Is The Marty Party Turning Corporate?

This appeared in The Tennessean - May 12, 2005

Marty Stuart is back, and now he adds "record mogul" to his other titles of "singer," "songwriter," "photographer," "multi-instrumentalist," "music historian" and "husband of Connie Smith."

Marty will now lead Superlatone Records, an imprint of Universal South and the vehicle for three upcoming releases. He's doing a gospel album called Soul's Chapel that'll be released August 28, a Live at the Ryman album and Badlands, an album of Native American-themed songs that was produced with John Carter Cash.

And then Marty is doing six -- count 'em -- new books, a June 8 concert at the Ryman, 100 pushups a day, and .... OK, we're kidding about the pushups. But the man is getting busy. And now he's in power, so folks have to respect his authority.

"If I'm the president and CEO, does that mean I can fire myself?" he asked at the press conference

By Peter Cooper

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