Fan Club Party - Nashville, TN on June 17, 1997

Tuesday, June 17 started out rainy (as the previous twenty-some-odd days had been). However, traveling north of Nashville to Smiley Hollow, the weather started to clear up. The temperatures remained cool, which helped immensely. Upon arrival, the first stop was the merchandise table. Marty always has an array of new, fun stuff! There is always the new T-shirt, new pictures, this year they added a great beach towel and rain slicker. The Fan Club booth at the fairgrounds had additional merchandise as well.

Our table was #44 near the back of the seating area. The view of the stage was still excellent. They called us to the chow line in tables of 10. We were served promptly and the food was great--by far the best we've ever had at a Fan Club Party. They gave us plenty of time to eat before Marty came out to answer questions, perform a concert, and meet with each of us.

I'll summarize some of the questions/answers:

Marty will go into the studio this winter after touring and record his next album. He's telling us it should be out next summer (that's just too long for us to wait).

Marty would love to record a gospel album with Connie Smith. He recently produced her upcoming album on Warner Brothers Records. Marty said he was sure he would be working with Travis Tritt again at some point.Marty and the band are scheduled to go to Brazil in February 1998.

The first song Marty ever wrote was called "All Aboard the Silver Eagle." Marty said he played a church in Philadelphia, MS and a buddy invited him to come out and sing, so he wrote the song.Marty then decided it was time to perform a few songs, so he and the Rock & Roll Cowboys got cranked up. Marty said he'd play the songs we wanted to hear so requests went up from the crowd. Here are some of the songs Marty performed: "Long Black Veil," "Hey Baby," "Shelter From the Storm," and "Hillbilly Rock. Marty took a break to do "quality control" of the fan club merchandise. Then he performed "Even Santa Claus Gets The Blues," "Down Home," "Tempted," "That's What Love's About," "Shake Your Hips," "Get Back To The Country," plus a new song he wrote while on an airplane.

Marty and the Rock & Roll Cowboys

Gary Hogue (steel guitar), Gregg Stocki (drums), Marty, Steve Arnold (bass), Brad Davis (lead guitar)

He never mentioned the title, but the chorus is "As long as I have Jesus, I can face tomorrow." Several fans have said he is closing some of the shows with that song.

Marty took another break, thanking us for being fans and mentioning that he is writing music for a play [Mary Willard's comedy "Moon Shine"]. There's a possibility of his doing the soundtrack for a movie ["Hi/Lo Country"]. He publicized the Steven Seagal movie "Fire Down Below" which will come out this fall [it premiered in Nashville September 5, 1997]. His next album will be called "Pilgrim." He said this will be a totally different album.

Then, back to more music and "Honky Tonkin's What I Do Best," "You Can't Stop Love," and Marty closed with the next single "Sweet Love."

After a short break, Marty began to meet with the fan club members. They called table numbers at random. Our table was never called but lumped into those who were left that hadn't been called. That was fine. It gave me a chance to chat with friends that had traveled in for the fan club party.The fan club party was VERY enjoyable this year. Marty asked if we wanted to come back next year and everyone said "yes." Thanks to those with the fan club and Marty's office who worked so hard to make this a special event for us.

Review written by Sherry Mattioli, Nashville, TN
(Photos taken by Mario Mattioli)

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