These are Difficult

These trivia questions are quite difficult. Again, each answer is a separate link.

1. Marty has a tattoo. What is it? Answer
2. Is Marty older or younger than his sister Jennifer? Answer
3. What was the name of Lester Flatt's band? Answer
4. Marty says he's from Route ___, Philadelphia, Mississippi Answer
5. Name the sponsor of the No Hats Tour. Answer
6. Who is Marty's and Connie's favorite movie actress? Answer
7. Marty was filming which music video when he hit his head? Answer
8. Why was Marty late for his June 28, 1993 concert at Opryland? Answer
9. Marty toured with Bob Dylan as part of his ___ ___ Revue. Answer
10. Who gave Marty this advice: "After you've had a streak of bad luck, what you need to make you feel better is 1) a new Cadillac, 2) a new hillbilly suit, 3) a good looking woman, and 4) dream up a song that sets you straight. Find your guitar and get to singing it. Then just watch the future brighten up." Answer

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