Just Among Friends

This appeared in The Neshoba Democrat - October 6, 2010

I received this timely note from Donna Howard on the eve of the "Marty Party" at the Philadelphia-Neshoba County Arts Council Ellis Theater.

Donna wrote:

What a fun time for a mother and two daughters. It was on Aug. 25, 2010 being with a special guy, Marty Stuart.

Donna and her sister, Jackie Matthews celebrated their mother Doris Eubanks' 80th birthday as Marty's guest at the MSU Riley Center in Meridian. Marty is Doris' nephew. Mother and Marty relived old times. Mother asked Marty if he remembered when he came home one time and she Marty and Butch Hodgins went up on Cooper Mountain at midnight and made a fire and music.

Marty's answer was "Oh yes I do!" Merle Haggard performed this same night, but in our eyes Marty was the best.

Another joy was Marty had them to open Sparkle and Twang and let us tour it. Mother was so proud to see her father, Levi Stuart's, picture hanging on the wall with all those famous stars.

It was a night we will long remember. We love Marty and are so proud of him.

By Rachel Evans

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