The Marty Stuart Show

Episode 5 airing November 29, 2008

Guests: John Anderson, Connie Smith, Leroy Troy, The Fabulous Superlatives

Eddie Stubbs started the show by introducing the guests. "From Nashville, Tennessee, the country music capital of the world. the home of the air castle of the south, it's the Marty Stuart Show featuring Marty Stuart, the Rolls Royce of country singers Miss Connie Smith, the ole Tennessee slicker Leroy Troy, along with all the Fabulous Superlatives, Cousin Kenny Vaughan, Handsome Harry Stinson, the Apostle . Paul Martin, plus Gary Carter on steel guitar, and today's special guest John A along with Joe Spivey. Join us for 30 minutes of fun and great country music. I'm your announcer Eddie Stubbs. Now how about a superlative welcome for your host, the CEO and president of Hillbilly Rock, Marty Stuart." Marty and the band performed "Hillbilly Rock."

Marty welcomed everyone to the show. "It is so nice to see you. Thank you for tuning in to the Marty Stuart Show. I'm Marty Stuart and that, of course, was the Fabulous Superlatives. And If you love country music like I do, you've come to the right place for the next 30 minutes. As Eddie Stubbs said, it's gonna be fun. Our first guest tonight is a gentleman I so admire. Two words say it all, ladies and gentlemen, how about a hand for John Anderson."

Marty: "Let me lead you to the microphone. It's all yours, John."

John: "Thank you very much, Marty"

Marty: "You're welcome, brother John."

John: "Great to be on your show brother."

John performed "Seminole Wind."

After a quick commercial break, Marty said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the legendary, the famous, the beautiful, there she is .... how about a hand for Miss Connie Smith, everybody." Connie sang "If It Ain't Love (Let's Leave It Alone)."

"That's my baby. Wasn't she pretty, couz? Where is ole John Anderson. Come here John. Grab your guitar. Come over here and see if we can figure it out, John." They sang "I'm Busted," sharing a guitar pick throughout the song.

After a commercial break, Eddie Stubbs promoted the latest album, Cool Country Favorites. Marty was onstage with fiddler Joe Spivey.

Marty: "It's nice that you let John Anderson sing with you all these many years."

Joe: "You know, he's a good fella."

Marty: "He is a good fella."

Joe: "I let him string along."

Marty: "Speaking of a good fella, I've got one for you right now. I'm about to expand your musical horizons."

Joe: " I need it bad."

Marty: "Ladies and gentlemen, here it comes. The sultan of Goodlettsville, the most popular man in country music. Here it is, Leroy Troy. Leroy, what's the good word from Goodlettsville?"

Leroy: "Oh shucks, I don't know, Marty. I got some brand new long john underwear.

Marty: "You do."

Leroy: "I sure do. How 'bout it. You can't see it, but I sure can feel it."

Marty: "Well put a little love on us.

Leroy: "We're gonna put Joe to work on fiddle."

They performed "Alabama Jubilee."

Eddie Stubbs said, "Lets settle down right now and get serious. We'll call the Fabulous Superlatives trio around to do a song they have included in their gospel collection -- 'The Unseen Hand'."

After a commercial break, Eddie Stubbs promoted Souls' Chapel and introduced Marty.

Marty: "And there again was Eddie Stubbs. You did a fine job, you did a fine job. John Anderson come here. On behalf of all the Fabulous Superlatives, you are truly one of my heroes. I love you to death. We need you. Thank you so much."

John: "God Bless you, Marty."

Marty: "How about the national anthem right now. You know what to do. How about it for brother John.

They closed the show with "Swingin' " with Marty and Connie singing background vocals and dancing and Leroy Troy doing a jig.

Marty: "Thank you brother John, I love you. Marty Stuart on behalf of John Anderson, Joe Spivey, Leroy Troy, the Fabulous Superlatives, Connie Smith and Eddie Stubbs, we'll see you again next week. Thank you everybody."

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