The Marty Stuart Show

Episode 2 airing November 8, 2008

Guests: Earl Scruggs, Connie Smith, Leroy Troy, The Fabulous Superlatives

The set for this show was the same as the premier show and may be the set for each of the shows. Eddie Stubbs started the show by introducing the guests and The Fabulous Superlatives, including Jason Carter from the Del McCoury band. Marty and the band were playing "La Tingo Tango" during the introductions. Eddie introduced Marty and they went into "Rock Island Line."

"Well, this here is a story about the Rock Island Line. See the Rock Island Line is a old train that runs from Illinois down to into New Orleans. And if you're hauling certain things on board, when you get down into New Orleans, you gotta pay the man some toll at the toll booth." Harry yells out, " I hate that toll booth." Marty says, " I do too. I hate that toll. Fella pulled his train up down at the toll booth, stuck his head out and said 'Hey boy, what you got on your train?' And he said 'I got livestock, I got livestock. I got cows, I got pigs, got sheep, I got mules. I got all livestock, I got all livestock, I got all livestock.' He said, 'You're all right then.' Said 'I thought you might be hauling some of that ole pig iron.' He said 'What in the world is pig iron?' He said, 'Man that's what we're callin' hot hubcaps today. There was a banker's convention in Moline, Illinois. A bunch of bankers been taking money out of farmers' pockets. Had a big convention. Somebody stole all the hubcaps off the cars.' He said. 'That wouldn't be me.' He said, 'Well, you all right then boy.' So he started picking up a little speed to get through the toll booth. When he got on through the toll booth, he looked back and said 'Hey boy, I fooled you. I got a train full of hot hubcaps off bankers who stole money out of farmers' pockets.' 'Well all right then. Have a good trip.' " Marty and the boys then sang "Rock Island Line."

Marty welcomed everyone to the show. "Welcome to The Marty Stuart Show ladies and gentlemen. If you're looking for country music, you have found it right here on RFD. We've got the Fabulous Superlatives with you tonight. The Apostle Paul, Handsome Harry and Cousin Kenny. Eddie Stubbs, look at you boy. Dennis, can you get a shot of that shoe." Eddie said, "It took two Holstein cows to make that, Marty." Marty said, "Two Holstein cows at least. A lot of cows gave their life for that water ski right there." Eddie continued, "A couple of weeks back you called these the Foggy Mountain special." Marty said, "Funny you mention that. We have our own personal hero here today. One of the cornerstones of country music. One of the cornerstones of American music. My man. The Shelby, North Carolina flash himself. How about a hand for Earl Scruggs."

Marty: "I said Shelby."

Earl: "That's close."

Marty: " I said Shelby. It's more like Flint Hill, ain't it?"

Earl: "They're pretty close together."

Marty: "Honor to have you here, Sir."

Earl: "It's a pleasure to be here. Glad to see all the folks in the studio too."

Marty: "I got your picture on the wall over there."

Earl: "I saw that."

Marty: "Well it will be here every show because if it hadn't been for you we wouldn't be doing a tv show right now."

Marty and Earl performed "John Henry, The Steel Drivin' Man."

Eddie Stubbs then promoted Marty's latest book of photographs, Country Music: The Masters. After a commercial break, Marty said, "Earl, there's a fellow over here I'd like to introduce. My favorite time of the week when I was a young'un growing up in Mississippi was sitting with my daddy on Saturday afternoons to watch you all on TV. That's my daddy John and my mama Hilda. How about a hand for my folks over there." Earl said, "You was about 13 years old, too, wasn't you?" Marty says, "My wife Connie said the first time she ever saw country music was on your TV show, so why don't we get Connie out here to sing a song with us right now."

Connie said, "It's an honor to be standing on this stage with you, Mr. Scruggs." Connie then sang an old Carter Family song called "Storms Are On The Ocean."

Marty said he was going to put The Apostle Paul to work. "Somebody said 'why do you call him The Apostle Paul?' Well, he's got 1,000-watt smile, hooked up to a million watts worth of talent and plays the bass and sings in a righteous manner. Paul sang "The Bluegrass Express" (which can be found on the Cool Country Favorites album).

Eddie Stubbs then promoted the Marty Stuart And The Fabulous Superlatives: Live At The Ryman album. After a commercial break, Marty introduced fiddler Jason Carter from the Del McCoury band and mentioned Del and the boys would be guests on an upcoming show.

"I've never got you in anything bad, have I?" Marty asks Jason. "Never told you wrong. Well I'm about to put you into something that's going to change your life for the better. A little country culture here. The Goodlettsville Flash, the most popular man in country music, the king of country music. How about a hand for the ole Tennessee Slicker, Leroy Troy."

Marty: "Hello Leroy. What's the good word from Goodlettsville, son?"

Leroy: "Well the good word from Goodlettsville, I guess is ole Leroy gets to get out of the house this morning."

Marty: "Well pick one for us. What you got on your mind?

Leroy: "I like your shoes, Eddie"

Marty: "A lot of cows died for those."

Leroy: "I'll say. Here's one called 'My Rabbit Dog'."

Eddie Stubbs then introduced Marty, Connie and Harry Stinson singing "He Reached Down His Hand For Me."

Marty thanked Earl Scruggs for coming and said, "Don't know that we ought to end the show without the National Anthem. Would you lay into it for us? 'Foggy Mountain Breakdown', Ladies and Gentlemen."

Marty thanked all of his guests ... and with that, the second Marty Stuart Show on RFD-TV ended.

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