Marty Stuart Center Progressing

This appeared on - July 22, 2015

Phase one of the warehouse for the Marty Stuart Center in Philadelphia, Mississippi is complete. It has been a work in progress for about five years. It started when Marty Stuart was looking for a more permanent home for his memorabilia. Stuart has one of the largest collections of country music artifacts.

Mississippi State Representative Scott Bounds has been part of the project since the beginning.

"The fact that the project was able to receive state funding speaks highly of Marty Stuart," says Bounds. "We were able to securethrough the Legislative process $2 million and general obligation bonds through the State of Mississippi to start this process."

Marty Stuart stopped by his hometown to check on the progress of the project.

"And to walk in here today and feel air conditioner and see there is a restroom that is working to see lights on everywhere and a security system in acclimatized atmosphere that makes my heart sink. It tells me that the dream is still alive and very much moving forward, " says Stuart.

Stuart claims he always knew he wanted his memorabilia to live in his hometown, Philadelphia, Mississippi.
"Ya know it's what is left of my life while I can fight and defend it you know, recruit fans and believers in it. So, Philadelphia seems the ultimate place in my opinion," says Stuart.

We are getting very close to seeing the center come alive, says Mississippi State Senator Giles Ward. "It is going to be very beneficial for this area of Mississippi for years and years to come and I'm just thrilled and excited to have played a small role in making this happen."

The warehouse is expected to be completed within the next three months. As for the rest of the center, there is not yet a set date or location.

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