Fan Club Party and Late Night Jam, Ryman Auditorium on June 4, 2003

Wednesday morning Evie and I got up and got ready to go to see Marty. We got into Nashville between 1-2 p.m., so we stopped and ate a snack to kill time. Then we drove down to the Ryman. We saw a sign saying that the parking lot was full, but we could see some empty spaces so we drove back around and I pulled into the parking lot to see if we could get a space. We told the attendant that we needed a handicap parking space and he said that he thought there was one and we gave him the money and went to find the parking space. Well we sat there and talked for a while.

Then we saw Serena Lee and her Mom come in and park and get out of their car. We decided that we would get out too. We got out and waved to them and they came over and we talked with them for a while. Then Margie from Massachusetts came up and we talked with her for a while then we decided to walk on over to the Ryman and get in line to wait for the time to go in for the party. While we were waiting, we saw Glenda, also Ellie, and Beverly. Then Darlene and Mike walked up so we all hung out together until we got to go in for the party.

Well the time had come and we got to go in and went up to the second floor on the elevator. Evie, Darlene and Mike went and some seats and left me in my wheelchair at the back of the auditorium. Well Marty came out and asked how we liked the food. We said it was good. Then he said, "Good. I'm glad I cooked it." Then he said, "Give me 10 minutes to take my Mom out to eat."

So I finished eating and went to get in line to have my picture made with Marty. I was lucky I was near the front of the line. Well I let the guy that was taking our pictures with Marty have my cameras. This time I was prepared. I took my 35mm cameras instead of borrowing my friend's digital like I did last year which messed up and I didn't get any pictures at all. I asked the guy if he would take a picture with both cameras. Then Marty said, "Let that good looking lady in here." Then Marty gave me a hug. Then while the guy was getting ready to use the other camera, I got Marty to sign a picture for me. Then the guy made a picture of me and Marty with the other camera. When I got back out into the lobby there on the second floor, I saw Marty's Mom and went over to her to say Hi. and I asked if I could have my picture made with her. There was a guy close by and he offered to make the picture for me. Then I met up with Brenda Metz. I almost didn't know her she has lost so much weight. She asked me if I remembered her. Then she told me that she hadn't got to see Marty yet and was wondering if he would remember her.

Then met up with Evie, Darlene, and Mike and we headed for the Gaylord. Which, need I say, was a experience. Evie was trying to push my wheelchair and it was downhill. But the walk back was even worse. We had to go uphill. Some nice ladies came along and helped Evie get me up the hill.

We finally got back to the Ryman and got to out seats for the Jam.

I think the Old Crow Medicine Show kicked the Jam off and then it was time for the main one we had come to see. Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives came out. I know I'm not going to get the songs in the right order. But here are some of the songs that they did: "Tempted", "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'," "Too Much Month At The End Of The Money" Marty said he wanted to send that one up to Washington. Marty sang his new single which is called "If There Ain't There Ought To Be." Keith Urban came out and joined them on a couple of songs, one of them was "Mama Tried."

Then Marty called out Cledus T. Judd and they sat down on the steps that were set up to go up to the front part of the stage and they talked for a while.

The group the Kentucky Headhunters were part of the show and they did several songs but the only one I knew was the one called "Dumas Walker's." Marty joined them on that.

There was a couple got married at the Jam. Marty was best man and Connie was the maid of honor. The preacher that performed the ceremony was Leamon Flatt a cousin to Lester Flatt who gave Marty his start in the music business when Marty was 13.

Wynonna Judd was on the program. I only remember the name of one song that she did and it was "How Great Thou Art."

Marty and the boys came out and did some more songs and I may not have these in order either but Kenny did the song called "Country Music's Got Hold On Me" and Marty did another new song from the CD called "George" or "By George" something like that.

The TN Mafia Jug band was there and also a gospel group called The Martins. Connie also sang a song but I don't remember the name of it. Marty and the guys came back and did a few more songs and ended with "Hillbilly Rock." And it was over.

Review by Judy Trickett, Murfreesboro, TN

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