Marty Always Looks On The Bright Side

This appeared in The Tennessean - January 6, 2002

Singer/composer Marty Stuart is a big fan of Civil War historian Shelby Foote, an 84-year-old gentleman author with a Delta drawl who was made famous by his appearance in Ken Burns' PBS series, The Civil War.

So Marty was quite excited recently when he got a home number for Mr. Foote, a Mississippi native who now lives in Memphis.

Marty called and explained he was a hillbilly singer and a big fan who truly wanted to meet Mr. Foote and perhaps get him to autograph a book or two.

''How precious of you to call,'' Mr. Foote replied, ''but I only sign books for my dear friends.''

Marty laughed after telling the story.

''How 'bout that? Dissed by Shelby Foote! But that's better than not talking to him at all.''

By Brad Schmitt

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