The Marty Stuart Show

Episode 29 airing January 2, 2010

Guests: John Prine, Connie Smith, Leroy Troy, and The Fabulous Superlatives

Eddie Stubbs started the show by introducing the guests. "From Nashville, Tennessee, the country music capital of the world and home of the air castle of the south, it's time for The Marty Stuart Show, featuring Marty Stuart, the Rolls Royce of country singers Miss Connie Smith, the ole Tennessee Slicker Leroy Troy, along with all the Fabulous Superlatives: Cousin Kenny Vaughan, Handsome Harry Stinson, the Apostle Paul Martin, plus Gary Carter on the steel guitar, and today's special guest, John Prine with Dave Jacques and Jason Wilber. Join us now for 30 minutes of fun and great country music. I'm Eddie Stubbs. Now how about a Superlative welcome for our host, the Neshoba County nomad. Here he is Marty Stuart." Marty said, "Gimme five." Marty and The Fabulous Superlatives performed "The Rebel Johnny Yuma."

Marty said, "Hi everybody. I'm Marty Stuart and I wanna thank you for tuning in my TV show tonight. Lotsa good things in store. To begin with, we have a national treasure. I tell you, some of the greatest songs in contemporary American songbook come from the heart, mind and soul of this man right here. How 'bout a hand, ladies and gentlemen, for my friend and yours, the great John Prine. Hello Mr. John Prine. Come in here. Hey, hey. Hello, John." John said, "Hello, Marty." Marty continued, "Do what you wanna do. It's all yours, man." John performed "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness."

Marty said, "That's right. Good job, Jason. Fine job, Mr. Prine." Eddie Stubbs said, "Great job there from John Prine with Speed of the Sound of Loneliness." Eddie promoted the two DVD set of highlights from the first season of The Marty Stuart Show. After a commercial break, Marty said, "Welcome back, to The Marty Stuart Show. Hey Superlatives. John Prine and the boys on the hay bales. Good job, John, Jason and Dave. What about that, Handsome?" Handsome Harry said, "Awesome." Marty continued, "First class. Speakin' of first class, here she comes. How 'bout a hand for the great Connie Smith, ladies and gentlemen. Here she is." Connie sang "Just Let Me Know."

Marty said, "Miss Connie. Hey, Mr. John, come here. Got a second? Mr. John Prine. Come on in, old friend. Hey John. If my life depended on it, I couldn't pick a John Prine favorite song. But I tell you, the one that I keep comin' back to is 'Souvenirs'. Would you play it with me?" John said, "Sure will." Marty said, "Let's go." John said, "My buddy, Steve Goodman, used to play this with me." Marty said, "Let's dedicate it to ole Stevie."

Marty said, "Put it there, Mr. Prine. I wouldn't take nothin' for that. Thank you." Eddie Stubbs said, "Great job there from John Prine and Marty Stuart together on one called 'Souvenirs'." Eddie then promoted Marty's photo book, Country Music: The Masters. After a commercial break, Marty said, "Welcome back, everybody. This next song goes out to everybody in Frog Level, Mississippi. The Sultan of Goodlettsville, the most popular man in country music, the ole Tennessee Slicker. Ladies and gentlemen, how 'bout a hand for Mr. Leroy Troy. Hey Troy boy. Hey. There he is. You know Jason, Connie, John, Dave."

Marty: "What's on your mind, Goodlettsville man?"

Leroy: "Well, I'll tell you know what, man. We've had three......"

Marty: "Three."

Leroy: 'Maple trees cut down and we lose one every year. Somethin' has gotten into them things, other than an ax or a chain saw. "

Marty: "Probably them guys with the power lines."

Leroy: "Well, yeah, one was. Yeah, they're dyin'. But anyhow ..... ."

Marty: "How's your pine tree doin'?"

Leroy: "It's gone, too."

Marty: "On my ......"

Leroy: "One rotted away and the other one had to be cut. That's another story. Here's one, 'They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree'. You're A Paul."

Marty said, "Yes, sir. That's the way it is, right there. A fine selection. Yes." Eddie said, "Great job there from Leroy Troy and 'They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree'. Well, I'm glad they took it to the mill, Leroy, because if you go to burn it down, you're gonna have to have a permit in most places you live. Well, it's hymn time this week. We've got the Fabulous Superlatives Quartet gathered around the microphone here. They're gonna do a song that goes back to the 1930's and still sounds just as fresh today as when it was written ......'Just A Little Talk With Jesus'. Fellas."

After a commercial break, Eddie Stubbs promoted the Superlatone Store. He introduced Marty. Marty said, "Thank you, Mr. Stubbs. And, Mr. Prine. Come around here, my friend. John Prine, thank you for comin' by." John said, "My pleasure." Marty continues, " Well, I tell ya what, I appreciate you bringin' Jason and Dave, too. They lookin' good this morning, Jason. Yes, sir. John, thank you for all your great songs you've given us." John said, "Thank you, Marty and thanks for having us here on the show." Marty said, "You betcha. Now there's one that is the national anthem of a lot of things. Would you do 'Paradise' for us?" John said, "I'd love to." Marty continued, "How 'bout a hand for Mr. John Prine. Thank you, John."

Marty said, "Thank you, John. Get it, Cousin. Thank you, John Prine. On behalf of Mr. John Prine, Connie Smith, Leroy Troy, Eddie Stubbs, Gary Carter, all the Fabulous Superlatives, I'm Marty Stuart sayin' thank you for watching us. We'll see ya next time."

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