The Marty Stuart Show

Episode 39 airing March 13, 2010

Guests: Mike Snider, Connie Smith, Leroy Troy, and The Fabulous Superlatives

Eddie Stubbs started the show by introducing the guests. "From Nashville, Tennessee, the country music capital of the world and home of the air castle of the south, it's time for The Marty Stuart Show, featuring Marty Stuart, the Rolls Royce of country singers Miss Connie Smith, the ole Tennessee Slicker Leroy Troy, along with all the Fabulous Superlatives: Cousin Kenny Vaughan, Handsome Harry Stinson, the Apostle Paul Martin, plus Gary Carter on the steel guitar. And today's special guest Mike Snider along with Tony Raye, Brian Christianson, Matt Combs, Todd Cooke and the Martin Brothers and mom join us as well. Stay tuned for the next 30 minutes of fun and great country music. I'm Eddie Stubbs. Now how 'bout a Superlative welcome for our host, middle Mississippi's main man, here is Marty Stuart." Marty and His Fabulous Superlatives performed "Have Gun Will Travel."

Marty said, "Welcome to The Marty Stuart Show. Thirty minutes of great country music. Old time music, gospel music and bluegrass music. We gotcha covered if you'll hang out with us for the few minutes. Paladin, Superlatives. How about a hand for my Superlatives. Yes. My guest today is truly one of the brightest stars at the Grand Ole Opry. One of the greatest ambassadors old time music could have. He's excellent. As a matter of fact, he is the CEO of all good things concerning Gleason, Tennessee. How 'bout a hand for the great Mike Snider and the boys. Hello Mike. Hey. Outstanding, outstanding. Yes. There it is." Mike said, Great." Marty said, "Great." Mike said, "Great." Marty said, "Take your time. Welcome Mike." Mike said, "Welcome. You ready for us to play one?" Marty said, "Take one." Mike said, "All right. Let's do it." They performed "Greek Medley."

Marty said, "Yes sir. I love that. Welcome guys. Great job." Eddie Stubbs said, "Great job there from Mike Snider and all the fellows and the 'Greek Medley'." Eddie promoted the two DVD set of highlights from the first season of The Marty Stuart Show. After a commercial break, Marty said, "Welcome back to The Marty Stuart Show, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Marty Stuart. Thanks for tunin' in. Superlatives. Gleason, Tennessee's finest on the hay bales. Fine gentlemen. Yes. Couldn't get $30 for all of 'em. Speaking of the finest, how 'bout a hand for one of the greatest country singers of all time. Miss Connie Smith, everybody. Come on Constance. Oh yea. Sing it pretty." Connie sang, "Don't Leave Me Lonely Too Long."

Marty said, "What about that." Mike said, "That's strong." Marty continued, "My wife.Miss Connie. Mr. Snider, speakin' of wives, I saw your wife, Miss Sweetie, back there." Mike said, "Yes, yes, yes." Marty continued, "Had on a pretty leather suit. Beautiful." Mike said, "Yes, yes, yes. I like for her to wear them leather clothes. It makes her smell like a new car." Everyone laughed. Mike said, "Okay, just let 'em roar." Marty said, "I know it. Hey, we've got some business to take care of." Mike said, "Yes we do." Marty continued, "True matter. There's a fellow named Rooster up in Idaho that watches us every week and since the very first show, he has been writin' me letters on almost a weekly basis wanting Mr. Mike Sniderto come on and play a song. And so I'm glad we could do that for you, Rooster, but bigger business is at hand. Rooster has his girlfriend at his house tonight watchin' us. Got her on the couch and he's gonna ask her an important question. And he wants to know if you can sing a song to kinda set the mood for the big question." Mike said, "Yes I have. I've got somethin' that'll work real good." Marty said, "Romantic." Mike continued, "Oh it's romantic." Marty said, "Okay." Mike said, "He'll knaw her ears I plum off when I get on to it right here." Everyone cracks up. Mike sings a verse from "If My Nose Was Running Money." Marty said, "That oughta do it right there.That was good." Mike said, "I guarantee ya, he's got ear lobes hung in his throat right now."

Marty said, "That's on one of your big hit records. I love your records. I've got all of 'em." Mike said, "You do." Marty continued, "I used to buy 'em " Mike said, "Is that where they went?" Marty said, "There's several million people watchin'. You oughta talk about your records." Mike said, "Well, you know what. They're probably sittin' out there wonderin' right now 'Where on this earth could we get us some of that.' Folks, this is your lucky day. Look, I got four of 'em here." Marty said, "Yes sir." Mike continued, "This is my collage here of records. Look here. This one's got all comedy songs on it. You can get this for the low price of $20, no, $25. Or you can get this one for the low price of $25, string band music. Or, you can get this one here for the low price of $25. Or this one right here with the banjo playin' and this one here's got jokes and stories. Son, it's unbelievable. You can have one or all of 'em for $25. See, what I'm tryin' to get across is if you get anything, we're gettin' $25. Don't be one of the thousands who have walked off and left these behind." Marty said, "No, no." Mike continued, "See, you can't get these in stores. I can't either. Now, you've got to order 'em from me, see. And Curt probably put this on the screen for everyone."

Marty said, "Absolutely." Mike continued, "Mike Snider, Geason, Tennessee 38229 and we'll send these to ya folks. And listen, this is the great thing about you gettin' these CDs right here. When you come drivin' up in your hometown with these playin' in your car, people are gonna stop and look at you. All right. Listen, I don't wanna put the high pressure on you to buy these or nothin' but things have been tough at home. My mother-in-law had a face lift the other day." Marty said, "No!" Mike said, "Yeah, and they didn't lift it high enough. Yeah, and I'm gonna have to pay for it." Marty said, "Oh, come on, I'm sorry." Mike said, "Yeah, the doctor he come in and said, 'I've got good news and great news' and she said, 'What is it, doc.' He said the good news is the face lift went perfect. The great news is that I had enough skin left over to make ya a pair of cowboy boots." Marty said, "Aw, we better get outta here before we get in trouble. You won't do. We better turn it over to Eddie Stubbs." Mike said, "Take 'er away there Mr. Excitement." Marty said, "Buy Mike's records." Eddie said, "See me after the show." Eddie promoted Marty's book of photographs, Country Music: The Masters.

After a commercial break, Marty said, "Welcome back to The Marty Stuart Show, ladies and gentlemen. Hey. Mississippi sponsors our show and I'm proud of that coz that's my home state. Now if you wanna see beauty and history all wrapped into a mighty spirit, you might enjoy a visit to the great Mississippi gulf coast. Pretty sand, warm water. Nice people, Mr. Snider. Beautiful flowers and trees. Now that's all the beauty of it. And a significant, historical marker on the coast is Beauvoir the last home of Confederate legend Jefferson Davis. Beauvoir, along with the Confederate Museum, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier offer history. And the mighty spirit I spoke of belongs to all the good people. Still standin', unmoved by Hurricane Katrina. They're buildin' back again. How 'bout a hand for my fellow Mississippians. That's mighty. Speakin' of mighty. We introduced you to the CEO of all good things in Gleason, here's the Sultan of Goodlettsville, ladies and gentlemen. The ole Tennessee Slicker, the most popular man in country music. Here he comes .......Leroy Troy. Come here, Leroy. You know Mike and the boys. Goodlettsville man. What's the good word from Goodlettsville today, pal."

Leroy: "Well, I tell ya what."

Marty: "What."

Leroy: "Things would be a lot gooder if we could find our septic tank. I can see the problem, I just can't find the source. You know what I'm talkin' about? It's gonna cost money, too."

Marty: "Okay, well pick one. What's it gonna be?"

Leroy: "You sure did."

Marty: "It's gonna be, ummmm, 'Comin' From The Ball'. And Brian and Matthew, umm, play it pretty now. No hesitation."

Marty said, "Yeah, that's all. What rhymes with 'ball'. 'All', yes." Eddie Stubbs said, "Ah yes, the lovely and talented Leroy Troy and 'Coming From The Ball'. Some folks have said they don't know whether Leroy is comin' or goin'. We'll let you decide, how about that. Well, we've got a very special edition of hymn time this week on The Marty Stuart Show and here's Marty to tell ya more about it." Marty said, "Thank you, Mr. Stubbs. A few weeks ago, you might have seen this gentleman right here, guitar star Mr. March Martin come on our show. And I told you that Paul and Jamie ... this is Jamie, by the way, Paul's wife. I told you they had a house full of kids, pretty kids. It sounds like a music store at their house. Music comin' out of every room. Kell's here with us today. Brought your whole school class with us. Thank you for bringin' 'em." Kell said, "Yeah." Marty continued, "Yeah ..." March said, " MHMS third grade." Marty said, "Yes sir. And you guys came by a show we did last summer and just stole the show with a song off of our Souls' Chapel record." Kell said, "Yeah." Marty continued, "Called 'Slow Train'. Would you guys do 'Slow Train' for us again " March said, "Sure." Marty said, "You start it and we'll get in there."

After a commercial break, Eddie Stubbs promoted Connie Smith's Born To Sing boxed set. Eddie said, "It sure was great to see the Martin Brothers out there. They're eight and eleven years old, respectively. They're litle kids. Here's a couple of kids at heart. They've never grown up and never will. Here's Marty Stuart and Mike Snider once again." Marty said, "And pretty proud of it." Mike says, "Eddie," giving him a thumbs up. Marty said, "Didn't he do a good job." Mike said, "Yeah, he's the world's best." Marty said, "The world's finest." Mike said, "He's smooth as a minnow's belly, I'll tell ya that." Marty said, "Mr. Snider, thank you for comin' by. You are truly the finest, truly the finest." Mike said, "They're fine boys. That's Matt, Brian, Todd, and Tony right there. They're really good boys." Marty said, "Absolutely. Well, would you honor us with one more selection." Mike said, "Yes, we'd love to." Marty said, "It is entitled .... " Mike said, "The Colored Aristocracy and the Squirrel Hunter." Marty said, "Well, tear it up. How 'bout a hand for Mike and the boys." Mike said, "Come on, let's here it for us."

Marty said, "As I said, they're the finest. The very finest. Come here. Mike Snider. On behalf of Mike Snider, The Fabulous Superlatives, Connie Smith, the Martin Brothers, Jamie, Gary Carter and Eddie Stubbs, Leroy, I'm Marty Stuart saying we'll see you again next week right here on The Marty Stuart Show. Get it Mikey boy."

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