Memorable Marty Moments

Do you have a "Memorable Marty Moment" that you'd like to share with the World Wide Web? Every fan's "moment" is different and special. I'd like to thank these wonderful Marty fans who are sharing their Memorable Marty Moments with the rest of us.

Marty Loves Waffle House Sybil Chief
I am from Georgia. I was traveling from Ontario with my husband and another Canadian couple. We stopped in the Waffle House when, just after, Marty came in. I was shy to get his autoraph, but he motioned for me to come to his car. He signed his autograph and I said "I love you, Marty" and he said, "I love you too." This was in Nashville. This stays in my mind until this day.

The Apostle Moment Wysha Thorne
My memorable Marty moment is actually a memorable Apostle Paul moment, cause I am a huge Apostle Paul fan. A few months back, I was at their gig in Glasgow for Celtic Connections, and, when Paul entered the stage, my eyes lit up, because I was finally seeing the genuine article. He wore a lilac suit that night, complete with studded cravat, and showed that he could play bluegrass songs on the electric bass. After the show, I met Marty, and got a few things off him aka 2 autographs, a pic, and a guitar pick. I was the only one to meet them that night and told Marty that I wanted to meet the band. Less than a minute later, Cousin Kenny, Handsome Harry, and Apostle Paul, all walked through the door. It was the most amazing thing in the world, as I was now face-to-face with my most favourite bassist in the entire world. I got a band pic taken, but no autographs, and I talked to Apostle Paul for a few more minutes after Kenny and Harry went back into the HQ (as I call it), and then it was over.

A Touching Performance Kristine Packard

I was watching a special on TV....I believe it was a tribute to Johnny Cash, or something like that. Marty Stuart sang "Ring of Fire" and it was absolutely the best performance of anyone on that show. I hate to admit that it also kicked butt on Johnny Cash's version of "Ring of Fire." Marty sang that song so beautifully....I'll never forget it. I was mezmerized and my boyfriend Jeff was also. I have looked on the internet on You ube hoping to find Marty singing "Ring of Fire" from that specific show, but never had any luck. Does anyone out there know of this recording?

[Webmaster note: Here's the performance:]

First Time Meeting Marty Harriet Cupp
My memorable moment with Marty Stuart actually happened yesterday. I watched Marty perform at the Washington Parish Free Fair in Franklinton, Louisiana, which is my hometown. His performance was outstanding. I am really in awe of what a charitable person he is. His band is also the greatest and they harmonize so well together during the gospel songs they sang. After the show, my children and I waited to buy some merchandise and get autographs. I was amazed at how down to earth Marty and his band are. He doesn't act like most who have let the celebrity status go to their head. Marty also let me take a picture of him and my children and he and his band autographed my daughter's green inflatable monkey she purchased at the fair. I've been to the fair and seen many singers and talents but none have impressed me as much as Marty and His Fabulous Superlatives. They made our day. Keep up the good work, Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives, and may God Bless You in all that you do.

Remembering 35 years ago .... Ruth Acland
The reason The Pilgrim touches me so deeply is because I recall watching Marty teasing Bill Monroe before a show. This was in August 1974, and the place was Lakeland, Tennessee, just outside Memphis. Bill Monroe was standing outside his bus waiting to go on-stage. I think The Nashville Grass had just finished playing, and Marty obstructed Bill Monroe's way to the stage, jumping this way and that, so very comfortable in teasing the King of Bluegrass. I think of this incident every time I hear The Pilgrim, which is why this album in particular means so much to me. Because I remember.

Marty's A Miracle Ruth Acland

I had not seen Marty since 1977 when I was 16. For some reason, I knew that would be the last time I would see him. However, I kept up with his career, off and on, and was very happy for his success.

Early in February something very unfortunate happened to me. I was falsely accused of something, and was forced, without representation, to sign a reprehensible legal document. I was not, and am not, guilty of the things I was accused of, but I was forced to sign anyway or face losing my career. The man leveling the charges against me is a very powerful man in our community.

I turned the matter over to the Lord and pled my cause before my Father in Heaven, asking Him for help and guidance for my family and me during this difficult time. It wasn't enough that I was hurt. The man's actions against me caused great emotional distress to my husband and children.

I continued praying and keeping my focus on the Lord, knowing that I would somehow, someway, be delivered from the horrific emotional and spiritual affliction I was facing.

Then...I was inspired to look up Marty's official website, and clicked on the Tour button. That is when I learned he was scheduled to come to Osceola, Iowa, in April!

From that moment on, the miracles in my life have not ceased! The Lord has fought my battles with the man in question and has delivered to me a decisive victory! When my husband and I returned from Osceola that night, I could not stop crying for the miracle that was Marty and his Fabulous Superlatives, and great credit goes to their fans, who were such sweet and supportive people! I felt good to be in their company, and Marty and his Superlatives are just that....SUPER SWEET KIND WONDERFUL GENTLEMEN!!!

The night before Marty was due to arrive in Osceola, I, too, had a dream. I dreamed that Marty approached me, dressed in his Country Music suit, and reached out to me to give me a ' High-Five,' When I touched his hand, Marty told me that my life would flow with milk and honey.

It has flowed with milk and honey since April 17, 2009 and the blessings haven't stopped coming!!

I knew Marty when he would come to Arkanss in the 1970s with Lester Flatt.

Connie Smith...the more I learn about her, the more I am convinced she is an Angel sent to Earth to bless my life!! And I've never even met her!! I feel good when I think of her, and wish she and Marty would come to Osceola soon!

There is a God, and He has blessed my life with Marty, Connie, and the Fabulous Superlatives!!

Driving Mr. Marty Chris Aaland
One of my favorite memories is picking Marty Stuart and The Fabulous Superlatives up at the Community Concert Hall in a rental van. They were surprised that their driver was also their on-air host and the station's general manager.

Marty Rode In My Taxi Connie Murphy

I drive a taxi in Madison, Wisconsin and decided to drive an extra shift on my day off as I had taken a sick day off earlier in that week. It was Saturday, September 20, 2008 and Marty was playing with Travis Tritt at the Overture Center that night. I saw the ad in a local weekly paper along with other happenings in the area.

I was posted up waiting for a call to happen and took a call at a hotel in the downtown area. As I pulled up, I noticed a tour bus parked out front and wondered who it belonged to. The name "Stewart" was on my call. I pulled up and saw Marty Stuart waiting inside. Now I like some country music, but I'm particular. I was somewhat excited to see Marty coming to my taxi. He asked if he could sit in the front seat and I said "sure." I told him he needed to put on his seat belt and he said "no problem." I asked if he was Marty Stuart (even though I knew he was) and he said "yes" and asked my name. I told him that my name was Connie. He said that it would be easy to remember as his wife's name is Connie.

I said I had wondered whose tour bus that was. He said he was killing time and he was headed for an antique mall on the east side of town. On the way we chatted about different things. He asked how long I had been driving a taxi. I replied that I first started driving a taxi in 1974 when I was just 21. He said that he had started in the business in 1972. I asked him if he started young in the business and he said he had. I asked if his father had been in the business and he replied his father-in-law had. I asked who his father-in-law was and he said "Johnny Cash." I asked if he was married to Rosanne and he replied he was married to her sister Cindy.

I asked if he wanted me to wait for him and he said he didn't know how long he would be. He asked if there were any antique stores specializing in stained glass and I told him to ask once he got inside as this store was a mall and had many booths. They would know where to steer him once inside. I asked him if he wanted me to come back for him and he said that would be great. I gave him our business card with my name on it and told him I would make arrangements with the office to let me know when he was ready. I said I would take a break nearby.

When he was ready, I went back for him. He wanted to go to another antique store on the other side of town. This gave us more time to chat. We talked about Madison and I pointed out some points of interest as we went through the different areas of town. He said that I should be a tour guide. I said I wanted to do that but there isn't much call for that in Madison.

He was inside the next antique store only a few moments. When he got back inside my taxi, I asked if he found what he wanted. He said he did and it only cost $1.00. I said that sometimes the best items are only a $1.00.

I wondered out loud if there were any tickets left for his show that evening. He asked if I wanted to come and I said "I would love to." He took my name and phone number down so one of his people could call to let me know a ticket was there for me. When we got back to his hotel, he gave me a kiss on the cheek which I returned. He also gave me his autograph on the ad. He tipped me nicely on the 1st ride and I considered the ticket a great tip on the second ride.

I waited for that call to come but it never did. I decided to go anyway and, sure enough, there was a ticket waiting for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert!! I enjoyed that the music was acoustic. I had a good seat and didn't have long to wait for it to start.

I had never really listened to his music before but had seen him on TV shows. I just couldn't believe that he was so down to earth and easy to talk with. When we came to stop lights I was able to look at him and noticed he had very long eyelashes. When I got back to work the next Monday, I made it a point to check into him. I'm very impressed with his accomplishments! I'm buying his music and I like what I hear. I've even been checking him out on You Tube.

Reading other Marty Moments encouraged me to write my own. I look forward to Marty returning to the Madison area in the future and will be sure to go to his next concert. Any time he wants to come and relax in the area I would be happy to be his guide for anything he wants to do.

1994, Marty and the Roses Mary Runyan

This was the 2nd or 3rd year I'd worked in the Strawberry Festival. You start in January and work hard through May. It was an aggressive festival year with 10 days of lots of things going on. It was an expensive year as well.

Several weeks before the festival, they usually announce the Headliner for the main entertainment. T.G. Sheppard was there the year before, and the Forester Sisters, folks like that. But for some reason they were holding off on announcing it that year, then wanted to have a big meeting of all the volunteers and Event Coordinators. Unfortunately, the night before the meeting, a good friend of mine who worked for the local radio station called me to tell me they were bringing Marty to Dayton, Tennessee. I laughed at her and said "Sue, I'm one of the Event Coordinators, wouldn't I know that?" I could not believe it. I told her they all knew what a fan I was of Marty and they would for sure tell me. I still couldn't believe they would or could bring Marty to Dayton. Sue asked me if they might be going to surprise me. It hadn't occurred to me. But I told Sue I still didn't think it was going to happen.

They had asked me to bring a tape player to the meeting for some intro music they wanted to use to announce the Headliner. My kids were there as they were part of my "volunteer committee". They took the tape player from me and got it ready and sat it at one end of the table. They hemhawed around about who would turn on the music when they announced it and finally said "Just let Mary do it," like no big deal who did it.

The really played it up and then pointed at me and the song "This One's Gonna Hurt You" started playing. Well, does any Marty fan not know Marty's music after the first few chords and I'm sure a 1,000 flies could have easily flown in my mouth. I looked at my kids and said "Do you hear that, do you know who that is?" They nodded.

The next few weeks was a whirlwind of mailing out stuff to the fan club, and getting everything ready. I was going to be the Event Coordinator for the Concert along with two other women.

May 19th comes along, and Point Park is set up for an outdoor concert. Of course the weather never cooperates for these things and the attendance wasn't what they had hoped for.

In short, I had to go pick up my son from school when Marty got there so I got there after they did. As a matter of fact, I was told Marty was picked up in Chattanooga at the airport and didn't come in on the bus. He spent some time with Glen Davis (who worked at the Opry at the time), on his pontoon boat he had pulled over to the point on the lake. Point Park is a little peninsula jutting out into the lake off the Tennessee River. The band came over and ate and we got to talk to them in the Hospitality Area set up for them. Lots of home cookin' and sweet tea. The fan club got to come back stage to meet with Marty before the concert. We all got pictures and such, but I had headed back over to the hospitality area to see about the food. Then I hear someone shouting for me. I'm like oh, no, what's going on, what's happened. And they are all pointing for me to go back over to Marty. He had this box of roses in his hands. (Mind you this was all set up by the Executive Committiee for the festival) I knew there was some reason they were keeping me out of the lounge area at the Chamber of Commerce where the flowers were in the fridge.

But the card said "Thanks, to my #1 fan. And Marty had signed it "Love Marty Stuart." My sister-in-law was having Mario take pictures and kept Sherry and Mario in the backstage area . Honestly I don't remember and probably never will remember what all he said without hypnosis, but he was saying thanks for all I had done to make everything so nice and he really liked it all, heck, who knows what all he said, I was in shock. Then he handed me some roses and I was like wow, this is really unbelievable. Two or three were taking pictures, so I looked out at Mario and as I looked away Marty kisses me on the cheek. I looked back at him in amazement (thinking did he really do that?) and was holding my hand to my cheek and then he kisses me right on the mouth! I felt my knees buckle and I have a picture of Rodney (his old bodyguard, busdriver, whatever else he needed to be) was standing right behind me and appears to be leaning back like I'm going to fall backwards on him. I have never felt faint in my life to my knowledge but that must have been what it feels like. My knees were giving way on me.

Then he had to go get ready for the concert. I got to go out front to sit for the concert and then had to rush back to take care of all the stuff "backstage". Marty came over to the hospitality tent looking for something to eat. Some folks were still back there with the radio station (in Dayton) and wanting autographs. I asked them to give him a little while to eat. (They didn't like it.) The manager of radio station stayed there and I fixed Marty a roast beef sandwich (he likes his mayo on both sides of the bread) and a big glass of sweet tea and big pile of potato chips. That was all he wanted out of all that food. He talked to the station manager for about 15-20 minutes, came over and said thank you again and I took his paper plate and refilled his tea and he was gone.

A Nice Gesture Carol Noonan

For those of you who missed the Marty Stuart show here at Stone Mountain Arts Center, I am so sorry. I can truly say it is not just the best show I have seen here at SMAC, but it is the best show I have ever seen in my life!!

So here’s the thing, if you don’t know who Marty is, let me explain.....He is a country legend...played with Johnny Cash for years, has won countless grammy and country music in the country hall of fame, a regular performer on the Grand Old Opry...blah, blah...get the picture? ......he is a big star in the country music world.

I tell you all this to drive the point home that this big act coming up to our small neck of the woods, is kind of an awesome tale in itself......but the fact that they really got a “taste” of our little community is the best part of the story........

These big acts have kind of a weird schedule when they are on the road....They play a gig, get in the bus, and drive all night to their next destination. Often they arrive at the venue in the wee hours of the morning and park and sleep until nine or ten and then go to the hotel to catch a cat nap in a real bed, and shower before their sound check. Meanwhile the crew works on the elaborate stage production. So now with that background, I will describe their day here in Brownfield.....

They got to our always controversial town at 4:00 AM in the morning, and started up our Dugway Road, only to find a tree across their right of way.... a casualty from that crazy storm we had the other night. Anyway, they had to back down a mile of country road, that is not easy to maneuver going forward, never mind a big rig! But being laid back country folk themselves, they pulled into the Brownfield Town Garage unruffled and slept till 8:00. The driver said, there was a moment of panic from the Marty camp, when a few early risers looked out the window and spied the town garage thinking it was the Stone Mountain Arts Center. But soon my Jeff came down and escorted them up a more treeless route to their Blake neighborhood destination. That huge tour bus towing an equally long trailer, came rolling in and they poured out wiping the sleep for their eyes. 12 hours later they were dressed in their spangly jangly country duds, and took the stage.

During the day, we shuttled them in a borrowed van from a kind local canoe rental business that said “15.00 a Day" plastered on the side, advertising this band of Southern musicians as if they were for hire. (I wish Marty was that cheap!) They showered and caught some cat naps at the Snowvillage Inn and then requested a place to have lunch and a band meeting at noon time away from the venue. Unprepared of course, I had a moment of panic, but luckily I knew just who to call.

I reserved the "function room" in the back of the quaint and colorful Eaton Village Store where Phil treated them to his famous cheeseburgers. I told Phil that I would be picking up the check, and consequently the band racked up a whopping $32.00 worth of sustenance. (Phil waved the room rental ...haha) On the way back, they took pictures of the beautiful foliage and mountains that we get to see every day.

They were amazingly gracious and referred to my husband Jeff and I often throughout the performance. I heard from their agent today, who wanted to book them a return visit right away.....they said that our little place was the best stop on the tour. They said our audience was "powerfully enthusiastic and full of love", and our chef fixed them, and I quote, "the best dang food we ever had on a tour....nice to have some home cookin' for a change!" They commented on what a beautiful dressing room we had, and I admitted to him that we had just finished it the night before thanks again to the help and creativity of friends and neighbors.

Marty was very kind and talked to Jeff and I for a long time after the show about our dream, and how important it was. He said we had something very special here, including the audience. It reminded me of why we did this, and why we have risked so much.

He also asked me if he could borrow my Silvertone guitar for a recording he was working was just the sound he was looking for. He offered to rent it, and feeling like a groupie, I told him just to take it with him, and then he would HAVE to come back. “He said, honey, we’re already comin’ back!”

So you know those days you have, when you think wow, we are so lucky to live here.......look around, not just at the the people. Marty did. He will be back in September.

Marty Sparkles and Twangs Terry Wilgus

I want to tell you all about the Sparkle and Twang Exhibit at the Tennessee State Museum. In case you did not know, this as a small part of Marty Stuart's enormous collection of Country Music Memorabilia. It is being displayed at the museum for about a 6-month. period, and set up in true museum style with videos to go along with the displays, telling the stories. There are probably five to six large rooms housing this display.

My husband and myself, and our son from the West Coast got there about 1 p.m. and began to browse through the displays. There is so much. There is a lot of Johnny and June memorabilia, letters, clothes, instruments, etc.

We had been there close to two hours, taking in all the wonderful items, and reading their history and had talked to several of the security guards watching the premises. One of them motioned to my husband to get my son and I....and as we gathered, this lady security guard asked us if we were Marty Stuart fans, and we nodded. She said...."if you want to meet him, he is right over there...go shake his hand!"

I had on my Black and Silver CASH shirt, the one that Joanne Cash had admired at CASHBASH.

As we turned the corner where the guard had directed us to go, there stood Marty Stuart and his mother. He motioned us over, we walked up and shook his hand, and he could not have been more gracious. He asked us if we were enjoying the exhibit, and several other questions. We talked for probably five minutes. His mother was just as friendly, asking us what brought us to Nashville, and when we explained about the family reunion, she laughed, indicating we should get some really good food there!

As we continued to talk, he noted my shirt, and I mentioned that we had been to the cemetary, and by his house that morning (for those who do not know, Marty lives next door to the former Cash home site). He asked if I had seen it before, and I explained about my visit at CASHBASH, and that I was a member of the Johnny Cash Forum. I told him we were going to the Fold this year, and he said, "You will love it...they will pet you and love on you, and you will hear some great music."

If any of you get a chance to go see this exhibit before it leaves (I think in November), I encourage you to do will be amazed!

An Act of Kindness Amy

My husband and I first saw Marty Stuart at the Rocky Gap Music Fest in the early 1990's. I believe we saw him there two years in a row and were blown away by the energy and "realness" in his performances. We then saw him when he came closer to our hometown and played at Hershey Park. We don't ride, but paid the admission to the park so that we could catch Marty; and sure enough, we weren't disappointed. He gave two shows, each entirely different but wonderful just the same.

My "Marty Moment" however, comes years later in the summer of 2003. I now had two young boys and was VERY pregnant with my third. It was a blistering hot night. We took the boys to the outside concert and they loved hearing him play, especially his rendition of "Ring of Fire." At intermission, we stood in a very long line of fans waiting to meet Mr. Stuart. I thought the boys should be able to meet a "star." I watched him be so kind and genuinely warm to each person that he met, making each one feel very special. When it came to our turn, he spoke very kindly to each of my sons, asking them questions and shaking their hands. He then came upon their very large-with-child mother and after greeting me, was very concerned that I might be hot, or too tired from standing in line. He offered me a drink and a seat. Not wanting to miss the next part of the show, I didn't take him up on the offer or I'd miss getting back to my seat! I took away from that concert, not only the fact that Marty Stuart is perhaps the greatest entertainer of our time, but a genuinely kind and generous that I am happy to spend my money to see.

Ten Years and Worth The Wait Lisa DeMeester

I finally got to see Marty in concert and meet him. Marty was here November 21 at the DeltaPlex in Grand Rapids, not far from my house either. My husband, Ryan, got tickets for our anniversary which is the 22nd. Ryan knew that it has always been a dream of mine to see Marty in concert, so he got us tickets. What an anniversary gift!

Marty put on a wonderful show! He looked wonderful! I was able to get right up front and take some pictures. After the concert, they had where you could meet Marty and the band and get an autograph. Ryan bought me the Marty Christmas ornament so I had something for Marty to sign. I was so nervous I made Ryan hold the ornament. I was so afraid of dropping it. My hands were shaking so much.

We were in line over an hour when I finally got to meet Marty face-to-face. I was thinking the whole hour what I was going to say when it was finally my turn, but what came out in one breath was, "I waited 10 years and finally got a chance to meet you." He had a really nice smile, held out his hand to me and said, "Hi, what is your name? My name is Marty Stuart." I told him my name and he said, "Lisa, I'm glad I finally got to meet you, now let's get our picture taken." So Ryan took a picture of us. I told Ryan that was the most wonderful anniversary gift he could give me and something I'd cherish forever.

Ryan has never really gotten into Marty's music, but after the concert he told me how much he enjoyed the show, the music was wonderful, and how much Marty puts into the show. Ryan walked away from the show with a whole new respect for Marty. The next day when I came home from work, guess who was listening to Marty? I must have had a shocked look on my face and Ryan said that he hopes I didn't mind him getting into my CDs, but he had to listen to some Marty and plus our daughter, Olivia, should start now to get to know Marty's music, which she already enjoys.

A Meeting in the Alleyway Jason Kelly
Big fan here. February 2, 2002, Nashville Tennessee, walking downtown, I came upon the legendary alley behind Tootsie's Orchid Lounge and the Ryman. There was a line of cars. I told the guys I was with, "Hey, let's see who is up here." As we got close to the back door of the Ryman, I spotted Little Jimmy Dickens. Then the crowd parted and there was the man, Marty Stuart. As I fought off the weakness in my knees, I made my way directly toward him. Shook his hand and asked for a picture. He replied with, "You bet, Buddy." I told him how big of a fan I was and what an honor it was to meet him. He then said, "That's cool." I will never forget it.

Floating on Cloud 9 Judy Trickett
I am still on Cloud 9 from the fan club party. When it was my turn to have my picture made with Marty and I was giving the guy my camera to take my picture with Marty, Marty told him to let that "good looking lady in here." That really made the night a night I will never forget.

This Kiss, This Kiss ..... Evelyn Totty
I have a new Marty moment....happened June 28th, 2003 at the Executive Inn in Paducah, Kentucky. When it was my turn in the meet and greet line, I walked toward Marty, and he said, "Hi Ev." He knew my name and gave the biggest hug face-to-face two times and two kisses, the second on the lips. When he gave me the second hug and kiss, I told him I loved him and would miss him so much, he replied, "I love you and will miss you so much Ev." And he signed a picture for me, "TO EVELYN TOTTY, LOVE MARTY STUART". Marty has not forgotten my name!!!!! Thanks Marty for a great memorable moment!

Performing with Marty The Floyds
I received an email message from Katrina Floyd who wanted to share her children's experience of meeting and performing with Marty at the Bonnie and Clyde Bluegrass Festival on June 5, 2003. She gave me permission to use Krysten's, Lauren's and Rock's journals as well as some of the pictures from the evening. Click here to enjoy their Memorable Marty Moment. I invite you to check out their website -- -- for more information on this wonderful family as well as additional pictures of them with Marty.

A Marty Moment on a Spiritual Level Rhonda Loyd

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Marty Stuart, but the man saved my life. It happened several years ago on November 28, 1995. I need to lay the groundwork first. It was the middle of October and something happened that led to this life-changing event. I lived alone in an apartment in Sacramento, California. The owners of the apartment complex decided to have cable installed in all of the apartments free to the tenants. I am not a fan of cable so it wasn't high on my want list. I lived from paycheck to paycheck so cable was a luxury. Once the cable was installed I surfed the channels and watched when not working, which turned out to be one day a week. I worked six days a week as much as ten hours a day and barely made ends meet.

One evening I ran across TNN. They were advertising a Marty Party special that would air November 28, 1995. Being a fan and loving his music, I really wanted to see this show. There were two obstacles in my way. One -- it was a Wednesday night and I had not had a Wednesday off in two years and truthfully I couldn't afford to take a night off. My second problem was that my VCR would not pick up TNN so I couldn't record it. I couldn't decide whether to ask for that night off or just work and miss the show. After a couple of days of indecision I finally gave up and asked God for a sign. I asked HIM to decide for me the night of November 2.

The morning of the November 3rd, I had an answer. I had a dream about Marty. He stood in a room that was totally dark except for the spotlight shining down on him. He smiled and told me to take the night off. I said I couldn't afford too. He said I couldn't afford not too. I argued and he smiled. Then he said, "If you trust me and the man up stairs, you'll do as I say." Well, when I woke up, I knew I would. I went to work wrote out a request for that night off. Since I never asked for a night off before I figured I'd be granted that request.

The week of the Marty Party show, my schedule was posted and I got that night off. Wednesday November 28, 1995 rolled around and I got ready to enjoy the show. I watched and enjoyed Marty do his thing. It was a great evening of fun and music. The next morning I was called into work early and discovered the unthinkable had happened. You see, I worked in an ice cream parlour and, while I was watching the show, a man with a gun came into the ice cream parlour. He robbed the place threatening the two workers with being shot and possibly killed. When I got home I dropped to my knees and thanked God and Marty. If Marty had not had that show, I would have been looking down the barrel of a gun.

I turned on the TV and flipped to TNN. It was now scrambled. I called the cable company to find out why. I was told it wasn't part of the apartment complex cable package and if I had got it then, it was by mistake. I took my off day and went around asking some of the other tenants if they had gotten TNN. No one had except my friend who I watched it with. She didn't order it extra and now she couldn't get either! That is when I became a true believer in God and a life long fan of Marty Stuart. I hope that some day I get the chance to thank him in person.

Marty Moment of a Lifetime Pam Stroupe Richardson

In May 1994, I was at the total end of my rope. 14 months earlier, I lost my husband in a car accident. He was only 25. I found myself as lost and confused as anyone could possibly imagine. I did somehow find the strength and will to "live" even though he was gone. I started to have a life and all then I found myself fighting to live. 14 months and 14 days after Shane's death I, too, was involved in a car wreck on my way home from work. I have no memory of the wreck or several days there after. I was in ICU hooked to a respirator. My sister put a radio in there for me to listern to. Whenever I heard Marty on there it would give me hope. I was in and out of conscousness for days. I underwent major facial reconstructive surgery as to repair my crushed face. I also had a metal plate put in my leg. My liver was lacerated. After I was moved from ICU to a private room, I was there in my room with my mom when a delivery was made. My mom asked if she could open the card for me. I gave her a nod. I was unable to speak cause I had my mouth wired shut and had feeding tubes and the respirator hooked up. She opened the card and said "oh my gosh"...She turned it so I could see and I got one eye opened. The card said "HOPE YOU'RE FEELING BETTER- LOVE MARTY STUART." Well, my heart started beating so fast, the heart monitor went off and nurses came running. After the shock wore off, I thought my sisters probably did that to give me a "boost." Then I was told my cousin gave Marty a letter about me and he really did send it. I made up my mind then, I was not gonna give up and I was gonna get out of there and meet Marty. I had problems walking, was in a wheel chair for 6 months. Long story short.....Marty was at Tunica and my whole family went. I got lucky and was able to go backstage even without a pass and meet Marty...It was the most unbelievable moment of my life. I had been to so many concerts, June Jam, etc. but never thought I could actually talk to him. He was amazing and actually remembered the situation. I have seen and talked with him several times since and he always remembers. Even at a fan club party he called me on stage and said "Ain't it great what God can do." Everyone was clapping. Yes, it is great and when I had that wreck I had about a 10% chance of living and almost no chance of having a normal life. The doctors thought I was blind, brain damaged, would probably never walk and if I did, it would be with a bad limp. Well, I have had 33 surgeries and I bet if they had a race with Marty Stuart standing at the finish line....I would beat anyone.

Thank you Marty for being my "shelter in such a terrible storm in my life." You are absolutely the BEST.

Marty's Pick Saves The Show Rich Fox
Special thanks to Lenny Smith, guitar player for the Billy Price Band for a little gift he presented to YOUR DJ recently along with a cool story to go along with the gift. Evidently at a gig they had at Ram's Head on September 13, Lenny seemed to have inadvertently run out of guitar picks and asked the sound man there if he by chance had any extra guitar picks. Now usually when a story like this surfaces, I automatically think that one of my "business card" guitar picks will show up somehow or another (they have in emergencies before, like at a Double Deuce Show and others; which, leads me to the good part of the story. listening there Chris? LOL.) any way, the sound man pulls out a couple of guitar picks and says, "Yeah man I do. Some guy that was here last night left these here with me" and he gave them to Lenny. Well, the person (or that, "some guy") that was there the night before Billy Price; was none other than MARTY STUART as they were a couple of HIS guitar picks! So, Lenny used the picks and later that week presented them to YOUR DJ for my collection, so I guess I should thank Lenny, Billy Price, Ram's Head and Marty Stuart also for the guitar picks. I guess I owe Marty one or two of my own now.

Marty Turns the Camera on the Audience Rose Woringer
As I met Marty in Switzerland, March 2001, I shot a video. Marty gave me a sign to give him my camera and turned it around to the audience. He did that both nights. It was great! It's an unforgettable moment. As well to see how modest he is and his communication with his fans is wonderful! Marty, I miss you! Please come back to Switzerland. Love and all my very best.

From the band, Last Train Home
Last Train Home opened for Marty Stuart at the Birchmere in January 2002, and Marty proved to be a peach of a guy, regaling us with stories, signing Eric's and Bill's guitars, letting us touch the famous Clarence White B-Bender Tele prototype that he (Marty) uses as his main axe now. Then when we went to Nashville in February for a few days, Marty invited us into the studio where he was recording tracks for an upcoming Johnny Cash tribute record. The coolest part (besides just BEING there) was standing IN the studio itself with Johnny Cash's longtime drummer, W.S. "Fluke" Holland while he and Marty bantered back and forth telling all kinds of tales of life on the road with Johnny and other random and hilarious topics. That trip to Nashville was full of amazing moments, and we tried hard not to get all ghermy ("To Gherm" is a verb we learned down there, basically meaning "To Suck Up To Someone Famous") .... suffice to say that we got some wonderful feedback and some quality face time from the likes of Nanci Griffith, Raul Malo, Allison Moorer, Amy Rigby, Lonesome Bob and many others over the course of our four shows there... sigh.

Pickin' And A Grinnin' With Marty Bill Smith
I had a few brushes with greatness, but the top-ranking one happened about 18 years ago. A local songwriter and musician was very good friends with Johnny Cash and while Johnny Cash was taking a leave from touring, he loaned two of his musicians to this guy to do some local shows in Pennsylvania. The one musician ended up being Marty Stuart. I practiced some tunes with them on electric bass but decided the type of music needed an acoustic bass which I didn't have so I ended up being Marty's 'guitar tech' for these shows. Marty brought all his prized instruments, all of which I had an opportunity to play. They included a old Gibson mandolin (sorry don't know the year) which is the one he is playing on the "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" video that is on CMT. He brought the B-Bender telecaster that had been used by Clarence White. The best was the Martin D-45 that had been owned by Hank Williams. Johnny Cash had aquired this guitar and then Johnny Cash gave it to Marty. This Martin was sweet. The action was perfect for flatpicking and the sound was due to forty years of aging. I enjoyed playing the guitar but mostly appreciated the fact that I got to pick some tunes with Marty.

Every Show Is A Memorable Marty Moment Patricia Lynch
I have never met Marty personally, still I have so many great memories from the past six shows I have attended since May. Each one was unique. I start smiling from the moment he walks on stage and don't stop for days! His music makes me feel good all over and his stories make me laugh long after the lights go out. I would love to sit for an afternoon and just listen to his many stories. His style and personality are a treasure. I will think of a particular show and start smiling again. I come home and relate one of the stories to my friends and family and we all laugh again. So I have to say that every show is a favorite memory and I hope I never lose the joy. Thanks Marty!

A Byrd in the Hand Richard Baker

Man, did I have a Cosmic American experience last night (January 26, 2002). Went to see Marty Stuart at the Ram's Head Tavern in historic Annapolis, Maryland, a venue of about 120. Sat about four feet from the stage. As we arrived, I looked for, but did not see the Tele that Clarence White had immortalized. I was bummed. About five minutes before the show, a roadie brought out the Tele and I got goosebumps. The last time I had seen the guitar was the only other time I saw Marty play. That was at the Gram/Clarence Tribute in Nashville in 1989. Before that, from 1970-1972, I was a hanger-on with the Byrds, going to numerous shows, volunteering to carry equipment, and adept at getting backstage. My favorite memories are of Clarence and Gene playing backstage before shows; not rehearsing, just having fun with guitar, banjo and harmonica. Oh to have had a tape recorder!

Anyway, back to the present. I wore my StringBender t-shirt (courtesy of the Gene Parsons webstie), which got Marty's attention early on. I also brought some photos I took of Clarence with the Byrds from a Central Park concert in July 1970 that I attended. When Marty was switching from his Martin back to the Tele about three quarters through the show, I handed him a photo of Clarence backstage at Central Park. He commented about the "original owner" of the guitar that he was playing. I told him that I had carried that guitar 32 years ago. He shared this with his young (and very talented) band members. At the end of his set (before the encore), he handed me the Tele to hold. I did flirt with the idea of making a break for it, but social skills prevailed.

As I handed him back the guitar, he asked if I could hang out after the show. Marty was waiting for me in the dressing room. We swapped Clarence stories for about a half an hour, the Tele on my lap (man, I wish I could play more than three chords), his band mates enraptured, and me wishing for a camera. He shared the story of how he purchased the Tele from Clarence's widow, Suzie, in 1974 when she was selling a lot of Clarence's things to make ends meet. Roland had introduced Marty to Suzie and Marty assumed she was going to offer to sell him Clarence's backup guitar. Instead, she brought out the Tele. Marty said he couldn't believe she was going to sell it. He opened his checkbook and asked, "how much?" She replied "$1,450." He said, "No way. One string is worth more than that." She said that she needed the money to pay her mortgage and Clarence would not want her to ask for more than she needed.

Marty also spoke of her sad fate a few years later when she was killed, along with her son, in a car accident. Man, oh man, what a special evening. I don't think I was a typical Marty Stuart fan from his response to me. When we departed, he hugged me like we were long, lost brothers. As close to a religious experience as I get.

Another Kiss, Another Hug Evelyn Totty

Well, I have another Marty memorable moment, this time from Clarksville, TN's Museum on 9-6-01.

I made it to the museum by myself, driving, and I am proud of that.

Waiting anxiously for Marty to arrive, at 6 p.m, and he did come a little after 6. When I was told he was there, of course, I headed toward where he entered. I saw that man in his black suit, pink tie, and white shirt, with the black cowboy boots. I nearly just fell over. What a gorgeous man Marty is dressed in a suit. The first thing I thought was he could be a preacher at some Church!

As he walked among the crowd, I followed him as others did, and caught up to him, rubbed his back, he turned sharply called me by name, and gave me another one of the biggest bear hugs he usually gives me! He told me he knew I would be there.

When it was time for photo/autographs with Marty, I got in line, as it got to my turn, Maria-Elana took my camera and took my picture with him in the suit and tie! Oh, he was more handsome in it close up!!!!!
After the autograph, he gave me, we talked for a bit, and then he hugged me again, and leaned over for me to give him "OUR KISS". I kiss him lots lately when I see him on the cheek, and without even asking to do so, he just lets me!

I sure do love Marty Stuart so much! He is the best thing that has ever happened in my life, and I am proud of him, and appreciate him so much!

Marty Offers Great Advice Ruth and Steve Pudzis
On November 29, 1995, we laid to rest our baby "George No-Show Jones" after a sudden injury (we still do not know how it happened). That same day we had previously planned to attend Marty Stuart's concert in Atlanta. We went through a lot of soul searching questions, "Should we still go?" and "Do we really feel like going?"

We went even though we really were not in the frame of mind to, in hopes of a distraction from our grief. We are fan club members and it was our first time going backstage to meet him. He had T-shirts on sale that evening (we had not seen them before) that had his hound Oscar Lee and him on the front and back. My husband spotted them a mile away and we purchased two of them. When we went backstage to meet Marty, we told him what had happened to our baby and he was really sweet and told us we needed to jump right back into it and get another one. He signed both of our shirts for us in memory of "George" from Marty. That one gesture on his part made our night easier to bear.

Well, we did jump right back into it the very next day. After looking through the paper we found the cutest, sweetest, longest-eared basset baby you ever saw. The coincidences surrounding this pup were amazing. The sire of the litter was the spitting image of our George that had passed away and the litter was born October 1st which was when George had been born and which shares my birthday as well. You know this pup was going home with us.

We named him in Marty's honor.
Marty Too Tone!

The Bottle Cap's a Winner Judy Trickett
I have seen several of Marty's show but there is one I will never forget that is the one he did in Jackson, Tennessee in May 2001. Marty always throws something out to the crowd. Well this time was no different. The first thing he threw was the cap off his bottled water. That night I was lucky. I caught it. Later he threw some guitar picks and his towel, which came close to me. But I was happy that I caught the bottle cap. Which I have made into a necklace so that it wouldn't get lost. To me it is like being a gift from Marty.

Marty, the Movie Mogul Jennifer Searight
The December evening of 2000 was the best day in my whole life! I had seen a man who looked very much like Marty Stuart walking around my uncle's scoring stage. I played it cool and mentioned in casual conversation with my uncle that this guy sure looked like Marty Stuart, the country singer. I didn't think my uncle was familiar with country singers, but he said it was. That night I went home to make chocolate chip cookies and the next day I brought some with me. Marty enjoyed them and when I asked for a picture with him, he gladly said "yes," and offered me an autographed piece of the sheet music to "All the Pretty Horses" He was so nice and considerate. And I will forever be a fan.

I Cried Melissa Cosentino
It happened on my 16th birthday. My aunt brought Marty Stuart to Sliver Springs in Florida. I knew I was going to meet him and I was so excited. Well I had no idea what was going to happen. To make a long story short, after the concert was over, it was time to meet Marty. I played it cool....well at least not for long. It was my turn and my heart started to pound, my palms started to sweat. He knew it was my birthday. I didn't know that he knew. As soon as I got up to him and he put his arm around me and said "hello," that was it. I just cried and cried, like a big baby. I could not believe it. Everyone around me was so quiet and the next thing I know, cameras started to flash. No one said one word. Not even my Mom and you can't get her to hush. He was hugging me and telling me everything was going to be okay. It didn't feel that way at all. I don't think he knew what to do. My Mom told me that he was suprised. Everyone around was crying. I messed up everything. He was supposed to sing "Happy Birthday" and take me on the bus. I blew everyone away. Well, three months later, I meet him again. I didn't cry, but of course my Mom had to bring it up. He said that he remembered and how sweet and touched he was. I still can't believe it. Well, that's my Marty Moment.

Marty gives the BEST hugs Evelyn Totty

When I went to the tour on the 3rd floor of the Hall of Fame the night of the fan club party and got off the elevator, looked up, saw Marty, and walked over to him, he grabbed me, hugged me so tightly, and I returned the tight hug to him as well. That big, tight, hug he gave me is another moment I will always remember!

I love you Marty Stuart! And miss you so much! Hope to see you again real soon!

Marty's Bus Fund Chuck Kaper

Back in the summer of 1989 or 1990, I was in attendance at a concert at Ponderosa Park in Salem, OH. I can't even recall at this point who the headliner was, but I know we were there eagerly awaiting the day's opening act. And wait we did. Although Marty Stuart had a few minor hits that charted, he was never hotter than he was right then. With "Hillbilly Rock" burning up the charts, airwaves, and dance halls, and knowing his long history through bluegrass and country music, I was hard pressed to believe that anyone would be anything but excited to see this new "legend".

After the day's local act finished up, the stage was cleared to make room for Marty's show. After approximately thirty minutes, it was announced that Marty's bus was broken down somewhere in Ohio about 3 hours away. At the time, Marty and his band were traveling in one of Ernest Tubb's old buses. Having read about Marty's affinity for country music artifacts, I didn't find this at all odd. The crowd was told that the generator on the bus had malfunctioned and a replacement was being located. The emcee also assured the crowd that Marty would be there as soon as he could to perform. "Yeah, right", I thought. "What are the chances of finding a generator for a bus that dated from the 60's on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio?" The headliner graciously agreed to perform before his opening act. Approximately two-and-a-half hours after the headliner finished, the handful of diehards that stuck around were treated to the sound of an old Silver Eagle rumbling up through the long gravel drive in a cloud of dry summer dust. Out of that cloud of dust, like an old western hero, strode Marty Stuart and entourage. Needless to say, they were met with rousing enthusiasm.

One could hardly imagine that after enduring such an exasperating trip, Marty Stuart and his band would have anything left to give. The "Hot Hillbilly Band" gave one of the best performances I have ever witnessed. Judging by the crowd's reaction, I think they agreed. Country music the way it was meant to be: incredible musicians, great singing, enthusiasm, a touch of the old, a splash of the new, a hot, sunny, summer day..........what more could you ask for.

The crowd was pleased, if not amazed, when it was announced that Marty would sign autographs after his 90-minute set. We stood in line for what seemed like an eternity as the glowing orange sun set over Marty's shoulder. Unlike most of the artists who signed autographs from inside the security of a small concession-like booth, Marty Stuart stood out among his fans -- toe-to-toe and eye-to-eye. It was almost time for my wife and I to step up for our brief encounter with Marty. Suddenly, I had a mischievous idea and only hoped that Marty still had a sense of humor after such an arduous day. As we stepped up to Marty, my wife extended her hand for a brief, but kind, handshake, an autograph and the customary pleasantries. As Marty turned his attention to me and offered his hand, I firmly deposited about seventeen or eighteen cents that I found in my hip pocket into his open palm. As he stood there looking quizzically at me, I informed him that I wanted to be the first to contribute to the Marty Stuart New Bus Fund. My wife was utterly aghast. Much to my relief, Marty broke into robust laughter. After both of us regained some composure, we shook hands and parted. It was only after we were started on our two-hour drive home, that I realized Marty kept the coins I gave him. Marty has long since retired Ernest Tubb's bus. Every time I see him rolling down I-65 now in his new bus, I can't help but laugh and wonder which seventeen cents of that bus I own. My wife ran into Marty a few months ago at the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree. I asked her if she reminded him of this incident. She replied with an unequivocal, "No!"

Marty displayed the signs of a true legend that day. In the music industry sense of the word, sure, but also in the human sense of the word. Determination, professionalism, integrity, a strong work ethic, and a really good sense of humor..........what more could you ask for.

The Birthday Present Lisa's mom
One of my favorite Marty moments was when my daughter Lisa, now 14 and finishing her freshman year in high school, was in the 2nd or 3rd grade. Marty was appearing on the Ralph Emery show that was being aired live from the Opryland Hotel. It was around his birthday and she had brought a present to give him if the opportunity arose. The show had everyone fill out info cards before hand and she must have included her desire to give Marty her gift. After Marty came out and chatted with Ralph, pecan pie was brought out from the hotel that was made from a recipe of Hilda Stuart's. Then Ralph talked to several guests in the audience who had asked questions when I heard my daughters name called. She was nervous, but stood right up as Ralph read several things off her card. One was that I made Marty Stuart dolls-and I had brought one for Marty. Ralph invited her to the stage to give Marty the doll and gift and Marty asked if he could give her a hug first. I think every woman in the audience sighed! On the way back to her seat, Marty asked her if she had a piece of pie and then gave her his that he had taken a bite out of. She was so excited! She walked right out of the hotel with that pie still on the plate with the fork! When we got home we mod-podged the pie and we still have it to this day! My husband recorded the show and it's quite interesting to show friends the video and then the pie! What is really memorable in all sincerity, is that as I go about my Christian walk, I realize so often how special Marty is. He treats EVERYONE he meets with the same amount of dignity and respect. No matter how tired he may be, he is never rude. I think that is what I admire most. My daughter and I have enjoyed many Marty moments, though as she has gotten older and more involved in school they are rarer now. Thanks Marty for the wonderful times you've given to so many people. I pray that you and your family will be safe as you go about your travels. God bless!

The BIG Kiss Evelyn Totty
Well, I have another favorite Marty Stuart moment, Fan Club Party June 13th, 2000. Marty gave me the biggest kiss on my right cheek at the Party, and I will always cherish that moment forever! That is one of my most favorite Fan Club Parties I have attended, from 1996-2000. The year 2000! Thanks for that great big kiss Marty! Love Ya!

Marty Played Mandolin on My Album Carolyn Dawn Johnson

November 23, 1999

Today Marty Stuart played mandolin on my record, and even though I was anticipating the day to be wonderful, it was far beyond my dreams and imagination. I slept relatively well last night considering how nervous I was about him coming into the studio. I did wake up earlier than usual, anxious. I got to the studio right at 10 a.m. and started singing back-ups on "I Don’t Want You to Go." Marty arrived at about 11:20 a.m. or something like that. I didn’t have a watch. Paul said over the talkback mic, “look who’s here,” and I smiled into the control room and said I’d be right out. I came out and he was in the front lounge talking to Maude Gilman, the head of the creative department at Arista.

She came over with a digital camera to take pictures with Marty. I shook his hand and said, “Hi Marty, I’m Carolyn Dawn Johnson, it is such a pleasure to meet you. I’ve met you before as a fan.” Then Paul proceeded to tell him that I was his biggest fan in Canada, and I was kind of embarrassed - even though I wanted him to know how much I loved him and his music. He said, “I always say, be nice to your fans cause you never know when one of them will get a record deal. Ha! Ha! Ha!” He was very friendly and down home, but I was still a little uncomfortable. I have looked up to him for so long, it was truly hard for me to believe he was there. He started pickin’ on his mandolin and Maude started to take pictures of us and I had to go stand by him and stuff, and we took other photos by the console and we went out into the mic room and I pretended to sing and Marty was pickin’ on his mandolin so it looked like we were in the middle of recording.

So that was over and then Marty asked me if I could play "Tumble and Roll" on my guitar for him so he could get the gist of it, so I got my guitar and I started playing and basically I didn’t do very good because I was so nervous. Al Anderson usually plays the song and I’ve never really learned it - ‘cause I’ve never had to. So I basically stumbled through it and was embarrassed and out of time. Paul ended up going out there and wrote him out a chord chart and then we started to play. He did a great job and it really went great with the track. Then we listened when it was done and he complimented me on the song and the singing on it.

Then we listened to "One Day Closer To You" and Marty said that my songs were intelligent and that they had continuity between them. He said the band sounded the same and the vocals had their own thing going on. He said, “It’s great that you can play, sing and write.” I was very honored at his compliment. So then he played on it and he did a cool solo that sounds happy and hopeful to me, which is the whole idea of the song.

After we were done we all ate some wings and Marty had a salad as well. While we were eating he asked me a few questions about myself - who was my manager, how long I’d been in town, where my parents were and all that stuff. He seemed to be real interested, and genuinely listening. We went back in and listened and it sounded great. Marty said he had something for me; he went out to his car and brought me a copy of his new book, “Pilgrims.” It’s a book of pictures and stories he told about his life and musical journey and encounters with many other artists. I wanted the book anyways, so I couldn’t believe he gave it to me. He said, “I figure I better give you your Christmas present now” or something like that. I asked him to sign it and I read what he wrote later, and it said,

To Carolyn Dawn Johnson
Here’s how it was-
Now you show ‘em
How it is-
With Love and Respect
Go Get it!
Marty Stuart

Wow! How cool is that? I can’t believe it. I might have a supporter of what I do in someone I look up to immensely. The biggest part of my dream is to have the people I look up to, respect and admire my work and music. Could this really be coming true? Then he said that he is scoring two films and he may need my voice for some things and I told him I was a pretty good human synthesizer. Then he hugged me to say good-bye and Paul said, “I know I’m going to embarrass her by bringing this up, but you need to know this Marty. Carolyn, tell him about the letter.”

So I got really flustered feeling and I started to tell him how about 6 years ago I wrote him a letter. In it I had said, “maybe one day I might write with you or record one of your songs or maybe one day you will play mandolin or guitar on my record if I get a record deal.” And then I said, you made one of my dreams come full circle and he said, “That whole book is about my dreams coming true. I understand.” Then I said, “When I asked Paul if we could get you to play on my record he said, ‘we gotta make your dreams come true!’” And they did. Then Marty said, “if you need a mandolin player in your video, give me a call!” He gave me a big squeeze hug and that was the day, kind of in a nutshell and he left.

Then when I was talking to Clarke, my engineer about it and telling him what an unbelievable day it was, I told him how fast my heart was beating and I just started to cry. It was so overwhelming to me that this actually happened. I think Marty liked my music. He’s still my favorite male artist and he lives true to all the good thoughts I have thought about him for many years. Once again, God is so good to me. I can hardly contain my joy and happiness.

“Life is such a contradiction and you can’t escape the fact.” That’s a line from one of my songs. I am a lucky girl and unlucky also. I had memories of my brother today and was happy sad ‘cause I wished he was here to see this. I know he’d be proud but maybe he can see and he’s proud anyways. It was a beautiful day; prosperous, filled with laughter, music and lots of smiles. I can go to bed and store this memory forever in a special place in my heart. What an amazing dream come true!!!!!

Sherry's note: As a footnote to the above, I'd like to add some more background from an article from The Province on how this all came about:

"It's a measure of how well Johnson has been accepted in Nashville these past five years that the guests on her album include the likes of her mentor and former boss, Martina McBride, Kim Carnes, Matraca Berg and perhaps most poignantly, Marty Stuart, who plays mandolin on one cut. Johnson is a big fan, always was.

A few years back, when she was still living in these parts and working for Red Robin Restaurants, she drove to Kelowna with a girlfriend to catch Marty Stuart in concert with Charlie Major. As a member of his fan club, she had the privilege of going backstage and meeting Stuart. When she got back home she wrote him a letter.

In it she dreamily wrote that she was going to go to Nashville one day and maybe they could write a song together or perhaps he could play guitar or mandolin on the album she was sure she was going to record. It's the kind of letter people such as Stuart get all the time.

'And the really sad part about this whole letter,' remembers Johnson, 'is I sent him a school picture because I wanted him to remember me. I told Paul Worley (her record producer) this story and he said, 'We've got to make your dreams come true.'

'So Marty came in and he played and he actually asked if we could get together and write because he said my music was very 'intelligent.' I was floored, of course. We had lunch together and he asked about my background and he said he was working on a couple of film scores and he might need my voice on them. It was an overwhelming experience. When he left I said to Clark, my engineer, 'Can you believe that?' And then I just burst out crying. I couldn't control it.' "

Additionally, in an interview, Carolyn talks about Marty wanting to listen to her album with her.

"I know, right before Christmas last year he invited me, he wanted to hear my album when it was done. We played phone tag for a long time. He had said 'I want to sit down and listen to your album, we'll have lunch sometime.' We'd try and get together and it would never happen, I phoned his office and I said 'I really don't mind, I don't want to put him out, I'll just mail him the album' and she said 'no, he's pretty adamant about listening to it with you.' I was like, are you sure? And she said yeah, so I said ok, and I gave her some dates and she ended up calling me back and we set up a date. I went in there and I spent about three and a half hours with him. He talked to me about the business, we listened to the entire record. About halfway through the record I was like 'you don't have to listen to all of this right now with me' and he said 'do you have the time?' and I said yeah, he said 'I've got the time, I made the time.' And I was like (screaming) I am SO lucky! (laughs) Sso we had a great time. He gave me lots of advice, and just said when I'm feeling low if I ever need to call him and get picked up, because he believes in me. He said 'you're important to this industry, so you'd better stay in it!' "

That First Meet and Greet Karen Ramey
I had met Marty a few times, welcoming him into town in Huntington WV, every time he played there, and my first meet and greet, he recognized me, held the item I wanted signed in his hand, while he thanked me for my letter, a prayer book and a guardian angel I had given him....then, he kissed me!!! On my right cheek, at the corner of my that man! LOL I remember I was like in a daze, then when I went back to my seat, my sister says, "Oh my God, what happened to you?" I said, "He kissed me...sighhhh..." LOL...and then I started remembering how stupid I must have been, cause I called him 'Babe' was a phase I was going through, calling everyone 'Babe' when I talked to them!! I almost threw up, once I remembered all what was said backstage.

A Gary Hogue Moment Melanie Renfro
I realize that this a Marty moment thing, but just for a minute I wanted to share a story that is actually a Marty moment that involved Gary Hogue. It was New Year's Eve 1993. Marty was doing a show at the Executive Inn in Paducah, KY. He had just finished his run with the Hot Hillbilly Band and was forming a new band. Gary Hogue was there and Marty asked him to play "Last Date". If you have been to many Marty concerts and were privileged enough to hear Gary perform this song, then you know how beautiful it was. Anyway, Gary was playing and Marty was dancing around a little bit. He kind of sauntered up to the microphone and said, "How do you like that, Barb Renfro?" Of course, I hollered out because that is my Mom. I know the people sitting beside us thought I was crazy, but I didn't care. That was the Renfro's first Gary experience. We were fortunate enough to see him many more times and also get to know him. He was a precious, talented person. The Renfro family sends their thoughts and prayers to Nikki and Elliott and also to Marty and all the Rock and Roll Cowboys. We love you, Gary and we will meet again someday.

Hey, Marty's just a ordinary person Louann Arnold

My most memorable moment of Marty is probably the first time I met him. I met him in Urbana, MD on July 12, 1992. It was so hot that day, there wasn't a cloud insight and Marty had two shows to do. One at 4:30 p.m. and the other at 7:00 p.m. I had watched his first show, got his autograph, and a picture and so, me, my two cousins went walking around the carnival for about a half hour or so. Well, I went back and sat down on this grassy hill by his bus and was reading some things from college when he came out of his bus and sat down on the grassy hill beside me. He started talking to me like he knew me from somewhere and I thought at first it was my cousin Joe. I didn't say anything at first but, he still sat there talking away. I finally looked up and saw him sitting there and my heart just stopped because I couldn't believe what was happening. We just talked about real life things, and my life, and his life and things that he had done in his lifetime and mine. It was just really special because he was a star, I was a nobody but, yet he was talking to me like we knew each other for a long time. He made me see that the stars are real people with real lives themselves and sometimes they need to talk to someone who is not going to mob them and clutter them and so forth. It was very special for me and I always remember that special moment for as long as live. In fact, that was why I joined the fan club. Thanks Marty for making me see that part of life. You're wonderful and I'll always be by your side like so many others in your life!

A Sweaty Night in Sedalia, MO Evelyn Totty
I've got another memorable Marty moment. This is from the Missouri State Fair on August 18, 1999. When it was time for the meet'n'greet and my time to talk to Marty, I first gave him a bag of goodies, and when I did, he said, "Thanks Evelyn," that just got me, right there. He remembered my name!! First time in a long time! Then I asked him to autograph a new 8x10 photo for me, a 5x7 photo from the '99 Fan Club Party, and the 2 newsletters with our photo in them together. I said, "I have been meaning to have you autograph them and I really thank you for doing it." Then Marty gave me the biggest bear hug. And, boy was he ever SWEATY!!! I got lost in his sweat. I couldn't think of anything else. I told him, "I love you Marty," and he replied, "I love you too!" I know he does love us fans!! And he can really show you by those big bear hugs he gives!! He smelled so delicious! I will never forget that night!!

Mom Discovers The Secret Nancy Stefanik
In September 1997, I took my mother to see Marty at the Vermont State Fair in Rutland, Vermont. She had always talked about going to this fair, and since Marty rules in my house, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone, so I bought her a ticket to his show, too. You have to understand that my mother is semi-disabled and must use a wheelchair to travel around for any period of time... Anyway, we sat down in our seats for the show, and since I had signed her up to be in Marty's fan club, I eagerly awaited the meet and greet. ( I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for her to meet this incredibly wonderful man.) When the meet and greet announcement was made, she did not want to go. (She felt that I would be hurt by pushing her wheelchair across the dirt track in front of the stage.) After a very loud discussion, I told her that she was not leaving the fair until she went to meet Marty. So, I wheeled her down this steep hill towards the meet and greet area. (At this time, it was dusk and starting to get a little dark.) I introduced Marty to my mom, and he said, "Hi, Mom!" and gave her a big hug. As we were leaving to go back to our seats, she stated, "Now I know why Connie married him.......he's so good looking!" It amazes me that it took her so long to figure that out, considering our house is a MARTY SHRINE!

Some Very Special Times....... Linda

Five years ago my best friend was battling cancer and fighting for her life. Her mom and I did all that we could to support her, emotionally, physically and spiritually and it was the hardest thing we ever had to face. From time to time, we would take a few hours "off" and do something just so that we would have the strength to keep going and helping her. On one evening in late summer, we went to a local fair in Washington County, Pennsylvania and saw Marty Stuart. I was so impressed with his talent and show. When he returned to Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling, West Virginia the following year, we traveled from Pittsburgh to see him there. At a local diner, the waitress asked what I wanted to order for dinner. I suggested dinner with Marty Stuart! She jumped over the bar, reached for something on a shelf, and returned with a photo of Marty Stuart on a plate. "There you are Ma'am" she shouted! Everyone in the place laughed out loud! When Monday rolled around, I was ill and in bed. To pass time, I called the local radio station to enter the contest of the hour with a funny story of something that had happened over the weekend. I related the "Marty" story. I was not only the winner of the hour, but the grand prize winner that week. I won a beautiful black Epiphone guitar! Everyone I know wants to see it--- I have had offers from people to buy it. I decided to have Marty Stuart autograph the guitar case. I was so awestruck to meet him, that I almost forgot to hand him my special pink paint pen. Nowdays, the guitar now sits beside my home office desk and, everytime I see the autograph, I'm reminded of that magic moment that I won it and then had it autographed. My friend lost her very valiant battle with cancer that same year, but I know she's smiling down upon us as we travel to see Marty when he comes to town, and I'm reminded once again that God works in very special ways.

A Lunch Encounter With Marty Darlene Renteria
Let me tell you one of my favorite memories. That's the afternoon we had the pleasure of having lunch with Marty at Eddie's Eat Shop in Nashville. That was exciting! Marty couldn't eat his chicken for my young daughter talking to him! Every time I'd look around, she'd be back over at Marty's table. After about the umpteenth time I called her back, Marty looks over and says "She's okay mama" then he winked at me. I melted right then and there! Yeah, Marty is the greatest! What makes this story even more super, was that my friend Bonnie, (whom had never been to Nashville) was with us, and I had told her I could guarantee she'd see Marty since we had received these invitations enclosed with our fan club party tickets that year. They said "Come to the grand opening of Eddie's. You never know who might show up." Well, yes we did know, but I'd never dreamed in all my life that we'd end up out there on the patio with him. Marty, just being Marty, won over a new fan that day. Bonnie liked Marty and his music before, but now she LOVES him! Another thing about this story, it might be mean, but I never did let Bonnie know that this type of thing didn't happen to us on every trip we make to Nashville.

Merry Marty Christmas To Me Evelyn Totty
I have a memorable Marty moment that I will never forget. It was before Christmas in 1995. My husband, my friend Mary D. from Fla., and I were in the Waffle House by Music Valley Drive around 8 a.m., looked out window and guess who came up in their Cadillac? Marty Stuart. We gave him a Christmas present there that day. We went back the next day and I had just purchased a poster like the photo on the "This One's Gonna Hurt You" CD at the Great Escape when it was opened downtown. We looked up at the door and in comes Marty that day. I walked up to him at the cash register and said "Hey Baby, I have something for you to sign for me." He replied "Sure, go get it." So I went to the car and got it. And he autographed it with Mary's pen. As he was leaving I said "thanks, I love you Marty," and he said "I love you all." That was a couple of days before Christmas. But, that was the best present I received that year. Just getting to see and talk to Marty is memorable to me, anywhere or any time.

A Missed Meet And Greet Turns Into Golden Opportunity Sue Gubbe

My friend Linda and I are "Marty Groupies" and we go to see him whenever he is somewhere that we can drive to. I actually was a fan first and have gotten her to be as crazy about him as I am (well ALMOST). My memorable moment came last Halloween in Cass Lake, MN. We were scheduled to go to the second show that evening. Somehow we misunderstood when the "Meet and Greet" was to be. You can imagine our shock and disappointment when we discovered that we had missed it.

I was determined that I was going to see him "up close and personal" again as I am sure that I am his biggest fan. I noticed a line forming and I grabbed Linda and we stood in line. It turned out to be people who had won a backstage pass and were going to meet him. For some reason they had decided that pictures could be taken. Now, it has been my biggest dream to have my picture taken with Marty, but I had never gotten the opportunity. Now, here was my big chance!! And all because we missed our meeting time and were in a different group.

As luck would have it, Marty was running late and they ended up saying no pictures, unless you had a camera. Then they would take a picture of you standing there while he signed an autograph, but there would be no posed pictures. Of course I had my camera, and when it got to be my turn, I told him that I had just had a birthday (TRUE) and that it was my fondest wish to have a picture with him (VERY TRUE). That sweet, sweet man posed with me long enough to give me the best birthday present I've ever had. Marty loves his fans as much as they love him, and it shows. He's the best!!!

Marty's Act of Kindness (one of many) Uldis Kundrats
Last Sunday (Feb. 28, 1999), I spent 12 hours fogged in at the airport in Edmonton, Alberta waiting for a flight to take me back to Toronto. As I had hoped it might, the sun eventually sliced through the clouds and burned enough fog away to allow a few flights to leave including the one I was standing by to board. As I was sitting there, I looked up to see a woman wearing a jean-jacket emblazoned with decorations and a string of what looked to be autographs across the back. One of these inscriptions was from Marty Stuart, best known to Byrds fans as the owner of one of Clarence White's Stratocasters, as a performer of several Burritos songs, and as a dedicated and enthusiastic collector of country and western memorabilia.

After a few minutes, I ambled over and, a bit awkwardly, asked whether there might be a story behind the Marty Stuart autograph. The woman, named Darcy, responded enthusiastically and asked whether I had ten minutes to hear about it. I said that I certainly did.

Darcy's older brother, Gary, had (some years earlier) introduced her to Marty Stuart's music and had taught her to play some of his tunes for her own enjoyment. One day while working at his job in the lumbering industry, Gary was struck down and suffered a very serious head injury in a logging accident. He lost consciousness and was in a coma when Darcy first rushed to see him in the hospital.

During the days ahead, she sat with him, hour after hour, talking to him and encouraging him to wake up. Sad to say, there were no results. One day, she decided to bring her guitar to the hospital and to sing to Gary. While strumming out a Marty Stuart song entitled "High on a Mountain Top," Darcy noticed that her brother's eyelids fluttered and this lips seemed to be mouthing the lyrics to the song. Soon after, he woke and started on the long road to recovery. D'Arcy decided that she had to let Marty know about the small miracle she had personally witnessed.

When Darcy learned that Marty would be visiting a club called Cowboys in Calgary, she called to find out how she could get a message to Marty because she couldn't attend the concert herself. The staff members who heard the story insisted that she fax it to them to pass on to Marty. She did and, not long after, picked up the telephone one day to find Marty at the other end. He insisted on visiting Gary and left tickets for his next concert in Edmonton.

Both Gary and Darcy attended and Darcy took quite a few photographs, including some of Marty performing with a bandana around his head and playing a Strat. Darcy showed me these pictures as we stood and talked in the busy departure lounge. She said that she had framed one of them featuring Marty, Gary and herself and had presented it to Gary with the words "Angels walk among us to remind us of God's love" inscribed on the bottom.

As an update to this story, I received the following message from Darcy on September 21, 2001:

Greetings from Marty's northern fans! My brother Gary was injured in a logging accident four years ago this September 16 and Marty was amazing enough to come visit him in the Edmonton hospital that November when he was on tour. Then we were lucky to be Marty's guests at Cowboys in Edmonton the following September, not only to celebrate Gary's miraculous recovery, but Marty's birthday as well. Seems I always reflect on those times when the leaves start to was an incredible time in our lives and I will never forget Marty's visit. The laughs we shared, the tears we cried, the powerful prayer Marty offered to give us strength and courage...he truly was an angel sent to guide us through a very dark time. I am happy to say Gary and Cheryl are doing fine. It has certainly been a hard four years making the transition from an able-bodied man to a paraplegic and Gary has seen many dark days. I'm sure there are times when he brings out the memory books I made for all of us of Marty's visit and relives that incredible day. But Gary is alive and still my big brother that I adore. I couldn't imagine my life without him. He has faith and alot of courage to see him through.

In love and spirit, Darcy

Marty Leaves His Fans Speechless Gail Poreda
My Marty moment happened at a "Double Trouble "show in MA in "96". When it was my turn at the meet and greet, I walked up to Marty and then froze. He smiled and I managed to blurt "I love you" and gave him a dreamcatcher I'd made him. He thanked me, told me he loved me too and then the hug. I started floating away and I realized I hadn't gotten his autograph! I looked at Mike and said "I forgot my autograph! Before Mike said anything, Marty turned and said "C'mere sweetheart." crooking his fingers at me. I went back and he looked at me as if to say "well what do you want signed?" and I said "My shirt." I turned and he signed the back. He is the sweetest guy.

Marty is SO Special! Brenda Metz

Well I have several great moments but there is one that stands out. A couple of years ago I went to Dollywood to see Marty. I go every year he is there and I always wear his favorite shirt. I have a shirt with his face airbrushed on it and he says it is his favorite. My daughter has one of Travis on it and as always we wear them to the shows. At the meet and greet, Marty ask us to stay till after he finishes seeing everyone. Of course I said "yes" and we waited not knowing what he wanted. Well when it was over he wanted us to come back to his bus with him. He wanted to take our picture for his book. Boy were we surprised. He took several pictures and while he was taking pictures of us my husband took pictures of him taking pictures of us. It sounds confusing but we felt very special. We are always taking pictures of him and here it was reversed.

The next year when he came back to Dollywood we went as always. I took him copies of the pictures of him taking pictures of us. He got a kick out of that. He told us he had submitted some of those shots to be published in a book on the history of country music. He also informed us that he had enlarged our pictures and he had put them in his roving museum that went with the Fruit of the Loom Tour. Boy were we shocked. I never got to see them but he said he put them in his fans section.

Marty loves his fans. He treats them all special. That's why in my book he's the best. He calls me his Knoxville Girl and he will always be special to me as he is to everyone.

Marty's A Really Nice Guy Kieran

In the summer of 1995, my younger sister and I sent a package to Marty which contained some prayer books for travelers and a card, with a letter. Later that day, we went to the meet and greet and Marty remembered us, just by our names. That was a cool thing to us, and especially my sister, since that was her first fan club meet and greet....I was so happy that Marty made it a memorable day for her.

Hey Watch Out For Those 'Slippery Nipples' Lori Shirley
I think every time I see Marty is a very memorable moment and I just don't have any crazy stories like a lot of you, so I'll just tell you a little story that goes back to 1995.

My sister and I drove up to a little casino in Minnesota that July to see Marty. We just went to the 2nd show. We went to the meet and greet between shows then had some time to wait, so we went to the bar. These guys were at the bar ordering these drinks that really looked good, so we asked them what they were drinking. "Slippery Nipples" someone said, so we ordered a couple and YUM, YUM, great drink! (actually they were so good, we ordered several more).

Now, I'd only been to a couple Marty concerts and, when he's on stage, he's really the only one I'd paid attention to. We went in and got our seats, 3rd row center, awesome! When they came on stage, we were, of course, screaming and clapping, then we, both at the same time, realized that three of the Rock and Roll Cowboys were with the group of guys at the bar! We had a great time at the concert and, thanks to those guys, we've been drinking "Slippery Nipples" ever since. Every time I order one, I think of that night.

Marty Never Forgets Jill Cantrell

My most memorable Marty moment actually involves 2 separate concerts! One was in Myrtle Beach in May of 98. I had tickets for 7 rows back in the side section. Three seats on the front were stayed vacant so after the first song, my friend and I took off for the seats. Front row, dead center, less than 3 feet from the stage at the Alabama Theater. I held one side of the gas tank to my Harley Davidson the entire concert and Marty kept looking down at me with a real confused kinda look. When he came out for the encore, I was standing at the very edge of the stage and he walked right over and threw his towel at me. I reached up and over my head and grabbed it!!! He laughed and I laughed and everybody close to me was clapping.

After the show, I go to see him and he looked at me and said " What is that???" I told him " One side of the gas tank for my Harley-Davidson and I want you to sign it." I took a silver paint pen with me and he took all the time in the world to dab it off and we wiped the gas tank down and he signed it!!!! The tank is Pearl White with Pink flames and he said "This is going to be a gorgeous bike." I said "Thank you, it is NOW!!!" I came home and had it clear coated and now, every time I ride, I have Marty riding with me. When I went to see him at The Newberry Opera House in August, I took a couple pics of the bike. He said "It turned out good, We did that at the Beach didn't we? " I could not believe he remembered!!!!

Now Marty, What Is It You Play Again? Tami Krato

I've got a good Marty moment from Sloan, IA. was talking with and drooling over Marty in the casino when this young kid of a bartender came up and wanted to say something to Marty. He told Marty that he normally didn't like "country" music but he sure did like it when Marty played that little guitar. Marty looked at me and crinkled his forehead and shrugged. I said "ummm Marty I think he means your mandolin!" He raised his eyebrows about a mile or so. We both practically had to hold each other up to keep from giggling. Marty, consummate professional that he is, said "Waalll Thanks a lot. Glad ya enjoyed the show." Love Marty's drawl. Cute kid bopped off and we just shook our heads and smiled at each other. I told him I sure liked it when he played that mandolin too.

Marty Closes This Place Down Beverly Kerr

One of my favorite Marty moments would have to be the first time I saw him live. It was in 1990 at a little club. I've seen him several times and that was the best show I have seen. He came on stage at 9:00 p.m. and didn't quit til 2:45 a.m. The place was supposed to close at 2:00 a.m. He was outstanding. I got to meet him then and I have been a loyal fan ever since.

Hey, Marty Is Really A Great Guy Pat Johnson

I have had to do lots of thinking, and it is fun remembering all the great times. I guess my favorite Marty moment will always be this year's (1998) fan club party when Marty called me up on stage and recognized me for being a long-time fan and gave me his guitar. I do have many other wonderful Marty memories. I was lucky enough to begin following Marty when the crowds and demands on his time were less. I really got to see how much he care about his fans.

I remember one of the first trips I made was to the Appleblossom festival in Winchester, Virginia. It was a two-day festival. I traveled with my sister and a friend I met at a Marty concert the year before. We drove to see where the show would be later that night and just had to sit and stare at the bus for a few minutes. All of the sudden Marty came out from sound check. He waved to us and then walked over to our car and talked with us for a while! We were shaking so much and I am sure we babbled like fools. But, wait................... the best part is yet to come.

The next morning when we went down to breakfast, there were two other people in the dining room. It was MARTY and a friend of his. We said "hi" as we went to sit down and Marty looked up and said "Hi" and then said "do you want to join us?" Can you guess what our answer was? Of course I was no longer hungry and it is really hard to drink coffee when your hands are shaking! Want to know what Marty ate? He had coffee with Equal and milk and toast with applebutter. We got to talk a little more, then he excused himself to go to get ready for the parade that was to take place before the show that night.

When we went to find where the parade was, we got lost and ended up where Marty and the band were waiting for the parade to begin. We could not have planned all this if we tried. I figure it was just meant to be. I have some wonderful pictures of Marty in one of his sequined jackets and sunglasses sitting in the back of a white convertible. He had his video camera and was filming the people watching the parade. Both of the shows were wonderful. There was a dance floor in front of the stage and we were able to stand right in front of the stage for the shows. They gave out souvenir soda cans that say Appleblossom Festival 1991. I had Marty autograph it and I still have it in my "Marty Shrine".

Marty Hugs Are The BEST!!! Sheila Walters

Well are not all moments with or about Marty special? I have not had the chance to see him out and about like some of you, I would surely pass out if I did and then miss it entirely! Mine would be at Sparks at the meet and greet. I don't think I have ever been so excited!

You know we did have that great table for the show, and he came over and did that little bow in front of us, [ I could feel a case of the vapors coming on already!] Then at the meet and greet he said "How far did you come?" and I said, "2,500 miles" and he and Mike both said, "Is that all?" and THEN he grabbed me and gave me one of those all important HUGS and said, "Well I love you for it!" SHUT UP!!! [Major vapors at this point!] Then he asked me what I brought [Sherry's newsletter] and said, "let me see that, stuck his head around the people and said "y'all will have to wait I have to read something" and he said "Boy that Sherry knows more about me then I do!" I said "Yep and then she tells us!" Then he gave me another HUG and thanked me for coming. I somehow managed to move so Heather could have her turn. That's another reason this is special 'cause I got to meet Heather. What a great moment in Martyville.

Marty.....Please Pass The Soap Sherry Wise

Something happens whenever Marty is related, never fails. You can call us Lucy and Ethel or Laverne and Shirley, they're pretty much the same as me and ol' Heather, so here goes.

We should have seen this as an omen NOT to go to Nashville in 1996. One of the gals that was going with us had to back out the day of the trip (her Daddy died); and the week before we left, Heather got hit by a car. But, with her on crutches, we went anyhow. Our first bad experience there was our first day - the city of Nashville and surrounding counties were under a tornado watch! Now, we're from California and NOT used to this. No tornado, so we were fine.

We got up the next day to drive to Grenada Lake, Mississippi to see Marty at a festival there. Since Heather couldn't drive, I had to do the entire 6-hour drive. We got there and had horrible wind and rain before the show. Luckily, it cleared just prior to the show. Meet and Greet was fine (somewhat muddy) and Marty and Mike were shocked to see us there, especially after the Heather vs. car incident! We go back out for the show and had to deal with all the drunks that had been on the lake all day drinking and driving and racing their boats, now are really drunk and rowdy. Security finally got them in check and the show began. Marty and the boys were a half an hour into it when all the dark clouds blew in, there was a huge bolt of lighting a clap of thunder and Marty says "See YA!" Then came the torrential downpour. I swear, I have never been that wet in my life.

We almost got trampled and there's Heather on crutches. A security guard saved her, got us over to a police car and the police officer saved us. He said he'd be more than happy to drive us back to our car - AFTER HE ESCORTED MARTY'S BUS BACK TO THE INTERSTATE!! So there we sat, waiting for crowds to clear out of the way, Heather in the back stretched out with our stuff and me in the front. Little did we know that the guys were on the bus wondering who in the world were the two women in the police car and what had they done to get arrested......It took us an hour and a half to get to our car....after our cop arrested someone for drunk and disorderly conduct (put HIM in another car!) a lady had a baby, and we passed an accident! We were soaked to the bone, but safe thanks to that cop. All the way from CA to MS for 1/2 an hour show. That's me and Heather!

NOW--------Fast Forward to Monday. Mike Copelin's mom opens a restaurant in Nashville and we go for the opening. Mike's Dad puts us out at a table on the patio so Heather can put up her foot and rest. Marty sees us, comes out on the patio and what's the first thing he says? Y'ALL DRIED OUT YET????" and gives us a little wicked laugh! NOW ----Fast forward to Fan Fair and the booth... the band is there to sign autographs. Talked with Gregg and we discuss the Grenada show....he mentions the police car that escorted them to the highway and says they never did find out what happened to the two women or what they'd, I explain. He yells "THAT WAS YOU IN THAT COP CAR!!!" Next thing I know, I've got Brad, Gary and Mike asking for explanations.....they just thought that was the funniest thing! And all we got all week from Marty was "Y'ALL DRIED OUT YET????"

That was just one of many little bizarre stories of my book of "Marty Stuart Road Trips" Hope you enjoyed it! There's more to this story--Heather will post the rest of it!

The Saga Continues..................... Heather Rusché

To pick only one "Marty Moment" is very hard, it seems like every trip there is SOMETHING that happens that is funny or memorable. Well, this particular story is both. O.K, Gang, here goes the my part to mine and SherryW's saga--

It started a few days before we were set to leave for Fan Fair in '96. I was shopping at the mall and this lady backed right into me!!! (Not my car, ME!!). I tore tendons and severely sprained my ankle. They wanted to cast my ankle but the swelling was too bad and, since I was leaving for a very humid area, they decided to just stick me in a brace and on crutches. So here I go to Nashville on crutches, my ice pack, and my meds!!! Sherry and I did the whole "Police Car" (see previous installment) part of the story and then, when we are at "Eddie's," Mike's mom's place, Marty comes out to see us on the porch and proceeds to play with my toes, which are hanging out of the bandage. He kept asking me why I was up and around on it and then told me not to move and make everyone else wait on me. He was funny, kept making goofy faces and making sure we were doing o.k. the whole time he was eating and then during the meet & greet.

Then, when we went to the booth at Fan Fair, we had to stand in line of course. Well when he saw us in line, he goes, "What did I TELL you about being on that foot??!!!!" Well, I told him I was fine and that I would take it easy, but I wasn't about ready to sit around my hotel room after I spent Lord knows how much to get out there. So he told me to take it real easy and not to over do it. Well, for anyone who has been to Fan Fair, how can you not??

So, then we went to the Fan Club party. Well we pretty much stayed put and I just kept it elevated. One by one the guys made it over to check out the "wounded one" and then when they started the meet & greet, Mike walked over and told us to stay put and just wait till the end to get up. so, we just hung out watching everybody. Jennifer, Marty's Sis, came over to chat and she just HAD to hear the whole sordid story. Well, I had my foot up on her lap, since she sat in the chair I had it in. Next thing I know I felt this little "tickle" on my big toenail. I looked down and she was drawing on my painted toenail!! She drew a cute little heart, horseshoe, and arrows thru it and initialed it. It was very cute and stayed there for weeks, since it was with a Sharpie!!!

When we saw Marty in the meet & greet, he asked what Jen had done so I showed him. He just cackled like he does, told me to go rest and he didn't want to see me the rest of the week!!!!! Then he gave me a BIG HUG & KISS and said he was just kidding.! All, in all it was a very memorable trip, but I would not wish it on anyone! Fan Fair is hard enough with NO injuries!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am forever indebted to SherryW and our friend Phyllis for all their help that week. I would have been lost without them.

The Right Place, The Right Time--But No Camera Or Pen! Paulette Biedenbender
I've always heard stories of performers who are scheduled to appear at the annual Wisconsin State Fair taking in the sights during the day and fairgoers spotting them, but I never experienced it myself. That is, until his past August, when my husband and I were spending the day enjoying the fair before taking in the Marty Stuart and Travis Tritt "Double Trouble" show that evening.

We were exiting one of the buildings when I spotted a man who looked a lot like Marty Stuart standing across the way with a bicycle. Was it? It couldn't be! Sure enough, I wasn't crazy--it was him. Not only had I been dying to see him in concert, but meeting him in person was also high on my "to do" list. And here he was, taking the time out from riding his bike around the fair with some members of his band--I have no idea who--to talk to someone else who had noticed him. We walked over, shook his hand, and talked a bit about the show that night and told him that we appreciated the fact that he took some of his personal time for this chance meeting.

As I walked away, totally delirious and wondering what exactly I said to him, it hit me that I had no camera to record this momentous event, or even a pen for an autograph. I'm one to have my camera wherever I got and fully-stocked purse; but no, not this time. Everything was in the car. I did, however, have my camera for the show that evening and captured some great images from the second row.

Unfortunately, during Travis' set, the "chance" of rain that the weathermen were predicting became a reality. Because of the intense downpour, Travis had to cut the show short, despite his valiant efforts to keep it going. Therefore, the last set with Marty and Travis together didn't happen.

Marty, I just want to say "thanks" again. I'll always remember that day and what a great person you really are. Maybe next time I'll have my camera to prove to people that, yes, I met Marty Stuart. You keep making the music, and I'll keep listening.

Travis Tritt Jealous Over Marty's New Duet Partner Reneé Ollhoff

My favorite Marty moment is probably always going to be when he turned Jordan's hat backwards and helped Jordan sing ["Hillbilly Rock"]with him onstage at last year's Fan Club Party! He was SO nice to Jordan and that means the world to me!! Not everyone would be that receptive to a little boy........he melted my heart for sure with that!!

I love all these great questions and it is so cool to hear about everyone's Marty moment!! I just remember trying not to shake and act like I was nervous the first time I met him!! Of course I probably blubbered like an idiot but he just smiled and listened to whatever I said. God knows I don't remember it anymore!!

But Mr. Policeman.......I'm A Marty Stuart Fan Club Member Justina

OK here goes my Marty memory! Actually Marty wasn't even there for it!!! Convinced Hubby to take me to a county fair in Harford PA. We were running late so we were kinda speeding-when OOPS we get pulled over by a state trooper! I apologized for speeding and explained where we were going (even showed him my fan club membership card-hey-what can I say I was desperate. LOL), he looked at the card and my tag and license plate holder and guess what----HE LET US GO with no warning except to slow it down and enjoy the show!!!! Later I remembered Marty's letter to new fan club members about the card would turn you onto some good music but wouldn't get you out of any tickets (worked for me)!!!

That day also sticks in my mind because the skies opened up before the second show and we were all drenched---mud up to our ankles and soaked to the skin! The show did go on, but I'm sure we all looked like a really sorry group of people (LOL)!

Marty.....You're Catching "Flies" LaDonna Cable
One, of my memories of Marty and the Boys: On July 4th, 1997, in Dublin, VA, they performed a concert outdoors at a racetrack. It stormed really hard before they were to come on, everybody was soaking wet. After the storm cleared and we dried out our seats, Marty came on stage, did a little "no more rain dance" and performed an excellent show, it was cool outside with a nice breeze blowing. Marty would walk to the end of the stage and play his mandolin (he was dresses in a long white shirt and black leather pants) with his hair and the white shirt blowing! Awesome sight!! And for some reason he could not keep is pants zipped! He kept turning his back and zipping his pants!!! What makes this story even more interesting is last year when The Oxford American magazine came out and I read the story, this was the concert he wrote about and told how they were all feeling. I don't really have any wild and crazy stories, but the more I see of him or hear about him, just keep on amazing me!!!

Are Your Jacket And My Jacket Related? Patty Double

My favorite Marty Moment was when I was having a very bad time at work, but knew I was going to see Marty in a few days. This was the only thing keeping me going. I wore a black blazer with a yellow flower embroidered on it. He smiled at me 4 times while I was in line. When I got up to him--he asked me if I got the jacket from Porter Wagoner.

I also remember the very first time I saw him on TV. TNN was having what they termed "Hunk Night." Marty walked out on stage and I almost passed out. The only other time that happened was when I saw Julio Iglesias singing with Willie Nelson on TV.

If I Only Had Eyes In The Back Of My Head Cathy Morrison

The last time I went to Fan Fair, I went to the Ernest Tubb Record Shop Theatre that Monday because there was "word" that Marty would be there. Sure 'nuff! I was sitting in the back of the theatre and I heard all this chatter behind me and I thought "How rude! Who's doing all that talking while a show is going on?!" I turned and looked behind me and there sat Connie and Marty!! Of course, after that I couldn't help but look back over my shoulder every 5, 10 or 15 SECONDS! LOL ;-) I TRIED not to be obvious but my neck just wouldn't quit turning! It was like I had a spring in my neck...if I turned it forward my neck would just SPRING back in their direction....Hooey!

I couldn't help but notice, too, that so MANY of Marty's fans ran over to him once they realized he was there (all while a show was going on on about rude!). AND, they pushed right past Connie as if she wasn't even there...without so much as an "excuse me, please"..."pardon me"...or a "kiss my....."! One young woman sat down next to him soooo close she was butt-to-butt with him and would NOT budge! She never said anything to him...just sat there. He acted as if he didn't even know she was there. What could he do??!!! I was embarrassed for her.

The rumor had been that he was going to "perform." I was worn out from driving 8 hours but I went to the theatre anyway. After the intermission--for which they left the house--they again sat right behind me. I waited and waited and finally looked back and caught his eye and mouthed "When are you going on?"...pointing to my watch. He thought I was asking the time!! He looked at his watch and started to tell me and then realized what I was asking. He shook his head "no" and motion with his fingers that he was only there to watch. I sat there thru the next act...a comedian whose name escapes me...but he was FUNNY! One of those times my head sprung back, it was just in time to see Connie stick her pinky fingers in the corners of her mouth and let out a LOUD whistle! I thought to myself...Hoo-boy! She's a good ole gal!! I like that!

After that act I caught Connie's eye and she leaned over (she was closer to me than he was) and I asked if it was true that he wasn't going on stage. She said "No Honey..he's not. We're just here to see the show." I was sooooo tired (I'd had a fender bender driving into town that day) I got up and left. Went back to my room and enjoyed a silent, looong hot bath while all my roomies were at the show. The End. (<<For now, that is!) :-)

He Was A Hell's Angel On A Bicycle Sherry Wise

Once upon a time four stupid women decided it was time for a road trip to see Marty Stuart play his music in another city. Why you ask? Because Marty Stuart and his crazy brother Travis Tritt decided that we hadn't had enough fun with No Hats and they did Double Trouble. Problem was, there were no Double Trouble dates in California scheduled anytime soon. Good thing we went too. So, Ruth Campbell and I fly from LA to Seattle, Washington and Heather and Leah fly from Oakland to Seattle where we rent an Izuzu Rodeo (what's the point of mentioning this??? GET IT?? Four "Western Girls" Ridin' in a Rodeo. ha ha).

Then, we drive four hours to get to Kennewick, Washington to see Double Trouble the next day. We had dinner, that night, went swimming, shopped at Target and had a grand old time. Next day (the day of the show) we decided to go to the mall down the hill and around the corner from our hotel. While driving in the parking lot, this idiot on a bicycle cuts in front of us. We saw him do it to another car as well. We're calling him just about everything we can think of when someone (can't remember which one of us) said "OH MY GOD IT'S MARTY!!!!" Now, in Heather's defense, she was driving, but it was Marty's fault!

Now, please, if you will, envision this.... Marty Stuart on a bicycle....plaid shirt of some sort, beige shorts and tennis shoes with socks. NOT something I'd ever seen the man in. Riding a ten-speed with a wire basket on the front and a Thrifty Drug Store bag hanging off the handle bar (and no he didn't have any Aqua Net in it, the bag wasn't big enough). All I could hear was the music from "The Wizard of Oz." Remember the scene with Margaret Hamilton riding her bike with poor little Toto in the basket going to Dorothy's house? THAT'S the music that was in my head! All any of us could think of was that Heather saw that turkey and didn't run his butt over, otherwise, we would have gone all the way to Washington for NOTHING!

None of us ever did tell him, although we DID tell Steve, who probably told Marty. He has a bad habit of doing that sort of thing,,,, We had a wonderful time, got up the next day, drove to Puyallup, saw a great show there and flew home the next day. Talk about a whirlwind trip..... As it was, we were smart to go... Double Trouble never did make it to California. The tour didn't last into 1997 as planned and all the California dates got canned. Moral of this little fractured tale? GET IT ANY WAY YOU CAN!!!!

I Ran Into Marty At The Men's Restroom Mary Runyan

Well...I'd been trying to find a place to go see Marty for over a year, trying to get a friend of mine at the radio station to keep tabs and let me know when he knew he was going to be close by.

Finally the No Hats Tour brought him to Chattanooga. Dale (my boyfriend at the time) and I stopped by the Reid House before we went over to Memorial Auditorium. At the Reid House, we sat downstairs and had something to drink and decided to use the restrooms there since the auditorium would be so crowded (sold out show, yes!). The hallway on the second floor was sort of L-shaped and you had to go into the hall to the restrooms to the left off a long wide hall. I came out of the rest room but Dale wasn't waiting, so I stood there waiting for him. I heard someone say "Marty Stuart!" and I thought "hmmm wonder what they are talking about?" It couldn't be Marty up here.

I stepped over toward the long hall right in front of the door of the men's bathroom and I couldn't believe my eyes. There was Marty walking straight toward me. It was probably very comical to see my face, because I don't know if my eyes or mouth were wider. The closer he got, the bigger his grin got and he got up to me and stuck out his hand and said "Hi, whatcha doin? I stammered "Gettin ready to go watch you." He still had my hand when Dale walked out and I could only whisper "Dale." Marty let go of my hand and shook Dale's hand and said "Hi, Dale." Dale didn't hear me say his name, I guess he was a bit flustered by walking straight out the bathroom door and seeing Marty holding my hand.

Dale of course being a musician all his life too, said "Are you staying at the Reid House?" Marty said "No, we're just here for dinner." Marty said "Well, I hope you enjoy the show tonight" and I piped out "Oh, we will" (very intelligent). I think my mouth finally closed by then. Dale said he would have paid good money to have had a picture of my face. I was just awe struck. After trying my hardest to find a show for so long and then just bumping into him going to the restroom. Dale couldn't understand how he knew his name. I said "My voice came out as a whisper when I turned and said your name." We left and went to the auditorium and I guess Dale was having to hold me down like a helium balloon.

We got to the Memorial Auditorium and my daughter and her boyfriend, my sister-in-law and her son and daughter-in-law were already there. I told them all what had just happened and they couldn't believe it. Dale walked up behind me then and they asked him, and all he said was "I guess you can call me Marty tonight, because that's all she can say." That was the night I found what I needed to join the fan club.

There were so many things I wish I'd said (of course, he had to go, I'm sure he was in a hurry) but I stood there like a goon. I'll never forget how I glanced down that hall and saw him and my head probably moved forward a good six inches like an ostrich or something and I had to make a concerted effort to close my mouth at some point. I know I must have had the look of the century because after I got the once over, like what was I doing standing in front of the men's bathroom, the look on my face showed he was the last person on earth I expected to see there, and his grin proved it.

I 'Slept' With Marty Stuart Catherine Baker

This happened in '94 or '95... I was flying to Los Angeles and it was the year they had the CMA awards out there... 94? Anyhoo, as luck would have it I was sitting in First Class (the only female in First) along with Garth Brooks in 2B, behind him was Vince Gill in 3B, and behind him was Marty Stuart in 4B... I was sitting directly across from Marty... (I worked for American Airlines, so I didn't want to bother him... I had to keep my mouth shut) It was very early in the morning, so I went right to sleep after they served breakfast.

At one point I woke up and saw out of the corner of my eye that Marty was asleep too... I fell right back to sleep and didn't wake up until the landing gear hit the runway in LAX... Mr. Stuart, the perfect gentleman, blocked the aisle for me when people started to flood into the aisle to get off... He had me step in front of him (and fortunately it was very crowded and I was smushed up against him). I kinda whispered in his ear that "I noticed that you and I were the only ones that slept all the way from Nashville... I can't wait to tell all my girlfriends that I slept with Marty Stuart." He grinned and answered me, "yeah, was it as good for you as it was for me?" and he kissed me on the cheek.

He is such a nice guy... I wish I had grabbed him and planted a big ole kiss right on his mouth when I had the chance!! Most of the country music folks that flew on American were nice, but few were as consistently approachable and down to earth as Marty Stuart.....he was a favorite for all of us.

Photo in banner taken by Mary Runyan

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