Just Among Friends

This appeared in The Neshoba Democrat - May 9, 2007

Steve's on the Square is not going to get rich off Butch Hodgins. Butch was Marty Stuart's guest at the Mississippi Grammy Awards gala last April 26, 2007 in Jackson. It was a big thing for Butch and he decided he'd buy a new suit for the occasion. "I remember selling you a suit when you and Kim got married," Steve told Butch. Kim reminded Butch that he hadn't bought a suit since they were married. Butch and Kim will celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary on November 10, 2007!

The evening began at the Governor's Mansion where the awards ceremony was hosted by Governor and Mrs. Haley Barbour. The Governor and Hartley Peavy presented awards to Mississippi Grammy winners. Marty has been the recipient of four Grammies. Eddie Hodges, Mississippi's first Grammy winner who played the little red-headed boy in the Broadway musical, The Music Man, was among those present. "I sat at the table with Jerry Lee Lewis, the 'Killer' himself," Butch told me. "I was a little nervous about going but everyone was so nice and made me feel right at home. I really had a wonderful time."

The gals moved to the ballroom of the downtown Marriott Hotel where the celebration of Mississippi as the birthplace of American music continued with entertainment by performers who included Marty, Jerry Lee Lewis and the North Mississippi Allstars. With the tickets priced at $1,000 each, "There was no food except some little fingerfoods at the Mansion" Butch told me. Knowing Marty's haunts, I surmised, "So you stopped at the Waffle House after the show!" "That's exactly right!" laughed Butch, having enjoyed and evening with his best friend since early childhood. "Marty is truly a blessed person to be able to do what he loves so much," Butch continued.

By Rachel Evans

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