Beware All Bathroom Doorknobs

This appeared in the Nashville Banner - June 30, 1993

You think you have bad hair days. Consider consummate hair person/entertainer/nice guy Marty Stuart's Monday. Stuart, performing Monday and Tuesday at Opryland's Geo Theater, dashed into the backstage bathroom at the last minute to check his 'do just before the 5:30 show. But when he tried to exit, the door handle fell off in his hand.

Now the curtain is calling, and Stuart is stuck banging on the bathroom door for help. Because the hardware no longer existed and the door was made of metal, there was only one way to get Stuart out: remove the door. So security guards got hammers and crowbars and pried the door off its hinges to free the trapped star.

The whole episode made Marty about 10 minutes tardy getting on stage. But Stuart, ever the good-natured one, seemed unfazed by the mishap. His only response was the suggestion of doing a benefit for Gaylord Entertainment "So they can get some new doorknobs."

Writer unknown

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