Worlds Collide! Now Marty Calls Her 'Faye'

This appeared in The Tennessean - March 18, 2001

It was kind of unusual to find out that Marty Stuart has done the score for a Billy Bob Thornton movie or two. But Billy Bob is a Southern boy and all, one who used to be in a band, so that's not too wacky.

Marty's latest Hollywood collaborator, though, is just a bit more removed from country music. Marty and Faye Dunaway are working together on a 15-minute film to be submitted for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, in France.

Marty met Faye at the Golden Globe awards a month or so back. Marty was there because his film score for Billy Bob's All the Pretty Horses got a Golden Globe nomination.

"The only person I asked to meet was Faye Dunaway," Marty told me Friday. "She is an actress I've always admired, one of the last of Hollywood's pure thoroughbreds."

Faye started telling Marty about a short film, Yellow Bird, written by Tennessee Williams, that Faye produced and directed.

Soon, Marty and his lovely wife, Connie Smith, started to visit Faye regularly, and Marty, who started out calling the actress "Ms. Dunaway," was referring to her as Faye.

"Connie and I have adopted her as our favorite pet," Marty said.

The soundtrack will be done by month's end.

Marty has suggested that Faye show her film in the Nashville Independent Film Festival, and that she should present Yellow Bird herself.

Faye's only question was a strange one:

"Do they have Ramada Inns in Nashville?"

By Brad Schmitt

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