But Travis Sure Does Sing Pretty

This appeared in The Tennessean - April 11, 1997

Yes, Marty Stuart introduced Travis Tritt to the woman Tritt's marrying tomorrow. But Marty says he only knew Theresa Nelson as "a video babe," an extra in some country music videos. Stuart introduced the two in February 1995 after a Marty Party TV taping at TNN. "It was Travis' birthday that day and I said, 'Hey, get those pretty girls in the video together and we'll have them bring out a cake. He'll love that'." said Stuart, best man for the wedding.

A group of them went to Iguana's in Hillsboro Village afterward and sparks flew between Theresa and Travis. "Tritt's just homely compared to her and he knows it," Marty said, laughing. "But he can still out-sing all of us with one hand tied behind his back."

By Brad Schmitt

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