The Cat In The Hat Meets The Cat Claus

This appeared in The Tennessean - December 3, 1993

To promote his appearance with Santa Claus in the Nashville Christmas Parade, Marty Stuart taped a series of television commercials with the jolly old elf at the North Pole. Stuart talked with The Tennessean this week about their lengthy relationship, calling Kris Kringle "a timeless, universal kind of cat."

Stuart, on his first meeting with Santa Claus: We first met when I was about three, as I remember. He was just the kind of guy that you act nice through the year and, some way or another, he'd find his way to your house and give you presents at the end of the year. So who doesn't like a guy like that?"

Stuart, on taping the Nashville Christmas Parade commercials at the North Pole: "It was very cold. See, I'm from Mississippi, and I'm really a cold-natured person. Anything under about 80 degrees is kind of rough on me. But anything I could do on behalf of the city of Nashville as the Ambassador of Tourism, I thought that I should perhaps consider. I was more than happy on behalf of the city--and the children of this city--to go and have a little swing at the North Pole.

Stuart, on his impression of the Claus Mansion at the North Pole: "Actually, his house reminded me of the Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum out in Victorville, California. He hasn't thrown away a thing."

By Tom Roland

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