The Marty Stuart Show

Episode 68 airing April 23, 2011

Guests: Randy Travis, Connie Smith, Leroy Troy, and The Fabulous Superlatives

Eddie Stubbs started the show by introducing the guests. "From Nashville, Tennessee, the country music capital of the world and home of the air castle of the south, it's time for The Marty Stuart Show, featuring Marty Stuart, the Rolls Royce of country singers Miss Connie Smith, the ole Tennessee Slicker Leroy Troy, along with all the Fabulous Superlatives: Cousin Kenny Vaughan, Handsome Harry Stinson, the Apostle Paul Martin, plus Gary Carter on the steel guitar, and today's special guest, Randy Travis with Hank Singer and Kayton Roberts. Join us now for 30 minutes of fun and great country music. I'm Eddie Stubbs. Now how 'bout a superlative welcome for our host, a Mississippi music-makin' daddy. Here is Marty Stuart." Marty and His Fabulous Superlatives performed "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It."

Marty said, "Thank you for joinin' us. I'm Marty Stuart and you're watchin' The Marty Stuart Show. .If you like country music, you've come to the right place. We gotcha covered for the next 30 minutes. Superlatives?" The Superlatives say "Yeah." Marty continued, "We got a big star on our hands today. My buddy. From the first time I heard him sing, I've been a big fan. How 'bout a hand for great Randy Travis. Come here, brother Randy. There he is. Welcome friend." Randy said, "Thank you, Marty." Marty said, "Make yourself at home." Randy said, "Thank you. Hey thank you all very much. Any time you're ready." Randy performed "Diggin' Up Bones."

Randy said, "Thank you." After a commercial break, Marty said, Welcome back. Look over here, Superlative. Marshville, North Carolina's finest along with Kayton and Hank. I don't know about those characters right there. Speakin' of characters, here comes another one through the door. How 'bout a hand for the great Connie Smith. Come here, Constance. Hey baby. Hello honey." Connie said, "Hello honey." Marty said, "All right." Connie performed "Ain't It Good To Be In Love Again."

Marty and His Fabulous Superlatives broke into an instrumental.

Eddie Stubbs said, "Wonderful job right there. Marty Stuart and one he calls 'Marty Stuart Visits The Moon'. I think he wrote that on his first trip there." Eddie promoted Marty's book of photographs, Country Music: The Masters. After a commercial break, Marty said, "Welcome back. Welcome back. The Marty Stuart Show is sponsored by the good people in the great state of Mississippi. Mississippi's always been an innovative place and I'd like to recognize yet another Magnolia state innovator who's also a legendary businessman, construction magnate, friend of the arts, and all-around good man. I'm talkin' about my good friend Bill Yates. Hometown statesman from Philadelphia, Mississippi. Some of the most beautiful buildings in the world are constructed by Yates Construction, and there's one building, though in particular, in Philadelphia, Mississippi that deserves special recognition. And it's the recently constructed Yates Building Supply. Here's what makes it notable. This Yates building was the first gold-certified LEED building in the state of Mississippi. LEED. Our Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is an nationally recognized green building certification system designed to verify all good things that are environmentally sound. In order to be recognized by LEED, one must be an efficient steward of our environment and its resources. So how about a hand for all my folks at Yate Construction and their award-winnint innovative building in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Randy. We've put it off as long as we can. Here he comes. The most popular man in country music, the Sultan of Goodlettsville, friend on Highway 31 to the dirt and blacktop alike. How 'bout a hand for Leroy Troy. What about it, Troy boy."

Leroy: "Thank ya."

Marty: "Hello pal."

Leroy: "Howdy. But it's 41."

Marty: "41. Well it's ....."

Leroy: "It splits before you get to Millersville."

Marty: "That's all right. What's 10 amongst friends."

Leroy: "I don't know."

Marty: "Whatcha got on your mind."

Leroy: "Well, I come down that ole long lonesome road this morning."

Marty: "Was it 41 or 31?"

Leroy: "It was."

Marty: "Both of em."

Leroy: "Key of A."

Marty said, "All right. That's the way it goes. 41." Eddie Stubbs said, "Well, the ole time singing of the banjo acrobatics of the lovely and talented Leroy Troy and 'The Lonesome Road Blues'. We've got Kayton Roberts on the set with his steel guitar. Hank Singer's on board with his fiddle. And we're gonna ask Randy Travis to join Marty Stuart this go round for our inspirational offering this week. Leon Payne wrote this song years ago. It was made famous by Hank Williams. 'Lost Highway'."

After a commercial break, Eddie Stubbs promoted Ghost Train, at the Superlatone Store. Eddie said, "And now back to the head Superlative of the show, here is Marty Stuart." Marty said, "How' bout a hand for Eddie Stubbs. He did a good job. Fine job." Randy said, "Always." Marty said, "Mr. Randy Travis, thank you for comin' by." Randy said, "Good to be with you." Marty said, "It is indeed an honor. I tell ya what. I'm a big fan of Randy Travis. Since day one. You have created a timeless body of work, my friend." Randy said, "Well, thanks, Marty. I appreciate you saying that. You know, you are such a great talent. Love this show, but for someone like you to tell me that, it's a great honor and I appreciate that." Marty said, "Well, I tell ya what's a big honor to me. Would you do 'Forever And Ever Amen' right now for me?" Randy said, "I'd love to." Marty said, "By special request, how 'bout a hand for Mr. Randy Travis."

Marty said, "That's ole Randy Travis. Kayton Roberts, Eddie Stubbs, the Fabulous Superlative, my baby Connie Smith, Gary Carter, Hank Singer, Leroy Troy, thank you for joinin' us. We'll see ya next time right here on The Marty Stuart Show."

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