CMT Staffers Pick Best Country Albums Of The Year (2007)

This appeared on - December 20, 2007

From Craig Shelburne:

Wagonmaster, Porter Wagoner
This one unfolds like an anthology of Southern short stories. Nobody but Marty Stuart could have made Porter's last album sparkle like one of his signature Manuel jackets.

From Edward Morris:

Wagonmaster, Porter Wagoner
Never a remarkable instrument, Wagoner's voice is touchingly fragile in this final album. But he buttresses it with compelling lyrics and a tone of desperate sincerity. It's hard to imagine a better career summation than what we have here.

From Chet Flippo

4. Wagonmaster, Porter Wagoner
There will never be another album like this. I've had arguments with friends who say, "Thank God!" when I say that about Wagonmaster, but I mean it -- and in a good way. No one like Porter will ever come down the country road again, with his sensibilities and his unerring sense of the country music lifeline. The last of the great hillbillies.

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