The Marty Stuart Show

Episode 40 airing March 20, 2010

Guests: Jim Ed Brown, Connie Smith, Leroy Troy, and The Fabulous Superlatives

Eddie Stubbs started the show by introducing the guests. "From Nashville, Tennessee, the country music capital of the world and home of the air castle of the south, it's time for The Marty Stuart Show, featuring Marty Stuart, the Rolls Royce of country singers Miss Connie Smith, the ole Tennessee Slicker Leroy Troy, along with all the Fabulous Superlatives: Cousin Kenny Vaughan, Handsome Harry Stinson, the Apostle Paul Martin, plus Gary Carter on the steel guitar. And today's special guest Grand Ole Opry star Jim Ed Brown. Join us now for 30 minutes of fun and great country music. I'm your announcer Eddie Stubbs. Now how 'bout a Superlative welcome for our host, the king of Mississippi treble and twang himself, here is Marty Stuart." Marty said, "Eddie Stubbs .... you're an honorary Mississippian." Marty and His Fabulous Superlatives performed "This Time."

Marty said, "This Time. Thank you Cousin Kenny. All right, brother. I'm Marty Stuart. I'd like to welcome you to The Marty Stuart Show. If ya got country music on your mind, well you're at the right place. We do, too. For the next thirty minutes, we gotcha covered on all things concerning traditional country music. Superlatives. Been waitin' a long time to get this fella on our show. A true country music legend. One of the great members of the Grand Ole Opry. How 'bout a hand for the one and only Mr. Jim Ed Brown. Come here James Edward. Hey, now we're talkin'. Now we're talkin'. Yes sir. Take it away, sir. Jim Ed said, "I got my guitar. Let me sing a song. May I." Marty says, "All right, all right." Jim Ed performed "Pop A Top."

Marty said, "Now that's the way that's supposed to be done right there, Mr. Brown." Eddie Stubbs said, "Great job there from Jim Ed Brown and 'Pop A Top'. Little easier when he did it on the record. Just used a can of Dr. Pepper to ...." Eddie did the famous "pop." Marty said, "Hey, that's pretty good, Eddie." Eddie promoted the two DVD set of highlights from the first season of The Marty Stuart Show. After a commercial break, Marty said, "Welcome back to The Marty Stuart Show, ladies and gentlemen. Hey Superlatives, look over there on that hay bale. A true country music legend. Mr. Jim Ed Brown. Between Hank and Jimmie Rodgers. Speakin' of country music legends, here comes another one through the door. How 'bout a hand for the great Connie Smith, everybody. Come here Constance. Hey. If you won't tell on me, I won't tell on you." Connie sang the song by the same name.

Marty said, "That Connie Smith, Cous. I don't know. Mr. Brown." Marty motions for Jim Ed Brown to come over. Marty continues, "Mr. Brown. How 'bout a hand for Mr. Jim Ed Brown, Superlatives. Yeah. Welcome sir." Jim Ed said, "Boy I love to be on your show." Marty said, "I'm glad you're here." Jim Ed said, "Last time I had a hand like that was when I told mama I was leavin' home." They laughed. Marty said, "Speakin' of home...." Jim Ed said, "Yes." Marty continued, "You're an Arkansas man." Jim Ed said, "I'm an Arkansas boy." Marty said, "Lotta great music comes from Arkansas." Jim Ed said, "Right. Sure is." Marty said, "And we could talk all day about that." Jim Ed said, "You know what. This is not right really. There's no man supposed to be able to play as good as you and sing as good as you." Marty said, "Aw, come on." Jim Ed continued, "So you need to cut out one of 'em."Marty said, "Well ....I appreciate that." Jim Ed said, "What a privilege it is to sing with you. Can we do one of my favorite old songs? Eddy Arnold recorded this some years ago plus Jimmy Driftwood and I don't know how many others. A song called 'The Tennessee Stud'." Marty said, "We'll do it." Jim Ed said, "You like that?" Marty said, "I love that." Jim Ed said, "I've got some horses at the house. If you come out, I'll let you ride one." Marty said, "That'll be a sight." Jim Ed said, "You won't ride mine." Marty laughed and said, "Watch this, two three."

Jim Ed said, "I appreciate that." Marty said, "I loved that. Yes sir." Eddie said, "Great job there fellows. A Mississippian, an Arkansian singin' about a horse from Tennessee. Meetin' in the middle there. All right." Eddie promoted Marty's book of photographs, Country Music: The Masters. After a commercial break, Marty said, "Welcome back to The Marty Stuart Show, ladies and gentlemen. Hey. if you wanna write to us, please do so at the Grand Ole Opry. We'd love to hear from you. So would Mr. Jim Ed Brown. Hey Apostle." Paul said, "Yes sir." Marty continued, "Come here. We got a little business to take care of from some good folks in Mississippi. A big Superlative how-do-you-do to all the good people of Holly Springs, Mississippi -- the home of Phillips Grocery, the very place that serves hamburger that's been attractin' people from all over.the world since 1948, Apostle. If you're down in Holly Springs, go see it. Speakin' of a world-class hamburger, here he comes right here. The Sultan of Goodlettsville, the most popular man in country music, ladies and gentlemen. The ole Tennessee Slicker. How 'bout a hand for Leroy Troy. Come here, Leroy. Hey, come on in. You know Jim Ed and Connie. Hello Goodlettsville man."

Leroy: "Hey. Boy you said a whole bunch that time."

Marty: "Whoo. Had a mouthful. That big hamburger. We gotta go down there and check that out sometime."

Leroy: "We will."

Marty: "You look like you got somethin' big on your mind today. What is it."

Leroy: "Well, I tell you what. Man, I must be crazy."

Marty: "Reckon?"

Leroy: "Yeah, Paul ...."

Marty: "Paul."

Leroy: "Paul here, the other week, our old friend Mr. Paul Yandell, one of the finest guitar pickers in this town....."

Marty: "Legend."

Leroy: "And he said Paul wanted to hear 'I'm My Own Grandpa'."

Marty: "I'm My Own Grandpa."

Leroy: "So I'm gonna try to do this."

Marty: "This is complicated, isn't it."

Leroy: "It's gonna be very difficult."

Marty: "Well, take off and let's see what happens."

Leroy: "And Mr. Jim Ed and Constance are gonna try and help me."

Marty: "All right."

Leroy: "All right. Here we go."

Marty said, "Yeah, that's a complicated story told." Eddie Stubbs said, "Great job there from Leroy Troy and 'I'm My Own Grandpa'. Connie Smith was singin' along with all the verses. She knew the words to all that. We're gonna get her to do that song on an upcoming episode." Marty said, "She's her own grandma." Eddie said, "I'm My Own Grandma. And indeed she is. Well indeed it is hymn time right now and we're gonna get the Fabulous Superatlives to gather around the microphone here and do one of the old time tunes. Marty's gonna pick the mandolin and Apostle Paul and Harry Stinson are gonna chime in with some harmony. They're gonna sound so good on this. You're gonna love 'em as they do 'This Little Light Of Mine'. Fellas."

After a commercial break, Eddie Stubbs promoted Connie Smith's Born To Sing boxed set. Eddie said, "Here's Mr. dot com himself one more time, Marty Stuart." Marty said, "Thank you, Mr. Stubbs. Voted three times the prettiest man on radio, Eddie Stubbs. Congratulations to Eddie Stubbs." Jim Ed said, "I tell you what, you put him on a cruise and he's got the best lookin' legs there." Marty said, "I've heard. I heard it takes sunglasses to bear. Thank you for comin' to see us." Jim Ed said, "Thank you for inviting me. I appreciate it very much." Marty said, "You betcha." Jim Ed said, "I've loved it here and if you will, you can invite me back and I will come." Marty said, "Well, you're invited, so come back, okay." Jim Ed said, "How about, let me see, tomorrow." Marty said, "That's good. We'll be lookin' for ya. But before you leave, would you sing 'The Three Bells' just for me." Jim Ed said, "Well, you know, I usually do this with two girls. And since we've got ... can I... you think I can put dresses on them and get them to sing like girls?" Marty said, "It won't work." Jim Ed said, "It won't work." Marty said, "I've tried." Jim Ed said, "Then we better do it the way I know how to do it. This is the story of a little boy."

Marty said, "Aww, how nice is that. Cousin, take it home." Jim Ed said, "Thank you, Marty." Marty said, " On behalf of Jim Ed Brown, all The Fabulous Superlatives, Connie Smith, Leroy Troy, Gary Carter, Eddie Stubbs, there's Mr. Stubbs, I'm Marty Stuart sayin' thank you for comin' to see us. We'll see ya again right back next week on The Marty Stuart Show. Good night everybody."

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