Update On Stuart Projects In Neshoba County

This appeared on WTOK-TV.com - October 4, 2012

A multi-phase project by a Nashville great is making progress in Neshoba County.

Country music star and Neshoba County native Marty Stuart is working on a project that will include cabins for songwriters. The cabins will be located on property that Stuart owns north of Philadelphia.

Economic development officials say phase one of that project is almost finished. Ultimately, they say the project will be good for the local economy.

"It's tourism," said David Vowell, president of the Community development Partnership. "Let's just take, for example, if Amy Grant and Vince Gill came here to do song writing and they go around in our town. We're also working on our museum project. We're continuing to make really good progress on it."

Vowell says the exact location for the Marty Stuart Museum has not yet been identified.

Meanwhile, he says Stuart's first cabin for his songwriter project should be ready for use within the next month.

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