Marty Was Feeling Really 'Pretty' Yesterday

This appeared in The Tennessean - December 22, 2000

A hearty mazel tov to Marty Stuart and noted Nashville session players Kristin Wilkinson (viola) and her hubby, Larry Paxton (bass), for getting a Golden Globe nomination yesterday.

The three got an original score nomination for the soon-to-be-released All the Pretty Horses, Billy Bob Thornton's latest. The film opens in Nashville on Christmas Day.

Marty, who played host at a Nashville screening last night, calls the soundtrack "elegant cowboy music with a Spanish flair."

He fought the big movie studio house to be able to bring Kristin and Larry to the composing table. Producers had urged him to use L.A. co-composers, but Marty won out. And now he has a Golden Globe nomination to prove who was right.

Marty's wife, Connie Smith, got the phone call from L.A. around 7:30 yesterday morning.

"I heard Connie say, 'He's asleep he'll call you back, but I'm sure he'll be happy to hear it.' Later on, I was fully awake and Connie told me, and I'm like, Do WHAT?!?" Marty said.

He immediately called Kristin.

"The scream I got was worth doing the whole movie," he said. "It was wonderful."

By Brad Schmitt

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