There's Even a Waffle House Tune on Billy Bob's CD

This appeared in The Tennessean - August 13, 2001

Billy Bob Thornton landed some Music Row heavy hitters to put together his upcoming album, among them, Marty Stuart, Randy Scruggs and legendary Muscle Shoals, Alabama producer, Barry Beckett.

So what's on the album? Well, it ain't country.

Here's how a publicist describes the 12-song collection: ''It's a moody, brooding record that melts American music forms down into a warped Southern Gothic reality.''

Loosely and liberally translated: It's pretty intense — and eclectic.

The album also includes a cover of the Byrds' Kennedy assassination song, "He Was a Friend of Mine."

Most everything else was written or co-written by Billy Bob.

There are two spoken word songs, "Beauty at the Back Door," about the back waters of Thornton's native Arkansas and his first lust, and "Forever," about a twisted trucker heading home who stops at the Waffle House.

The album also includes a tune called "Walk of Shame," about getting out of a one-night stand with some dignity, and an Ozark bluegrass song called "That Mountain," inspired by a story from the late Jim Varney, a Billy Bob friend.

And yes, the album includes a couple of songs inspired by Billy Bob's wife, Angelina Jolie, including "Your Blue Shadow," about when Billy Bob and Angelina first fell in love.

By Brad Schmitt

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