Of Music, Magnolias and Marty

This appeared in the Nashville Banner - June 29, 1994

Nashville commanded a nice spread in the most recent issue of The New York Times Sunday Travel section. The article doesn't spend a lot of time spinning color, other than its opening description of our town as being more than just a music mecca. To whit:

"The luxuriant summer flora only add to the sense of gracious overindulgence--magnolias whose white blossoms open to the size of a Tammy Wynette LP line the boulevards, emerald green lawns are set up for cricket or polo," writes Annasue McCleave Wilson in the Times. The loamy smell of boxwood and mown grass is pervasive."

That said, Ms. Wilson gets on with the business of the what, where and when of eating, sleeping and being entertained in Nashville this summer, with a broad range of tastes and budgets considered.

The article paints a flattering portrait of Nashville with only fair warnings about drawing the curtains at Union Station Hotel and drinking the champagne offered at The Wild Boar.
And, of course, there's a large and charming photo of (surprise!) Marty Stuart, who has joined Joe Rodgers and Guilford Dudley on Nashville's list of favorite ambassadors.

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