Spotlight - Marty Stuart

This appeared in The Tennessean - September 22, 1994

The man with the flashy clothes and rooster hair will team up with some hot country men--Tracy Lawrence and John Berry. They'll perform as part of the Crown Royal II show at Starwood.

Since the age of 13, Stuart has been touring and playing music--first with bluegrass legend Lester Flatt, then with Johnny Cash's band and, most recently, with Travis Tritt on the "No Hats Tour."

Stuart says he doesn't regret quitting school and missing out on his teenage years to be on the road with Flatt and Cash. "What did I trade? I traded cruising the hamburger stand and going to football games--or hanging out with the people that invented country music."

Saying his natural leanings are toward bluegrass music, Stuart admits Love And Luck is an eclectic mix of traditional country, rock, gospel and bluegrass.

"A good twang, a little rock and I'm in," he says.

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