Everything Old Is New Again For Porter Wagoner

This appeared in The Tennessean - December 11, 2006

This is a season of pleasant surprises for Porter Wagoner who was given a song this year by Marty Stuart that Johnny Cash wrote for him in 1981 but Marty misplaced until six months ago.

Porter's good luck continued when he got a call from a seamstress with whom he had worked years ago. She said, "I've got something that belongs to you. You have to come get it yourself." It was a sparkling new 1970s Nudie suit that Porter brought to her for alterations. "She had saved it all these years," says Marty Stuart, who is producing Porter's new album, which will be launched with a TV show. Porter plays a new Martin guitar created in his honor on the sessions.

"The Wagon Master has a new record deal, Nudie suit, guitar and a new TV show," Marty says. Pipes in Porter, "And a new body!" Adds Marty, "He said if you had Pro Tools and Viagra in the '70s, he would have had a lot bigger career."

I don't know how the Hall of Famer could be any bigger.

By Beverly Keel

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