Hey, Got Some French-Fried Putaters??

This appeared in The Tennessean - December 10, 1998

Billy Bob Thornton's in town, mm-hmm. The actor/director is here to work with Marty Stuart on the soundtrack for his upcoming movie, Daddy and Them, a dark romantic Southern comedy starring John Prine. Billy Bob and Marty struck up a friendship a couple of years ago and now they have converted a Nashville music studio into a film soundtrack studio.

They have TV monitors set up everywhere and musicians are playing along to trough cuts of the movie. Marty and his pal Travis Tritt laid down an instrumental track right before Travis played the sold-out WSIX Parade of Pennies show Tuesday night.

Travis got to screen the movie in Billy Bob's hotel room late Monday night. Early word is that John Prine's acting is outstanding.

By Brad Schmitt

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