Marty: The President Speaks Fluent Bubba

This appeared in The Tennessean - December 22, 1999

Marty Stuart will admit he's not the most active dude in partisan politics. Asked whether he's Republican or Democrat, Marty often responds, "Neither, I'm a Baptist." But Marty and his wife, Connie Smith, recently accepted an invite from President Clinton to help turn on the Christmas lights at the White House. And Marty says he discovered something interesting about the president. "He's just a good ole boy," Marty says.

After the lighting ceremony, there was a formal reception in the White House. "And the president turns to me and says, 'Hey, Marty, you comin' over to th' house?' 'Yes, sir, I'm comin' over at th' house,' I told him. So me and Connie went over at th' house."

Marty could be a special Ambassador (from The Tennessean's website)

What do you think President Clinton and Marty Stuart might chat about for 15 minutes? Music? Politics? How about Native Americans? At a White House Christmas lights ceremony, Clinton and Marty started chatting about their visits to a reservation in Pine Ridge, S.D., the poorest place in America. Marty's been visiting there for years, and he and Connie Smith even got married there.

Clinton was so impressed with Marty's knowledge and passion about helping the folks in Pine Ridge that he extended an invite to Marty. The next time Clinton visits Pine Ridge, Marty will be at his side. Hope they like great bluegrass music on Air Force One.

By Brad Schmitt

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