The Floyds' Memorable Marty Moment

The Floyds specialize in spreading God's Word through Bluegrass Gospel music! They sing at churches, festivals and oprys throughout the southeast. Here are their stories.

"On June 5th we headed out for the Inaugural Bonnie and Clyde Bluegrass and Gospel Extravaganza in Arcadia, Louisiana!! We went to set up a booth with our musical instruments for sale and also to compete in the Acoustic Music Competition on Saturday. We placed 3rd in the competition, which was GREAT, but that was not the story of the weekend! The kids got to sing and play on stage with Marty Stuart on Friday night and that was the true highlight of the whole festival! Here are the kids' stories from the weekend in their own words!!"

From Krysten's Journal:

While we were walking around one time (we 4 kids) a guy with a camera came up to us and introduced himself as Marty Stuart's TOUR MANAGER! He said that he had been looking all over for us so he could video us!! We ran back to get our instruments, and he had us say our names and ages on camera then we played two songs!! The tour manager dude told us to come by Marty's bus around 9 pm and he'd let us in to get autographs.

So we played some more and waited until 9 then went with our instruments to his bus. Mr. Tour Manager came out and told us that Marty was finishing eating and then gonna get dressed and he was gonna let us in the backstage area with Marty so we wouldn't cause a mob. We waited about a half an hour longer then we got taken inside the backstage fence and we started playing while we were waiting. In the middle of the first song there was a commotion as Marty made his way around the bus and listened to us finish the song ("I Saw The Light") then signed autographs for us. We did "Little Maggie" for him after that! Woooohooo! It was so fun!

Then I took my bass back to the van and went with Lauren, Rock and Brandon and sat on the floor in front of the front row to watch the show. Booya! The other kids still kept their instruments with them. When Marty came back onstage for the encore he asked for requests and we yelled - "RAWHIDE"! and he said "I wonder if there's an guitar player who can play Rawhide out there?" Lauren and I made Rock and Brandon go up. After Marty took the first solo, Rock got a standing ovation from the crowd on his solo! When he finished Marty said "for his next selection . . ." he said he'd do "I Saw The Light". Marty Stuart motioned for Lauren and I to come up on stage.

When I walked up, I went to Marty's bass player and asked to borrow his bass - he took it off and did a half bow and handed it to me!! :-) We did AWESOME! The whole audience was on their feet clapping for us! We had a blast! The next day we had so many people compliment us on our playing and asking us to play again, so we did.

From Lauren's Journal:

The next morning Krys, Rock, Brandon and I (now named the "Frito Pies") started jammin' and put out the guitar case and made about $50!! Later we started jammin' again and Marty Stuart's tour manager saw us and recorded a video of us playing (see photos) and set it up so we could meet Mr. Stuart before he went on stage that night!

As you might guess most of us were nervous! That night we went and stood out behind his bus and started practicing "I Saw The Light" and right in the middle of the song Marty Stuart walked around the corner and we all remembered how nervous we were that morning!! He signed our instruments and then he left to go on stage.

At the end of a GREAT show, he got an encore and we requested the song "Rawhide" and he asked "are there any guitar players in the house that know 'Rawhide'?" and of course we all just happened to have our instruments in our laps! So Brandon went up and then Marty Stuart asked for Rock to come up on stage too and when they finished "Rawhide" Marty said, "And for his next number he'd like to do . . . what do you want to do flat top?" And Rock said, "I Saw The Light". Then Marty looked and me and Krys and said, "ya'll coming?" and we went up there and played and sang "I Saw The Light" and got a standing ovation (and also stole the show from Mr. Stuart!).

From Rock's Journal:

On Friday Marty Stuart came to Bonnie and Clyde and somebody told him about this awesome band named the Frito Pies. And that they had some rockin guitarists! And soon they came and shot a video of us playing!

That night we went behind his bus and started practicing for him, and then we looked by the bus and we saw this huge hair, sort of long and then IT! WAS! MARTY! STUART!! and he signed all our stuff!

After the awesome concert he gave an encore and he said "do you have any requests?" and we said "Rawhide" and he asked if there were any guitar pickers out there that could play Rawhide? And Brandon and I just so happened to have our guitars and he said "come on up here flat top boy" so we came up to play and we TORE IT UP!

After that he came to my ear and said "wanna do I Saw The Light?" and so we played both songs and got standing ovations on both but on number two Krys and Lauren got to come up too!

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