Marty's 'Party' Fizzles

This appeared in The Tennessean - November 27, 1995

The gender line is drawn between country music's men and women in two uneven specials airing this week. TNN brings out a rowdy good ol' boy feel with the Marty Party VI (7 p.m. Wednesday). In typical uncreative fashion, four men stand at a microphone and sing, then chat briefly. It doesn't help matters that half of those men--Marty Stuart and Alan Jackson--are incredibly overexposed and not just on TNN. Johnny Cash and Junior Brown are less-frequent TV guests and, consequently, seem a little more fresh.

Each man does a capable job performing his music but, stylistically, there's little here of interest. It's the same old camera angels, the same old mindless banter--only Stuart's conversation with his former boss and former father-in-law Cash seems the least bit inspired. Sadly, these types of shows are becoming a staple for TNN, rapidly taking away the true meaning of "special."

By Sandy Smith

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