The Steel Guitar Community and Other Friends

Vie Singleton, South Haven, MI
The week Gary Hogue passed away, I was scheduled to do a recording session with him. I regret not meeting him. If only I had scheduled the recording session weeks earlier. Personally, I had been looking forward to meeting this extraodinary musician. I've been browsing this website and reading all of the wonderful things this man was and the legacy he has left behind. Fortunately, the recording session was completed with the help of Nikki Hogue and Brad Davis, who knew Gary would want such to happen. I think the webpage tributes to Gary Hogue are great and they also open a door for people whose lives have been touched by Gary Hogue, but were unable to meet him when he was with us.

Vie Singleton, South Haven, MI
The week Gary Hogue passed away, I was scheduled to do a recording session with him. I regret not meeting him. If only I had scheduled the recording session weeks earlier. Personally, I had been looking forward to meeting this extraodinary musician. I've been browsing this website and reading all of the wonderful things this man was and the legacy he has left behind. Fortunately, the recording session was completed with the help of Nikki Hogue and Brad Davis, who knew Gary would want such to happen. I think the webpage tributes to Gary Hogue are great and they also open a door for people whose lives have been touched by Gary Hogue, but were unable to meet him when he was with us.

Dennis Wilson, Southlake, TX
The death of Gary has a different effect on everyone that his life touched. Gary was my oldest best friend in the world. We were raised as brothers and you didn't see one without the other for most of our first 18 years of life. We have more memories than most anyone could imagine. Some were times of anger and some were times of laughter, but they were times I will always keep in my heart as the memories of my best friend.

I have read all the letters that all of ya'll have sent and they have been so honest as to the way my best friend was and still is in all of our hearts. I hope that the people that were touched by Gary always remember the way he loved life and the people around him. Gary was 46 years of age when the Lord called him home and I guess some day I will understand why. I don't quite know how life will be in the future without the occasional phone call from Gary just to chat and the departing I LOVE YOU we always exchanged.

I know that closure is part of healing, but I am not ready for goodbye yet. Gary will be missed in my heart for the rest of my life here on earth.

God bless my best friend and cousin.
(more like a brother)

Howard Decker
I wanted to take the time as a family member and friend of Gary's to thank you for the the time and effort you have gone through in putting together the tribute page for Gary. I know he's looking down from heaven, just in awe of all the great things said about him from the people who knew him and loved him. I want to ask each one to remember Nikki and Elliott in their prayers. I was with Gary that Thursday night working on my CD project he was helping me with, and we played songs, me on guitar and him on bass [he was quite the musician]. Afterwards we talked about the state of country music. He was so true to his roots. He loved flying back home to Texas to play for Gary Stewart and getting to see his Mom and Dad. He was going to play Fan Fair week for LeAnn Rimes and was looking forward to that and to get see his good buddy Curtis Randall who plays bass for both Gary and LeAnn. I told him I had met Marty just a time or two opening a show for them in South Florida and he told me what a great friend Marty was to him and that they talked weekly and what a great guy Marty was once you were around him and got to know him. He talked about how WSM-AM DJ Eddie Stubbs would always say "That's Gary Hogue on steel guitar" after a song and he appreciated that so much. He really liked Eddie. We talked about all of his buddies -- Junior Knight, Jerry Abbott, Curtis, Charlie Shearer [what a great singer]. He loved them all so much and was tickled that he got to play with them. But all of us who heard Gary play knew he was so deserving, and that we were the lucky ones that got to sit in and play with him and to know him as a person.

Jody Sanders, Magnolia, TX
Bobby Garrett called me one day from his store in Dallas and said, "Jody, I have created a monster. There is a kid taking lessons here that is going to put us out of business." He was, of course, talking about Gary Hogue. Bobby was right. Gary went on to be a MONSTER PLAYER. I am proud to say he was a dear friend and I will miss him daily. He is now playing loud and clear in the Heavenly Band. See you later, Gary.

B. J. Bailey, Jackson, MS
My heart has felt a great sadness with the loss of Gary. I had just found out about it today, which is Wednesday. I can see him so clearly. Almost seems like it was yesterday he was inducted into the Texas Steel Guitar Hall of Fame. We for sure never no when our appointed time is. I'm sure we could all get a little closer to the Lord. I desire your prayers.

Doug Jernigan, Smyrna, TN
My wife and I just returned from a vacation in Florida. We were shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Gary and his father. Gary was a talented steel player and a fine gentlemen. We pray for peace and comfort for this family. The world of steel guitar has lost another great player!

Wayne Yakes, Denver, CO
I've just returned from Japan and Korea to this sad news that was left on my phone recorder by Pat Garrett. He and Bobby had a long history. It seemed like yesterday at Scotty's Convention when Gary and Marty Stuart tore it up with Charleton's and Rhodes' "Honey Fingers." This dual passing deserves all our prayers for their families. He was a true picker who advanced the instrument as well as being a great person. His passing is a sadness for all of us.

Donnie & Pam McDuff, Mesquite, TX
I have known Gary Hogue for 36 years. We met at age 10 at the Big D Jamboree in Dallas. I considered Gary my best friend. We have played together many years with many different bands. My wife Pam and I have been deeply saddened by his passing. You could never meet a nicer man nor a picker with more heart and soul. We have known his family for many years. We have seen his sons Clint and Clay grow up into fine young men. His mother Vena has a beautiful heart like Gary. Nikki Elliott, Clint, Clay and Vena can use everyone's prayers at this time. I know Gary would be very proud to know how much he was respected by all these letters on this forum. The service was very beautiful, led by Paster Skip Pilgrim, a fellow steel guitar player and friend. Junior Knight delivered a wonderful eulogy, which brought some levity to such a sad day. Gary will live on in our hearts and he is in a better place but, oh, how we will miss him.

Kenneth Rollans, Little Rock, AR
Such a sad time for the Hogue Family. May the Prince of Peace be with each of you.

Lefty Schrage, West Union, IA
I just learned of Gary's passing and am deeply saddened. My condolences go out to all the members of his family. His superb playing will truly be missed by all of us in the steel guitar community. God Bless.

J. D. Sauser, Palm Beach, FL
My condolences to his family and friends. It is scary to have to realize that at any time we may lose those we don't fear to lose yet.

Jaynette Mondie, Louisville, KY
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Hogue Family. This is such a shock. It's hard to find the words to express the sympathy we all feel. Gary was a great guy and steel guitar player. He will be missed.

Rusty Rhoads
Sorry to hear about Gary. What a loss. My regards to go the family friends. Hope ya got your steel in heaven, Gary.

Rick Barber, Morgan Hill, CA
Peace be with Gary and condolences to the Hogue family.

Jenee Keener, Springdale, AR
This past year at the Dallas Convention, I had the honor playing fiddle behind Gary. I'm sorry that this was the last time, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet him. My prayers are with his family......God Bless.......

Hal and Vicki Rugg, Hermitage, TN
We just got back into the country from Gerry Hogan's Festival and were terribly shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Gary's passing. We had the nicest visit at the Dallas show this year. He was a wonderful man and a great player and he will be greatly missed.

Bob, Santa Rosa, CA
I extend my sympathy to the family and friends of Gary Hogue. I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but I know that the world is a poorer place and heaven a richer one with his passing.

Richard Sinkler, Fremont, CA
I did not know Gary, but this brings tears to my eyes. God bless the family, Gary and his Father.

Frank Estes, Huntsville, AL
May God bless the Hogue family with extra grace. I recently got Seymour's gospel CD and I now listen to Gary's parts in a different way. I never met him personally, but he was obviously as great a guy as he was a player

Marty Holmes, Magnolia, TX
Rest in peace, Gary. May God make your crown of jewels glorious.

Junior Knight, Eustace. TX
I have spent the last 3 days with Gary's mother. What a strong woman she is. She is not in the best of health, but she is holding up pretty good! This has been quite a shock to the Hogue Family and to all of the steel guitar world. Gary and I have played together for 30 years and I can truthfully say that I have lost a brother. But he is in a better place now, playing with Curly, Bobby, Jimmy and all the other GREAT players that have gone on before us. Happy Trails Gary -- Til we meet again.

Pete Finney, Hermitage, TN
I can only echo what others have said: Gary was a great guy and a great player.

Ron and Leslie Elliott, Madison, TN
WOW! To say this is a shock is quite an understatement and something very hard for us to accept. We had the pleasure of being with Gary on several occasions and we thoroughly enjoyed being with him. He definitely will be missed not only by the steel guitar world but by every one who knew him or had the pleasure of seeing and hearing him play. Our heartfelt prayers and condolences go to his family. May Gary and his Dad rest in peace together. Go with God and play in his heavenly band.

Ebb, New Jersey
The universe is recursive. Our universe is an atom in another universe as our atoms are enclosed universes themselves. Gary is going to be just fine.

Mark Frederick
My deepest sympathy to the entire Hogue family. Take comfort in the fact that one day you will all be together again.

Terry Edwards, Alamogordo, NM
Words are never enough to express feelings at a time like this. My heart goes out to the Hogue family. God bless.

Mike Fried, Nashville, TN
I just learned of Gary's sudden passing. I knew him from his frequent visits to Bobbe and Jeannie's store and always looked forward to the next visit with him. He was a wonderful musician and a warm human being. My heart goes out to his family during their ordeal -- to lose two at the same time is almost unimaginable. I will miss you, buddy.

Rick Tyson, Ohio
Although I never knew Gary, from all the kind words and all the love expressed here on the form for Gary, I wish I had known Gary.

Jay Dee Maness, North Hills, CA
I am so sorry to hear of Gary's passing.

Buck and Mitzi Grantham, Denham Springs, LA
Rest in Peace, Gary. Our thoughts are with your family and friends.

Michael Douchette, Hendersonville, TN
I heard this awful news yesterday at work and haven't been able to get on here until tonight. Lisa and I send our condolences to all the Hogue family. May God lead you in peace through this terrible event and may He calm your hearts with His love and blessings.

Steve Hinson, Hendersonville, TN
God bless you, Hogue.....

Don, Liano, TX
Rest in peace, Buddy, we'll miss you.

Skip Cole, Mississippi
May the God of all mercy and grace comfort and strengthen and surround the family and friends of Gary and his Dad. My prayers are with you all.

Mike Layne, St. Paul, IN
Donna and I send our prayers for the family. How difficult this time must be for them as well as for all that knew Gary.

Paul and Maria Franklin
News like this is beyond tragic. I did not know Gary very well but my son Darrell's wife, Michelle, was his child's teacher. She always said Gary and his wife were the best parents, completely devoted to their children and family life. Our prayers go out to them.

Buck Reid, Nashville, TN
Most heartfelt condolences to Gary's family and loved ones. He obviously had many friends and will be missed tremendously.

Mike Brown, Meridian, MS
I was glad that I worked with Gary. My condolences to his family for this great loss. He was a good friend and I will miss him very much.

Keith Hilton, Branson, MO
My wife, Beverly, and I express our deepest sympathy to the Hogue family for their loss.

Marty Muse, Austin, TX
Very shocking, very sad news. Gary was a genuinely great guy as well as a monster steel player. He will be missed by all.

Bob Farlow, Marietta, GA
Rest in peace, Gary

Bobbe and Jeannie L. Seymour
Every time Bobbe and I try to post on this thread, we begin to cry. Gary was truly a special person who we loved early. Gary produced, engineered, and played on Bobbe's new gospel CD. Bobbe and Gary had just talked Friday about starting another project. We are shocked and heartbroken over the loss of a dear friend and business cohort. Our prayers are with Nikki and Elliott. I can't believe that Gary will never brighten our day at the store again.

Johan Jansen, Beuningen, The Netherlands
I am very sorry to hear this message. My thoughts are with him and those he leaves behind.

Joe Goldmark, San Francisco, CA
This sad thread shows how connected the steel guitar community is. I had the same experience many others had of being in the opening band for Marty Stuart. I got to hang out with Gary at sound check and the gig. He was exactly like everyone describes, a super nice and talented guy. I remember his rendition of "Last Date" blew me away. My regards to his family.

Roger A. Trahan, New Bedford, MA
Our prayers are with Gary's family. Saw Gary play one time and was amazed. I do hope there are steel guitars in heaven. The music just got a little better. God Bless.

Phil and Gail Perry, Waynesville, OH
My wife Gail and I are both devastated by this news. Gary was a wonderful man and a great musician. He will be greatly missed. Our prayers are with the family. Heaven is just a little sweeter today.

Chris Brooks, United Aram Emirates
I join my colleagues in mourning a fine player and gentlemen.....and Mr. [Grady] Hogue as well. I met Gary once, around 1985. He was playing an afternoon dance hall gig in Dallas. I was new in town, looking for work, trying to play everywhere I could. With my heart in my mouth, I asked if I could sit in with the band. Gary made me feel welcome. So I set up my MSA and played a set. I remember that the band played "Got No Reason Now For Going Home." I didn't know it but, at Gary's encouragement, played it as best I could. Then he said that this was the best way to learn -- try to do something that you're not sure you can do. Thanks for the lesson, Gary.

Dennis Manuel, Williams Lake, B.C. Canada
So sad to hear that we have lost such a fine musician and gentleman. In times like this, it is hard to believe that the creator of this world has all things under control. Just believe He truly does. May God be with you Gary, your Dad and your loved ones.

Don McClellan, Kihel, Maui, Hawaii
This is a sad and difficult time for the Hogue family, I'm sure. I can't imagine losing a father and a brother or husband and son on the same day. I only knew Gary by his fine reputation but, reading this thread, I can see he must have been a great guy to know and I'll bet his Dad was too. Rest in peace.

Bruce Bouton, Nashville, TN
I was shocked to read this news tonight. My heartfelt condolences go out to Gary's family.

Jerry Roller, Van Buren, AR
This is very sad. My prayers go out to the Hogue family.

Dave Robbins, Nashville, TN
We just got the sad news. Terribly shocked! Our prayers go to his family.

Mark Giles, Hamilton TX
Sad to hear the loss of a great player and a good friend. A class act to say the least. It was an honor to call him a friend. My sympathy to Nikki, Elliott, and the Hogue family.

Richard Bass, Hendersonville, TN
My prayers to the family. This is such sad news.

Jim Roby, Amory, MS
You got that right about "save us a seat up there," John. I didn't know Gary personally, but his talent and personality sure shined through when you heard him play. That would have to be a tough lick on his poor mom, losing a son and husband in the same day. But it goes to show you never know which one of us will be next. Theresa and I send our most heartfelt condolences to the Hogue family and we will say a prayer.

Ladd Smith, Hendersonville, TN
Very, very sad news -- I knew Gary through the years as I was growing up in my family's music store (Argill's Music in Hendersonville), and he even took some of my original songs to Marty once (they weren't really all that great so it's no surprise they didn't get cut. It wasn't meant to be), but Gary was still positive about it all and believed in me and had nothing but encouragement and positive natured advice for me and I will always remember Gary for at least just that one little thing he did for me. You know if he touched my life just the times I was able to hang around him at the store, I'm sure he touched countless others on his many journeys around the world. My Prayers and Sympathy go out to Gary and his Family.

Billy Easton, Casa Grande, AZ
Terrible shocking news.......I just enjoyed Gary's work so much at this last Texas Jamboree. And for the family to have a double tragedy simultaneously is a huge burden for them to bear. You all are in my prayers and best wishes for this difficult time. Lean on God.

John Hughey
Man!! What a blow!!!!!! I couldn't believe it when my wife woke me this morning and told me that Johnny Cox had called and delivered the sad news. Gary was not only a great player but one of the finest people you would want to know. I feel like I've lost someone in my immediate family. Our condolences and prayers go out to the Hogue family. May God be with them and give them the strength to get through these sad times. "Save us a seat up there, Gary." [Note: John Hughey passed away on November 18, 2007]

Jack Heern, Murphysboro, IL
Our hearts and prayers go out to the Hogue family. God be with you and give you peace.

Buddie & Paula Hrabal, Arlington, TX
This is a shock to all who knew Gary and to the music industry. Our prayers go out to the family. At times like these, it's difficult to remember that "GOD IS GOOD."

Tommy White, Hendersonville, TN
My wife and I heard of Gary's passing early this morning and it saddened us both very deeply. I love Gary very much as a gentlemen, friend, and ace steel guitarist. Our love and prayers go to Gary and his family.

Danny Hullihen, Harrison, MI
This was a real shock to hear this! I just spoke with Gary a couple of weeks ago and he was feeling fine. My deepest sympathy to the Hogue family. This is indeed very sad news to me.

Jim Smith, North Richland Hills, TX
Gary was a friend of mine as he was of anyone he ever met.

Chick Donner, North Ridgeville, OH
The prayers of me and my family to the Hogue family. So sorry.

Kathryn Sabey, Asheville, NC
My thoughts are with Gary's family and friends.

Bill & Mary Latina, Hermitage, TN
Our prayers and sympathies are with the Hogue family. Gary will most certainly be missed in the steel guitar world. We met him for the first time at the last NTSGA meeting about two weeks ago. He was most pleasant with all present at the meeting. We looked forward to him being a valued member of the NTSGA. His musical abilities will continue to live on. Forty-six is far too young to see such a talented and sincere individual leave us.

Robby Thomas, Charlottesville, VA
His heart shines through on The Pilgrim album. Gary's tone sends chills up my spine. He will be missed.

I am a lonesome pilgrim, far from home
and wehat a journey, I have known
I might be tired andweary, but I am strong
cause pilgrims walk, but not alone

Kurt Howalski, Holley, NY
This is a shock! Gary will certainly be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go to the Hogue family.

David Wright, Modesto, CA
I am very saddened by this. Rest in peace old Friend.

Jody Sanders, Magnolia, TX
Gary is now with THE LORD and still pickin' in that HEAVENLY BAND.

Janice Brooks, Pleasant Gap, PA
I'm not sure if I ever saw him live, but it's still a shock. Condolences to the family.

Herby & Bunny Wallace, Sevierville, TN
This is certainly a shock. I first met Gary in 1984 and have admired his playing ever since. It was a real treat getting to hear him and Marty Stuart work together at the Texas Jamboree this past March. In addition to being a fine steel player, Gary was also a great recording engineer. He will be missed. Our prayers and thoughts go to his family.

Bob Taillefer, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Deepest sympathy to Gary's family. A great loss!

Bruce W. Heffner, Harrisburg, PA
My sympathy to the Hogue Family. I always enjoyed watching and listening to Gary on the Marty Party Shows.

Doug Johnson, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Having just read this announcement, I cannot convey the shock that went through my body. I had just discovered the beauty of Gary's playing only recently. Theresa and I send our condolences to Gary's entire family. God bless.

Terry Miller, Hammondsport, NY
My prayers go out to Gary and his family.

Jimmie Crawford, Hendersonville, TN
I am in total shock with this terrible news. Gary and I just completed a gospel LP mix together. I can't find the words to express how much I love and respect this man and his lovely wife Nikki. Our prayers and sorrow are with Gary's family. May GOD Guide and Direct you through this time of great sorrow.

John Steele, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada
I feel badly for Gary's family and friends. My thoughts are with them. I met Gary in Dallas in March. He gave off this gentle warmth and sincerity. He'd shake your hand and look you right in eye and, when he said "Pleased to meet you....," you knew he really meant it.

Steve Matlock, Branson, MO
I am stunned at this tragic news. I've known Gary since the early '80s and he has always been a great person in my eyes and a super player. We'll be keeping his family in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

Sleepy John, South Mills, NC
Jerry Hayes and myself were just reading this post and are shocked. We opened for Marty Stuart last October and I carried his (Gary's) guitar from the bus to the stage and back. Seemed like areal nice guy. Our Condolences to the Family.

Harry Hess, Blue Bell, PA
Terrible and shocking news! Prayers and condolences to the family and friends.

Marsha Fogle, Hendersonville, TN
What terrible heart and sympathy goes out to the Hogue family.

Mike & Karen Weirauch, Harrisburg, IL
A huge loss to the steel guitar world. Our deepest sympathy to the family.

Theresa Galbraith, Goodlettsville, TN
On behalf of Gregg and I and the Franklins, our sympathy goes out to all the loved ones. God bless.......

Donny Hinson, Balto, MD
Gary was a true gentlemen and a great player. He will be sorely missed by us all!

John Macy, Denver, CO
I had just recently met Gary through a project we both had a part in. When I went out to his house to meet him, walking in through that back door was just like walking in to see a lifelong friend. I felt like we had been friends that long. My family's prayers and support go to his family. Once again, our small little community has lost another class act.

Dave Alfstad, Indianola, IA
I, too, met Gary once. It was just a little over a year ago and he was with Marty Stuart. They played at a local club in Des Moines. I was really looking forward to the show. I really liked everything I'd heard that Gary had played on and was looking forward to hearing him live. The show was great and I sat backstage all night listening to Gary play. (I was in the opening band.) He has the most INCREDIBLE tone! He was playing his black '66 Emmons. After the show, I was talking to him and asking questions about how he ran his gear. I asked him if he would play for me so that I could hear what the sound was like where he was sitting. He was the NICEST guy I think I'd met in all the times I've opened for national act. His playing was AWESOME and, once again, that tone just blew me away. He is part of the reason I was desperately wanting a P/P Emmons. I am saddened by this awful news. When a player or a person like this leaves us, we are left with a huge hole thinking about what we will be missing out on in the times to come. Gary is now in a better place but the place he left behind is not as well off as it was before this tragedy. I am sorry for the ramblings in this post but this news shocked me and I'm very sorry for those that were close to him and sorry, as well, for those who never had a chance to be influenced by him.

To Gary's family and friends, I can only say that I hope God's grace and mercy will find its way to you and give you peace and strength to cope with the loss of a loved one and dear friend. Take Care.

Kenny Dail, Portsmouth, VA
My prayers and sympathy go out to Gary's family. I feel the steel guitar world lost something when he lost him. Rest in Peace Gary and Dad. What a tragedy.

Reece Anderson, Keller, TX
Teresa and I are devastated by this terrible tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Jon Light, Brooklyn, NY
For me, I mourn the loss of a fine player. For those of you who knew the man, my heartfelt feelings. The family's got a tough road to travel. Wow.

Pix1, Wescosville, PA
I feel fortunate and truly honored to have been able to meet Gary and see him play. I conducted an interview with him a few years back that, I feel, was one of the best because he was so giving and open. After the interview ran, Gary sent a long, handwritten letter, thanking the magazine for all its efforts in promoting the steel guitar. He included a photo of himself with Norm Hamlet and Marty Stuart. I have these momentos as well as the interview on tape. But, more importantly, I have a memory of a nice person and a great steel player that took some time out of his life to talk to me. He will be missed. God Bless You, Gary.

Lindalu, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
John Lacey phoned me this morning before I went to work with this sad news. I had the opportunity of meeting Gary a couple of years ago and, I must say, he was an absolute gentleman and a wonderful player. My sympathy goes to those who were close to this man, as well as his family.

Tommy Detamore, Floresville
What a terrible tragedy for this family. My prayers are with them on this sad day. Gary was a tremendous, soulful player and a classy guy.

Smiley Roberts, Hendersonville, TN
Even though Gary lived in Hendersonville, I knew him casually. He seemed like a very gentle person. I spoke with him briefly at the last NTSGA meeting where he brought his son with him. May he rest in peace, along with his father. What a blow to his family and the rest of the steel guitar world.

Wayne Tyler, New Castle, DE
I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Gary Hogue. I didn't know him personally, but really enjoyed his playing and I will always remember the Christmas song he played with Marty Stuart on "Prime Time Country". His heart and soul really showed in his performance and also in his smile. He and his talent will be missed.

Larry Lenhart, Ponce City, OK
My sincerest sympathy to the family. What a shock! God Bless.

D. Bristow, Las Vegas, NV
Go rest high on that mountain. What a loss.

Del & Dixie Mullen, Flagler, CO
This is definitely an enormous shock. Gary will be missed by everyone who ever met him. His talent and dedication to steel guitars had a great impact with us all. Our Prayers will be with the Hogue family and friends everywhere. Gary, we will miss you.

Jerry Thurmond, Sullivan, MO
What a loss to the steel guitar world and to the human race.

Ernie Renn, Brainard, MN
Losing one family member is hard enough, but two in the same day must be horrendous. My prayers and best wishes to the Hogue family.

Skip T., Lubbock, TX
Gary was such an inspiration at the Dallas show this year. I am so glad I got to hear him play in person and am also glad I have my copy of the SGWM where he was featured. My prayers for comfort go out to his family and close friends.

Jim Cohen
What a shock! My heartfelt condolences to his family and many friends.

Al Marcus, Cedar Springs, MI
I am just totally sorry to hear about Gary. I had met him years ago and he was a wonderful person as well as a great Steel Guitarist.

Bobby Bowman, Cypress, TX
From Toni and Bobby to the Hogue Family: May your departed loved ones rest in peace as you find peace in which to live. Gary was a fine person and a good friend.

Tommy M., Indiana
This is truly sad news. I have admired and respected Gary's steel playing and professionalism since the first time I became aware of him. The steel guitar community will miss but not forget him. My sincere sympathy to his family.

Chris Schlotzhauer, Colleyville, TX
I, too, am shocked. I didn't know Gary that well but, being a steel player from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I was very familiar with his reputation and work. I believe Gary was about my age. Way too young to go. This is very sad. My prayers will go out to the Hogue family.

Lem Smith, Fulton, MS
What a terrible tragedy for the family, losing two members on the same day. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Glenn Suchan, Austin, TX
My heartfelt sympathy and prayers are given to the Hogue family. May all the friends and family of Gary and his father keep their memory alive.

Jeff Coffell, Killeen, TX
Sad news. Our prayers are with him and the family. So sorry.

Buddy Emmons
This was a real shock to Peggy and me. Our sympathy and prayers to the Hogue family.

Nick Reed, Springfield, TN
All of us in the NTSGA are saddened by this news of Gary Hogue passing away. Our deepest sympathy goes out to all of the Hogue Family. Gary had intended on joining the North Tennessee Steel Guitar Association and he attended our last meeting. We even had scheduled him to play at our next NTSGA Super Jam. He will be missed by all of us. Gary was such an inspiration to Steel Players everywhere.

Mike Jones, Goodlettsville, TN
This is really sad news. Gary was a friend of mine and he was a great player. It's a great loss to the steel playing community and he and his talent will be missed. Go with God, Gary.

Greg Derksen, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
This is really sad. I met Gary in 1996 and remember what a super guy he was. Thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends.

Roy & Barbara Rosetta, Groves, TX
Those of us who knew Gary will remember him as a wonderful friend and one of the nicest people one could ever meet. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the Hogue family. Go with The Lord, Gary. You will be missed.

Steve Feldman, Elko, NV
Whoa!......stunning. Very sorry to hear this.

Herb Steiner, Cedar Valley, TX
I'm fighting back tears as I write this. There was not a sweeter, nicer guy than Gary. Totally a class act. This is a huge shock to wake up to. We have lost a good, good friend. Gary was a dear friend. One night, just before he got on Marty's band, we played twin steels with Johnny Bush in Dallas and that was a trip and a half!

Bob Hempker, Hollister, MO
This is terrible news. You could have knocked me over with a feather with this one. My prayers go out to his loved ones.

Jack Stoner, New Port Richey, FL
This is terrible news. My prayers go out to his family.

Johnny Cox, Hermitage, TN
I received a phone call this morning from Jeff Newman who informed me that Gary Hogue had died on Sunday of a sudden heart attack. Also, Gary's father passed away on Sunday. Our prayers are with the Hogue Family. Gary had got off the road after playing for several years with Marty Stuart. We never know the day or hour that the Lord will call us home.

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