The Marty Stuart Show

Episode 103 airing June 23, 2012

Guests: Lyle Lovett, Connie Smith, Leroy Troy, and The Fabulous Superlatives

Eddie Stubbs started the show by introducing the guests. "From Nashville, Tennessee, the country music capital of the world and home of the air castle of the south, it's time for The Marty Stuart Show featuring Marty Stuart, the Rolls Royce of country singers Miss Connie Smith, the ole Tennessee Slicker Leroy Troy, along with all the Fabulous Superlatives: Cousin Kenny Vaughan, Handsome Harry Stinson, the Apostle Paul Martin, plus Gary Carter on the steel guitar. And today's special guest, Lyle Lovett along with Viktor Krauss, Keith Sewell, Luke Bulla, and Russell Kunkel. Join us now for 30 minutes of fun and great country music. I'm Eddie Stubbs. Now, how 'bout a Superlative welcome for our host. Here is Marty Stuart." Marty said, "Thank you very much." Marty and His Fabulous Superlatives performed "Parchman Farm."

Marty said, "I'm Marty Stuart. Welcome to The Marty Stuart Show. So glad you could join us tonight for some great music. Hey American music is at its finest when the originals appear. And a true American original is here with us today. Representing the great Lonestar state is a true man of distinction, class, and style. Ladies and gentlemen, would you make welcome my friend Mr. Lyle Lovett and all his orchestra. Honored to have you Mr. Lovett." Lyle said, "Marty, thank you." Marty said, "It's all yours, sir." Lyle performed "White Freightliner Blues" with some help from Marty, Keith Sewell, and Luke Bulla. [Marty's long-time fans will remember Keith Sewell, who was a member of Marty's band back in the '90s,]

Marty said, "The great Lyle Lovett and the boys." After a commercial break, Marty said, "How 'bout a hand for my man Mr. Lyle Lovett. Superlatives. I was listenin' to the greatest country music show in the world the other night. Talkin' about Mr. Eddie Stubbs' show on 650 WSM and one of my old bossmen, Mr. Lester Flatt, was introducin' Connie Smith on the Grand Ole Opry from about 1964 when she first came to town. He said, 'Here comes one of the singingest little packages you ever heard.' How 'bout a hand for this singing little package. . How 'bout a hand for the great Connie Smith, everybody. And pretty, too. Hi baby. Hey. Will you do me a favor? I've been tryin' all year long to get you to sing this song that was made famous by Miss Dottie West, one of your labelmates." Connie said, "Yes." Marty said, "What's it called?" Connie said, "It's called 'Country Girl'." Marty said, "That's the one I wanna hear. How 'bout a hand for Miss Connie Smith, everybody."

Marty said, "Make welcome Mr. Lyle Lovett, everybody. Mr. Lovett. Yes sir. So honored to have you here." Lyle said, "Marty, I am such a fan of yours and the show. It's an honor to be here." Marty said, "Well, right back atcha. Hey. I was talkin' to you earlier about ... um, I don't know what it is in the water down in Texas but the literary poets, the songwriting literary poets that come from Texas. It's just profound. I was thinkin' about Miss Cindy Walker, Floyd Tillman, Willie Nelson to get started." Lyle said, "Exactly." Marty continued, "Guy Clark and help me out." Lyle said, "Well, gosh, Townes Van Zant." Marty said, "Townes Van Zant, Rodney Crowell." Lyle said, "Well, Rodney, certainly." Marty continued, "Jimmy Dale [Gilmore] and Joe Ely, Billy Joe Shaver, just goes on and on. And Lyle Lovett is kind of the captstone of all of that. Yeah. Bob Dylan made a comment one time about Lenny Bruce. He said that he was in a cab with Lenny Bruce, I think ..... paraphrasing here, for just a block or two he said. But it seemed like an entire lifetime." Lyle said, "Hmm." Marty said, "I spent only a couple of times around Townes Van Zant in a room one time, but it was enough to last for a lifetime. Whataya think?" Lyle said, "You know he was a very special person and his songs showed it." Marty said, "He was. Like this one right here. I've specifically asked Mr. Lovett to do this for us. How 'bout a hand for Mr. Lovett. I'll try to join in for 'Pauncho And Lefty'. All right. Can I start it?"

Marty said, "Pauncho and Lefty my friend." After a commercial break, Marty said, "Me and Connie Smith do appreciate you joinin' us. I'm honored to say that The Marty Stuart Show is sponsored each and every week by the great state of Mississippi which is regarded as the birthplace of America's music. Mississippi is also reknown for its prestigious Blues and Country Music Trails that run throughout the Magnolia state. Nearly 200 historical stops represent the best of the best concerning Mississippi blues and country music roots. Now if you've watched this show for any length of time, you know how much we respect songwriters like Mr. Lyle Lovett and all the folks we were talkin' about. How 'bout the songwriters. Yeah. As the sayin' goes in Nashville, 'It all begins with a song.' Connie and I would like to recognize a lady who composed many songs with and for Mr. Jimmie Rodgers. Elsie McWilliams. She has a Country Music Trail Marker that stands in her hometown on the grounds of the Meridian, Mississippi courthouse. Meridian, Mississippi is also known around the world as Jimmie Rodgers' town.. However, country music history would not be the same had it not been for the songs of Miss Elsie McWilliams. So join us in saluting the Country Music Trail Commission for recognizing the importance of Miss Elsie McWilliams' work, the city of Meridian for its participation, and dear ole Mississippi for bein' home to all of us. How 'bout a hand now, Constance, it looks like a family affair. How 'bout a hand for the Boswell family. Leroy Troy and all the young'uns. Now, who ya got?"

Leroy: "Well, we got my boy here, Cash Williams."

Marty: "How 'bout a hand for Cash Williams."

Leroy: "This is Liza Jane here on the scrub board."

Marty: "Lisa Jane. I like Cash Williams' bass fiddle. I like the stand out here. How 'bout a hand for Leroy Troy's bass."

Leroy: "Do you like that?"

Marty: "Did you build that?"

Leroy: "Yeah. As far as I know, the plunger's only been used once. Didn't work too good so it ended up on here. One called 'Little Liza Jane'."

Marty: "All right."

Marty said, "All right. Cash Williams, Leroy, and Liza Jane." Eddie said, "We hope that this coming Sunday that you and yours will make the time to attend the church of your choice as we declare hymn time this week. Connie Smith has a special song that Dottie Rambo wrote. She came over to her house and pitched it to her many years ago. 'In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul'."

After a commercial break, Eddie said, "Here's Marty Stuart and Lyle Lovett." Marty said, "Thank you for comin' by and for bringin' Mr. Krauss, Mr. Bulla, Mr. Kunkel, and Mr. Sewell with ya. Yes. Gentlemen of distinction, they are. I love your songs so much and it thrilled me to find out that you're doin' a new song today." Lyle said, "Well, thank you Marty. This is a song from our latest record and appreciate your havin' us on and lettin' us do it." Marty said, "You always have a spot here. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Lyle Lovett." Lyle performed "Night's Lullaby."

Marty said, "That's Lyle and the boys. On behalf of Lyle Lovett and all the gentlemen, Connie Smith and Leroy Troy, .Eddie Stubbs, Liza Jane and Cash Williams Boswell, and Gary Carter, I'm Marty Stuart sayin' thank you for comin' to see us. We'll see ya again right here next week on The Marty Stuart Show. Good night, everybody."

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