Bluegrass Nights - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN on July 24, 2003

My friend came to pick me up at 3 p.m. We went by a camera shop so I could get them to load the film in my cameras so it would be in there correct. We then head on to Nashville. My friend wanted to stop in Smyrna at K-Mart to look for something. She didn't find what she was looking for so we continued on to Nashville. We got to Nashville about 5 p.m. and were able to get a good parking space. We got my wheelchair out of the car and went from the parking lot over to the Ryman.

We went to the Plaza part to wait for them to bring the ice cream over. We met some people from Hopkinsville, Kentucky who were friends with Brian, Marty's bass player. We had a nice conversation while we were waiting. Finally they brought the ice cream cart over. I had thought they were serving the ice cream for free but evidently I had misunderstood. We got us some anyway.

Finally it was time to go in. We went and found our seats and waited for the show to start. Finally Eddie Stubbs came out and introduced Marty. Marty and the Fabulous Superlatives came out. Marty also had a fiddle player and a banjo player with him. The fiddle player was Stuart Duncan and the banjo player's name was Charlie Cushman.

I didn't have a pen and paper so I don't have a complete list or exact order of what they done. Marty did 3 songs from the new CD they were:

A Satisfied Mind
Too Much Month at the End of the Money
Farmer's Blues

Marty also did a couple of his old songs. They were:

The Whiskey Ain't Workin' Anymore
Hillbilly Rock

It was sure different hearing "Hillbilly Rock" done bluegrass style. Marty also inserted part of the theme from "Petticoat Junction" while they were doing "Hillbilly Rock." Kenny did a song called "Walk Like That." There was a intermission during which a table was set up on the stage. Then Marty and guys came back. We found out that the table had been set up for Uncle Josh Graves to lay his dobro on.

Marty called for him to come out and someone brought him out on stage in a wheelchair. For some reason he had both of his legs removed. [Sherry's note: due to complications from diabetes.] He did a song with the entire band. Then they left and Marty sat down and him and Uncle Josh did some songs together. Uncle Josh did a song that he said he had wrote for his wife. I'm not sure of the spelling but the of the song was "Evelina." Uncle Josh and Marty done a song and I think the name of it was "Great Big Woman and a Little Bitty Bottle of Wine.'' Marty did "Rolling in my Sweet Baby's Arms." These were songs that they use to do when they were with Lester. I remember them. On the song "Rolling in my Sweet Baby's Arms" Marty had the crowd to sing the chorus with him. Uncle Josh did a couple of instrumentals. One of them was "Flat Lonesome." I don't remember the other one. I think there were more songs but I don't remember.

The band came back out and while they were playing Marty pushed Uncle Josh's wheelchair over to the guy that had brought Uncle Josh out. Then Marty came back to the microphone. I don't remember where this song was at on the program but Marty did the song that him and Earl Scruggs did on The Pilgrim CD. Marty called for the house lights to be brought up at least some. Then he said, "Looks like you all need some gospel music,". and then they did several gospel songs. Some of them were:

Paul and Silas
Get Down on Your Knees and Pray
This Little Light of Mine

They also did 2 new songs I hadn't heard before. Harry was featured on one. I think he said he wrote it. The other one featured Marty. He didn't say, but I wonder if it could be a new gospel song that he has wrote. They ended, I think, with a instrumental. The crowd was on their feet and hollering for MORE. Then Eddie Stubbs came out and asked if we wanted some more and we hollered "YES." So he called Marty and the band back and Marty talked a few minutes then Eddie Stubbs came back out with his fiddle and they did another instrumental.

Marty kept motioning for some one to come out there but they wouldn't so Marty went behind the curtain and then came back out with Connie and they buck danced a little while the band was playing the instrumental. This time it was over. Eddie Stubbs then announced that Marty would be signing autographs in the lobby.

So we went and got in line to see Marty and get a autograph. When it was my turn, I got my hug from Marty and he called me by my name and said, "Judy, how is it going?" I said, "OK" and I asked him how was it going with him. He said. "OK." I asked him if I could give him a kiss. He leaned over for me to kiss him. I told him, "I love you Marty" and he said, "I love you, too." Then I introduced my friend to him and he told her that he was glad that she had come. Then we left.

On our way out, I saw Brian and spoke to him. I think after I told him my name he remembered me from the Fan Club Party/Late Night Jam. He told me that he liked my shirt. I had on my Marty tank top.

On our way home, my friend talked about how much she enjoyed the show and that Marty had some good singers with him and about how friendly Marty was. She had been with me to about 3-4 shows at the Opry to see Marty but never where she could meet with him. I told her that Marty was real friendly and that she would really like him once she was able to meet him.

Review by Judy Trickett, Murfreesboro, TN

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