The Marty Stuart Show Comments

Here's what viewers are saying about The Marty Stuart Show:

"Thank you, Marty, for keeping the good ol country TV show alive. As far as I know, you are the only one that has a show like that any more. I have always been a fan of you and Connie Smith. Thank you." -- Raymond Jones, Skidmore, TX

"I was so pleased/inspired to see and hear The Marty Stuart Show air February 22 (my 40th birthday). I'm a longtime fan of the show, but really, really enjoyed this episode featuring the talents of the cast. Eddie is a wonderful fiddler! Bravo sir! The Superlatives, awesome as always Miss Connie sang 'Amazing Grace' so beautifully. The string section, Pig on piano, and my favorite ... Gary Carter! Thanks all for another wonderful show. God bless you all!" -- Edward Rhea

"Just discovered the show and I love, love, love it! All the musicians are solo talented. I love the humility of Marty and how he allows band mambers to perform music they have written. As a whole the show is quality and (not to mention), I'm in love with Cousin Ken." -- Linda Gerhelm

"I've been a big Buck Owens fan ever since I was 12. But since I saw RFD-TV and watching you and your band, it brings me to those days. That's why I play guitar these days. I am 54 years old! I play some good lead. To Don Rich and Buck ... and you, Marty." -- Steve Hale

"We see you on RFD on Saturday and Sunday nights. I always tape the shows. I accidentally found your show a few months ago. We used to get it on Charter and when we changed to U-Verse with AT&T, we did not get your show. I missed it. I'm glad we get to see it now!!! We enjoy your show very much. The Fabulous Superlatives always put on a good show (better than some of your guests). Leroy Troy, Del McCoury, Charley Pride, Charlie Daniels, Iris Dement, SteelDrivers are among our favorites. It was good to see your Mama on the show. Hope you can have Loretta Lynn on again some time. I like Connie's religious songs best. Marty -- you always do good!!! Keep up the good work. I enjoyed Sister Evelyn Hubbard's singing and playing. I have visited the church she pastors in Tnica several times over the years and had never heard her sing and play." --- Gladys and J. B. West, Columbia, TN

"I love watching The Marty Stuart Show but wish they would have Eddie Stubbs on more playing the fiddle. He is by far the best I've ever heard!! Great show!!" -- Ken Harris

"We just love your TV shows. The one that aired on September 22 was just beyond words. The song you and Connie wrote and sang is beautiful! I must thank your sponsor, the state of Mississippi, for making you available to us. We will be vigilant to see where Connie and you will be appearing. God Bless You Both!" -- Ms. Joseph Maietta, Burlington, VT

 "My wife Smuggs and I, Smitty, love you and The Fabulous Superlatives. We watch RFD every week on Saturday. You are our brother in Christ." -- Smuggs and Smitty, San Rafael, CA

"I accidentally caught your show on RFD some time ago and became a frequent viewer. Now I watch you on FamilyNet. The quality of your show is truly outstanding with wonderful country music, great guests, and the fabulous musicianship of Marty and the Superlatives. I now record your show weekly and watch it more than once. I am not solely a country music fan but enjoy most types of music when well done." -- William Shively, Springfield, OH

"I really enjoy The Marty Stuart Show on RFD-TV." -- Barb Coop, Lewisville, TX

"I've just recently started watching the show on TV and noticed and am very curious about the scarf that Marty wears, seems to be all the time. Made me Google Marty and saw lots of pictures without the scarf. Is there a story there? Maybe one interesting enough to answer and maybe mention on the show. Thanks for taking the time to read this. BTW, love the show!" -- Sharon Church, Mesquite, TX

"G'day Folks. I just want to say how much I enjoy The Marty Stuart Show which I can watch on Foxtel, including Leroy Troy and The Superlatives. I had heard of Marty, but not Leroy before, but now I don't miss the show. In addition to being a fan, I am also a Presenter on FM Radio in rural New South Wales, Australia. Thank you again." -- Mal Ritchie

"My husband and I watch your TV show faithfully because we like you and all your stage family. After having Mo Pitney on your June 5 Late Night Jam, you must schedule him for your TV show. You will know he is awesome (too!)," -- Pam Wynne, Minooka, IL

"Marty and staff: We love your weekly show. We watch from Southaven, MS. Thank you." -- kd.mailman89

"Just want to say I enjoy your show very much, Good talent and Leroy is a blast of fresh air." -- Buddy Simmons

"My husband and I watch The Marty Stuart Show on RFD. The show is good, old fashioned, down-home entertainment. I love all the guys ... Cousin, Handsome, and The Apostle. We look forward to seeing Marty and The Superlatives this weekend at The Clayton Center in Clayton, NC. I just would like to say that I really appreciate Marty's love for Constance. Whenever he introduces her on the show, his love shines. All spouses should follow your example, Marty. I know she must feel special each and every day. Keep on keeping on!" --Teeno, Durham, NC

"I have been watching The Marty Stuart Show for about four years now. My grandparents got me watching it. I enjoy it very much. It has helped me see the good in others. Also it has helped me remember the good times I had with my mom before I lost her. I was 14 then. I am now 18. There are so many things to be learned from such a great person like Marty. One of my life-long dreams was to meet him in person. Keep up the good work and God Bless." -- Amber Krueger, Catarct, WI

"Look forward to seeing Marty's show on Saturday evenings on RFD. Love how Marty and Connie interact with each other. They are so cute. I hope one day to see Travis Tritt on his show. They were such good singers and pickers together." -- Lillian Costa

"I never miss your show on RFD-TV. I have my DVR set to record it in case I do. Keeping real country alive! Thank you for that! I would love to see Jerry and Tammy Sullivan on the show. I have their album that you produced several years ago. It is one of my favorites. If they do perform on your show, please sing 'Up Above My Head/Blind Bartimus' from the Red Hot + Country album. Someone else I would love to see, if they can be persuaded to perform together again is The Cox Family from Louisiana. I know the mother, Marie, has passed on. Suzanne Cox is a national treasure. I will make a trip to see your show live if you can persuade her to sing with you." -- Jim Sterling, Milton, FL

"Just wanted to say that I have been watching The Marty Stuart Show on RFD for as long as it has been on the air. As I work or travel sometimes when the show airs, I have my TV set to record every episode so I can watch it at a later time. This show is so well put together with the atmosphere of respect toward people that have had an impact in the music world. I can so appreciate that, especially in today's society. Thanks, Marty, for providing the world with a quality show, with a quality band, with quality guests. This show simply warms my heart." --Rick Otts, Gallatin, TN

"Watching you now! Enjoying The Chuck Wagon Gang and all the others. Would love to see the Cox Family on your show. Love you all. Bless you for all the joy you share." -- Janet Graham

"I watch you every Saturday night. Last night when Paul and his family sang the hymn, it especially touched me to the toes. Stonewall was on too. Took me back to the 50s." -- Lorna Etienne, Wamego, KS

"Love your shows. Can't help from 'gettin' down' when Kenny plays those low notes like he does on 'Honky Tonk Crowd'. Keep 'em coming." -- Oren LeCompte, Shawnee, OK

"Marty's TV show just keeps getting better and better. Fabulous musicians and entertainers one and all." -- Janice Weare

"I am glad to see I am not alone in wanting the show to be longer. I email Leroy some, but he doesn't give an indication of it expanding. He says we just got to be glad to have 30 minutes. It's better than none. I didn't like his answer but if RFD keeps it 'as is", we'll just have to live with it. However, I am greatly relieved to know I am not the only fan that wants more Marty, Connie, Leroy, and The Superlatives. My mom has taken a shine to Cousin Kenny." -- Beth Anderson, Slaunton, VA

"I just wanted to say how much I love your show. I watch it every week. Also you and Connie are #1 in my book. I can remember listening to Connie when I was a young girl. I loved her singing. You both are the best." -- Drema Havens

"Right now the best music show on TV is on Saturday night on RFD-TV and it is The Marty Stuart Show. My wife and I make sure we record it if we can't be at home to watch the show when it comes on. Often times we save some of the shows to watch again because they are so good. Marty and his band are some of the finest musicians I have seen and heard. And my wife has been a Connie Smith fan for years. Keep up the show and I would have no problem if it were an hour long rather than 30 minutes. Recognizing and paying tribute to many of the older country singers and songwriters is a real treat and makes The Marty Stuart Show the best music show on TV!" -- Ken and Janet Neumiller, Helena, MT

"Thanks so much to Marty and The Superlatives .... I don't have to tell you or Marty that the Superlatives are "the greatest thing" to happen in music. Each member of the Superlatives is a superstar in their own right, and I absolutely love what they do. I know it's Marty's show and he is the star, BUT, inclusion of Leroy Troy is an abomination to music. If he were even the remotest part of being a decent musician, it would be different. I always turn him off, period. Why does Marty do this? Marty knows and everyone knows the fact about him and how terrible he is. He brings zero to the show. That being said, the gospel songs are impeccable. WOW. We need so much more of Marty and what he does on RFD-TV in America. Thank you Marty and The Superlatives." -- Dan Wilson

"I listen to your show every Saturday night via the RFD channel. I live in northern New Hampshire and grew up on French-Canadian music and traditional country music. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping the traditional country music alive no matter what anyone tries to tell you and, besides, your gospel songs you do on the air are breathtaking. Please Marty keep the format that the TV show has and also have your band members do more because they seem to have their heart where it belongs." -- Ray Fecteau, Berlin, NH

"We are really enjoying the shows we get on RFD-TV. The Marty Stuart Show is one of our favorites. We've always loved Connie Smith's music." -- Leon and Maureen Herrin, Arkadelphia, AR.

"I watch your show on RFD-TV every Saturday night and enjoy it very much. Last night you mentioned the Leake County Revelers and that a music marker had been placed in Sebastopol in their honor. My great uncle was a member of that band, and I grew up just outside of Sebastopol. I was surprised, but pleased, to hear you mention the Revelers. Keep up the good work." -- Fred Jones

"Caught your show for the first time on RFD-TV. Exactly the kind of show I would expect from Marty Stuart (Justin Townes Earle was the guest). Great live music in a great rock-a-billy, Americana-inspired studio venue harking back to the old 1960's variety show. A TV version of your radio shows (?). I LOVED IT! I've been a fan since 1991 and the Fox Theatre in Fredericksburg, Virginia where you appeared on a radio show with Lorrie Morgan and Boxcar Willie (I sang with the U.S. Marine Corps, Basic School Glee Club). Continue to be the keeper of the flame for traditional country music and traditional country music fans! All the best to you and Connie." -- David McConville, Murrieta, CA

"I would just like to tell Marty that we love the show on Saturday night and wouldn't miss it for the world. It's fantastic. Also, it's easy to see how the band got their name. They are truly Fabulous." -- Pat Feagan

"I have been a guitar player for 58 years. Former band member and life-long friend of Danny Gatton. I had lost all interest in country music, but Marty has kept true to the roots of country music. I would not miss his show every week. What a talented group of four guys. The real deal. Thank you Marty for being the only true country artist." -- Bob Hancock

"You had such a good show on Saturday evening on RFD. Eddie Stubbs played the fiddle twice and I enjoyed that so much. I enjoy you, Connie and all the rest too, but I am such a fiddle nut. He made my day when he played that, and he is so good. Could Eddie possibly play at least one tune on every show? I and many other people would sure like that. Thank you for all your wonderful shows that you have put on." -- Clarice Larson

"I watch all the Marty shows and this was the very best of all with Eddie Stubbs fiddling again and Don Maddox and more of Leroy Troy and a lot of good old-style country music that I grew up with." -- Dick Cooke, Northern NY State

"Just finished watching your show with Don Maddox and others on your show!!! You have to be proud -- you have had one of the best shows we have ever watched!!! The guests were great; the music was fabulous. We felt like it was part of the Grand Ole Opry with the dancers coming out!!! Whatever you do, keep up the good work!!! We don't miss a show very often. We love your show -- it just has to be an hour long -- more would be better yet! We just love the 'old time' music and look for shows anywhere we can find them. Once again, keep up the wonderful job you are doing! May God richly bless you, Connie, your band, and all your guests!! We love you all!!!!!" -- Dale and Rita Hendrickson, Menahga, MN

"I enjoy watching The Marty Stuart Show on Saturday night." -- Glenda Turner, Taylorsville, NC

"January 14, 2012 airing was one of the best ever. Thanks for such a great show!!!" -- Douglas Minnick, Christiansburg, VA

"I watch your show regularly. Tonight I really enjoyed listening to the band members sing also. The show is much too short! Is there a chance that you can extend it to an hour?" -- Marge Custer, Norwich, NY

"Love your show on RFD even though I'm a 'city folk'. I saw you when you were in Boca Raton, Florida at Florida Atlantic University with Baillie and The Boys. Your show is so genuine and has great musicality. Keep up the good work." -- Ron, Boca Raton, FL

"Just wanted to say we enjoy The Marty Stuart Show every Saturday night! I do wish they would let Kenny Vaughan sing with them. They crowd him out. I love to hear them all sing! I especially like the gospel songs. Wish they could sing more. In fact, I wish it would last an hour. it is a fast 30 minutes. Keep up the good work!" -- Annette Harmon

"I look forward to your show every Sunday morning as I'm getting ready for church. I get it on RFD-TV at 7:00 a.m. The love you have for one another and your guests oozes out of the TV screen. Along that line, I want you to know how much I appreciate you bringing on guests of the past who would otherwise be forgotten. I can see how much you genuinely love and admire them too. Thank you so much for the great music that gets me motivated each Sunday." -- Lorraine Castro, Woodbum, OR

"We are true traditional country music fans and my sister will be at my house on July 30 from Salt Lake City and we will watch your show. She says she cannot get any country music out her way. My sister is 90 years old and she tells me our old country music is gone, but I told her not as long as Marty Stuart and Connie Smith are around. Sure enjoy their show." -- Darlean Chapman

"I do enjoy watching The Marty Stuart Show on RFD-TV on Saturday night and love hearing Marty play guitar and singing." -- Mary Boswell, Clifton Forge, VA

"The Marty Stuart Show is a must-see for me. I really liked Handsome Harry's redition of 'Dixie' on the May 7, 2011 broadcast. It was the most meaningful and soulful version I have ever heard." -- Paul, Williford, AR

"I watch The Marty Stuart Show every Saturday night on RFD-TV. I usually watch the replay on Sunday mornings as well. Just in case I missed something. This is indeed the best show on television in my opinion. The guests who appear weekly are proof of that, too. I would name a few of my favorite guests, but there are so many that I'm sure I would leave some out, and that would be a shame. I've heard some auto racing shows that claim to be the "fastest 30 minutes on television." I think The Marty Stuart Show holds that honor. I love the way the show just rolls along with one great singer after another. A whole lot of fun to watch. Wish it was an hour long! The Superlatives are the best! They have to be to play all the guests' greatest songs. They make it sound better than the original records did. Connie has always been one of my favorites. What a voice. Leroy is always a lot of fun. How about Eddie on the fiddle? I loved it. Here's to many more years of this fine show. Great job Marty and the Gang." -- Roger

"Love your show on the RFD channel. Would love to see more of Lorrie Bennett. Have you ever considered you and Lorrie taming up for the Carter Fold? Janette was such a special person but things have changed too much at the Carter Fold. They need Dale Jett and they need you and Lorrie. Keep up the great work you're doing." -- Marjorie Richards, Martinsville, VA

"I love to see your TV show. Wish Connie could sing more than one song. Marty, you are great." -- Janet West, Seaford, DE

"Let Eddie Stubbs play the fiddle on every show .... he is great." -- Terry Isaacs

"My husband and I enjoy your show every Saturday night on RFD-TV." -- Gus and Blance Metzinger.

"We enjoy watching The Marty Stuart Show every Saturday night, and if we are out of town, we record it as we never want to miss a show. I noticed that Marty re-tuned his Fender gold and black electric guitar up a step as I was playing along and the song was in F, but Marty was playing in E. See, we do notice these things! Keep up keeping that country music alive and well. Thanks for bringing joy in our lives." -- John and Sue Penrod, Sedalia, MO

"Never have I heard a song that moved me so and felt the Holy Spirit as Conne Smith (the one and only) sang 'You'll See Jesus'. Keep up the good music as you're our only hope." -- Sandy and Danny Eaton, Cherry Valley, AR

"We love watching the wonderful, traditional music on The Marty Stuart Show every week. He is doing a great job of keeping the country in country music!! Keep up the good work, Marty, Connie, all the rest of the cast! The guests are great, too. Long time fans." -- Bill and Jackie Stutz

"Thank you for the great gift you give the world every Saturday night! Your show is nothing short of amazing, with the outstanding music, good humor, and recognition of real country music. You do a great service to all viewers by reminding us of not only the music, but the musicians and artists who paved the way for today's music. I'm in awe every week when I see and hear the level of talent on your show; you, the Fabulous Superlatives, Miss Connie Smith (you're a lucky man!), and even Mr. Stubbs plays a mean fiddle! Of course Leroy Troy is also great, and I've never been disappointed with your talented guests. I apologize for rambling on, but I can't stress enough how important your show is, especially to folks like me who live in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, where music like you provide is hard to come by. Finally, thank you for introducing me to "L'Angelus" - I record your show every week, and I've replayed the January 22nd episode over and over again. I am absolutely stunned by the music and outstanding vocals/harmonies of this amazing family band. I've even caught myself thinking about moving to Louisiana just to be where I can hear such music whenever I want! Thank you again for doing the "most important show" on the "most important network" (RFD-TV)!" -- Greg Lippertm Olivia, MN

"Love your show, Marty. What would be the prospects of having a few first generation bluegrass people on the show at one time for a bluegrass night -- Earl Scruggs, Ralph Stanley, Jesse McReynolds, Mac Wiseman, Curly Seckler, Everett Lilly, etc." -- Cliff Starr

"I am a fan of yours from the 90's and I enjoy your TV show. I really liked seeing Willie Nelson and hearing everyone sing. Keep up the good work. I will look forward to the next show." -- Cathy Stanley, Norfolk, VA

"I watch your show on RFD-TV every Saturday night at 7 p.m. My family and friends know not to call during that time because I will not answer! I cannot say enough about how I am thankful for you, The Superlatives, Connie Smith, Eddie Stubbs, and Leroy Troy keeping country, country. I was reading all the fans words to you and I can't believe there isn't enough of us "country fans" to get a real country station. It hurts my heart to watch the music awards because the only "old" country stars that are on there are Alan Jackson (would love to see him on your show), Reba McEntire, and George Strait. How sad is that? I thank God for you (all of you) along with RFD-TV for bringing back what should have never left real country music. Who would have thought that it would be this way? Keep up the great music (love the Nudie suits), and thanks for not leaving the most important one out -- Jesus." -- Betty Anderson, Dixon, MO

"In two years, you have gone from the bottom of my list of favorite county music performing artists right to the top. I guess I just never sat down to listen to you until you started your TV show. Then I realized how talented you are. And it's not only you, it's your entire cast. Take Kenny, for instance. When you and him do a song together, it's hard to figure out who is the lead picker. You two are like a matched set of dueling pistols! Then you married the prettiest looking and sounding girl, in my book, in country music, bar none. Connie is the tops! My wife was not even a country music fan until she started watching your show and now she wants every album that has your or Connie's name on it. Then you put the icing on the cake with your love for the Lord! But there is one fly in the ointment. You just need to get your show extended to one hour on RFD-TV. God bless you and your band. May it continue to be the best out there." -- Roger Moore, King, NC

"Just watched the episode where Apostle Paul sang 'There Won't Be Anymore' and loved to hear that song again. One of my favorite Charlie Rich songs. Also got to hear Handsome Harry sing 'What Jesus Can Do For You' and was blown away. What a great song! Did Harry or Marty record that song? If so, please tell me where I can get a copy. I had a power outage before the show began and missed Cousin Kenny's song. Darn it! What an amazingly talented band you have Marty! Let's hear more from them!" -- Brady James

"Watch Marty every Saturday night on RFD-TV. Love him and Connie and his special guests. I'm also in love with Travis Tritt and would love to see him appear on the show and especially for him and Marty to do a duet. I know they're great friends." -- Gale B., Somerville, TN

"We get to see The Marty Stuart Show over here in the UK on a small satellite station called Rural TV -- it was my partner that found it and told me to watch it -- he is a musician from Liverpool, a port which has a long tradition of appreciating country music. He has a country band for years from back in the 1960s and now we both still write and record. The British television scene shows hardly any country or folk music -- and indeed, mention country music and some people howl with laughter as many see it as corny and old hat. But those of us who appreciate the heart of country musis are truly enjoying the show, the musicians, the songs, the singers -- the most important things and the fundamental truths -- Keep on keeping on!! P.S. Got the show on the TV as I write this. Quebe Sisters -- lovely, modern spin on the Andrews Sisters with fiddles. Now Connie -- ripping at the heart strings -- great stuff. And now Marty with the Superlatives finishing off the show -- storming!" -- Caroline Evans; Gwernogle, Carmarthen, Wales

"We love your show and watch it every week. Your band is real good and they are soooo good on the backup singing. Love Connie, too. She is the best gal singer." -- Frankie and Joe Penny

"I just stumbled upon some fairly recent clips of Duane Eddy on your show. All I can say is thank you!" -- Greg Moore, Johnston City, IL

"Every time Marty Stuart plucks his electric guitar, I suspect that Clarence Whtie is smiling from on high -- either that or he's as jealous as can be. Eddie Stubbs is from my neck of the woods. It's great to see him on The Marty Stuart Show. That whole show is as beautiful -- as Connie Smith." -- Barry Kozak

"Marty, we love you and your show, and we also love Connie Smith. She has always been my favorite female singer since she first started singing. I think she is a beautiful person. We met her in Nashville at Fan Fair a few years ago. My husband thinks she is gorgeous and envies you. I call Connie 'his girlfriend'. You are very fortunate to have her. And I told him that YOU are a gorgeous man also. We love your singing and wholesome show. Your band is great and you sound great. I can tell that you love what you are doing and what a wonderful job you all do. We love you and Connie both and think you are a very special couple." -- Elaine Morein, Ragley, LA

"Marty, my family and I LOVE your show! May it run continuously for a hundred years! Kudos to RFD-TV for being the host channel to an incredible and refreshing 30 minutes each week. How about those Quebe Sisters last week! WOW! I was blown away. We never miss your show .... the DVR is always set to record without fail. Keep up the great work and thanks a million for bringing the very best in wholesome family entertainment into our home. You and Connie are an inspiration to traditional country music lovers everywhere. Our hats are off to you both and the entire cast!" -- Kevin Mayfield, Mobile, AL

"Whoever those girls with the fiddles and voices were tonight, get 'em back again. They are great!!!! Just caught the last few minutes of the show so didn't get their band name, but they're fantastic .... real Texas soundin'!!! Thanks and I'll be watching the show next week." -- Carl Zilch, Bellevue, OH

"My husband and I love the show. I have a request for Connie to sing 'Mississippi Man'. I saw her sing it on Pop Goes The Country and thought she did an awesome job. Would love for her to sing it on the show." -- Lonnie and Renette Cranford

"Marty, love your show. Please make it one hour. It truly is the fastest 30 minutes on TV." -- Carol Burk

"My husband and I enjoy your program every Saturday evening." -- Claudia Burrell

"My dad and I watch your show every week religiously! We were watchin' Hee Haw tonight and thought you should have Roy Clark as a guest. Just a suggestion." -- Cameo Sullivan, Laporte CO

"I wanted to say what a great country show ya'll have on RFD-TV. Furthermore, I really enjoy the great guests ya'll have. I would like to make a suggestion. I am and always will be a big Ernest Tubb and all the Texas Troubadors' fan. I would like to see if The Marty Stuart Show could get some of the Troubadours together on one of the shows. People like lightnin' fingers Leon Rhodes, Buddy Charleton, Buddy Emmons, Cal Smith, Pete Mitchell, Lynn Owsley, Junior Pruneda, well you get the picture. A Texas Troubadour reunion of sorts. What great music we'd hear then. Thanks." -- Wally Spencer

"We enjoy The Marty Stuart Show on RFD-TV. Please have more songs by The Superlatives. We wish the show were an hour instead of just a half hour." -- Yvonne and Charles McIntosh

"I really enjoy your show and have watched for the last year or so; however, the show on Kentucky Derby Day, May 1, 2010 with your cast was one of the best shows so far. Keep up the Fabulous job you all are doing." -- Hock

"Marty, Connie and The Boys. Love the show, Marty. I've been a fan from day one on RFD-TV and also a big fan of all the music you've played since you were a kid to now. You all are true to your country roots and I love you for that. Keep doing what you do and I'll keep watching and listening." -- Roy Ellis, Oxford, MI

"I watch your show every Saturday night and enjoy it very much. You and Miss Connie make a neat couple and like to hear you sing with her. Thank you so much for being on RFD-TV." -- Carla Porter, Conrad, MT

"What a thrill to see Miss Jessi again. Thank you for having her on, and I hope she will be appearing more on your show and others." -- Erma Park

"We just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your show on March 27, 2010 with Hank III. We are big fans of Hank Sr and Jr. We haven't seen Hank III in several years and wondered where he was. We never forget to watch your show and we tell others, too. Our Saturday night starts by watching you, the Superlatives, Miss Connie and Leroy Troy, but this one with Hank III was the best." -- Dianne and Charles Brown, Banks, AL

"My wife and I watched Marty's show where Hank III was the featured guest. What a moving performance by Hank and the duet by Hank and Marty. Hank III sure brought a lot of Hank Sr. persona to the performance. I'm 67 and I wept." -- Terry Bickley, Terrebonne, OR

"Watched Marty's show tonight with Connie and her band. Very good show as usual. Enjoyed the song Marty and Connie did. Never heard it before." -- Gloria Choate, Bardwell, KY

"Marty Stuart has the very best music show on earth! It seems to fly by in 5 minutes. We route the satellite audio through the big speakers and just let that wonderful music wash all over us! You all play everything from The Ventures to Bill Monroe and play it very well! I love Mr. Stubbs and his old RCA-44 microphone. Your show has real guts! There's no medicine in the world that perks me up like The Marty Stuart Show. May it run forever!" -- Barry and Barbara Bryson, Waller, TX

"Thanks, Marty, for having Kayton Roberts on your show playing his non-pedal steel guitar. I appreciate this show and everything it's made of, or about. From Jesus to Johnny Cash, to trains and Indians, you're a true American, Marty. You also deserve to be in the Country Music Hall of Fame yourself! I hope your show will be on for years to come and maybe some people out there will tune in and discover what 'real' country music is!" -- J. L. "Rooster" Simpson, Jefferson County, MO

"Loved your show with Jack Clement. You're letting us see some of the country music greats that aren't recognized by the 'mainstream' media. It's really great to see people who can REALLY play and sing without any electronic gimmicks. I especially love to see Marty and Kenny do guitar duets. It doesn't get any better than that!" -- Gary Johnson, Blue Springs, MO

"Thanks for having Kayton Roberts on your show." -- Fred and Modane Daugette

"Me and my wife are big fans of The Marty Stuart Show on RFD.TV. Love the whole old time feel of the set. Really enjoy the selection of tuest. Would love to see you invite one of our favorites from the '80's, The Sweethearts of the Rodeo. Their Myspace page says they are putting together a new album. Keep up the good work. You are highly recommended here in Missouri," -- Eldon and Pam Lacy

"I hope that you bring John Prine back on the show as often as possible. His singing and picking draws my attention as I follow each note ... hoping it's not the last one in each song. I really enjoy the type of show that you put on for us fans. Thank you, Marty." -- Curt Guisinger, New Lexington, OH

"Thank you so much for supporting and giving exposure to the Quebe Sisters Band. We see them whenever we can here in Texas. This is an example of role modeling at its best. These three ladies are wonderful at what they do and deserve to be applauded." -- Ellen Loessberg, La Coste, TX

"The Marty Stuart Show is tremendous! The Fabulous Superlatives are super pickers and singers. The whole classic country format is the best and to see Connie Smith each week is 'icing on the cake'. Thanks for keeping 'real country' alive! Getting to see great artists like John Anderson, Emmylou Harris, and Wanda Jackson is another bonus for true country fans!" -- John and Ruth Topper, Hyndman, PA

"This is from your fans in Ohio. Your show on the 12th of December was OUTSTANDING! You have the best country music show on TV. We loved the Old Crow Medicine Show and Kenny Vaughan singing. Matter of fact, we love everything about your show. You are a true traditional country musician. Thank the good Lord and RFD and you. Thank you so much." -- The Schwartz Family, Bethel, OH

"Love The Marty Stuart Show. I watch the show on RFD-TV and can't wait to see the show every Saturday night. I love country and that's what everyone on the show is. I just want to thank Marty Stuart for staying true to country music. Keep up the great work. Would like to give a big o'l Oxford, Michigan wave to y'all." -- Roy Ellis

"I live 'up north' in Wisconsin and we never miss The Marty Stuart Show on the RFD-TV channel. Quality and true country and bluegrass music! It's so good to feel my heart beat again to this music that many of us have cut our teeth on and hold dear. Thanks for keeping it alive and giving it airplay. I've always been thrilled with Marty's music and have recently discovered and appreciate singer/songwriter Jim Lauderdale's music. I would love to see you feature him on one of your shows. Keep up the great programming and music. You make us proud to be 'country music lovers'." -- Theresa Seabloom, Rhinelander, WI

"We watch every week and enjoy the show so much. We would love to see Robert Montgomery as a guest on the show. We have seen him perform with Leroy Troy many times and it is always so enjoyable. Thanks again for such a great family show. We are a military family living away from home and watching your show brings us back to our roots. God Bless You All." -- Samantha Compton

"Please keep the cross and beautiful picture of Jesus Christ on your show. We loved your stage decorations. Everything was different. You are true country .... love your style of music." -- Diana Schwartz, Cincinnati, OH

"I just wanted you to know, all the session musicians I know in Los Angeles watch your show. It is the only show we know that gives us that real country music. Best musicians in the biz working with ya (Kenny, Paul and Harry are the best grinders in Nashville). Anyway, I wanted you to know that your viewer demo ain't nearly as old or as Southern as ya'll think it is. Thanks for doing what yer doin'." -- Ted in LA

"Thank you for a good country music show. Certainly enjoyed seeing the Opry Square Dancers last Saturday night. Don't see much of them any more. We enjoy everyone on the show. Keep it up." -- Mary and Bernard Knapp, Montrose, CO

"We love Marty's show on RFD-TV. Wish it was an hour show. We need more shows like this one. It is very entertaining and the band is super. Love them all." -- Paul Patton

"My wife and I have just found Rural TV on Sky TV and was blown away with your fantastic music. Miss Connie Smith, words fail us. Your BABE is fantastic. What a great voice and real home lovin.' Your band, WOW, such great musicians. Kenny amazing. Paul amazing and Harry amazing, and not forgetting the one and only Leroy Troy. This, without a doubt, is THE best SHOW on TV. Please come to the UK as soon as possible with this line up and please don't just play London as we further north have great venues like Manchester Arena, 20,000 seats. We watch your show all the time so please don't be like Elvis. Come to the UK. We all love you and Connie and the boys and please don't forget Leroy Troy." -- Brian and Rosemary Bentley, Mobberly, Cheshire, UK

"My husband and I enjoy watching your show. It moves quickly with much showmanship and is very entertaining. I am not a country fan at heart, but you are winning me over. We love the fact that we can kick up our heels and dance in the kitchen when The Marty Stuart Show comes on. I am so grateful that you always show the icon of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It never ceases to amaze us. Keep up the good work. Keep airing the up-beat musical choices." -- Inez and Mike

"Really enjoying The Marty Stuart Show on RTV here in the UK. Great to see Duane Eddy and Wanda Jackson recently. Any chance getting Jack Scott on a future show? I hope April wasn't the end of the series." -- Bob Balser, Essex, UK

"Marty, Marty, Marty. Thank you so much from a grateful country gal for keeping country, country. Your show on RFD-TV is AWESOME. You carefully chose "REAL" country aritsts to be on your show!!! (How 'bout that. Country music isn't dead). I love your band. They are the coolest. I, too, am a Christian and I LOVE the fact that you, your band, and Connie Smith show the world that you are loving Jesus, too. Ol Leroy Troy is a ton of fun. I really enjoy him (love his song 'Molly')! He truly enjoys his music. I have been a fan of yours for years and you staying true to who you are (all of you) will keep me being a Marty Stuart fan! Keep doing great work with RFD-TV and I'll keep watching. P.S. I am looking forward to seeing Travis Tritt on your show. I LOVE him, too." -- Betty Anderson

"I just want to say how much I enjoy your show on RFD-TV. Your show is like the ones I used to watch when I was growing up -- Porter Wagoner, The Wilburn Brothers, etc. I enjoy all of your shows, but I really enjoyed your show the night Eddie Stubbs played the fiddle while the Opry Square Dancers danced. Let's have more of Eddie playing the fiddle. I enjoy your guests, the Fabulous Superlatives, and all the rest on your show. I can't wait for the second season to start." -- Fred Drescher, Spencer, IN

"Like everyone else who has posted here, I think that this is the best show on television today. I have been a Marty Stuart fan since the first time I heard him play mandolin on a Lester Flatt and the Nashville Grass record in the seventies. Needless to say, when his country career took off, he already had a built-in fan here in Denver. Keep up the good work. I won't miss a show." -- Doug Elrick, Denver, CO

"We think The Marty Stuart Show is the best thing on RFD-TV. Please keep it coming. It's on at 8 p.m. Saturday nights here and we look forward to it every week. We love Leroy Troy. He's super." -- Betty and Bonnie Martin, Islandton, SC

"While clicking through the TV program tonight, I ran across your show. I had no idea. So wonderful to see a real country music show and artists. Your wife is, of course, gorgeous. You'd better hang on to her or I'll be knocking on her door. The show reminds me of watching the 30-minute Buck Owens Show on Oklahoma City TV in the late 60's. Thanks." -- Roger Anderson, Murfreesboro, TN

"Thank you, Mr. Stuart. Just finished watching your show on RFD-TV on May 25 and it really kicked it. I'm in Culver City, California (West Los Angeles area), not exactly rural. Really a barn burner of a show with a very warm atmosphere. Just me sitting here at 10 p.m. almost spinning in place. As the English say, 'Good show'!!" -- Mark Brown

"My husband and I enjoy Marty's show on RFD-TV every Saturday night. Our hope is that the show will be expanded to 60 minutes real soon!" -- D. J. Haley

"I really enjoy the show and so does my family. We would like to see Byron Berlin on the show. He is a great fiddler and showman, just like Marty." -- Ernest Chapman, Comanche, OK

"In my opinion, The Marty Stuart Show is the absolute best family entertainment that is currently airing on television. My wife and I, along with our four children, watch the show each week. We sing along and the kids dance to the music. The Fabulous Superlatives are one fine band. They are some of the most talented musicians and vocalists anywhere. We appreciate the spiritual numbers that you do. We admire you for displaying the cross and the picture of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and also the patriotic hats and the American flags. We have enjoyed each and every show. We have to admit, though, that one of our favorite parts of each show is watching and listening to Leroy Troy perform. We would really like to see the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band come back on and join him. It would not hurt our feelings if the show was extended to an hour in length. This would allow for each great performer and guest to play another song or two. The square dancers were really fun to watch on that last episode. This show would really make the late and great Porter Wagoner smile and be proud of the great influence he has had on the country bluegrass world. Please keep this show running for many years to come. We surely hope that Season 1 will soon be available for purchase on DVD so that we can have it to watch over and over again." -- Clay Parker and Family, Dandridge, TN

"My youngest daughter has been a huge fan of Marty's for years. We got to see Marty and Travis at a No Hats concert years ago. Of course they were awesome! We watch The Marty Stuart Show every week. Just want to know why Travis Tritt has not been on. They are such a wonderful team! They are missed by many. Keep up the good work on the show and hope to see Travis on one soon." -- Judy Mize

"I have enjoyed all of the shows that have been on. But this last Saturday's show has to be the best so far. Bring back the [Quebe] Sisters and the [Opry Square] Dancers. Do it on different shows, but bring them back. It is a great show and hope to see everyone when you are in the area of southwest Minnesota." -- Bob Anderson

"Thanks for a great show on RFD. Some good ole country! Love your set also: the cross, Indian, and the American flag. That covers it all. Thanks from all of us old cowboys." -- Larry McIntyre

"Really enjoy your show, Marty. It was a long time comin' but worth waitin' for. Your April 11 show with Fred Newell doin' the best imitation of Ralph Mooney I ever heard on 'Keep Her Off Your Mind' made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. He really smoked the break. Keep up the good work. The show's pace, production, audio and talent is strictly top-notch. If it's Saturday night at 8, you know I ain't gonna be late for The Marty Stuart Show on RFD-TV." -- Bill Pastuch, Somerset, KY

"We were delighted to see Dallas Frazier on the show. He grew up in our area and I used to sing gospel songs (with my sister) at KRDU and at Oak Wood Park where Dallas also sang. This brought back lots of good memories." -- Tressie Downing, Visalia, CA

"I feel I'm transported to another era or alternative universe when I watch. There is absolutely no other show on TV like it. Keep it up." -- David K. Grant

"I love The Marty Stuart Show on Saturday on RFD-TV. I just can't wait until he comes on every week. I also love Connie Smith and all the others on that show. We need more entertainment like that on TV. It brings back so many memories from when I was young and all the country shows we used to watch. Keep up the great shows guys. Love it!!!" -- Micki Gipson, Lafayette, IN

"As others have said, it is good to have a good country music show. I see it on RFD-TV and wish it would run for an hour. What does it take to get it on for an hour sponsorship? Keep up the good work." -- Blanton Garner, Chesapeake, VA

"Just want to say your show is awesome and Connie Smith is sounding better than ever. I've been a fan of yours for many years. Just love all of you. May God bless you all because the show is worth it." -- Nino S. Borelli

"We have been watching your show on RFD-TV since you started some time back. Thank you for a great show. We watch all the country and bluegrass shows on RFD-TV." -- Hugh Younkins

"Hey, you guys rock!! Love Connie, as usual, and your steel player absolutely ROCKS. Just wanted to let you know we love the show. The SteelDrivers you had on were excellent. I love them anyway, but it was a truly exciting show for me as I have not seen them in person yet. Connie ROCKS and she is one of my all-time favorite female country artists. Not that she needs to hear another compliment, but she is a blessing to me and a foundation in my own musical inspiration. Thank you both for the excellent entertainment." -- Laurie Douglas

"Marty Rocks! What a fantastic thing he is doing for country music with that awesome throwback show on RFD. The best, the best music show on TV period. Wish it was an hour." -- Barr Epstein

"Fantastic! Superb! Outstanding! Marty, Connie and Mel were the best ever! This show absolutely, positively must go to an hour or longer! All of us out in rural New Mexico congregate around the TV on Saturday evening to watch Marty and all the lineup on RFD-TV. Wouldn't miss it!" -- Keith and Sue Ro

"We LOVE Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives and Connie Smith! The Marty Stuart Show is our favorite show on TV, and we plan our Saturdays so that we never miss it. Marty and Connie ... we love your music. We have been fans for years. Thank you for performing gospel music on your show. Keep up the great work!! We look forward to seeing many more wonderful shows, and we especially enjoy the classic country stars (like Mel Tillis, March 7th). We hope to see you again in central Illinois. God Bless you." -- Connie Thompson, Charleston, IL

"We watch your show every Saturday night on RFD-TV. Me and my husband just love it. If my grandmother were still here, she would love it also. The problem being with us is it is not long enough. Have you considered running this program for an hour? We love Leroy Troy and Connie, and everyone is just having such a good time. The people are down home people and we feel like a part of your family every Saturday night. My prayer would be for you to run the show for an hour. Keep up the good work. We just love you and the whole crowd and what good music and entertainment. Looking forward to Saturday night." -- Cyndi Layfield, Whaleyville, MD

"My husband and I appreciate what Marty is doing for country music and very much enjoy watching the show on RFD-TV. We also enjoy the regulars, Connie Smith, Leroy Troy, Eddie Stubbs, The Superlatives and guests." -- Ray and Mary Lou Coogle

"Hi. I just wanted to say that I love The Marty Stuart Show and enjoy seeing a variety of entertainers on it. It would be wonderful if you had Travis Tritt as your guest." -- Karla Barker, Joliet, IL

"Hi, a long time fan. This is real country music from Marty and His Fabulous Superlatives. I am glad that Verizon decided to add RFD-TV to their lineup. Cousin Kenny is one heck of a guitar player. Have not missed one show and will not miss one either. This is great country music. Thanks." Laszlo, Cedar Knolls, NJ

"The Marty Stuart Show is a breath of fresh air for the country music fans. It is so good to hear lots of steel guitar with Connie Smith, and the rest of the band has the heart and soul of country music. Marty is such a talent. It is so good for the rest of the world to hear and see him and the band. Thanks, Marty." -- Jerry Thurmond, Sullivan, MO

"Keep up the great show on RFD-TV. Especially like it when you feature Gary Carter on steel and, of course, Connie's great songs. Saw you several years ago at the St. Louis Steel Guitar Convention and appreciate your love the steel guitar. Also saw you perform at Wetzel Town and Country Days in New Martinsville, WV. What a great band. Thanks again. Keep up the great work!!" -- Jerry Mason

"By far Marty's show is the best music show on television. I've got everybody I know watching it and they are blown away by the music! Some of my friends who don't really like country music love this show because the Superlatives are so great!" -- Nick DeMaio, Darien, CT

"Being an old country musician and one that can't stand any of the new artists of today, The Marty Stuart Show on RFD-TV is a breath of fresh air. Kenny Vaughan and Marty Stuart know how to play a real country song like it hsould be played. I love the show and never miss it. Keep on picking." -- Ace Tipton, Weatherford, OK

"We LOVE your show. Very little excites us about a TV show until your show came along! Keep up the good work! We especially like the bluegrass music." -- Jean Davis

"I'm rediscovering great country music and The Marty Stuart Show delivers. I've been more of a rock music guy, but I watch Marty every Saturday night; and if I miss an episode, I'm saved by my DVR. It's a wonderful show. Keep it going!" -- Michael Buchanan, Homewood, AL

"I enjoy watching your show on RFD and just wondering why Eddie Stubbs never gets a chance to play fiddle. I'm also a bluegrass fan and would enjoy hearing that on the show too." -- Frank Parker, Tyler TX

"I love the new Marty Stuart Show on RFD-TV. Marty is bring country music back to the country, from his set full of hillbilly memorabilia to his kicking band, to his wonderful guests, to the inclusion of national treasure Eddie Stubbs as his emcee. The show follows the formula that worked for so many years for Porter Wagoner, The Wilburn Brothers, and others. Marty and his band perform a song to start the show, followed by a guest such as Charley Pride, Josh Turner, Charlie Janiels, or Del McCoury. Then Marty's wife, country great Connie Smith, sings a song, blue eyes twinkling the entire time. Next, our old buddy Leroy Troy brings some hillbilly charm to the stage. Following Leroy is a gospel song. I love the way the hat-wearers on the show take them off during this time the way Bill Monroe and Flatt and Scruggs once did during a sacred song. Marty will follow the gospel song by singing a song with the week's guest. Finally, the entire cast sings a song together to end the show. It's a formula, but it works so well. I read where it's getting a great response, and I'm glad." -- Eric Gibson

"I just wanted to say how much my husband and I enjoy your show on RFD-TV. One of my favorite Marty Stuart songs is one called 'Farmers Blues.' I was wondering if you would consider singing it on your show? We no longer farm, but my husband is and always will be a farmer at heart. That song so clearly tells the tale of life as a farmer. We know, we've lived it. Thank you for that song and for your show." -- Sharon Wells, Holland Patent, NY

"We watch the Marty Stuart Show every Saturday night on RFD-TV. Love each and every show and song performed. This is the best show on that station. We hope it continues to be aired every Saturday night." -- Evelyn and Joey Totty, Mayfield, KY

"Marty! KUDOS for your show! I have always thought you are the MOST talented star in Nashville and am thrilled to see you on TV. I love the way you honor the Old Guys and Gals! I grew up in Cookeville in the 60's and 70's. We ate breakfast every morning with Ralph Emery, Loretta, Dottie, Patsy, Teddy and Doyle, George Morgan, and everybody else you knew. Evey Saturday was bath night (for church the next day), then on to the sofa for Lester and Earl and the Opry. Your show brings back wonderful memories. Thanks so much. I would like to see some of the Opry stars that are working hard to take Country Music back to its roots: Patty Loveless, Kathy Mattea, Dolly (of course) and Alison Krauss." -- Janet D. Smith

"We absolutely love The Marty Stuart Show. We make our schedule around being able to watch it every Saturday night. Love, Love, Love LEROY TROY. He's super." -- Betty and Bonnie Martin, Islandton, SC

"I love your show. I would love to see my old buddy Mike Webb on it sometime. We go way back. He and I are both from Hohenwald, TN. Rod Brassfield country! Thanks for all you do to keep the old county alive." -- Melissa Bell, Bellevue TN

"I want to say I just love Marty and his style of music and have for a long time. I am so happy to have his show on the air. It needs to be at least one hour though!!! I watched tonight's show with Charlie Daniels and it was great. I love watching Marty's beautiful wife Connie singing and the fun they both have together. She has the most beautiful voice and they make a real team. Along with all the great guests that he has lined up. I love that Marty is dressing so great now and we all know where he, Connie and his guests stand in their walk with the Lord. What a blessing. Please try to get it extended to at least one hour! Marty is so talented and so is Connie. Please keep this one going. It is a great show! I now look forward to Saturdays at 5 p.m. PT on RFD-TV." -- Jeannie Voigts

"I became a fan of country music in the late 60's, after the Beatles made the chords in R&R too hard for me to play and when I went to school in Virginia where they had shows like Porter Wagoner and the Wilburn Bothers on TV Saturday evenings. Your new show is a delghtful return to those kind of shows and I plan my Saturdays around it. Keep up the good (no, excellent!) work!" Brad Morgan, Boulder, CO

"We just love the new show on RFD-TV." -- Francis J. Van Ert

"My wife and I absolutely love your weekly television show on RFD-TV. I can only imagine how much fun all of you have just hangin' and improvising with your guitars and voices! The show is a blast and my best to the Superlatives and cast, too." -- Lanny Sigo, Lafayette, IN

"Getting a chance to come see y'all do the new Marty Stuart Show was a hoot. With Connie, Dierks Bentley, Leroy Troy and the Superlatives kickin' it up made my whole year. When I knew I was going to get to comee, I was down at our farm near Tremont, Mississippi where my old babysitter Tammy Wynette is from, and Daddy has a good turnip green patch this year. I was thinking about what a model you represent for keeping traditional country music alive and the song 'Good directions' that Rachel Thibodeaux and Luke Bryan wrote. Marty, you give us all good country directions. God bless you and Connie and I hope you enjoy the turnip greens." -- Eddie Wilson

"Finally a show that gets back to the roots of Country and Western! Very high quality band and guests! My only complaint is that the show is too short. Please increase the time to one hour or more. Thanks so much!" Johnny Jones, Myrtle Creek, Oregon

"Your new show is great. The band is cool and can you guys do 'Walk Like That' again? That was the best. We love you guys in Maryland. Thanks for the show!" -- Ray Gore

"Thank you Marty for your great TV show. I probably, like many country fans, have become very saddened we don't have any great traditional country music on TV any more, not to mention country radio. Thank you for keeping the heart of cool traditional country beating. You're the best." -- T. Lehr, Silver Springs, Nevada

"I am a Marty nut and the show gives me the opportunity to see Marty close up and he talks personally to his fans and that is what I would like to see more often." -- Cebra Rutland

"On the great, great Marty Stuart Show, thank God for the internet and You Tube (on You Tube you can find parts of episodes 1 and 2 of the show) since I don't have cable TV service where I would watch RFD-TV's The Marty Stuart Show." -- Brett Clark

"Just wanted to mention how GREAT the show is. Unfortunately, I've only been able to catch one (the third). I work the weekends and just have to go out and buy a TiVo. I have no doubt that these will be classic shows for years to come. Just as so many people have just recently discovered the Porter Wagoner and Wilburn Bros. shows, it's almost too much of a gift for country music fans and especially Marty Stuart fans to get to experience a newer version of a classic style. Keep up the good work Marty! Everything looks great on the show. I'll be recording next time they come around and all the future shows. Living just a few miles away in Columbia, I may just drop over for that piece of chicken someday. Somebody please send out a 'HEY' to Eddie Stubbs. You are so cool!" -- Jim Walden

"We just watched your thirty-minute show (it should be an hour or two) and enjoyed it very much." -- Jo Ann Manning, Chico, TX

"So glad to see your show on the RFD.TV I hope you can continue to stay on." -- Glenn Dye

"Thank you. My wife and I really enjoy your show on RFD. It will be on our TV from now on. Long time since we had good enjoyable entertainment on our TV." -- Rick & Judy Little, Corpus Christi, TX

"Just had to comment on the Marty Stuart Show currently on RFD TV...this is just the best show to come along in AGES!! LOVE the idea of bringing back shows in the style of the Wilburn Brothers and Porter's just a wonderful thing to have real country music on television again. Unfortunately,the Grand Ole Opry has let us way down recently (I mean folks like Jessica Simpson and Kevin Costner?!-- REALLY?!). Thanks to those behind this genius production! And just for the record, my husband and I are only 40, not your stereotypical "old farts" complaining about "the music these days." Even our beautiful, intelligent 17 year-old daughter loves the show! It's my hope that the fanbase for the show grows by leaps and bounds...keep up the great work!!!" -- Jill in Galax, Virginia

"My daughter called me and said 'turn the TV to RFD'. I ran in and turned it on. Normally I am outside doing things but it was chilly out so I was cooking. What warmed my heart was a program like, as we say, the old days -- something clean and, of course, the musicians were dressed as entertainers should and, of course, Marty is very handsome and Connie an angel. What a lovely program. I think all TV has gone to the devil, but thank God for RFD and wholesome people like Marty and Connie. I wish RFD would fill some of their time with the wonderful folks keeping it Country and dress like the great entertainers they are, May God richly bless them." -- Gertie

"I just saw your kick-off show and you have a winner there. This will be a must-watch for me. Reminds me of the old Porter Wagoner Days. Keep up the good music." -- John Whitehead

"We watched the Marty Stuart TV show on RFD-TV on November 1. Loved every bit of it. Wish we could have been there live. Keep up the great work Marty." -- Evelyn and Joey Totty, Mayfield, KY

"Loved your show tonight. Leroy Troy was awesome! I can't imagine how he flips that banjo and I still hear it playing. We'd like to see more of him and again the whole show was great!" -- Betty & Bonnie Martin from Islandton, SC

"Marty so nice to see you and your band dressed as you were. Your program was fantastic keep up the good work. Oh by the way, Connie is a sweetheart and what a voice she has and always has had." -- Maynard and Ruth Field

"Just a note to say what a wonderful new country show that is Country! We love Marty and Connie and we hope the show has a long life." -- An old country fan, Mary Anne Moon, Willow Spring, NC

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