's back!!!! We will always go to see Marty and no matter where our seats are, it will always be a GREAT SHOW!! Marty fans 4-ever!!

Linda F. August 21, 2001
We went to the Little Nashville Opry in Indiana over the weekend and saw his concert there. He was looking better than ever and was in the middle of "The Whiskey Ain't Working Anymore" when the power went out and the theater went dark. I would think most artists would be worried about their safety but not Marty. When he got a flashlight from someone, he used it as a spotlight and with no mic and an acoustic guitar, the show went on. When they got the lights back on, Marty joked that the show was a benefit so the Little Opry could pay their light bill. He sure does have a good time on stage and, despite the fact that the air never kicked backed on, we sure enjoyed the show.

Joe and Barbie Wilson, Danville, IN August 20, 2001
Marty has been our favorite country artist for the last 6 or so years and his concert in Nashville, Indiana (2nd show) met every expectation we had of him. What a great artist and what a great human being. I hope he keeps loving doing what he does for many more years. We will see him at Nashville, Indiana every time he comes.

Dolores Holiday, Waterford, OH August 5, 2001
Hi my name is Dolores and I have been one of Marty's many fans since the first time I saw the "Cry, Cry, Cry" video. I recently had the opportunity to see Marty and the band at the West Virginia Interstate Fair. They put on a terrific show! Marty took requests from the audience and posed for pictures (he and the band even showed us their 'flip-sides'!) Connie came with Marty and he talked about visiting some of her family (her brother Fast Freddie') in Beverly, Ohio. I've known Freddie for a few years and live just across the bridge from him in Waterford, Ohio. I wish I had been visiting Freddie at the same time! Connie is supposed to be in McConnelsville, Ohio (which is about a half hour from where Freddie and I live!) on September 8th. I hope she brings Marty with her!

Dolores Holiday, Waterford, Ohio July 22, 2001
I went to the Mineral Wells Interstate Fair yesterday (July 21, 2001) to see Marty. He was fantastic! He and his band put on a great show! It was really muggy though, and I know that Marty had to have been burning up in his black leather pants (he looked great in them though!). Marty said he and Connie had driven around Beverly, Ohio on Friday (July 20, 2001) to visit some of her family. Her brother "Fast Freddie" is a friend of mine. I can't believe that I missed the opportunity to see Marty!

Cone Golden July 22, 2001
I've played it over and over and over again. Awestruck as the credits appeared after the movie [All The Pretty Horses]. Gary Hogue would be so proud of Marty for this one -- "Far Away."

Barbara Stidham, Fort Worth, TX July 22, 2001
I've been a fan of Marty's for so many years, it's hard to even remember when it was. I'd love to be added to the list of so many friends and fans of the best entertainer that ever graced the stage. I'm proud to call Marty my friend.

Wes Burghaus July 11, 2001
My Dad and I were surprised to hear Marty do a rendition of "Salty Dog Blues" on a TNN special some years back. It sounded surprisingly close to my Dad's 1972 recording of "Salty Dogg" on "Fat Chance Records". One extra chord in there though! My Dad's group was called, what else but, "Salty Dogg". They chose the name because my Dad liked to drink "Salty Doggs" when they were first getting the band together and needed a name. Like Marty, I too am a Hillbilly Rocker who has been picked on because I vary from the mainstream. I like the "MOR" or "middle of the road" type sound with a touch of bluegrass and country. I grew up listening to Tom T, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard. Marty's "Luther Perkins" playing style rekindled my interest in the electric guitar and I thank him for that. Now if I can just get better at it! Someone has to carry the music into the future so why shouldn't it be us.

Ron Humes June 26, 2001
My wife Debbie and I just spent the weekend in Nashville and about four hours at the new Country Music Hall of Fame. We have always been Marty fans, going to many shows over the years, being members of the fan club, and going to Fan Fair and the fan club parties. We have always admired Marty for his talent and dedication to the tradition of country music. But his contribution to the Hall of Fame has taken our admiration to the next level. We saw young and old at the Hall and all were taken in by the history and the beauty of the facility. Our next Marty Party will be at the Little Nashville Opry here in Indiana and we can hardly wait.

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, Kentucky June 17, 2001
My comment on the Fan Club Party June 13, 2001, at The New Country Music Hall of Fame, it was sensational. A beautiful place and lots of memorabilia to look at. Especially Marty Stuart's exhibit. I got hugs from Gregg Stocki and Steve Arnold too! I got the biggest bear hug, tightly from Marty when I got off the elevator for the tour on the 3rd floor. That made my night! When it was time for the autograph/photo session, another wonderful time to spend with Marty! He was great! He signed my stuff I had and gave me two big hugs again, and let me give him a big kiss on his left cheek! I love Marty and the guys and hope to see them again really soon!

Chicosladyfair June 3, 2001
Hello to all...I'm new here. Even though I have been a Marty fan since 1992 this is my first time to the message board. I have had the pleasure and privilege of seeing Marty twice in concert...he is totally AWESOME! I have every CD he has ever released and I even had my copy of Hillbilly Rock autographed. There has never been a better entertainer or nicer human being in my book than Marty. He has done so much to keep the tradition of Nashville alive and still remained contemporary in the process...and the fact that he's simply the most handsome man I've ever seen hasn't hurt him none. Thank you all for letting me go on about Marty...he's truly one of a kind.

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, Kentucky May 17, 2001
On May 5, 2001, Judy Trickett and I went to Owensboro, Kentucky's Executive Inn to see Marty Stuart and the Rock 'n' Roll Cowboys. Had the best time ever seeing the guys again. Have missed them so much! I did miss Gary not being there but, to me, he was there in spirit. I could feel his presence so much. God Bless you Gary! It is terrific to know that Marty and the guys are touring some again this year, 2001. Look forward to seeing them again soon!!!!!

Irene Lienhart May 16, 2001
Hi Sherry, I just wanted to let you know I love your Marty Stuart Fan Page. I've been a Marty fan since 1989 and a member of Marty's fan club since 1992. Like you, I go to every Marty show I can. I think you're doing a super great job with your Marty Fan Page. I check it about every other day to see what's been updated. Always love reading your concert reviews and especially looking at all the Marty photo's you've taken. Thanks for sharing them. Keep up the great work and I hope to meet you in June at Marty's fan club pary.

Miriam Davis April 28, 2001
Seven years ago Marty, I wrote a letter to you, asking your advice on the music business industry. I was studying music business in college and wanted to come to Nashville and pursue my career. You suggested that I stay where I was and volounteer and observe. Well, I didn't listen and came anyway, and left and did what you told me. Thank you. I started volunteering and, before long, I became an event coordinator for venues, and then later pursued a career in radio with KNOT 99.1 FM country in Prescott, AZ. You know Paul Hurt from that station. I am now managing a Pax-Tv affiliate station in Evansville, IN. Over the years, I have met and become friends with many top entertainers, producers, and directors, that I speak with on a regular basis. Which has made me become very rounded in this biz we call entertainment. I see you're in Owensboro, KY on May 5. Look for the tall redheaded female with a smile on her face. Thanks again. Dreams really do come true, if you make them happen.

Jeanette Kewatt, Cleveland, Minnesota April 27, 2001
I just logged on to this Marty Stuart website and I absolutely LOVE him. I have been a fan of his for a long time, but didn't realize he had a site. I am so happy because now I can check on my fovorite star..... Thank you.

Jennifer April 18, 2001
Just thought I'd drop a line and say that I had the chance to meet Marty in December of 2000. He was at my Uncle Mark's (Gabauer) scoring sound stage at the CBS lot. I had seen him a few days before really meeting him recording a song for the movie All the Pretty Horses. I am from Kansas and I was visiting my Aunt and Uncle and, before I went back home, I had made him chocolate chip cookies, took my picture with him, and received a copy of sheet music to part of the film. He was so kind to take a few minutes of his hetic schedule to do these things. I just hope he visits Kansas sometime soon. Please relay how grateful I am to him. I show off my pictures of him and me all the time. A fan for life.............

Arnaud Maisonneuve, Brest, France April 8, 2001
As a 43-year-old Frenchman, I've been listening to country music for next to 30 years and I'm quite sure of it: as far as country and bluegrass music are concerned, Marty is one of the best, if not THE best one!

Dino Bigi April 8, 2001
As I promised you, I write about our concert with Marty in Zurich, Switzerland. Marty played two days at the International Country Festival Albisguetli on 20th and 21th March. We were supporting act on the 21th. Both days were sold out, but you have to know that the Albisguetli has only place for 1,500 people. It was a very good concert. The Swiss country fans have never been closer to such a country star. Marty and his band played about 2 hours and the people enjoyed it very much. After the concert, Marty was signing CDs and photos and I think he liked it here in Switzerland. I hope he will come back to play again here in Switzerland.

Susan Ervin March 27, 2001
I was watching the Oscars Sunday and heard Bob Dylan sing his award-winning song "Things Gave Changed". It stuck me as strange how much the music sounded like Marty's song "The Observations of a Crow" for his Pilgrim album. Has anyone else said anything about this???

Marilyn Jennings, Metamora, IL March 22, 2001
I just read Marty's article about "Truck Stop Heaven"!! I always love to read whatever subject he is sharing with the world! What a guy! Can't wait to meet him at his Fan Fair Fan Club Party in June 2001 ! ;o) Next, I hope we will be reading about his Swiss adventures!!

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, Kentucky March 16, 2001

Wow, Marty touring some again! I have been waiting for this for a while, as I know his other fans have too. Sure have missed the concerts!

Hope to see Marty on May 5th, 2001 in Owensboro, Kentucky at the big Executive Inn Rivermont. That is only 5 days from my birthday, what a way to celebrate! With MARTY!

Dino Bigi February 12, 2001

My name is Dino and I'm the singer of the swiss Rock'n'Roll and Country Band RUBBERNECKS. We will perform with Marty on 21. March in Zurich, Switzerland at the International Country Festival, Albisguetli.
I'm looking forward to meet Marty and I hope he will like Switzerland and the Swiss country fans.

I'll come back after the concert with a review.

Susan Remmy January 23, 2001
When E! showed Marty and Connie arriving on the red carpet, I was so happy to see him! He looked great! Throughout the E! special, I saw him in the crowd a couple more times. I could spot him anywhere! Then, when Sela Ward won, there he was again at the table behind her (waaaay in the back). I only wish he would have won the award.

Holly Hagelin December 15, 2000
I DID IT!!!! After printing out the reviews and bringing in my copy and showing it to the librarians here in Annapolis, the Anne Arundel Co. Library is now the proud owner of Marty's "Pilgrims : sinners, saints, and prophets ". They also put it in the branches at Crofton, Eastport, North County and Severna Park. How 'bout THAT!!!!!!! It helped a little that I went to high school with one of the librarians, but shhhh! don't tell anyone. HE! HE! Looking forward to old skinny britches getting out there on the road again. Haven't seen him in a coon's age, it seems. Love to all, and have a great holiday season.

Julie Taylor December 12, 2000
I met Connie Smith last nite at the Xmas for Kids. I was joking with her when she said about her husband calling and having a fire going at home. I told her "and you're still here!" I wanted to let them both know that I wish them the very best and may God bless them on this Christmas season.

Sue Remmy November 4, 2000
I just want to say that I love this man! I can't wait til he's off his hiatus and hits the road again to come anywhere in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky or Tennessee. The last year has been a bore without Marty Parties to look forward too! I must want a show bad cause the other night I dreamt I was at one and even in my dream, it was great!!

Robin Galloway November 3, 2000
Just wanted to say to Marty that he is still one of the most played artists on my radio!! Can't wait until any new CDs come out, and hope he is enjoying the time at home and overseas with his family. Peace good luck and Love.

Karol Hicklin September 9, 2000
I am so sorry that I missed my opportunity to get Marty's autograph when I saw him during Fan Fair week at the Waffle House. I have never met any of the stars during Fan Fair week because of a serious case of star-struck syndrome. Marty was so very nice; he even spoke to us.

Stefan Blaser, Switzerland September 4, 2000
My name is Steve and I'm from Switzerland and I like a lot of Marty's music. He's one of my favourite acts in the "new" scene, cause I'm a big fan of rockabilly, bluegrass and hillbilly-music. Marty take a genious crossover of all that styles with the new traditions. I play guitar myself, also a Fender Tele with a B-bender.

Danny and Kathy Meadows August 16, 2000
"Grass" (grin)...That's my nickname for Marty's high energy Bluegrass sound. I felt sure he'd come around and make a Bluegrass album. Thanks Sherry for finding out about that. I read recently that Bluegrass sales are increasing ... while country sales are slipping....there are a lot of great new Bluegrass groups and Marty has the pedigree to do it right. We've always loved the Bluegrass sounds on Marty's work... so we'll be looking forward to an album!

Marcy Rieser July 11, 2000
My work partner and I play one cut of Marty's called "High On A Mountain Top" very loud, every day. We love it! It's our anthem. Come to the Chicago area.

Elizabeth Stone, Seattle WA July 9, 2000
Marty out did himself last nite on the Opry... I was listening via the internet live feed of the GOO- and I THANK GOD I can do that now ... I got to hear you in your element Marty! You n' the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band.. Good stuff dude! So this is what I been missin' by not bein' able to hear the Opry here in Seattle .. well looks like now, instead of families gathered 'round the radio..we'll be round our computors.. ha! But I would have given $20 to see your face when Tammy and the rest of the band left Jerry on the stage after the 1st song.. (they forgot, they were doin' 2! ) I thought Porter Wagoner's comeback was funny... " you kin' do that... you just won't git PAID." -- I can't wait to see the GOO in person Marty, I hope you will be there on July 22- Gospel show. God Bless!

Kelly July 9, 2000
I can't wait until Marty comes back to Ohio. It's been almost four years since I have seen him in concert. Come back soon, Marty.

Dale A. Brown June 14, 2000
I really liked Marty the first time I heard him, and he is still my favorite country performer. I never thought that he has gotten the credit he deserves. Hopefully, that will come. I look forward to him coming back after the intermission!

Robyn Galloway, St. Albert, Canada June 11, 2000
My first meeting of Marty took place in Alberta, Canada, Red Deer to be exact! I anticipated this meeting ever since I joined his fan club in 1994. He was the most down to earth guy and entertainer I met. Actually he was my first ever personality that I had the pleasure in meeting. That was with the Hillbilly Band, and they were the greatest. Marty kept the tradition going when he got hold of the talents of Steve and Gregg and, of course, Gary (crying and praying for his family). I've met all of them a few times when they played Cowboys in Edmonton in the past years! I was happy and sad to see that Marty is taken a break from touring. He's the hardest worker out there and he ALWAYS leaves his fans with a memorable experience! I was happy for him to spend some much needed time with his personal life and to be with Connie.

Tracie Reaves June 4, 2000
This is for TONY MARINO. I really liked what you said in the"Fan Comments" section dated April 11th. I do agree with you about Marty's music not fitting in the what they're playing on the radio & how anyone can disguise country music just by looking like a glorified, star-search contestant with a cowboy hat on. Marty is true to himself, his style of music, what he feels is just plain good ol REAL country music & THAT is why I believe he'll be around for a long time.

Sheri Embry, Morgantown, KY May 28, 2000
Madison, my 5-year-old daughter, has listened to my Marty Stuart CDs since about age 3. I found it funny one day that at age three she went through my collection of music and took to her room only the Marty Stuart CDs. She had small Fisher Price CD/Tape player and has played his music ever since that time. She will dance and sing and knows all the lyrics to "Western Girls". Madison was thrilled to learn that her and Marty Stuart share the same birthday - September 30th and has asked me to take her to a concert. I pulled the information up on the website and that is when I learned that he would slow down on his touring this year and spend some time with his family. I think families are the most important aspect of a person's life and I cheer his decision. To have a family is just wonderful and I thank God everyday that mine is healthly and happy.

Tony Marino April 11, 2000

I met Marty and Connie a few years ago at the Cracker Barrel across the street from the Opry. Since then, I've met him and the band several times (I'm a photographer) and they, without a doubt, are THE nicest people I've ever met in the business. That's why I feel I need to say my peace about The Pilgrim's "failure".

I remember sitting on Marty's tour bus after their show at Mohegan Sun and he played me some rough cuts to the CD (this was almost 7 months before it came out, I believe). I asked him straight out, "Do you see this fitting into the formats of these 'Country' stations?" He shrugged his shoulders. Then to paraphrase, he said that he needed to make the record that was in his heart and see where the chips may fall.

Marty and the guys may not have a Platinum award for The Pilgrim but, when it's all said and done, they can say they made a REAL country record when it was not cool to do so. Gun play, suicide, the weather, the price of Tea in China had nothing to do with why that CD didn't sell. Country music is not in fashion. Crappy ballads disguised as country music are in fashion, Thank goodness Marty went with his heart.

Toni Wilkerson, Dallas, TX January 4, 2000
I just wanted to wish all Marty fans a very Happy New Year! Even though we won't have Marty concerts to go to this year, I will still stick by Marty. I hope his "intermission" is full of fun and relaxation. I have been in the fan club for 7 years now. I can't wait until June for the Marty Party in Nashville, It has become something I look forward to every year and, come hell or high water, I will be there! Take care, God Bless, hoping to see each and every one of you in Nashville.

Craig Edwards December 29, 1999
I have certainly had some trepidation about Marty taking a sabbatical from touring. After reading his letter, I feel that I have gained an understanding in his desire to rest and to plan for his future. I only wish Marty the best. Through his music he has provided countless hours of enjoyment for me. I go back to the days when Marty was touring with Johnny Cash. Growing up in Nashville I probably even saw Marty on TV with Lester Flatt. Marty is a walking, living encyclopedia of country music. He truly loves this art form and has done so much to keep it rooted.

Judy Trickett, Murfreesboro, TN November 23, 1999
I have been a fan of Marty's for over 20 years. I was glad to be able to see Marty on Nov. 14, 1999 at the Ryman in Nashville, TN. It was a happy night but yet also a sad night. I was happy that I was able to talk with Marty a little. But yet it was sad that this is the last time that I will be able to see him for a long time maybe.

Kathy Schwindt, Montana November 22, 1999
Just wanted to say that one of the most generous and kind people in country music is, without a doubt, Marty Stuart. He gives so much to the country music community and shows such respect for the people who came before. He is spiritual and, of course, he is also gorgeous.

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, KY November 21, 1999
Marty is a terrific person and I love him dearly! I will miss him not touring next year, but am happy that I did get to see him one last time November 14th, 1999 at the Sam's Place Concert Series at the Ryman in Nashville, TN. That was another great Marty night for me!

Renae McNamara, Owosso, MI November 18, 1999
Me and my children have been Marty Fans for along time. We finally joined his fan club two years ago. My 3 year old son is the biggest Marty Fan I've ever seen! He has been listening to Marty's songs since before he was born so he knows his favorites and he knows a lot of the words to them. When I heard Marty was not going to be touring next year, we made quick plans to see him one last time this year. He will be missed in Michigan! I really am disappointed that most of the radio stations have not played Marty's GREAT music. But I am thankful that Marty is his own person and has not conformed to the rest of the "Country" music scene.

Tracy Slone, Topmost, KY November 6, 1999
I know that Marty needs this time off. But it just feels like family members that are moving away and you won't get to see them much anymore. I know all of us on the list are like one big family and we were brought together by Marty and the Rock and Roll Cowboys. One thing Marty doesn't have to worry about is that he will lose his fans because of being off the road. He will always have his Martypals he can depend on. I wish all of them the best of luck in whatever they decide to do.

Darlene Renteria, Ringling, OK November 6, 1999
It's like tearing apart a beautiful quilt and sending the individual blocks in several different directions. I think the world of all the guys, band and crew alike. It's hard for us as fans, but if this is good for Marty, we must be pleased for his sake. Lord knows he's given so much of his time to us. I hope he does well at whatever road he decides to take. I'll always love him and I'll be a lifelong fan, no matter what.

Linda Shonka, Pittsburgh, PA October 30, 1999

I'm from Pittsburgh, PA and traveled to the Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse in Burgettstown, PA last evening for Marty's show. What a show it was! Very intimate, nice crowd, and Marty at his absolute best. Afterwards, while Marty was signing autographs, I was awe struck over the long black coat he wore to greet his fans as were many other people who were there. Is that coat something from his collection or something he chose as his personal look? It was sharp!!!!

P.S. I'll be wearing my heart on my sleeve from now on.....that's where he signed his autograph!

Alice Cole, Lakeland, FL October 18, 1999
Marty is a great singer. He has a love for country music. I wrote a poem about Johnny Cash and June Carter. Marty seems very close to them. I saw him at Fan Fair 1999. I have a picture of his sister and me. Please keep country music alive!

Ruthie Lee, Venus, TX October 6, 1999
Did not even know Marty was going to be there. (I live a sheltered life way out here in the boonies!) But a friend gave us tickets to Octoberfet, 10-02-99 at TCCC in Ft. Worth. (She was on of the belly dancers.) But saw in program he was there, and went to the concert. Was front center of stage and a few people right in front of me between me and the stage. This little girl (not mine) wanted on my shoulders so I held her for while. Later I put her down and moved out to the edge of the crowd. At the end of the concert someone else had her on their shoulders and Marty took her up on the stage into his arms and gave her a kiss. Was neat. His voice was stressed, you could tell, and he had frequently to entertain us with instrumental only until he could recover a bit (long tour) but entertain he did none the less. It was a good show. I totally enjoyed..and will make future concerts. BTW this was my first of his.

Dezerae Peats, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada October 6, 1999

I also, like Lori, saw Marty at the Camrose Jamboree on July 30, 1999. I really appreciate that he would stay out there and play for us even though it was freezing! This is the first time I have seen him because everytime I have the chance, the concert seems to get cancelled. I have to say although I have been disappointed each time I have tried to see him, I never gave up and this one performance captured me because of his dedication to his fans.

One last comment, us Canadiens do love Marty as well and I am glad to see him trying to do more concerts here. In the last three years I have lived in Red Deer he tried to be here for our Westerner Days, he was at Camrose, and he was at Cowboys about 3 or 4 times. That's more then any other artist.

In closing I love Marty not only for his music but for the person he is, and its nice to see more and more people starting to realize this.

Lori Kellert, Leduc, Alberta, Canada August 27, 1999
Your website is awesome, but I wanted to let you know that us Canadians love Marty also. I just saw Marty on July 30, 1999 in Camrose Alberta Canada at the Big Valley Jamboree. Marty is such a fan pleaser. It was very cold, wet and very muggy out that night and he played his heart out, even playing a little longer than expected because of Lorrie Morgan's cancellation. I am sure he had been freezing up on the open outdoor stage. And just like all the other times I have seen Marty in concert, he did not let us down. Keep up the great work. A Marty Fan for Life.

Rosalie Keough, Export, PA August 24, 1999
I just want to let you know what a great site that you have here!!!! Marty surely does deserve it!! I can't begin to tell you just how much respect that I have for Marty Stuart as an artist. Also, he is one of the most down to earth people that I know. The past 3 years I have attended his fan club parties, by far they are just the greatest!! Marty truely shows his fans just how much that he appreciates them. I need to add how much respect that I have for Jodee Stocki also. She is really a sweetheart!!!!! The Pilgrim is such a superb CD. I want to hear more of Marty on the radio. What has happened to country radio? Why don't they recognize talent when they hear it?

Emily Bellendorf, Medford, Wisconsin August 22, 1999
Your website is great!! I have been a fan of Marty Stuart since day one. I have seen him at Country Fest at Cadott, Wisconsin several times but the last time, due to an electrical storm, he was unable to do his show. I was extremely disappointed to say the least!! I bought one of his t-shirts however and joined his fan club two years age. Recently he was on tour at Lake of the Torches Casino in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin and of course I attended. I can't begin to tell you how incredible his show was and Marty himself. I purchased "The Pilgrim" and have listened to it at least 100 times the last 4 days!!! Now this is country!! It is as great as all of his other albums. I wore his t-shirt which he autographed and got two huge wonderful teddy bear hugs from him!!!!!!!!! A week later I was still on Cloud 9. I guess one of these years I'm just going to have to make Fan Fair so I can get a picture of him with me!! He is so gorgeous!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, Kentucky August 22, 1999
I just recently saw Marty and the band at the Missouri State Fair, a 7-hour drive from where I live in Kentucky. And when I told Marty that my husband and his friends drove that far to bring me to see him, he smiled and said "Thanks for coming." That is the farthest I have traveled to see him. I went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee in 1996 for the New Year's Eve concert, but it is only 6 hours from me. I can't attend all the concerts, but I do try to attend as many as I can. I am a true devoted Marty Fan, also! I love him dearly! When I don't see Marty, I do miss him and the band!

Susan Martin, Midlothian, IL July 20, 1999
I think that Marty just hit a great CD. I recently bought his new one and The Pilgrim is by far the best I have heard. I have all his CDs and they keep getting better. If this one is that good, the next one will be even better.

Taunya Jones, Greeneville, TN July 5, 1999
I have been a Marty fan since "This One's Gonna Hurt You" was hot on the charts. (Can't remember the exact year) Since that time I married (that year was 1990) and discovered that my husband loves to hear Marty's music as much as I do. As a matter of fact during my pregnancy, Marty was played so much that our daughter was born loving Marty too. Chelsea is 8 now and has attended every concert with us (close to a dozen now). Actually she is the reason we joined the fan club when she was about 2-1/2. All she wanted for her birthday that year was Marty! So we did the best we could. I wrote a letter begging for something of Marty's and sweet Marty obliged. On the day of her party, a box arrived with a teddy bear, Marty bandana, photo and personal letter from Marty. We still have the photos sitting around of Chelsea with her treasures. Over the years she has colored numerous pictures and had me mail them to Marty. Her day care class one year made a wall poster with all their handprints and we took it to Marty at Dollywood. He signed it for her and sent it back to the day care - they kept it there for many months! I am thankful Chelsea has someone like Marty to look up to! Marty is truly a very talented person and I am so happy he stays true to his music.

Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, Kentucky June 27, 1999
I've been a fan of Marty's since '93 and love him so much. I think the new PILGRIM CD is the greatest. I can't stop listening to it.

Corinne Slusser, Riverside, PA May 4, 1999

I've been a Marty fan since late summer '96 when I think he hosted Prime Time Country. That was when the stars themselves got to host the show. When I first got Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best, I listened to it all the time. Yeah, I might only be 18 and a Senior in a Christian School, but still I love Marty! He's such a great a performer and even greater guitar player. He carries the roots of country music in his heart and does a great job doing that. I've never been to a Marty concert, but hope to go to one someday when he comes around my area. I wish him all the success in the future!

Sue Gubbe, Duluth, MN April 6, 1999
I have been a Marty fan for as long as I can remember. I think that he is one of the most under-rated performers in the business. With as much talent as he has, one would think that he would be nominated for all kinds of awards. To say nothing of his drop-dead gorgeous looks and that wonderful hair! He is always happy to see his fans, he continues to meet with us after his shows, and he always gives his best to make sure his shows are great!! Just goes to show that a big ego is not necessary to be a great performer -- in fact, part of what makes him so special is the way he is so humble and unassuming. He is the greatest in my book and, as long as he keeps making music, I will continue to buy it and go to see him.

Chris Rakes March 18, 1999
I play in a band called Common Thread. We opened for Marty at his March 6th show at the Brushfork Armory in Bluefield, West Virginia. This was my first show of this magnitude. I am only 21 years old. I have been playing the guitar for about 7 years, so naturally this was truly a dream come true. I must say the show was a little unorganized, but Marty and his band were great. After the show we met his drummer and bass player and they were cool. We took a picture with them and then we had the opportunity to meet Marty himself. Although our conversation was brief, it was memorable. He gave us a couple of words of encouragement, then let us snap a photo with him. He went out of his way for us and that was cool of him. When our band reaches stardom, he will be one of the first people I'll thank and have fond memories of. It's nice to know there are a few nice guys in show-biz.

Joseph O'Neal, Lyons, GA January 16, 1998

I am probably one of the youngest, truly devoted Marty Stuart fans out there! I am nine years old and have loved Marty and his music all my life! My mom loves to tell how I used to run her over in my walker whenever Marty came on CMT or TNN! I have even been to see him live and was spellbound the entire concert! No one puts on a show like Marty, though Mom thinks he's better with Travis (her favorite). They do have fun together!

I have just found this website and I have read everything on it! It's great! I am even now sending off for membership in THE fan club! I hope to be like all of you and meet Marty in person one day, but I enjoyed reading about everyone else's memories.

Devoted Marty Stuart Fan For Life.

Elizabeth Stone, Seattle, WA December 21, 1998
Marty Stuart's music literally changed my life. As if it's not enough that he has more talent in his little pinky than everyone in Nashville combined. or that he's got a grin that would stop a freight train, or a fashion sense that's somethin' of a cross between "Vegas with legs" and Armani. Mr. Stuart has the soul of a true warrior. A Fan For Life.

Debbie Day, Ellettsville, Indiana December 1, 1998
Hi Sherry! I have been "lurking" on your website for about four months. This is best way to keep up with what's going on with Marty. Thanks to you, we don't miss a thing! My name is Debbie and I live in Ellettsville, Indiana. My sister-in-law, Leisa and I have been Marty fans since 1992. We're not a lucky as all of you but we do get to see Marty every year at the Little Nashville Opry and for the past two years at the Fan Club Party. Our kids also love Marty! Marty is the most talented singer, songwriter, musician around. He also has the best band. The Rock & Roll Cowboys are awesome!

Tami Krato, St. Charles, Missouri November 18, 1998

Hello Sherry,

My name is Tami Krato. I live in St. Charles, Missouri. Needless to say I am a fan of Marty's. He is the most talented, dedicated, true, and versatile performer I have ever had the privilege to see. I am a member of the fan club and have been chatting in the chatroom since the birthday chat. I would love it if you could put me up on Wall of Friends. Just recently drove over 500 miles to see Marty in Sloan. Saw 3 of 4 shows. Can never get too much Marty! Got some decent pictures and had a wonderful time. I am going to drive up to Tama, IA at the end of the month also. Can't wait. Got to meet Marty several times and made some new friends too in Sloan, IA. Recently have seen Marty in Altamont, Carruthersville, Farmington, Taylorville and Nashville.

Had my birthday picture taken with him in Taylorville. Have been trying to get another one taken since then because I've lost over 70 pounds. You know a kind of before with Marty and an after with Marty! Mike promised in Altamont that next time.... but of course in Sloan told me he'd promise me anything, so no pic! Trying to get around him is truly a challenge sometimes. Teased the heck out of him this trip. Every time I saw him I'd yell "hey, Mike you promised!" Poor beleaguered Mike! Never failed to get a response. Casino people gave me royal treatment so felt pampered anyway. I think they had staff photog take some pics though. Mike wouldn't let them take one with my camera though. Director of guest services said she'd send them on to me.

I want you to know that all your hard work is truly appreciated. We fans love to have this page for us. Don't know how you keep up with it all. Amazing, just amazing! You are always so informative and thorough and entertaining. Also please tell talented husband, Mario, that his pics are really fantastic. He is a very good photog. I only wish I could accomplish as much as he does, but not even close. All your effort and dedication shows in quality of this site. So thank you, I just hope you get to hear that enough. Keep up the good work!

Janet & Tim Price, Stokesdale, NC November 15, 1998
Hi! We've been fans of Marty's since 1989. Been to many concerts and had the privilege of meeting him on numerous occasions. He is truly a living legend in country music and we will always be fans!

Donna Schmehl November 5, 1998
I was at Marty's Lancaster, Pennsylvania show in August and it was the highlight of my summer. I've been to 6 shows so far and always hate to leave, but come away with such a great feeling! He's got such a great personality, both on & off stage. What you see is what you get. (Some performers are great on stage, and yet one-on-one are rather conceited) Not Marty! Marty doesn't get to this area too often (not enough for me). He seems like he only hits Pennsylvania once a year. (Like Santa Claus!)

Wendy Andrews, Kettering, OH November 4, 1998
I saw Marty in Cincinnati a couple of years ago. It was my very first concert ever! (And the best one so far!) I got pictures of him. I was about 5 rows back, but unfortunately I don't think they are good enough to have put on the website. You see, I'm only about 5 feet tall, so I had to hold the camera above my head, say a prayer and hope that I got him in the picture at all!!! Anyway, I'm glad that Marty is finally happily married, but I must admit, I'm soooo jealous. But then again, aren't we all?

Thanks Sherry for the GREAT website!

Beverly Linder, Pace, Florida October 4, 1998
We recently visited the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. I was touched by the words that Marty had written concerning a conversation with Hank Williams sister. "..... there is power is silence, more power in dignity but the ultimate power is love."

Jamie, Plymouth, MI September 24, 1998
Have been a Marty fan since 1990 and a member of the fan club for somewhere around 4 years. Up until that time I never dreamed I would join a fan club. I hesitated to join at first, but it is well worth it! Went to my 3rd fan club party this year and they are always the high point of my summer. Not sure how many Marty concerts I have been to....a bunch but not as many as I would like. They don't make it up my way as often as I would like and I can't travel the way some of you are so lucky to do! Was SUPPOSED to go to Athens, OH last week but we all know what happened to that concert. I am still getting over my depression!

Thanks to Sherry for all you do on the webpage. I check it out often and am always happy to see new additions. Thanks also to all of you who write those concert reviews.....the Knoxville ones really helped me get through the cancellation of Athens.

Jan Williams, Lake Geneva, WI September 15, 1998

What can I say about Marty?? welllllll......First of all I think he is about the HOTTEST to hit the world of country music since it became popular again..

I first saw him on an awards show..I could not believe my eyes...knock down gorgeous! and talented to boot! All that in one adorable package....HE won me over that night...and I have been following him ever since...

When I joined his fan club...the picture I my all time is the one with red rosebuds on a black shirt...and wearing black jacket...well that one to me looks as if he is following my every move in the apartment...I have the picture on my wall so I get my Marty fix daily..:))

I can't wait for his next is hard for me to pick a favorite of Marty's as I love everything he does....just wish he would come to the Walworth County Fair in Wisconsin...see....last time I dropped a hint like that...Mr Las Vegas was here the following year....

Brenda Metz, Knoxville, TN September 14, 1998
Well here it is about fair time in Knoxville. Marty will be here. I'm sure alot of you fans as well as I can hardly wait. I don't care how many times you see him his shows are fun and never boring. You can sit through two shows a night [which I plan to do] and get a new show each time. He just gets better and better. Marty puts so much into his music and his shows. I'll be a rock and roll cowboy oops cowgirl. till I'm to old to rock and roll.

Keep up the good work Marty and the Rock and Roll Cowboys.

Brenda Metz, Knoxville, TN September 9, 1998

My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas in 1992. My answer was a Marty Stuart shirt painted by a local artist that was air brush painting shirts at the time. My husband said "oh sure." Like I really believed he would pay $50 for a shirt. Anyway, Christmas morning I opened up one of the best Christmas presents ever. My special Marty shirt.

I had plans to go to Fan Fair with my daughter who we had had a Travis Tritt shirt made earlier. When we went to Fan Fair, we waited in line to see Marty. When he saw me and her in line he had a fit. His photographer was there and he had him to take some pictures of us. He had us pick out anything in the merchandise that we wanted. He gave us a big kiss and a hug and signed a couple of pictures. Boy were we flying high. That was the best, or so I thought.

Later we went to the IFCO Show and were brought up on stage and later Marty performed. I went to see him the next year at Dollywood and he spotted me and he hollered at me and called me his "Knoxville Girl". Later that same year Marty came to the fair and I didn't take anything with me to have him sign because I didn't know if he would have the meet and greet. He did and when I went back to see him I told him I didn't have anything for him to sign. He ask me to turn around. When I did, he signed my special shirt on the back. Later I went up to a stranger and asked her "what did he write on my back?" I had no idea what he had written and she said "He wrote 'TO MY KNOXVILLE GIRL LOVE MARTY STUART'."

Well that just made my day. The next year I went as much and as often as I could to the shows and the fan club parties. I have made friends with his mom and sister. They are all such nice people. Marty has a way of making people feel special. That's what he has made me feel like. He is such a special person. He's always nice and friendly no matter how tired he is. His fans come first to him. I guess I'll be a loyal Marty fan till I die. Marty is so much more than a great entertainer. Like I said before, my Christmas present keeps on giving, giving, and giving. It has brought me some new friends.

Sherry Wise, Norwalk, CA August 31, 1998
I'm a fan of Marty Stuart because: He's true to his music. He doesn't "settle" or go with what's popular. I guess you could say that he marches to the beat of his own drummer; He gives from his soul musically and I have always admired him for that.

He also believes in his roots. It's not just "lip service" when he speaks about the people that have inspired him in his career. I believe that we are lucky as fans to have him around as he will continue the tradition of country music along with people like Vince Gill and Ricky Skaggs. As long as we have those three around, we're gonna be all right!

Glenda Rummell, Paris, OH August 28, 1998

Hi Sherry,

Keep up the excellent website. It keeps us up to date on the tour schedule & it's fun to hear about our favorite person. As you know Clarence & I are avid fans of Marty & the Rock & Roll Cowboys. We travel thousands of miles to see them & hope for thousands more to come.

Marty is the greatest!! He is a genius in so many ways. He has given us so much enjoyment in our lives & memories we will never forget. We are so proud to have him as our friend. We love him and his music very much!!

"Cowgirl," the dog Marty gave us, is doing great. She is quite mischievous and gives us lots of entertainment and laughter. (A little like Marty). She is growing like mad, 35 lbs. and 5 months old. A cutie.

So keep it country. Thanks. Marty fans now. Marty fans forever.

Note from Sherry: Glenda and Clarence have attended over 300 Marty Stuart shows! They are fans in the truest sense of the word. Those of us who know Glenda and Clarence know how much they love Marty--and how much Marty loves them. He not only gave them the dog that Glenda mentions but he flew them to Nashville and honored them on TNN's Prime Time Country on June 2, 1998. Marty draws the nicest fans--and Glenda and Clarence are among the nicest!

Denise St. John, Piedmont, SC August 18, 1998
I've been a Marty Stuart fan for about 6 years and just went to my 18th concert. Every time I see Marty, it's like the first. I get just as excited every time I attend a show. I think he is the best musician and singer in country music. He could sing the words written on a toothpaste tube and I would love it!! Marty's looks aren't too hard to take either!!! I could attend every show he does and still want more.

Jim Murray, Prosperity, SC August 17, 1998
Just got home from the concert Marty gave tonight at the Newberry SC Opera House. First time I've seen him; wow what a performer! Had no idea that he was such a talented musician. I volunteer at the Opera House and provide local security and assist the performers backstage. Marty and his band members are very nice folks. You have a great web page. Keep it up.

Pat Johnson, New Milford, CT August 8, 1998

I first saw Marty Stuart on the Academy of Country Music award show on April 14, 1986. He was nominated for new male vocalist and sang the song "Arlene." He had on a black suit with beautiful purple and pink flowers embroidered on the top near the shoulders.

A few weeks later I was flipping through channels on TNN (I had never watched it before and was did not listen a lot to country music). They announced that Marty Stuart would be on "Nashville Now" so I had to watch. That did it I was HOOKED!!!!! After that I watched TNN all the time to see if Marty would be back on.

I heard about Fan Fair and I just had to meet Marty in person. I went-- unfortunately Marty was not there but I enjoyed it so much I have been every year since 1987. And, of course, Marty has been there every year since. The first time I got to meet Marty was Fan Fair 1988. He was at the CBS Records booth. I also met Judy and Pat who were just starting the fan club. I joined right away and brought back applications and signed up anyone at work who would join. Judy said Connecticut had the highest fan club membership of course that has changed.

The first time I saw Marty in concert was in New York City at the Lonestar roadhouse. It was really exciting even though I didn't meet him. The first special show was at Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT. Marty was opening for Willie Nelson. I won a radio contest which included front row seats and a limo ride to the show (do you think fate had anything to do with that). I gave Marty flowers during the show and he said "Thank you Pat." I couldn't believe he remembered my name. He played at the theater two nights and on the second row he had my sister and me come on the bus and talked to us for a while. He also had the flowers I gave him the night before in the front window of the bus in a vase (pretty thoughtful, huh).

Marty has given me some of the most wonderful memories of my life over the last 13 years. I listen to his music all the time and it is very special. I wish the whole world would pay attention to his talent and make him a big star. I just attended my 201st Marty show. Well, I guess I have rambled on enough but that is the beginning of why I am a die hard MARTY STUART fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note from Sherry: Pat Johnson is a very special Marty Stuart fan. She continues to be one of his staunchest supporters. Pat has shared many of her memories with his fans. She takes care of the pen pal list for Marty's fan club. She is also a very nice person. Marty honored her at his 1998 fan club party and gave her one of his pink paisley Telecaster guitars. Not only does Marty love Pat Johnson but those of us who know her think she's pretty special too.

Jennifer Clark, Des Moines, IA July 31, 1998
I remember first seeing Marty at Frontier Ranch in Columbus, Ohio, when we were both "knee-high to a grasshopper", playing mandolin for Lester Flatt; MANY moons ago! Years passed, the music kept playing, and I had sort-of lost touch with my country and bluegrass roots, until the night before Easter of 1994; my father came down from Ohio and we went to the Grand Ole Opry. Little did I know, it was the night of the bluegrass jam session - Earl Scruggs, Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill, Alison Krauss, and Marty. (Alison kept teasing him because of those "chicken legs"!)

I joined the fan club later that year. Marty has got to be the most down-to-Earth person I have ever met; he might be considered "little" in stature, but he's got a big voice, a big guitar - and a heart to match. Last fall, I was injured in an auto accident; spent a week in the hospital and 2 months at home recuperating. Those were some long and lonely hours; Marty's music (and the Lord) got me through some pretty trying times.

It is a great privilege to know Marty and be a member of his fan club. Sherry, keep up the good work with this web page.

Becky Precord, Akron, OH July 16, 1998
Hi! I'm new to all of this, I just got a computer not too long ago. I've been a Marty Stuart fan for 4 or 5 years but just heard of his Fan Club from the Internet. I find it amazing that all of you get to meet Marty and he actually gives you stuff and you get to go to his parties!!!!! I would LOVE to meet him! I would probably pass out, though. LOL!

I went to the WGAR Hot Country Jam in Berea, Ohio. Marty & Travis Tritt did a couple songs together and I pushed my way up to the front row and got a couple of pictures. Last summer I went to the Akron RibFest and got front row for Marty then. I just completely fell in love with him when I saw him in concert. 4 years ago I saw him at the rodeo....he performed before they started the rodeo. He is just such a wonderful musician (and good looking, too). I JUST LOVE MARTY STUART!

June Yovanovich, Afton, TN July 14, 1998
Hi Sherry, I have been logging on to your wonderful website ever since I listened to your enthusiasm regarding Marty Stuart. Remember, I sat one row in front of you at the concert. Your review of the concert was so accurate and complete that it brought me right back to Marty's wonderful performance for the second time. Hope I wasn't screaming too loudly when Marty sang "Burn Me Down." My 78 year old mother has not missed one of his Dollywood concerts in the past three years. It revitalizes her and she is also joining Marty's Fan Club. Thanks for all the enjoyment you bring to Marty fans with your great web page.

Reneé Ollhoff, Alma Center, WI July 9, 1998
Dear Sherry, We finally got online yesterday...imagine my surprise to find us on your web page. We are the proud parents of "Little Jordan" who sang with Marty at the Fan Fair Party!! Thank you for the wonderful picture and paragraph on us!! We are so thrilled to be a part of Marty's fan club. He is an inspirational man to us. Jordan has been singing his songs since he could talk!! At the age of 7, he has great taste in music!! Your website is fantastic!! Again thank you for a wonderful surprise when we found your site. Marty Stuart rules in this house.....and hopefully Mitch won't be so terrified next year!!

Paulette Biedenbender, North Little Rock, AR July 8, 1998
I believe I woke up to Marty Stuart's "brand" of music when I heard "Hillbilly Rock". And when I'd seen the video to that -- well, that put me right over the edge. I finally had the chance to see him at the Wisconsin State Fair in 1996. Not only in concert, but was pleasantly surprised to see him and a couple Rock-N-Roll Cowboys cruising through the fair on their bikes. Leave it to me not to have my camera or even paper and pen. But he was nice enough to take time out and chat.

Not many entertainers out there who would do that. I may not be able to travel endless hours and miles like the many other fans to see Marty in concert, due to family responsibilities and saving for a home, (although, I have gotten in my fair share since the Fair) but I enjoy hearing about others' experiences and this is the most perfect spot for that. Thanks Sherry and to all the others who have contributed their photos and time to a great "Marty Hang-out"!

Jodee Stocki, Nashville, TN July 7, 1998
Hi Sherry,

I just wanted to let you know that your website looks great and you are doing an excellent job. Keep up the great work. It was good to see you, Mario and Mary at Dollywood. What good shows those were.

[Jodee's the president of Marty's fan club]

Lisa Sanders, Tarzana, CA July 4, 1998
I just got online today and the first thing I searched for was a Marty Stuart Website. Imagine my surprise when I came across this one. It made my day! Sherry, you have done a wonderful job. Thanks for giving Marty fans just one more thing to look forward to!

Mary Runyan, Dayton, TN July 3, 1998
In 1991, I first realized what an impression Marty Stuart had made on me. I didn't get to attend a concert until Feb. 1992 (although I'd tried to find something close for over a year), when I went straight to the merchandise table to find out how to join. I had never joined a fan club before and knew nothing about them. Country music had always been a cornerstone in my music interests, all my life. Along with the gospel I'd grown up singing in church. Marty was such an inspiration to find, and I wanted my children to see that you could find good role models in music (with gospel backgrounds) and overcome any negative situation with the help of the Lord. So many times I've heard these sentiments from Marty and he is not at all ashamed to say it. I admire that! He shows true affection for family, friends, and fellow musicians in a world where it is practically unheard of now. And I found a wonderful family in Marty's fan club. I've made a lot of friends, some really special ones.

Marsha Goldstein, Tarpon Springs, FL July 2, 1998
Oh my gosh-after a long exhausting horrible day at work, I just found out about your fantastic website, immediately bookmarked it and wandered around in it. I feel soooooo much better having had a large dose of my favorite singer! The site is super, and many thanks from a die-hard Marty fan.

LaDonna Cable, Johnson City, TN July 1, 1998
Sherry, I think your website is the best thing going for information on Marty!!!! Thanks so much, for all the effort, time, and investment you put into this to keep all of us up to date on what's going on with Marty!!! I attended the fan club party last year and this year, both were wonderful, but I believe this year Marty was more relaxed and enjoyed himself too. He is a terrific person and I do believe he genuinely cares about his fans. I will be supporting him for the long haul..... Thanks again.

Marie Garon, Perth Amboy, NJ June 28, 1998
The fan club party was excellent! We had to leave about 1-1/2 hours before it ended and I don't even want to know what went on after we left :( (okay did he leave at 6 or was it later?) Marty put on a wonderful show (as always) and we can't wait for next year. We are starting to plan what other shows we can make this year and have definitely agreed upon Bath, NY or Webster, MA and Connecticut in December. We are also shooting for a couple of shows in Nevada.

Congrats to all who were acknowledged by Marty at the fan club party (I am not too sure I could have walked up on stage next to Marty without tripping, stuttering or fainting!) What a guy! Good looks, a great personality and a heart too, Connie is one lucky lady. This was one of the first times that we had really ever heard Connie sing (I know we are in the dark about a lot of country singers because of our love for Marty) and can't wait for her new album too.

Mary Runyan, Dayton, TN June 25, 1998
For those of us who were there, the fan club party was so great. For those of you who weren't there, Sherry's web page put us right there, by sharing all those pictures and by giving such a detailed story of that day. I appreciate having it for the memory of a great Marty Day. And for those of you planning to come next year, it is just a good reminder of what is in store for you!

Thanks Sherry, for all you do. Where would we be without you?!? (In the dark!)

Lori Shirley, Boone IA June 24, 1998
I finally had some time to read through your reviews of the Fan Club Party and Fan Fair booth. Thanks so so much! It sounded like the best time! The pictures were great too. I've made up my mind - I will be there next year!

John & Barbara Sweeney, Nashville, TN June 20, 1998
The Fan Club picnic wasn't a picnic--it's a family reunion (felt like). Great.

Kim Moore, Barnesville, OH June 20, 1998
Thanx Sherry for keeping me up to date with what's been going on with Marty during Fan Fair. It just about kills me to not be there. I got to see him from a distance at Berea (Ohio) on the 14th but it left me wanting to see him again (and again!). Thank you for everything!

Tracy Slone, Topmost, Kentucky June 19, 1998
Marty is an A-1 person and performer. He is the most generous person. He gives so much to his fans not only in his music but also of himself. He puts all his heart and soul into everything he does. He makes ya feel that you aren't just fans, but his friends.

Sandy Shelton, Antioch, Tennessee June 19, 1998
Marty is truly a unique performer! His artistic abilities are phenomenal! I'm especially fond of his bluegrass and his honky tonk music! Marty, you're the best!

Jill Meister, Greenville, Kentucky May 25, 1998
Marty Stuart changed my whole opinion of what I thought music should be. He is the first artist that actually made me want to listen to country music. I love his music!

Kim Moore, Barnesville, OH May 17, 1998
I love Marty and I love all his shows. I've seen him 4 times and he's sooo gorgeous!!! He's really down to earth. He's so talented, I think he could make anything into a song and it would sound good. I'm glad God has blessed him and made him so talented (and he shares it with us). I can't wait to see Marty again.

Debbie Brockenbrough, Lynchburg, Virginia May 11, 1998
Thanks for such a great page!! As I`m sure a lot of people know, before you there wasn`t a lot of info available on Marty, so I am loving this site!! I have a lot of great stories about Marty as an owner of a club in Lynchburg, VA called Cattle Annie`s. Ever since I first met him he's been my favorite entertainer. He is indeed one of the nicest, most genuine people that I`ve ever met-- completely unaffected by success or fame. The last time he was in, he taped a birthday song for me. This was in August, my birthday is in Dec. It was quite a surprise, and quite a night! But- that`s Marty for you. Anyway, thanks again.

Sheila Walters, Waynesville, OH April 19, 1998
Hi Sherry,

It's after midnight. I just got home and I am walking on air! It was a GREAT show (Wilmington, Ohio). Marty sang for an hour and twenty minutes. He told the story about Travis and Mr. Cobb, Johnny Cash's silver Mercedes, and Tanya Tucker's biggest hits! He was so funny. The time went by so fast I could have stayed all night. At the meet and greet he signed my picture, a poster and two CD's. The best thing of all I GOT A HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the best night. I will remember it forever! I met three girls from Massachusetts that are planning to go to the fan club party so I'll get to see them again and I hope to get to meet you also. Thanks again for everything you've done. You're the best!

Toni Wilkerson, Dallas, TX April 3, 1998
Do I still love Marty? You bet I do!!!!! Looking forward to Saturday night at the Bronco Bowl.

Marie Garon, Perth Amboy, NJ March 28, 1998
My husband and I are big Marty fans. We think he is the greatest and plan mini vacations to go see him when he performs since he is not in our area too often. He is one of the few country artists who has stayed true to country music, adding his own special flare to it. Thanks for a great web page and for all of the hard work you put into getting Marty's fans all of the latest info.

Susan Hochmuth, Buford, GA March 27, 1998
Thank goodness for Marty Stuart for keeping the roots and integrity of country music alive in an ever-changing industry. I enjoy a lot of the music coming out of Nashville these days but tire of it easily. The real country music stands the test of time and Marty seems committed to keeping it alive.

Susan Read, Greenville, IL March 27, 1998
I grew up listening to Rock and Roll. My brother started telling me in 1989 that I should listen to Marty Stuart because I'd like him. Unfortunately, I didn't listen to my brother, partly because he's my brother and partly because I had no interest in listening to country music.

It wasn't until 1992 that I finally started listening to country music. Marty Stuart was the first artist of whom I became a fan. The first time I heard "Til I Found You," I was hooked on his voice and the first time I heard him laugh I was hooked him as a person. From his knowledge of country music, to his faith in God, I have discovered Marty to be a unique and wonderful person. It's so nice to have someone who you can not only admire for their talent, but also respect. There doesn't seem to be a lot of them left out there, but Marty Stuart is definitely one.

Jana Jeffs, Washington State March 27, 1998
I just love this website! It is so well done! I'm sure Marty would be proud to have you supporting him in this way.

l have been a Marty Stuart fan since 1989 when I heard "Hillbilly Rock". I did not get to see Marty in concert until November 1992 and by then I was already hooked. His music is so unique and really touches something in my soul. I did not get to meet Marty until July 1993. I was so nervous I barely remember what I said to him or him to me! One thing I do remember is meeting one of my very best friends, Kim. She was one of the first 70 members in the fan club. I met her that night and with a little help from Judy [fan club co-president] we have been great friends ever since.

I have had a chance to talk with Marty 10 different times at the Meet & Greets and each time (during the brief 2 or 3 minutes) I have felt that I was the only one in the room. I admire the way he lives his life, and his personality and feeling show through in his music.

Marty has helped make my life very wonderful and joyous by giving me beautiful, fun music and wonderful, loving new friends.

I am proud to own a 5-year fan club pin (got last year) and plan to call myself a Marty fan the rest of my life.

Karla Turbyfield, Douglasville, Georgia March 26, 1998
First of all, Thank You for this wonderful page! It's a joy every time I look at it, (which is frequently.)

I became a fan of Marty's in 1991. I still remember the first time I heard "Hillbilly Rock." I was hooked immediately, and it is an addiction that I am more than happy to support! Due to finances, I didn't see Marty perform until 1993. I had forgotten that fan clubs existed, but when I saw the form on the merchandise table, I grabbed one, and mailed it the next day!

I guess that Marty is my number one "hobby." Needlework, etc. come and go, but I never deny myself the opportunity to enjoy a Marty-Event! (anyhow, other hobbies don't seem to love me in return, LOL.) Marty's talents are unsurpassed! And no other performer I've met is so consistently sweet and kind! Marty is one in more-than-a-million! Marty needs to ask if I "still love" him?? Unless he decides to insult my kids or beat my parents -- I'll love him Always!!!

Margie Brodmerkle, Oakham, MA March 24, 1998
The first time I talked to Marty Stuart was at his booth at Fan Fair in 1989. Everyone was walking by because they didn't know who he was, but me and a friend stopped to talk and he kept us laughing the whole time. I've been a fan of his ever since, and it only gets stronger the more I see him. He has more talent than you would think possible, yet it has not affected him at all. He's one of the most caring people I've ever met, and he truly loves his fans, even going out of his way to make someone happy. Besides that, the man is gorgeous! How could you not love him? I've driven literally thousands of miles to see his concerts,and will continue to do so as much as I can. I would do anything I could to help him or make him happy, because he has given me so much joy, from watching his concerts, to talking with him, to his wonderful hugs. He and his music have helped me through some bad times, and made the good times even better, and I love him to pieces.

Sheila Walters, Waynesville, OH March 22, 1998
When you are a fan of Marty's you get it all, a little bluegrass a little country, a little rock and roll, a songwriter, a singer, a great host with a sense of humor, the best picker in the business and LOOKS TO DIE FOR! As long as Marty wants to be an entertainer, I will be entertained. I can't wait to see him in April.

Lori Shirley, Boone IA March 22, 1998
Hi all you Marty fans!

I just saw Marty in Omaha last weekend and thought you'd like a little concert review. First John McEuen and BR5-49 opened for Marty. When they announced Marty would be meeting with fan club members at 8:30 (after BR5-49) we knew the 2-1/2 hour drive to Omaha was worth it. It was a quick meet & greet. He signed my 5 year old son's little Marty Party and Travis buses, my t-shirt, and pictures. He looked so good in those leather pants! He opened with "Hey Baby" and played all our favorites. His mandolin solo was my favorite! He told some jokes and a Travis story and he did a 3 song encore to close. Gary (steel guitar) wasn't there but the Rock & Roll Cowboys still sounded great. The concert lasted a short 1 hr. 15 min. It's never long enough.

It was so good to see Marty in concert! Living here in central Iowa we don't get the chance to often, unless we travel to see him. I wish he still had time to take pictures at the meet & greets. Oh well, no matter how many times you meet him, it's still very exciting every time!

Debby Dimino, Tonawanda, NY March 20, 1998
The website looks wonderful. Sherry took a lot of time making sure it was well done and it shows. Great way for the fans to keep in touch with what Marty is doing. Hope Marty and the fans appreciate all the work that went into it. Marty gave me and my sister Denise some of the happiest days of our lives. Those years couldn't be replaced for a million dollars.

Cindy Wedding, Barre, VT March 17, 1998
I recently found your website and I have to say that it is fantastic. It has more current information than the Marty Party web page. I've been a fan of Marty Stuart's for a long time. He is a wonderful entertainer and knows how to treat people. I'm glad he's found some personal happiness because country radio has ignored him.

I just received the March newsletter and Marty made a comment in there that concerns me. He asks if people still want the fan club because the numbers are down in all areas. Marty fans need to write him letters, renew their fan club membership, and buy some merchandise to let him know that we do care. On a personal note, for some reason my VCR didn't work and I wasn't home the night of the B-Day Bash and I missed it. Does anyone know if TNN will air it again? Thanks.

Ruth Pudzis, Gainesville, GA March 16, 1998
Sherry, I've just been informed of your website through a girlfriend on the Martyboard at I've just checked out the cool photos from the Birthday bash and will continue to check out this website for all the news about Marty. Marty is a great guy whom his fans adore (me being one of them) :-) Thanks for putting this website together!

Megan Bittle, West Chester, PA March 15, 1998
I like Marty because he is so different than any other people in music. I have been to a lot of Marty's shows and I think the best ones are the kind when he talks to the people, he tells his jokes like the ones about "Mr. Cobb" and about Travis. I like it when he plays his Martin Guitars to songs like " Train of Love", "Long Black Veil", and other older songs. Playing any song that you can feel the soul of it is always the best thing at one of Marty's shows. When we where in WV at I think the best show I have ever been to, my dad "DEL" and I met 3 ladies who followed the bus from SC to WV and they had not gotten any sleep !! They where so cool!! We also meet some other people who we saw again a few months later at the show in Harford, PA . I am only 14 and I have 3 guitars. When we found out that a few V.I.P.s were going to be at the Martin Guitar Factory in PA before the Allentown show we knew that that day would be the coolest, and it was. I met Travis Tritt that day, talked to Gary and saw how the Marty Stuart Martin Guitars were being made. I now have one of the best Marty Martins that you can buy. #2 aka"Marty" and it has let me talk to a lot of cool guitar players even Marty! That is what I think about Marty Stuart! I hope he will not think of money and think of the Fans in the years that are yet to come. Yes you need money but you need love first, and all of Marty's fans love him and want to be his fans as long as they can. I know I do. A Fan Club is a way to talk to the fans and to know that you are being cared about in the country music world. If Marty does not have country fans by his side then what is country music? When I think of Country Music I think of Stars and their fans!

Kathy Patterson, Lee's Summit, MO March 13, 1998
AWESOME job, Sherry. The photos of the Birthday Bash are so cool and outstanding, really enjoyable. I watched and taped the Birthday Bash. Marty and Katie did a great and fun job, but they always do--a fun pair. Marty has been my favorite since 1989. I Love his voice, songs, clothes, hair, lots of fun, he takes care of his fan club members, outstanding songwriter, the cutest artist and has the cutest butt in country music, Marty has an award to prove it. I Love Marty as a fan and he knows it. Thanks, Sherry, for a wonderful website and sharing it.

Pam Tremblay, Concord, NH March 11, 1998
Wow, I just visited your Marty page. You have the most comprehensive page about Marty ! Thank you. I spent over an hour browsing. I really think Marty is one of the best musicians alive. I moved to New Hampshire a couple of years ago and I got homesick for Tennessee. Marty's music helped me feel a lot less homesick. Again, thank you for the best Marty page on the net!

Mel Angel, North Canton, OH March 10, 1998
Marty Stuart is the most versatile, multi-talented artist in Country music today. Although largely overlooked by "mainstream" radio, he has built a fan base of loyal and loving fans because of his respect for Country music both past and present, his songwriting and performing talent, and his respect and caring attitude toward others. No one alive today can bring a guitar or a mandolin to life as he does. Aside from all that, whether onstage or in person, Marty is a genuine, down-to-earth person and always a pleasure to be around.

Cheryl Kirk, Waynesville, NC March 10, 1998
I'm a brand new Marty Lover! The way he looks, the way he sings...ou, la la! I can't wait to see him in concert and meet him!!

Lori Shirley, Boone, IA March 4, 1998
Thanks so much for such a great website on Marty! The first time I saw Marty was in 1993 at Farm Aid in Ames, IA. I didn't even know who he was back then but have been hooked ever since! Now my husband, my 5 year old son, and I have been fan club members for several years, have been to two Fan Fairs and have seen and met him several times. He's just the greatest! We're planning to see him in just a couple of weeks in Omaha. You have so much info on Marty--it's just great. I will visit your website ALOT!

Lori Bent, Brooksville, FL February 28, 1998
I really enjoyed your web site. It has to be one of the best, if not THE BEST one I've ever seen dedicated to one person. Marty is a talented musician and a wonderful person. Thanks for making such an informative site about him.

Mary Runyan, Dayton, TN February 26, 1998
Marty is such an inspiration to country music. He takes the aspirations of country music's past, and every day, he is passing them on to future artists and musicians ....all the while carving his own place in a business that is so fickle. He is true country.

Rita Marshall, Boston, MA February 19, 1998
I think your web page is great. Glad I found it. I am new to country music but glad I found Marty Stuart. I think he is one of the best artists out there today. Wish radio would play him more.
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