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This appeared in Country Weekly - August 5, 2003

Oh, what a joy! Marty Stuart's just-released CD, Country Music, mirrors his unbridled passion for country that began during his youth around Philadelphia, Mississippi. Through the songs he's selected -- some new, some nuggets from the past -- Marty embraces heartache, love and rollickin' good times. It's unusual for every song on a CD to be a standout, but that's what you've got here. "Farmer's Blues," performed by Marty and Merle Haggard and written by Marty and his beautiful singer/songwriter wife, Connie Smith, is a poetic tribute to the families who work the land. And songs like "By George" and the album's first single, "If There Ain't There Ought'a Be," poke good-natured fun at hillbilly life. Breathing life into all the songs is Marty's band, the Fabulous Superlatives -- guitarist Kenny Vaughan, drummer Harry Stinson and bassist Brian Glenn. When you're at the store, you might want to buy two copies of Country Music -- 'cause you're gonna wear one out pretty fast!

By Larry Holden

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