Marty Stuart Museum Location Set For Downtown Philadelphia

This appeared on - February 25, 2016

.He has made a name for himself in Nashville, but leaving his legacy behind in his hometown, Philadelphia, Mississippi. The Marty Stuart museum is one step closer to becoming a reality.

"Our next step is for Marty to assemble the collection he has in Nashville that has Marty Stuart memorabilia, Connie Smith, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash," says David Vowell, Community Development Partnership President.

After several months of renovations the warehouse is ready to start stocking Stuart's collection of artifacts.

"We wanted to get this building done and we are though with it. Then we wanted to get the collection here and then we wanted to start with the necessary things we'll need to do to move into the museum aspect," says Vowell.

Marty Stuart's country music collection is expected to be in the warehouse by April, but the actual museum is still in progress. A few places have been looked at. There is no set location, though it will be in the downtown area.

"The sites that are being looked at are all downtown. One time there was talk about building something stand alone, but we just felt like it would be better for downtown. Plus, it would be better for the museum because you have that foot traffic," says Vowell.

The projected timeline for Marty Stuart's 20,000 plus piece collection to be put on display is expected to be completed in five years.

By Lindsey Jennings

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