Fan Club Party and Late Night Jam, Ryman Auditorium on June 4, 2003

Lots of fans were there by 4 p.m. waiting as we were to get in, Bev, Laura, Glenda and her bunch, Pat Johnson, Darlene, and Mike, and Serena Wimmer and "Mom", Mary Runyan. Of course me and Judy! When it was time for them to arrive to give us our tickets that was the best time, cause then I knew it would be almost time to go in. The door opened a little past 5.

Serena Wimmer's mom helped me get my bracelet on my wrist for the party, so I said, "Thanks Mom." When it was time to go in, I helped Judy in and they told us to take the elevator up to the 2nd floor. They had the food out, I pushed Judy to sit in front of the banister, and I walked to the seats with Darlene and Mike.

Then other fans were coming in with the food, so I decided to go with Mike and get some as well for me and Judy. The food was baked beans, barbecue chicken, rolls, and potato salad, and chocolate cake for dessert. Marty was already in front of the seats talking. I don't know what he said, but he was talking! Duh, wish I could have heard it all. Mama Stuart was there, and some one yelled, "When are we taking pictures?" He replied, "Let me take my mama to eat out." Then he said, "No just up there. We will do the pictures in 20 minutes or so." Mary Runyan came and sit behind Darlene, Mike and me. She was so nice to me. She took my plate to the trash for me, and then she came back for a few minutes. And then went to see some one else, I believe Bev.

Then I was getting an address from some one and every one left to line up for the meet and greet/pics. I was on my way, Judy was at the beginning of the line, I was way towards the back, and Darlene and Mike in the middle. I met the other Judy on the list, she was behind me in the line!

When it was my turn to go to Marty, I was in behind a big guy, and Marty saw me, and waved, and I waved back. Then I walked up after the other guy left, handed my camera to the guy taking pics, and Marty said, "Hey Evelyn, long time no see." I replied, "Yea, it has been a while." He said, "I know you have had it rough. Welcome back." Gave me a big hug for the pic. Then I asked him to sign something for me, he did, and then he gave me another hug, and I gave him "Our kiss." A big one on his cheek.

Then I went over to Mama. And talked to her.

Then left and found Judy, Darlene and Mike and we went on over to the Gaylord Entertainment Center for the taping.

After the taping at the Gaylord Entertainment Center of the top 100 songs, Judy, and I left after Marty performed the # 4 song RING OF FIRE by Johnny and June Carter Cash and headed back for the Ryman.

I had a time trying to get Judy's wheelchair uphill, so some nice ladies helped me, thank goodness they did!

We went it and waited patiently for time to enter in to the Ryman for the Jam. Ran in to Cindy Allred, and Shelby Jean Gootee, and talked to them. Saw lots of Marty fans! Then it was time, we went in and the ushers helped us to our seats. We sit very close to the stage, and I was glad of that.

The Old Crow Medicine Show opened the show after the emcee said a few words. Then our boys came out, Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives, (don't remember all the songs in order), but I did enjoy the one TOO MUCH MONTH AT THE END OF THE MONEY. They did TEMPTED.

Then Marty had a surprise for us, KEITH URBAN came out and joined Marty and guys, and then Keith performed on his own! The audience was wild over Keith. After that Marty came back, and introduced Cledus T. Judd. They did a question and answer for Cledus, it was funny. Cledus laid on the steps in front of the stage, and had his legs showing for pictures. He wore shorts. Marty mentioned about how Cledus had lost weight, and Cledus told Marty he was on the new Atkins Diet, where he ate nothing but bacon and eggs for all 3 meals, and that his arteries were probably clogged like a toilet (something like that). I know I cracked up at that one!

Then Marty introduced the Kentucky Headhunters. Wow, what a performance! I knew all their songs except for a new one. "Dumas Walker," everyone in the audience joined in on that one.

At midnight, there was a wedding for a couple that had been in the fan club for a while. They got engaged at the party in 2002, so they wanted to marry at the 2003 party. Leamon Flatt performed the wedding, with Marty and Connie standing up with the couple. The bride wore a beautiful dress. I cried at the wedding. The Headhunters performed HERE COMES THE BRIDE. Jeff Bates came out and did the love song for the couple.

After that Marty introduced a gospel group the Martins. They were terrific! Marty and the band performed several times, I believe Wynonna came on after the Martins, and what a singer!

After that, Cledus was called back out and Marty and the guys sung a song for him called I MET MY WIFE AT WAFFLE HOUSE. Marty mentioned about his upcoming tour BARNYARD TOUR, and that the Waffle house was sponsoring it. Cledus told Marty to stick with country music, he would do the comedy.

Marty asked Connie to join him and they sung a song. Then the Leroy Troy and the TN Mafia Jug Band came out, and sung and cut up. One guy used to be with Mike Snider. After that Marty and the band performed the last three songs.

In between times, Kenny Vaughan sang, earlier, on the last 3 songs Harry Stinson sang, and so did Brian Glenn. The last song Marty did was HILLBILLY ROCK! Lots of us went to the stage. Then it was time for Marty to leave the stage.

Judy and I met up with Mike and Darlene and we went outside, and here comes Harry, so we talked to him, then Brian. I told Brian I would see them in Paducah, Kentucky. at the Executive Inn June 28th. Then we left. Another fan club party at end, and my first Jam!

Marty did mention about the Jam for next year too! He also said his new CD would be out July 1st.

Review by Evelyn Totty, Mayfield, Kentucky

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