The Marty Stuart Show

Episode 26 airing April 25, 2009

Guests: The Quebe Sisters Band, The Opry Square Dancers, Connie Smith, Leroy Troy and The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band, and The Fabulous Superlatives

Eddie Stubbs started the show by introducing the guests. "From Nashville, Tennessee, the country music capital of the world and home of the air castle of the south, it's time for The Marty Stuart Show, featuring Marty Stuart, the Rolls Royce of country singers Miss Connie Smith, the ole Tennessee Slicker Leroy Troy, along with all the Fabulous Superlatives: Cousin Kenny Vaughan, Handsome Harry Stinson, the Apostle Paul Martin, plus Gary Carter on the steel guitar, and today's special guests, The Quebe Sisters Band and The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band. Join us now for 30 minutes of fun and great country music. I'm your announcer Eddie Stubbs. Now how about a Superlative welcome for our host, a true country music Renaissance man. Here is Marty Stuart." Marty said, "Yes sir. All right. That's Country." Marty and The Fabulous Superlatives performed "Now That's Country."

Marty said, "I'm Marty Stuart and that's country. Welcome to our show. It is a country show. Gonna prove it to ya. A special country show today. Got lots of our friends coming by. Gotta tell ya somethin' We played a concert with this next band in Washington, DC recently. They completely stole the show and we deferred to the ladies and gentlemen of Fort Worth. And we're proud to have them on our show today. Ladies and gentlemen, how 'bout a hand for The Quebe Sisters Band. You're gonna love 'em." The Quebe Sisters Band sang "Yearning (Just For You)."

Marty said, "How pretty is that. Thank you. Thank you ladies. Thank you, Joey. That's great. How 'bout it?" Eddie Stubbs said, "Wow, The Quebe Sisters Band. They don't leave anything out. And how 'bout those bows all runnin' together at the same time and the same direction. That's superb." Eddie promoted Marty's photo book, Country Music: The Masters. After a commercial break, Marty said, "Aw, yes sir. Welcome back to The Marty Stuart Show. If you're just joinin' us, you've come to the right place for country music. Representing Mississippi is me. Mississippi Marty Stuart. And representing Texas has The Quebe Sisters Band over there. Weren't they great? Wonderful. And representing Spook Holler, West Virginia, here comes my baby. Singing one of her great RCA Victor recordings, how 'bout a hand for Miss Connie Smith." As Connie was walking on stage, Marty said, "Spook Hollow." Connie corrected him saying, "Spook Holler." Marty said, "Holler, I'm sorry." Connie sang "The Deepening Snow."

Marty and Connie were on stage and Marty said, "One of the things Connie and I love to do is watch new artists in country music come along. We cheer for every single one of 'em, hoping it's the next one. And the first time I heard The Quebe Sisters Band, I couldn't wait to get back home and tell Connie about them, And we'd like to have them. Can we adopt them, is that what you said?" Connie said, "Yes." Marty continued, "Well, let's do. Let's take 'em home." Connie said, "We could use a few more." Marty said, "Sure. We need more kids. Like you don't have enough. Hundreds." Connie's laughing and making a face. Marty continues, "How 'bout a hand for The Quebe Sisters Band, ladies and gentlemen. One more time, children " The Quebe Sisters performed, "It's A Sin To Tell A Lie."

Marty said, "Representin' Texas so good." Eddie said, "Wow, that's incredible right there. 'It's A Sin To Tell A Lie'. The Quebe Sisters Band." Eddie promoted Connie's boxed set Born To Sing. After a commercial break, Marty said, "It's time Quebe Sisters, it's time. There's nothin' else to do. The Sultan of Goodlettsville, the most popular man in country music, the ole Tennessee Slicker. How 'bout a hand for Leroy Troy. Where's Leroy? Hey Leroy, boy. What about that Quebe Sisters Band?" Leroy said, tipping his hat, "Yeah, finally get to hear 'em. Wonderful job, ladies ......... and gentlemen."

Marty: "What's the good word from Goodlettsville?"

Leroy: "Hey, I gotta surprise for you."

Marty: "You do? All right"

Leroy: "I got The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band."

Marty: "You're kidding. No you don't."

Leroy: "Yep. Here they come."

Marty: "Hello Ferg, Armistead boys. Hello Dan Kelly."

Leroy: "We got Lonesome Lester Armistead."

Marty: "Hello, Lester."

Lester: "Hello, Marty."

Marty: "What brings you to town, son?"

Lester: "We got us a new pulpwood truck."

Marty: "Come on."

Lester: "We do."

Marty: "Well, glad to hear about it. What color is this one?"

Lester: "It's slightly used red."

Marty: "Well, I'm glad you brought your instruments to town. Would you honor us with a song, boys?"

Leroy: "Yeah."

Marty: "Whatcha got in mind?"

Leroy: "We are gonna send this down to the good folks in Bald Knob, Arkansas."

Marty: "That's good."

Leroy: "That's the tune. Let's do it."

Marty: "All right."

The show went right into "That Glory Bound Train."

After a commercial break, Eddie Stubbs promoted The Marty Stuart Collection of five CDs, Live at the Ryman, Badlands, Compadres: An Anthology of Duets, Cool Country Favorites and Souls' Chapel. He introduced Marty. Marty said, "I've been waiting all season. I've been askin' you to bring your fiddle. I appreciate you bringin' it today. And I'm gonna show you a magic trick. One of my favorite parts of the Grand Ole Opry is the Grand Ole Opry Square Dancers. I love 'em. And if you'll play the fiddle, they'll magically appear at this door right here. How 'bout a hand and his flyin' fiddle and the Grand Ole Opry Square Dancers. What's your tune, boy?" Eddie said, "Pretty Polly Ann."

Marty said, "On behalf of the Grand Ole Opry Square Dancers, Quebe Sisters Band, Eddie Stubbs, Leroy Troy and The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band, and Gary Carter. Go Lester (Lester is dancing), I'm Marty Stuart saying come back. "

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