The Story Behind The Song "Still Holding On"

This appeared in The Tennessean on September 6, 1997

Clint Black, in an interview with Robert K. Oermann for The Tennessean gave this account of co-writing the hit single "Still Holding On" with Marty:

"The song started when I was in a meeting with CBS-TV for the Jack Favor movie. Part of the story is the love between Jack and his wife. I pictured the scenario of her trying to live without him while he's in prison, losing their farm and all that stuff they went through and still holding onto each other.

I got with Matraca (Berg) and we wrote the chorus. When she said, 'Let's take a break,' I couldn't get it out of my head. So I started going through my phone numbers thinking about anybody I could call at 10:30 at night. The one name I knew I could call that late was Marty. So I went out to his house at 11 o'clock and we worked until 4:30 the next morning and finished it."

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