Philadelphia Restaurant Founder To Be Honored

This appeared on - June 21, 2013

The founder of a well-known Neshoba County restaurant will be honored by a well-known country musician.

Peggy Webb, founder of Peggy's restaurant in Philadelphia, will be recognized during Marty Stuart's performance at the Ellis Theater next Friday night. Webb opened Peggy's in 1961 and stayed until her 10 years ago.

Webb spent more than 40 years of her life providing home-cooked meals for people across our area. People from out of town even made it a point to visit the restaurant and see what all the fuss was about. Now, more than a decade after her retirement, Webb will take center stage alongside Neshoba County native and country musician Marty Stuart.

"Well, it's something you can't imagine until it happens," Webb explains. "It really makes me appreciate him more that he would care enough about people he's known in the past to come back and do this."

Webb and Stuart have quite a history too. She tells News Center 11 she's known him since he was just 2 years old. You'd think after all that time, he'd at least give her a clue what to expect next week.

"He just told me to show up and be myself and he would take care of the rest of it," Webb recalls. "So, that's what I plan to do."

These days, Webb keeps herself busy by looking after her five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Her son son took of ownership of Peggy's once she retired and she says she does her best to stay away from the restaurant she started, though it's hard sometimes.

"I've had that itch all the time," Webb admits. "My husband's  health got so bad that that was the main reason for retiring. If it wasn't for that, I'd probably still be down there."

By Chip Scarborough

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