My Best Gift Ever

This appeared in The Tennessean - December 11, 1994

Marty Stuart
Country Music Artist

"Christmas is magic. It can take you anywhere. My most memorable Christmas present wasn't one I received. It was one I gave. Last year I gave Travis Tritt James Brown's microphone. I don't know if it was hot or what, but a guy who used to work with James back in 1965 in his Fabulous Flames days had it and was selling off some stuff from that period. I saw it and said to myself, 'Travis needs that,' so I got it and had it mounted in Plexiglas. But the microphone wasn't the hard part. I wanted to get a James Brown autograph and framed 8"x10" to go with it. You know, it's probably easier to get Mikhail Gorbachev's autograph. It took us weeks and weeks, but we finally got it."

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