It's True Love, No Matter How High The Hair

This appeared in The Tennessean - November 14, 1998

Connie Smith makes her first trip in a year to the Grand Ole Opry stage tonight. And what a year. Connie lost her sister and she also got married to Marty Stuart in a private ceremony on an Indian reservation in South Dakota.

Sure, there's an age difference ("I first met him when he was 12," she says, adding when the two married, "I made him an instant grandpa"), but Connie says love came easy. About five or so years ago, the two started songwriting together.

"If you're gonna spend any time with Marty, it won't take you long to fall in love with him," Connie says. Awwww! Now that you've married the Rooster, Connie, might you do something about that hair? "Naw," she says, "I like it when he's got it long and high, but I like him in a baseball cap, too."

Now that's love.

By Brad Schmitt

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