Milk And Honey

Written by Marty Stuart and Pam Tillis

As the fireflies buzzed around him
Like so many dancing stars
God told all the angels
From Jupiter to Mars
There's a basket in the river
Bearing something dear to me
Embarking on a journey
To fulfill his destiny

A pretty maiden on the banks
Stood with open arms
God put it in her heart
To keep that baby safe from harm
She said "don't matter where you come from
Now you belong to me"
She was wise enough to know
It was simply meant to be

God was there when the firefly lied
At the angel's side
And the maiden's heart
As she played her part
As she scooped him up
Headed into town
That's the way it all went down
On the way to Holy Ground
Milk and honey bound

One night that little prince was tossed
Into a stormy prophet's dream
And it took a while for him to understand
What he had seen
When that boy became a man
Those dreams they did transpire
He wandered into the desert
Where he talked to a bush of fire

And a voice said
"I'll be there, I'll be there
I'll be there with you
Deliver my people out of Pharaoh's chains
And I will see you through"

God was there in the prophet's dream
And the sparkled stream
That flowed from the rock
In the burning bush
On the mountain top
All across that desert sand
Fingerprints of the master's hand
He cried out "Pharaoh
I'm headin' back to town"
That's the way it all went down
Milk and honey bound

Yeah, I've come to lead my people out
Milk and honey bound
I've come to lead my people out
I've come to lead my people out
Milk and honey
Milk and honey

©1998 Ben's Future Music/Warner Tamerlane Publishing Corp/Marty Party Music BMI

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